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We Know Nothing

Everything you have known, believed and adhered to as "true" - up to this point in your life and your soul's journey - has served you well my friend, but now it is time to dissolve any final cords of attachment and surrender yourself completely to the unknown.

It is time to put 100% of your attention and your trust, in your FAITH.

We are witnessing the acceleration of multiple timelines converging, merging and diverging and this is creating the "illusion" of further division in our communities as people's confusion and fear builds alongside (and actually fuels) their need for answers. To "know" the outcome so they can feel safe and empowered again.

I would suggest that this is our work. To find our center and continue to stabilize from within, despite the chaos flying around us. This is the alchemic invitation of self mastery.

This whole "ascension" experience isn't so much about us becoming "more spiritual", it's about us learning to become more HUMAN.

To integrate the spirit INTO our physical, emotional and mental bodies and to practice what we preach, meaning, rise above what our heads and intellect tells us is "right and safe" and stay anchored in our hearts with unwavering presence, regardless of what greets us each day.

Think back to all the teachings you have received over the years, all the self help books you have read, the healing retreats you've been on and the (what often seems like endless) dark nights of the soul you have endured and triumphed through. Think back to the moments of despair and doubt or overwhelming angst and uncertainty and remember what (and who) pulled you through those spaces.


This is all we need pay attention to now, especially as the battle ramps up and the enemy throws everything they have at us. This is WHY things are so intense right now, BECAUSE the darkness knows it has lost its grip and it's doing all it can now, to make humanity suffer as much as it can before it transforms for good. They're called death throes.

When you see this and you really get this, nothing, no "news" or latest threat from the government, can land in your energetic sphere. Nothing can penetrate your light because you understand the process humanity is moving through and that we NEED to experience all of this, together, in order to manifest the freedom that is our birth right.

We are in LABOR dear ones. We cannot skip this part of the process. How we meet these "now" experiences, is what determines our future.


There is nothing happening that isn't a necessary part of our (personal and group) evolution.


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