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Where Do You Stand?

Things are starting to ramp up people and we are going to have to navigate some pretty tumultuous times very soon.

It's blatantly obvious by now that the majority within the collective we are all a part of, need to reach extremes of experiences and painful realizations before they will 'wake up'. Sad but true. Many of us have suspected this for a long time whilst at the same time hoping we were wrong, but we aren't. Most people are going to have to headbutt horror until they see, comprehend and accept just how widespread and deep, world corruption actually is.

If you have already been tested for example - either you volunteered for it or were pressured by work - you will have been tagged and tracked. The test is a farce. It is 'testing' for genetic material - for Chromosome 8 in fact - whose primary assembly is IDENTICAL to C19. Look up "CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT".

What this means is that they have been collecting your DNA under the guise of testing you for the FLU. Yes, a very bad flu, but what year have we not seen a 'new strain' of influenza and literally thousands of people dying from it?

This is why there are so many 'excuses' about positives, false positives and being 'asymptomatic'. If a kiwi fruit and a goat can test positive, that really should be enough to make you question.

If you have been tested, please don't freak out. On a scale of 1 -10, this is actually the least of your worries right now. I obviously cannot guarantee you have been implanted, you will have to trust your own intuition with that. You very well may not have because as I have said, the testing is obscenely inconsistent. We are all 'tracked' via our phones and devices anyway, through Medicare, Real Estate, Drivers Licenses and so forth, so we are all on China's data base already. What we do still have power over is our body sovereignty, so please, protect that at all costs if there is even a smidgen of doubt about C19 and this jab, in your consciousness.

Since when did anyone wake up in the morning feeling 100% fine and think, "Gee, I'm feeling really good and healthy, I better go have some tests to make sure I'm not dying!" NEVER. And since when did anyone living a life of privilege (regardless of skin color), give a second thought to all the people dying of influenza every single year? They didn't, because they weren't TOLD to. They weren't told by the media to fear what has existed for centuries, because it didn't serve any agenda. Until now.

They have been brainwashing perfectly HEALTHY PEOPLE into believing they must be 'carriers' of a FATAL DISEASE, a pandemic pathogen, without showing any symptoms whatsoever and that the only way to know if you are suffering from a fatal disease, is to have a swab shoved up your nose. Think about that.

My point here is: IF you choose to take the vaccine, you will NEVER be the same.

This is NOT about your health or boosting your immune system. This is about ORGANIZED GENOCIDE. Eugenics. Depopulation. Gates-style.

Not once have we seen the mainstream narrative advocate natural remedies or encourage common sense in regards to treating a 'virus'. Not one mainstream medical faction has come out saying up your doses of vitamin D and C, instead they regurgitate flawed statistics about their 'successful' vaccines and try to convince us we need them to survive. FYI, Autism is now 1 in 12. It used to be 1 in 10,000, only 40 or so years ago. Within just one generation, big pharma has managed to weaken the human immune system to the degree that we now see and accept such stats as 'normal'.

FYI, we are MADE UP OF VIRUSES. We NEED them to survive. You CANNOT 'CATCH' a virus. A virus is the body's way of expelling toxicity when it accumulates and starts throwing out homeostasis. If you are around someone who is sick, what happens is that your system will generate an immune response that 'triggers' your own cells into excreting whatever is in your system that shouldn't be there. The 'science' we have been fed about how our bodies and minds work and the respected studies of those scientists of the past whom whom we view as the 'experts' who mapped out the foundation of all life for us; that is all Cabal-manufactured BS. Pasteur was a fraud and along with most of his 'esteemed colleagues', was most likely a freemason to boot. They ALL are and this is what we need to wake up to. The extent of the corruption goes way deeper than any of us could ever imagine and that is why so many people have cognitive dissonance around these mind-bending, explosive truths; because they literally "can't handle the truth!"

The human being is a work of universal art.

We are self-regenerating organisms that rely upon stimulus to maintain alignment and integrity on all levels of our being. We cannot be 'manufactured' or 'made', we are 'created' by God, the One True Creator, and no amount of synthetic manipulation will ever compare to, or surpass that. Satan can knock himself out trying, but he and his maniacal minions will never succeed because all they really want to do, is destroy and distort life. Their idea of fun is twisted, depraved and despicably horrid, which is again, why so many people find it difficult to entertain the possibility that 'people' like that even exist in the world. Most people don't understand that monsters don't always skulk around in haunted houses or under the bed but often choose to don pink pullovers and glasses to appear harmless to the humans they prey upon. They can't fathom that the men and women in white coats are not only juggling beakers and bunsen burners every day, but are simultaneously concocting new ways to push their laboratory lies and fabricated test results as 'truth' for the world to worship at the same time.

This C19 vaccine "is a mechanical device that is designed to unlock a chemical pathogen production action within a cell". It is not a living system, it's an engineered device disguised in a molecular package. PLEASE look up Dr David Martin, Dr Dolores Cahill, Dr Zach Bush and Dr Andrew Kaufman, to discover exactly what this pandemic is about, what goes into this inoculation and what will happen to you if you have it.

Right now, as I see it, you have one choice to make in regards to what is rolling out in the near future and that is WHETHER YOU WANT TO REMAIN HUMAN OR NOT.

Now some people - many in truth, sadly - have made this karmic choice a long time ago. It is their destiny to experience themselves as a cyborg of some sort, so we cannot judge or condemn them for that. They are just living their life according to their soul pathways, as we have all done in other lifetimes, but if that is not your destiny or karmic choice and you KNOW you will never surrender your sovereignty in this lifetime, you need to hold strong brother. You need to hold strong sister. It's really that simple.

Do you value your humanity or have you (unconsciously) volunteered to sabotage it?

Ignorance is a choice in this day of high speed internet and immediate information, but we're literally talking spiritual self abuse here. Regardless of what your friends and family members decide for their future, if you are able to see through the veils and discern what is really going on here, IS that the path you chose to take for yourself? Just because you love them doesn't mean you have to follow their lead or compromise your health in any way. Family should love one another no matter what, but of course we are going to see many torn apart over this whole debacle and that is exactly what the elitists want. One of their main objectives is to decimate the family unit, erase masculinity and femininity and make every child so confused about their budding sexuality, that they will compliantly homogenize themselves into asexuality and gender neutrality, without even realizing what they are doing. Whatever happens in the world and no matter what your personal differences, please don't stop loving your families!

This is the pre-cursor to Transhumanism and it's nothing new to those of us who have been doing the deep, energetic work for decades.

Times are changing rapidly now and we are seeing and living the result of multiple timelines merging and then birfurcating, as of December 21st, 2020. Everyone is on their own trip, literally, and each pathway needs to be explored and expressed if each soul is to find any resolution before passing to the next realm. We all know we are going to die eventually, it's really just a matter of timing and of course, how 'well' we live and love whilst we're here on this earth. So, do you want to live - and exit - on your own terms or at the hands of some psychopathic banksters whose main goal is to rape, steal and then imprison your light forever?

Sounds intense I know, but this is what is involved when you're living within a spiritual war.

I can't hold back anymore when it comes to sharing truth and trying to open your minds, we just don't have any more time to waste. I sincerely hope you do become aware and choose to stay aligned with natural law and embody the gift that is your human life because it is such a privilege, but whatever you decide, I will still have compassion and love for you of course. I can empathize and respect your soul's path, but I will NEVER acquiesce on your behalf. Nor will I surrender my sovereignty to make you feel more comfortable. Or to shop at Woollies.

I chose human this time round.



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