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Time to Unite

I have no idea what stage of 'their' planned grand psyop we are in right now, but it's a doozy and coupled with this Aquarius Full Moon with the Sun in Leo this week, we are for sure heading towards a collective headbutt of massive proportions.


Aquarius (WE) calls our inner activist and humanitarian to action, the part within us that is prepared to do whatever it takes, for the good of all. Leo (ME) is all about being seen and expressing our unique voice (primarily) in service to the Self, so you can just imagine the potential for escalating division here. "I'm right" and "I know" versus "in service" and "detach from all you think you know".

We are already witnessing and experiencing a great divide within our local and global spiritual communities and it doesn't appear to be clearing any time soon. People are un-friending and dismissing other healers because of their views (on covid/Q/pedophilia etc), those who are regarded as 'seniors' or 'elders' are turning their backs on students and peers who don't share their perspectives, and anyone else in between who is only just waking up to their spiritual essence, is caught in the cross fire, not knowing who to believe or who to trust/follow.

This is why we need to DETACH from what others are doing and saying and FOLLOW OURSELVES. Honor our OWN light.

And STOP the IN FIGHTING because 'at the end of the day', we are ALL stuffed if we don't join forces. This is a HUGE lesson for humanity and so far, we seem to be failing it; 'woke' or not.

Nobody really knows what's going on let's face it. We can all throw out conjecture and opinions till we're blue in the face, but the reality is, collective consciousness is FLUID and it morphs and mutates with every passing moment as every human on this planet, strives to digest and process what's going on.

(Yes, the spiritual war is won, but) right now it's anyone's game at the moment because we are all being played by master manipulators. We are ALL caught up in a huge psyop (psychological operation) that is specifically DESIGNED to CONFUSE and DISORIENT us.

And that is what is happening now. MASS MANIPULATION.

Conflicting news reports that come at us every second are now un-debunking information that was originally debunked. HCQ is suddenly the miraculous 'cure' and then it isn't, (apparently) pedaled by doctors who are secretly working for the deep state and 'just like that', we now don't have to worry about five gee anymore because all the coils have supposedly been upgraded to Tesla versions and hence, the radiation we feared has been negated.

To be honest, all this latest 'intel' from Q and Twitter and the like, is only causing more separation between conscious and compassionate folk (which to me, just defeats the purpose of unity) and nobody feels confident in WTF to believe anymore. My head certainly hurts from all the possibilities, which is why I don't buy into ANY of it anymore and instead, listen to my GUT.

I've said this before, but here it is again because surely it's glaringly obvious now:


We MUST remain focused WITHIN, especially when the battle tactics ramp up: which they are. We MUST contain our energy field and hold strong to the one true LOVING CREATOR as our source of information, otherwise we are going to be constantly pulled sideways, up and under with all the conflicting 'truths' out there.

There is but one TRUTH and you find that by anchoring in your HEART and trusting in God (however that looks to you).

Everything else is transitory and open to interpretation. Give it too much attention and you will remain enslaved.




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