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Shamanic Healing


Who these sessions are for:


Anybody and everybody, especially those who have ‘tried everything else and nothing works’. Working on this deep energetic level, using sacred tools, prayer and intentions, is quite often just what you need to create embodied healing. You will receive exactly what you need, in accordance with your individual karmic records and soul purpose.

What to expect in a Hands-on Healing session:

  • A physical/structural assessment with massage, shiatsu, Bowen and myo-fascial techniques (if required). Sometimes I will demonstrate a pre-session diagnostic posture for you to do before we start.

  • 10 - 15 minutes of discussion and sharing to determine your needs

  • Energetic scan to identify blockages and core imbalances

  • No clothing will be removed at any time

  • Afterwards you will feel deeply relaxed and centered. I encourage you to eat and hydrate before driving home and resting for the remainder of the day. Also avoid having other body work or energetic treatments for 3 - 5 days as you integrate your session.


"Profoundly Aligned"

This goes out to only the ones who require deep intrinsic soul shifting through both their emotional and physical being. I have worked within healing modalities for almost thirty years; never before has my readiness for change aligned so completely with a practitioner. Denby's energetic work is profoundly aligned to all that is. It is without pause or question I recommend her as a shaman. The difference in my attitude, physicality and relationship is nothing short of miraculous. Thank you with all my heart, for all you bring and all you are.


You will leave feeling refreshed, enlightened and empowered.

If you are working with a particular issue (on any level) and would like to experience some more esoteric and tribal healing practices other than traditional medicine, then these sessions are for you.

*If you are receiving medical treatment or on prescription medication, at no time do I suggest my treatments are better or a complete alternative, rather, they can support your current regime and just help to clear and strengthen your energy field as much as possible. The work can only go as deep as you allow it, so if you’re ready to open your heart and attune to the universal energies that are morphing so rapidly around us, give me a call!

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