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You Are What You Believe

Image by @roma_kaiuk

Yes, your beliefs are right, in fact, ALL of our beliefs are "right" because we are all divine creators of our own realities.

The universe will always give us opportunities to justify and validate our beliefs in order to keep us embodying a certain field or expression of energy, until such time that we are ready to expand out of that field and embody a new one. It's just how things work. The universe wants you to fully comprehend just how powerful your beliefs are and therein lies the rub.

It's up to you to discern when said belief no longer serves your higher purpose or path.

No matter what "side of the fence" we are on, we can always find evidence to support our argument or to explain our point of view in an effort to find the superior ground. The internet has made this extremely convenient in recent years of course - sickeningly so. What we believe to be true will influence our experience of life and affect each and every one of our engagements and connections, both consciously and unconsciously, because that's how this "game" of life works. We are here as spirits in human suits to learn how to navigate the 3D world, to transform ourselves and eventually remember the essence of who we truly are, so, whatever you are tuning into at any point in time is exactly what you need to be experiencing in that moment in order to bring about heightened awareness and therefore, deeper connection to what you are all about.

If you don't like the way things are panning out in your life, you have the power to change channels at will; that's why it's called "free will".

It's not a fun space to occupy when you start to realize you are manifesting repetitive uncomfortable and/or traumatic experiences for yourself, but again, this is part of why we're here. We all have different cosmic contracts to resolve. As individuals we are all working with any number of karmic imprints or soul frequencies that need attention, but we share one thing in common and that is, we all have a dominant frequency - not the same ones of course - and these are sometimes called "core wounds". This is what clouds our current vision and draws us back into the whirlpool of cyclic and often combative experience. This energetic blind spot is the part of ourselves that we cannot see (or will-not see), despite repetitious attempts from the universe to make things glaringly obvious.

So how do we identify our blind spots and how do we shift them when we do?

Through the process of ruthless self inquiry, honesty and accountability. This starts with taking responsibility for the inherited belief that everything that happens in life is happening to you, and transforming it into the knowing that everything is in fact happening for you, for your greater good. This is intimately connected to the "victim-slave mentality", the program that as a species, we have all inherited and upheld to various degrees, for eons. It's the recognition that you are the master, the guru and as much as you would prefer to blame others for your predicaments, that you are also the common denominator.

You are equally responsible for creating "the good, the bad and the ugly" in every moment and whilst that might make some people feel overwhelmed or despondent, it is actually a very empowering space to be in because it means you ultimately hold all the cards.

Let's look at how some of these blind spots are manifesting right now within the spiritual/yogic community and I'll use the illustration of judgement because this is one frequency I have personally been working to clear from my psyche of late. If you are holding judgment of others and find it difficult to refrain from commenting on their behaviors or offering unsolicited advice whenever you perceive someone is doing something "wrong" or inappropriate, you are going to keep seeing through the lens of judgment until you get that it is in fact you who is being judgemental. Until you are ready to pay attention to your own habit of judging others, all you will see are situations and people needing to be told what to do.

You will keep judging until you resolve the wounded vibration of self judgement within yourself.

This is confronting stuff and not easy for everyone to digest, so please don't collapse into despair or sentence yourself in any way if you suddenly realize this pattern is part of your own MO. We are all vulnerable to this energy and its certainly exacerbated now when we are seeing so much around us (in the world) falling apart, people we have looked up to, doing about turns and general chaotic situations pushing our buttons 24/7. It's a natural response to feel judgmental when we are threatened or perceiving a threat because that part of that needs to feel safe and validated - in control - is still (unconsciously) attaching his or her self worth, to the actions (or in-actions) of others.

The key is to distinguish if the energy of judgment is controlling you or if you are in control of it; meaning, you have resolved it and can have gratitude for the lessons it has taught you.

This human gig is an interesting one that's for sure. We often think we are here to heal others when truth is, we are here to reclaim the lost, fragmented and forgotten parts of ourselves above all else and that there is in truth, no "healing" to be done at all. There's just remembrance and then unification of self.

This is what I have been speaking about in the spiritual/energetic community for a few years now - that we are not responsible for "fixing" or "healing" anyone else and that each individual, including ourselves, must decide when and if, they are ready to drop their stories and beliefs and embody their full sovereignty, regardless of the actions or influences of others. No matter what our beliefs and differences, it's always up to us whether we hand over, share or withdraw our personal power.

Pain is an intimate and necessary part of our spiritual journey because without suffering we cannot come to the space of forgiveness and gratitude and we certainly can't empathize or appreciate the struggles of another, if we haven't been down in the trenches ourselves so to speak. This ability to connect with another human being through similar experiences and learn through diversity is what makes us such unique creatures. It's also what gives us strength as a community and as a species.

When we share, we can relate and when we relate, we care.

Through circumstance, facing obstacles, rising above adversity, hitting rock bottom and losing all (or close to all that) we hold dear, we discover what we are made of and what we are capable of. It's this "mettle" that makes us humble and our humility is then what bonds us to one another so we may re-frame the future with cohesive intent. Our ability to empathize and relate to one another on the same level, regardless of color or creed or even our level of consciousness at any given point, is what makes us real.

As spiritual teachers and way showers of all kinds, we understand that the universe is infinite, limitless and full of recirculating potentialities that are ultimately helping set us free, so in order to navigate this "successfully", we must also approach every human experience and every human's expression, through the same lens that our Creator views us and that is, through the eyes of compassion.

Hence, everybody's views are valid, everybody's opinions matter and everybody's beliefs are true.

Our work then, is to allow these myriad expressions to exist yet not take them on, nor feel compelled to change them in any way just because they don't fit with our own set of ideals. This is the path to living in the fifth dimension because until we can accept each and every other human as honoring their particular journey - however it looks on paper or on the "outside" to us - and not feel that we need to interfere, adjust or even "enlighten" them in any way, then we still have more work to do on ourselves. We still have more of our own shadow self to clear.

If you're fixated in your own viewpoint and seeing others as not "awake", not doing things "correctly" or causing harm to others (which yes, they may very well be), then the universal truth is that it is you who is still not fully integrated with your own infinite nature. If you were, you would have no charge or attachment to anything that anyone else is doing, including abuse and terrorism, because you would just be observing what is and witnessing another soul fulfilling their destiny, as you are. You would even (eventually) come round to thanking them for being the precise catalyst that you needed in order to evolve beyond what and who you believed yourself to be at the time and for their service to humanity and the collective consciousness, for choosing said role in this lifetime.

When it comes to others judging you, the same rules apply. Anyone projecting negativity, judgment or some form of critique towards you - when all you feel you are doing is living your life and "doing you" as you intuit - is actually revealing where they still need to learn and love. Their words or behaviors have nothing to do with you, so stop taking on projected vibrations because they only keep you stuck in old ways of reacting and distracting. Just keep going about your business as you are called to through your connection to the Atman and your I AM presence. People who verbally attack others will continue to do so until they also, start to integrate their ego. If others have any remnants of shadow to still integrate - which is basically, everyone - you will trigger the sh*t out of them and that is not because you are a bad person, it is because you represent the things inside themselves that they are yet to discover, accept and embrace.

It's important to remember that you cannot "find" yourself through another nor can you replicate another person's spiritual journey to your own advantage or in the hope that what worked for them, will also work for you. This is one trip you must take on your own.

Sure, you can be inspired by others and supported by words they share and suggest and deeds they demonstrate, but it's up to each one of us to make the choice to either stay enslaved to our restricting beliefs or break free of them in favor of carving a new path of awareness and experience for ourselves instead. When we do that, we can finally see others as equal expressions of Source.

Humanity is currently undergoing a mass catharsis, from the inside, out. No stone - and no soul - is being left un-turned as we strive to extricate ourselves from the wounding of the past and restore energetic integrity within our collective consciousness. What we are doing now is reinstating the divine sovereign templates and the wisdom of Natural Law, so that every sentient being may benefit, not just now but particularly, into the future.

You are what you believe, so believe in what you are.



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