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Cowboy or Curandero?

Let's talk about "shamanism" because this ancient practice - like yoga - has undoubtedly been hijacked and distorted by the New Age, and in my opinion, for long enough.

In reality, there are very few "shamans" in modern society, and they are not on social media promoting themselves.

IF they do happen to have online platforms, they usually have other people managing those for them, and they're not posting in-your-face, every day. It's sad that everything nowadays has morphed onto the virtual space and we no longer seem to value the adventure of being "called" to our next mentor through intention and our own soul preparedness. The saying, "The teacher appears when the student is ready", doesn't seem to apply so much now, with a vast majority of the spiritual collective seen to be chomping at the bit for accelerated ascension and the latest hybrid qualifications to validate themselves.

Maybe it should read, "The teacher appears when the student is ready to pay."

When I started out in the "healing industry" back in 2002, the true elders I organically connected with, preferred to rely upon word of mouth and personal referrals than explicit adverts, and they certainly didn't expose their sacred rituals (and those engaging in those intimate spaces with them), for all and sundry to see. There was/is, a reason it's called "secret women's/men's business".

There is such a thing as sharing too much, I believe.

I have been studying and practicing various shamanic arts for over two decades, and I still consider myself a student. I do not call (or even think of myself as) a "shaman" (even if my clients like to use that term when describing me), and I certainly don't practice anything I haven't first been taught by my Indigenous teachers (human and celestial); information that I then integrate over a certain length of time so I may embody it; and I'm not talking weeks here either, I'm talking months to YEARS.

Embarking on a shamanic journey as an attendee, and especially as a facilitator, is not something one should approach lightly. It involves great skill, next level emotional discipline, spiritual responsibility, adherence to correct protocols, and a high degree of personal and energenetic power.

There are also certain rites of passage one needs to master before earning the experience, and the "right", to lead others through ceremony and into other realms and realities; plus bring them back safely AND energetically contained. Using popularized shamanic tools such as the drum, rattle, and sage smudge, are very basic, introductory practices to the greater (and deeper) esoteric work, which is in a nutshell, retrieving information from other dimensions to discover the cause of one's illness/trauma/blockage. I'm sorry to be blunt, but just because you are "burping" a lot during your sessions, does not necessarily mean you are expunging entities or energy imprints.

I cannot tell you how many stories I have heard from people attending plant medicine circles for example, only to witness some seriously freaky poltergeist activity that the "head shaman" ignores, or doesn't even sense to begin with. I have also experienced this myself, with one "cowboy shaman" (as I call them), blind to the demonic possession happening to the woman sitting opposite me. I ended up dealing with the situation and clearing the attachment for her after the demon realized I had tagged it, whilst he continued to strum his guitar in ignorant, disembodied bliss. His female counterpart also sat oblivious to the toxic struggle going on under their literal noses. Needless to say, I never journeyed with this couple again.

Engaging with "the other side" comes with a cost, and very few energetic "healers" understand exactly what is involved when they incorporate the word "shamanic" in their offerings. I have seen many in the yoga world in recent years start to add shamanic teachings and rituals to their repetoire, when in reality, very few have reached the level of physical and spiritual maturity necessary, to do so. They are also regurgitating (a lot of) practices that are rooted in (dark) occultism, without realizing it, and this can only create injury for not only their clients, but themselves, in the future.

I would advise you choose whom you sit in circles with very carefully, make sure they are working with authentic mentors of their own, ask how long they have been walking the (actual) medicine path, and why they were/are called to this potent work, because I can tell you without pause, that it is NOT all peace-love-and-mungo-beans.

It takes serious kahunas to answer the call, and then live IN service, as a "shamanic" conduit, and no, it's not for everybody.


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