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The Venom of Venus





The underlying theme of this week is about putting your needs first and being doggedly proactive. It’s time to see through the veil, move beyond the illusion and consciously dissolve your seed soul patterns; once and for all.

This means making choices and sticking with them. Stop procrastinating because that is just another expression of fear and only serves to keep us caught in a time warp where nothing gets done and golden opportunities are missed. Procrastination is the greatest time-suck of all. Ask yourself what is beneath your inability (read: resistance) to make a decision and then give yourself some space to feel all the emotions connected to it. Guaranteed it will be about some of these: not being good enough in some way (for your family, your partner, your community); not feeling loved (believing you’re unlovable, feeling heartbroken or living on the sharp end of unrequited love); carrying some old wounding from the past that makes it impossible for you to be present; or the old “oldie but a goodie”, the fear of failure (not being seen) and/or the fear of SUCCESS (of being seen).

These are all very human and very real, valid expressions that each one of us can relate to I’m sure and once you identify what your particular MO is, the next step is to start giving yourself permission to shed it so you can finally be free and move forwards with your life. Any kind of movement is better than no movement at all and you do have the option to change your mind at any point if you realize that learning curve needs to take a different turn. There are no such things as ‘mistakes’ remember, only more conscious choices to be made in alignment with the lessons you are learning and ‘getting’. I say this in yoga all the time: any kind of shift (after a posture) is good (and welcome) because that shows you are making a positive move away from stagnancy. Baby steps are how we all learn to walk and (re)claim our independence after all, no matter what age we are.

If you resist challenge, you resist changing and if you resist change and growth (in any form), all you’re really doing is moving yourself away from your power and towards further passivity. Then like a plant, you’ll become dormant and go/grow nowhere.

In moments of challenge, I practice surrendering everything to Maa and letting Her take care of it; and seriously, it works! This is not about giving up or handing your power over to an invisible deity or celebrity guru either, because that’s not responsible, nor smart. The current energetics of humanity are all about self empowerment and claiming one’s sovereign signature, not blindly following some kaftan claiming to know a shortcut to enlightenment. Just watch ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’ if you need a reminder about how that one ends up lol. YOU are your best guru and you already ARE everything. Each one of us is the universe (in human form) and as such, we are living, breathing, walking representatives of the Divine – and its now time to ACT like it!

Allowing Maa into your life is about acknowledging that ultimately, you are an instrument of the Divine and that nothing ever happens without a sacred reason for your soul’s highest and best evolution. When you welcome that level of energy into your heart and trust She will always guide and protect you, your world will change faster than you can chant ‘Om Shakti’! If you are interested in attending our monthly Skype darshan and speaking directly with the Divine Mother, please contact me privately. It truly is the most remarkable experience and will change the way you view and experience change, forever.

Back to the stars now. Along with Scorpio season, Mercury Retrograde well and truly waltzed in this week and took many of us by the short and curlies. Tingles, tickles, urges and surges of all kinds, have been triggering our pleasure and pain centers since pre-shadow began and this week when Mercury slips into ‘something more cosmically comfortable’ (for it), we are going to find ourselves facing a spinning bottle that always seems to end up facing us head on. Scorpio urges us to keep digging till we get to the bottom of things; until we are scraping the bottom of the barrel, until the raw, brutal truth is undeniable and until there is literally no more sh*t to shovel!

Venus is also conjunct Scorpio at the moment which is calling forth our inner pervert (yes, we all have a kinky self, a prostitute living alongside the girl next door, so don’t try to deny it) and stirring our seductive side (and our saboteur) with lots of spice and (not so much) nice.

Thanks to the wonders of google and Instagram, we all know that Scorpio is at the helm right now and that Mercury is Retrograde in Scorpio, but what many don’t realize is that this vibration is about to get real jiggy with not only our communications and associated devices, but with our brains – the right hemisphere in particular. The right hemisphere is the seat of our creative self, our emotions and intuition. It controls the left side of our body – the feminine side – and now, with all this watery Scorpio juju circulating, these primal aspects of ourselves, are all up for excavation. It means we are also going to be challenged more deeply in relation to our personal values, our scruples, our lifestyle choices and the biggee; our ability to (always) do the ‘right’ thing, no matter what the temptation, consequence or fear.

The energenetics of the two hemispheres and what happens to them when we are about to complete puberty, is something very few people know about (in both the medical and mystical fields) and its intimately connected to children being ‘on the spectrum’ and how they wake up to and then manage, their psychic gifts especially. If you have one of these special souls in your family – or it’s you and you’re curious to know more – please contact me privately as not everyone is ready to receive this level of information.

Anyone who is even vaguely empathic or energy sensitive, is going to be feeling this MR in a very intense and intimate way. Narcissists will also be feeling the Scorpion’s pinch and acting out more than usual.

The tendency for most, is to go into either collapse or attack mode during these transits – which happen three times a year for roughly 3 to 6 weeks – but the truth is, MR is an incredible opportunity to rewrite our life stories and unearth even more spiritual power and potential than ever before. It’s the chance to stop playing hostage and start being our own hero. Put these dates in your diary for 2020 now so you can get prepared well in advance: February 18 (Aquarius) to March 9th (Pisces); June 19th (Gemini) to July 11th (Cancer) and October 16th (Libra) to November 2nd (Scorpio again).

You’ll notice on my website that I always hold my retreats on a full moon and I never run one during a Mercury Retrograde. It’s not because I’m superstitious (because I don’t believe in that); it’s because I like to work with Mother Nature and utilize Her power for myself and my clients in as many ways as possible.

So. MR is essentially all about the “Re’s” – reflecting, re-assessing, re-visiting, re-hashing, re-discovering, reviewing and re-setting and of course, re-birthing. Re-calibrating on all levels, in order to re-establish new frontiers and frequencies or ourselves (and therefore, the collective) and this doesn’t require anything other than your full participation. You don’t need to dye your hair blue-green, pierce your bits or stampede the pollies to make your point because there is nobody you need to impress more than yourself. Protesting is always best initiated from a calm center, with dignity, integrity and as much non-reactivity as possible and unfortunately we are seeing hundreds of people right now doing the opposite of that and feeding into the Phoenix fire of Scorpio which just agitates an already highly sensitive scenario.

If you want someone on the other ‘team’, to listen to you and seriously consider your side of the story, you must act rationally and cleverly and use your super powers on the sly. That doesn’t mean dilute yourself or compromise your message, but perhaps consider delivering it in a way that makes your ‘opponent/target’, believe they came up with the idea in the first place. There’s a very fine line between empowering and disempowering someone (or a powerful group of someone’s) and getting them to see the light and when you’re dealing with patriarchal structures especially, the boys’ club as we often refer to it, the best way to get under their skin and get them to willingly play on your team, is to actually make them believe that they came up with the idea. Let them take the reigns, but you steer from behind.

That’s the definition of a true leader: someone who promotes the rise and awakening of others without personal agenda and always with the collective good in mind. We are all catalysts for each others’ karma so don’t fight fire with fire. Deactivate bullies with love bombs instead.

We are being called to embrace the space between the material (the practical psyche) and the spiritual (the soul psyche) and alongside Mercury retrograde (till November 20th) we are all being presented with equal opportunities to break free from our unconscious drivers and memories so we may experience truth on a deeper level.

Scorpio loves a good secret – relishes it in fact – and what are we witnessing around the world right now? A domino effect where conspiracies are being revealed one by one, across multiple industries and even all the way to the oval office. What has been kept quiet and hidden, is no longer tolerated by the universe nor by those souls who are waking up and seeing clearly. Walls of protection around those who have wielded inherited power for decades, no longer exist; they have literally been removed (energetically), to expose them, make them vulnerable and finally, hold them accountable. The things that the Royal Family would never ever speak about in previous generations for example, are now being blasted across the media via intimate interviews with members confessing they struggle with mental health just like any other human being. And let's not even go there re Prince Andrew.

Incriminating emails are suddenly surfacing at rapid pace, detailing clandestine conversations happening behind the political scenes that, generations ago, would have resulted in the immediate death of whomever managed said portfolio, with the whole thing locked up and the key thrown away. These ‘chinese whispers’ have been around since Adam was a boy, but we haven’t dared to believe them because they just seemed so far fetched. Unbelievable. Well guess what – the truth is that reality is often way more bizarre than fiction and where our imaginations can stretch to, often doesn’t come anywhere close to what’s really going on. We have just become programmed to accept and digest what we are told.

The stuff we have suspected for a long time, is finally being revealed as actuality; and it’s ripping (high) society apart.

Regardless of what tells you or wherever you know the roots of your family tree spreads back to, we are all one big family, originating in the Motherland – Africa – and hence, we are all responsible for one another. We all have a duty of care to each other and to all the other creatures that share this planet with us, but we need to defend them with love, not match the fear and hate energies that we oppose and are trying to dismantle. This is where Venus lends a helping hand because she is sitting right next to Mercury during this retrograde, providing a harmonious, trigger-softening balm to our woes and bringing in the energies of co-operation and compassion.

We know retrogrades are our chance to go over old ground and make sure we are still traveling with integrity and on track with our initial intentions and dreams, so with Venus conjunct Mercury now, this means any past romantic connections can finally be resolved and that the love is there to help you find a more peaceful way through the next few weeks. Kind of like a cosmic orgasm as they join and peak, reigniting our knowing of ourselves as sacred masculine or feminine entities with divine purpose and power. This energy will also help to dissolve the ancient enslavement/dominance stories within ourselves, between the sexes and any cliché ‘battle of the sexes’ dialogues, plus clear old distortions around money, sex and power, taking the #metoo movement to the next (global) level of activation! Reminisce with the view to resolve by all means, but don’t fixate or dwell on what was too much. Accept the lessons and forgive yourself for not knowing any better (consciously) at the time.

Loving something to death is the only way to create and anchor that reset I mentioned earlier, the one that MR invites us all to explore and expand now.

It’s not just Halloween that tends to make people go batty either. The impending end of the year has a similar effect on even the most usually unassuming souls and as I wandered around Warriewood Square this week after reuniting with another crystal – a gorgeous orange calcite which is perfect for this Scorpio new moon that’s just opened the sacred channel of Creativity right now; and it’s 5:55pm as I write this – I was appalled at just how much matching plastic crap and glitzy baubbles are being produced for the stores; and for the unconscious. In a heart beat I reset my intentions to boycott Christmas again. I pretty much do this each year anyway by refusing to buy presents and partake in the celebrations heralding Jesus as the one and only savior – because he isn’t and he knows that by the way; he’s down with being one of several very special ascended masters – and instead have resolved to invite everyone I know, to donate to a charity instead. You may already do this and if you do, I love you and thank you; but if you don’t, here are 3 simple ideas to really get you in the spirit of true giving and loving.

1. You and your family could pull together and Buy a Bale (or a few) for the farmers doing it tough. I know my last newsletter was strong re the farming industry, but that doesn’t mean I want people to suffer or die. That was about getting the industry to change with the times so in the meantime, we must do all we can to ensure families survive and that our rural suicide rates do not escalate any further.

2. You could sponsor a child overseas of course and that is a lovely gesture, but I think most charities have got things stitched up there, so why not funnel your money towards indigenous projects and charities that are working to improve life for our traditional custodians and their communities instead.

3. This is what I did a couple of years ago and if I am going to buy anything, I will do this again: reusable coffee cups and water bottles, bamboo cutlery and sustainable take away containers and stainless steel straws and beeswax wraps, because honestly, nobody in their right mind (and their right hemisphere of the brain for that matter), should be using glad wrap or single use plastics anymore. Not even the reusable shopping bags from the supermarkets because they are STILL PLASTIC.

That is not only ignorance at the highest level, it’s downright criminal. Ecocide, if you really want to be dramatic.

According to climate scientists, we only have 2 years to turn the tables and reduce global emissions across the board/globally, otherwise there is no way we will reach our projected ‘targets’ by 2030. That’s less than 10 years away people; things are seriously serious now.

In Scorpio’s eyes, if you are living your life to its fullest, every day is a good day to die.

This is a very powerful message for all of us to embrace now because if we say we care about the future of our children and we are doing our personal bit for the planet, then we need to keep showing up consistently and fearlessly and as unwavering lights of love, regardless of consequence or obstacles we encounter along the way. Extinction is a very real possibility for us all if we discover that the scales have in fact tipped too far against us because of past complacency and denying what we were told was ‘up the road’ and inevitable and if you’re not part of the solution now and instead choose to continue burying your head in the non-sustainable sand, then you will have to own that at some point. You have to be prepared to own your journey fully when you die because you can’t take anything with you; except your blueprint.

Tuesday 5th is going to be a fast paced, ready-set-go kind of day so be flexible, stay open and look for the chinks in your own armor so you can manifest a new way of perceiving and moving forwards today. The #19 (the Prince of Heaven number) will support the awakening of your internal radar (read: your gut responses) and provide you with the inspiration you need to activate and then actualize, your dreams. Venus quincunxt Uranus (no, it's not a swear word, quincunxt is the position being equivalent to five zodiac signs @ 150’, much like a witchy pentacle formation), brings a deep yearning for a change to your circumstances, whether that means a revamp of your finances and your relationship with money or acknowledging that your love partnership isn’t as nourishing as you want and need it to be after all.

The ‘genius-Venus’ energy that is this cosmic alignment, will very subtly steer you towards following your heart and your most divine desires, so that anything you engage with today (or anyone for that matter), will be grounded in love and compassion. Mars is square Pluto today too which creates a very dynamic, ‘get busy doing’ kind of energy and because the Sun is in Scorpio also, this gives us the will to address any internal and external power struggles with more confidence and calm than usual. Turn to face anything that needs addressing, just guard against any ‘told you so’ tendencies to talk over others, that way this highly activated invitation from the planets will support you in getting things done with grace and ease and a good dose of loving kindness.

By the end of the week on Friday 8th we will be feeling a lot calmer and more content that we have achieved some goals and ticked off some (personal and professional) boxes. Good planning always precedes good results, so if you have paced yourself by the time Friday arrives and maintained a disciplined and devout perspective, today’s triangle between the Sun, Saturn and Neptune, will rain blessings upon you; literally. This combo is all about awakening the next layer of your spiritual self and making the unseen, seen, so you may suddenly find yourself understanding universal truths or feeling more at peace with yourself and your purpose because these energies create pure magic and the space for you to literally, ‘wake up’.

If you decide to take your responsibilities to the planet more seriously today and make a choice to stand with the growing numbers of earth warriors and light weavers that are rising around you, whatever you do or say (as of today), will help co-create a longer and more positive impact in the world for everyone. This is because the Sun trine Neptune (in its home sign of Pisces) helps increase our empathic abilities, our ability to be compassionate, to receive psychic downloads in various forms (depending on your particular gifts) and connects us to the greater collective vibrations of love, peace and equanimity. Your desire to serve and be a part of the solution, will increase today and that’s not just good news for you, it’s great news for everyone else because it means less energy expended trying to carry others to where they need to go. Manifest your dreams Neptunian-inspired dreams today and appreciate this beautiful triangle as the catapult into the next phase of your ever-evolving self that it is. And yes, you know I often make up words, but Neptunian is a real one, I promise!

Remember I said last week that “how we meet challenge defines who we are as a true champion of the Spirit.” Well, that sticks with more gumption this week as we experience one of the most intense Mercury Retrogrades in recent years and witness a Mercury eclipse as it glides between the Sun and Earth for about 5 and a half hours on November 11th.

For all the astro-geeks like myself out there, November 11th is another massive (annual) portal opportunity for us to soak up the illumination streaming in and get with the latest programs the aliens are sharing with us. With the Mercury eclipse, this will be especially potent, so to take advantage of that juju, meditate at either 11:11am and/or 11:11pm; and just make sure you have some 'Medicina' handy to bring you back to this realm! (

My overall advice this week: detach with love, delve into more deeply and discover just how real and revealing, magic can be.

Blessings and love,




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