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Your Neighbor Is Your Self





So much is happening at the moment and on so many levels, it’s giving a lot of us what I call “spiritual whiplash!”

There have been lots of situations this week that have been pushing our backs up against and into the wall in more ways than one and how we cope with all that, I believe, has a lot to do with how willing we are to sit in our hearts and trust in the unknown, the "unseen". It's ironic really, because most people have a hard time believing in things they can't see, like ghosts, spirits, the future for example and yet so many this year are fully believing in a contagion that is supposedly lethal to mankind. Another thing they can't physically see but are blindly accepting as gospel, when there is actually way less evidence to support "the one-niner", than what is readily available in regards the supernatural!

I would suggest this "spiritual blindness" is connected to an inability to face one's shadow self and engage with what lingers in their unknown, aka their subconscious.

We are each navigating our life journeys as best we can, in each moment and with the level of consciousness we have in each now moment, and right now, one of the next big programs to be dismantled that will help more people access their inner wisdom and strength, is the (distorted) consciousness of "guru mentality" and the misuse and abuse of sexual energy.

Having your psychic insights confirmed in the third dimension can often bring a heavy weight to one’s world, let alone shoulders, because it means what we “see” (that others cannot), is in fact, not "speculation", but actuality. For instance, I am more than happy to be proven wrong about all that I have "predicted" for 2020 (and beyond) so far – all things that have in fact, now come true and manifested on the earth plane. I would love to be told that child sex trafficking and satanic ritual abuse doesn’t exist and that the children of the world are 100% safe from pedophiles. What loving and conscious person wouldn't? I would love to be reassured that my industry is in fact not eating itself from the inside out because of an inability to rise above personal opinion and unify in tolerance and higher love and I would really love to have someone convince me that I'm totally off the mark in regards to Transhumanism and the intended integration of humans with 5G and AI, because trust me, I would sleep a lot better at night if I knew that the above things were not of any concern; nor coming to a theater near any of us soon.

However, I am not the only one sharing such insights in the public space and because of the empowered and brave voices of my clued-up peers who constantly echo the same information that I receive and share (in their own words and ways), I know I am far from “off”.

For example, on Saturday I shared an article on my Facebook page revealing another spiritual (alleged) ‘guru’ who was recently accused of being a serial sexual predator and in the same post, mentioned what I call the “Big 5”, a small group of well-known celebrity “self-helpers” whom you will all know of and that I have also been shown are all soon to be exposed as similar. Maybe not as sexual predators, but certainly as “false light” workers and connected to "global dodgy brothers incorporated” in some way. Literally an hour later, another post popped up in my news-feed showing one such person wearing a mask and standing in front of two ‘skeletons’ at a table (depicting Halloween obviously), blatantly stating to everyone; “wear a mask or join the company.” Thankfully the overwhelming majority of people un-followed and called him out.

We have been witnessing this ballsy-in-our-faces show everywhere especially over the past two weeks, situations where more and more often, the same (small) group of super psychopaths who seek to control humanity and orchestrate our demise (or at least depopulate a vast majority of us), appear to be making absolutely no effort to disguise their ill intentions anymore. Their predictive programming has been coming at us thick and fast and whilst part of this has to do with the energies building ahead of the power portal opening up on December 21, it also has a lot to do with a (12th) planet whose presence most are still blissfully unaware of called “Nibiru”, and what it is actually doing to the magnetics of earth and our personal frequencies right now. I will go into more detail about Nibiru in another share because I still have more research to do, but in the meantime I suggest you do some of your own in specific relation to pole shifts, the (alleged rouse that some believe) is “climate change” and the (supposed) asteroid that is headed our way to end all life as we know it, or at least a fair chunk of it. I say “supposed” because NASA is a Nazi initiation remember and there have been countless whistle-blowers and top scientists who have spilled the classified beans as to what is really going on at this military-run space headquarters. You don't have to worry about an alien invasion peeps - they've been living among us for years.

I actually don’t believe the ‘next wave’ will be another viral pandemic, although dis-ease will be a side effect of what happens.

I don't mean to scare you but rather educate you because isn't it better to know and be prepared than continue to live in ignorance? This is what the “end times” prophecies are inviting us to investigate (and acknowledge): that death is a natural and necessary passageway to the creation of a "New Age". Fear of the unknown and not being properly clued up, is what has enabled us to be controlled to such a debilitating extent after all and it's also what has kept us disconnected from our true essence and power.

For many years the “signs” have been communicated to us in fact, we have just ignored them and been satisfied with the explanations handed to us by scientists (who have NFI themselves btw) and only communicate what their bosses tell them to in order to keep us sedated and feeling safe. Of course, the indigenous tribes of the world have taken particular notice and know exactly what's going on.

Some of these "end times" signs include: an increase in albino animals; orbs, ‘sun dogs’ and the appearance of ‘two suns’; mass deaths of fish, birds and bees; worldwide weather extremes; off the charts Schumann resonance impulses and escalating EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies) that are having detrimental affects on all life forms. Not all these things can be attributed to “climate change”, according to many in the know, they are in fact direct repercussions of polar shifting and subsequent tectonic plates moving around. These things are also not just a result of increased human agitation, population overload or a "lack of oxygen caused by increased environmental pollution", (as the lab coats love to say), because they weren’t happening a decade ago.

As plates move, it creates fissures for deadly methane gases to escape to the surface and this is what is causing the animals and ecosystems to expire.

But back to the human and energetic explanation for all that is happening now. The kind of pandemonium we are experiencing now is exactly what happens when old rusty lids are removed and the musty contents of humanity's past are poured out into the open for all and sundry to see and acknowledge. This is an integral part of the healing process however because in order to clear and re-calibrate, we first need to agitate and excrete whatever toxins, beliefs, programs and paradigms that no longer serve the “health” of the greater system – which in this case, is humanity and all life on Earth. At present, we have nearly 8 billion people going through this purging at the same time, for the first time in recorded history, so it's no wonder everyone is feeling on edge, to put it mildly.

It's also been a "gift" because with so many people pausing and subsequently "feeling" into themselves and the whole situation, this "time out" has enabled the higher illuminated beings of light, to penetrate and activate everyone's "I AM" presence. Whilst everyone has been less busy "doing", they have been worked on by benevolent masters, allowing them to drop into the space of "being"; even if they aren't consciously aware of this or embodied yet.

The Schumann Resonance has been off the charts this week with energetic “wobbles” and fault lines stretching at (and beyond) their seams, which undoubtedly will create some potentially disastrous outcomes in the future. Mountains in China have been recorded by eyewitnesses as “moaning like other-worldly animals being tortured”, proving that Gaia is quite literally groaning under the pressure of unprecedented change; and hence, as part of Her, we are too. As a result of this next level expansion, more people are opening up (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually); many are experiencing increased physical discomforts and ailments: having lucid dreams; random headaches (our cranial bones mirror the earth’s plates); conditions such as tinnitus (I wrote about that in depth this week, see my "Tinnitus, the Teacher" blog); psychic attacks during the day and night and various other intense epiphany’s as they start to reconnect and respond, wake up and shake up and start wiping clean the lenses through which they have been viewing life up till now.

It’s confronting yet exhilarating at the same time, if you let it be. It’s a rebirth like no other.

In moments of panic or despair, I find it helps to innerstand that your soul intentionally chose to participate in all this – the greatest re-LOVE-ultion of all time – and that you came here to be of highest service to not only yourself, but to current and future generations to come. By incarnating here at this juncture and by being “awake” enough at this time to “real-eyes” it, you are helping alter and elevate human consciousness forever.

So, moving forwards. Know that the layers are going to keep stripping away, that the stories are going to keep revealing more and more unbelievable chapters and the things we have grown to know, love and trust – in regards to how our society functions, is run and what we believe to be ‘solid’ and ‘real’ – are going to continue to dismantle. It’s what is energetically necessary for transformation to occur and the sooner we can get comfortable with being uncomfortable and commit to releasing all attachment to outcome and expectation, the easier it will be for us to adapt. To evolve.

Life is never going to be the same and that is a good thing because we all know deep in our hearts and bones (and if we are really honest with ourselves), that the way the world was ‘being managed’ and where we were all headed, was no where close to being fair, just, respectful or loving of ALL life forms. It served a select few who perpetuated wealth for their select few friends, whilst all others – animals and ecosystems included here – were raped and pillaged in order to sustain the insatiable greed and exorbitant desires of this cloistered cluster of individuals.

You’ve all seen the image I’m sure of the ‘word’s elite’ sitting around a board game with several human subjects kneeling underneath, enabling the illusion. This is the ultimate irony that we as a species, still need to wrap our heads around. The fact that all it actually takes to set ourselves free, is for us to STAND UP.

If we get off our knees and unplug ourselves from the matrix, it is immediately GAME OVER. We are after all, the majority and they are the minority; as filthy rich, powerful and persuasive as they may be. They may have bought up most of the Monopoly pieces and own Park Lane and Mayfair (five times over), accumulated all the Utilities and parked a stack of hotels on every single block, but they have absolutely no connection to Spirit and certainly no soul, and therefore, their experiences and their potential, are limited.

This is the thing that amazes me the most about our species. That (we), as the larger team, with access to a plethora of intelligent, creative and esoteric minds, doubts itself so much, that it allows itself to be bullied into submission by the clever words and weavings of the opposing team. A collective that consists of a very small handful of wand-waving, cardigan-wearing geeks with serious mother (and god) complexes.

We seriously need to remember that we actually have the advantage.

In comparison to our (learned yet irrefutably warped) rivals, our experiences and potentials on the other hand are not limited, they are infinite because we are now starting to recognize ourselves as divine, sovereign beings and align ourselves with God, with Source and with the impulse of Mother Earth as She ascends now.

These Universal Truths and the way these "people" have chosen to live their lives to date – plus the fact they have all sold themselves to the darkness, which never ends well by the way – ensures they are going down (or back down to remain in the lower states of consciousness) to repeat their karmic cycles again and again. And that is a very sad state of being to find oneself in.

In this moment, there are many millions of people around the world suffering very badly, feeling despondent, weak and even resorting to taking their own lives because the vibration of hopelessness had become too great for them to process. There is still a lot of racial division, community division and family division as people continue to struggle with comprehending and digesting all that is being presented, but within all of these experiences, it's important to focus on hope and try to retain one's sense of compassion, tolerance and connection to what we all have in common. To put aside our differences, even (and especially) in the heat of the moment and return to the practice of unconditional love.

Naturally, switching off the television and ceasing to partake in the ritual that is mainstream manipulation, is the first step in achieving this.

One of the main points of this whole "sad" global farce is to create non-judgmental unity consciousness, community collaboration and to teach us all how to hold higher and more compassionate space for one another, especially for those who are yet to “wake up” and understand what is really going on around them. I appreciate how appealing it is to want to keep one’s head in the sand because the reality of what is going down, is extremely intense; it’s intense even for those of us who are up to speed and have been anticipating and decoding the BS for years and I totally get that it’s frustrating as, when we see so many not seeing what we are seeing (and sharing) and instead choosing to ignore the obvious signs along the road to what we view as their timely demise. I have been there myself, no doubt coming across as arrogant and condescending at times as my ego poked fun at those whom I perceived to be “asleep” (who are really just "not embodied"), but I have worked diligently since, to transform my own reactivity and fear and elevated my energy into higher states of compassion and tolerance. So I am not affected nor offended, whether Joe down the road agrees with me or not, if he participates in a freedom march with me or not or if he appreciates the severity of the current situation or not, because he has his beliefs and calling, as I have mine. I do not assume to know his exact circumstances (or reasoning) and instead choose to focus on my own journey so I can be a better person for it and therefore be of greater service to the overall bigger picture that we are all co-creating.

And in all honesty, this is what we all need to do if we are to succeed as that team I just mentioned above.

The truth is, the majority of our human collective, is still occupying the third dimensional frequency and until more of us start embodying our higher selves and shifting over to actualize the fifth dimensional frequencies on all levels, we will continue to yo-yo back and forth between these two "realities". This is the process of "ascension"; the honoring of and engagement with, our natural process and purpose of migrating from one state of being to another. Now this doesn't happen with one big epiphany or after one (albeit it wildly expanding) journey with plant medicine, it takes time for us to gradually massage ourselves from one state of consciousness, into another. It's a soul voyage, not a quick test we take to "pass" or something to be achieved within a limited time frame. It going to take however long it takes and most people are only just waking up, so we need to be gentle with ourselves and with one another.

If we all started to practice "spiritual adulting" more often and making mature and esoterically informed choices that are in alignment with our highest good and that simultaneously align us with one another's highest and best, things on the planet could change drastically and for the better.

In contrast, if we keep moving from a base chakra, attached and fear-based 3D perspective, clinging to the physical realm, to our conditioning and patterns and verbally-bashing others who aren’t yet willing (or capable, for some reason unbeknownst to us; the "never assume" principle remember) to stand up and speak out alongside us, all we continue to do is drain our energy through what really is lower vibrational consciousness.

This approach will only ever result in depleting our collective energy.

At some point we all have to reach the space of acceptance inside ourselves and be okay with everyone else being where they are. When we allow another the space to honor their path (whether we like it or agree with it or understand it or not) and regardless of how it appears to detract from our group progress and power in that moment, the reality is, we are not responsible for the choices and actions of another. We must remember that some of us are more active and some of us are more passive in this life and that a great deal more souls have chosen to swallow their voices and restrain their experience of life. Nothing we say or do will ever shift them. As souls with free will, we are all serving a purpose in some capacity and all playing roles that none of us can really fully comprehend and who really knows what someone else's karmic contracts are? Get pissed off about it and vent on your pages if you need to of course, that's your right, but ultimately aim to let it go and let God and keep doing you as best you can.

"The more you see yourself as what you'd like to become, and act as if what you want is already there, the more you'll activate those dormant forces that will collaborate to transform your dream into our reality." (Wayne W. Dyer)

It's important also to know that when more of us claim our light and embody higher states of consciousness, we automatically raise the collective vibration, thereby influencing and raising the consciousness of everyone else anyway! So it doesn't matter if your neighbor wants to dig a back-yard bunker or be first in line for a villainous vaccine. By standing strong and clear in you and still loving the essence of them - which is you anyway because we are all made of the same celestial stuff - you are helping them reach their full potential! Just not with your words (which can cut), or your actions (which can wound), but with your energetic intent, which (when pure), can only ever do good.

The more we resist things within ourselves, get impatient and keep projecting our wounds and disappointments onto others, the more we dim our light and the longer we delay our collective (and personal) success.

If we are wanting to move beyond the programs of separation, polarity, duality and division in all its forms, we really need to start being more conscious of our own language and aligning our words with our (highest and most loving) thoughts and intentions. Low vibration thoughts express as low vibration words and actions; and around and around again we all go.

This is the main message I wanted to share this week as the stars, planets and benevolent beings converge to offer us assistance like never before. Depending on how much stuff you are still unconsciously carrying in your cells, you may find what unfolds this coming week disruptive and dark, heavier than usual, especially as the full moon rolls out on Saturday/Sunday, just in time for Beltane (southern hemisphere) and Samhain if you're "upstairs". Take it or leave it, but my advice is to avoid "trick or treating" if you can; it's going to be an energetic trap more than previous years.

Here's the link to my Beltane ceremony: (under events).

The Taurus Blue Luna is a mega-potent one, all about radical change, purging and breaking through. Uranus is 8' conjunct the Moon plus it's a #9 universal date (the number of endings/completion), making this a super powerful juncture in space and time, which is why I have been reiterating the importance of protecting your energy by choosing very carefully, what you do on "Halloween" this year (if you usually celebrate it).

This full moon may make some may feel like its groundhog day while others may find they can reach new levels of freedom and can’t relate to what everyone else is whining about; and that in itself, is a lesson in presence and acceptance. Others may lose the plot completely and need extra support dealing with the energetic waves that flow in. Whatever you manifest for yourself, I invite you to try and remember to breathe, to know that you are not alone and that whenever you stop and make time to observe yourself and perhaps pull your own head in (or out of your asana), that practice of mindfulness in the moment, is more yogic and altruistic than anything you can ever do on a sticky mat. Don't be a "bull at a gate" by any definition, just allow yourself to "slow down and look around." And don't be shy or to stubborn to ask for help if you need it. By November 1, Mercury Retrograde slows down before stationing direct on the 3rd, and being square to Saturn, this is another invitation to be acutely aware of your surroundings, your thoughts and emotions and to be patient with others who may be struggling to maintain some of their own illusions (as they begin to shed). Watch how you communicate basically and if you don't have anything "nice" to say, maybe don't say anything at all.

Mastering self responsibility and the art of self care are two of the highest forms of conscious practice we can aspire to because when we are fully embodied, on all levels, (aligned in) and aware of how our thoughts, responses, intentions and deeds affect others – and feeling fully “in-love” and at peace with ourselves – we are finally able to shed the ego and experience the “self” (and all others) as a unique and divine part of the One.

From that 5D space, we cannot conceive of harming another in any shape or form for we know that by doing so, we only harm ourselves.

Wishing you all a peaceful week full of growth, grace and gratitude.




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