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The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

November 23 - November 29

Image by @jimmydsign

No truer words were spoken... by a Freemason.

"Tis strange - but true; for truth is always strange - stranger than fiction."

Yes, Lord Byron was known not only for this quote, but his scandalous lifestyle and love of all things wild and wanton as well. He is also recorded in history to be associated with the secret Italian society known as The Cabonari (no, not the pasta dish, that's cabonarA) and even made several references to Freemasonry in his most famous of poems, "Don Juan". So you see, this particular group truly does reveal their true identity to us and has done so for millenia. We just don't look hard enough.

The truth is certainly getting a battering this week as everyone's senses and sensibilities appear to be heightened to the point of self combustion. We've all fallen short of our highest and best selves as hot tempers flare and verbal battles rage - on the ether and on the keyboard - and it seriously wouldn't surprise me at all if someone piped up tomorrow to confirm that this is indeed just another phase of the greater psychological 'game' we are all cast and caught in. The divide and conquer tactic next, next level as we jump upon one another for saying what we perceive/intuit/believe about something (or someone/in the public eye in particular), and immediately accusing anyone with a differing opinion as behaving like judge, jury and executioner.

Like you most likely, I am so beyond being surprised by what anyone says or does anymore, it's not funny.

Everything seems to be 'going to plan' a little too conveniently for the NWO cronies don't you think? Specific "medicines" (read: artificial jabs) that usually take decades to perfect then produce, are apparently ready to sell by the millions, despite objections from those within the medical fraternity warning that such concoctions will most certainly be, at best, unstable and at worst, injurious. It begs the question: how many people are actually not that concerned about the possibility of their DNA being altered forever? How many actually are willing to inject their precious babies with a substance that contains some of the most horrific chemicals known to man, not to mention human fetal tissues? Yes, don't believe the fact checkers when they debunk and deny this last one. The ingredients, in their alchemical forms, are not only written on the actual packet (see next paragraph), they have been verified over and over by numerous specialists around the world.

FYI, as evidenced on one of the suggested products called AstraZeneca - "a solution for injection" - is a harmless sounding compound called MRC-5. This is (quoting Wikipedia), "lung tissue of a 14-week-old aborted male fetus", which was isolated in 1966 and has been repopulated for vak-scenes ever since.

I wonder if all the pro-lifers, vegans and ahimsa-abiding yogis will want that in their bodies?

Aside from that little piece of evidence that just won't go away no matter how many times they try to bury it (because it's FACT), there's way too much speculation about the other additives in these Frankenstein cocktails, let alone what the side effects could potentially be, to convince this little black duck to line up for it. The thing that astounds me the most, above all the medical conjecture, is that since the US election farce, C19 seems to have all but disappeared and yet despite this reality, the powers that be are barging full steam ahead passing bills that promise mandatory masking, forced inoculations and the reintroduction of longer and more severe lock downs. Scotland's parliament for example, is having a field day throwing around their new world order legislation right now. It's horrendous.

Yes, something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark, Horatio.

If you haven't been hounding your own doctor with questions or at least listening to and considering some of the latest information being shared about all this by a growing number of intelligensia worldwide, you really need to start doing so. We're actually way past the time for arguing about this now and well and truly into "the truth really is stranger than fiction" territory.

And just so you know, we are well within our human rights to say "NO" (that is, "I do not consent" to something that threatens my body sovereignty) without fear of "suffering disadvantage or prejudice", meaning, it is ILLEGAL and IMMORAL for any government to remove (or threaten to remove) one's right to work, travel or socialize etc, for refusing any kind of innoculation. Here's a great video about it all by Henna Marie. You can find her on Bitchute:

Above and beyond all these 3D, physical expressions and our individual experiences and digesting of all that is going on around us, there is the common theme of unity through diversity. I have written about this before, about how the universe is gifting each one of us an equal opportunity to see, unpack and embrace the Truth - with a capital "T" - because that surpasses our personal truths (with a little one).

The best way for all of us to serve our own personal and the collective's highest growth, is to acknowledge, allow and accept both.

This requires that we hold space for another person's opinions and beliefs and drop the need to be right or better, because that is exactly how we clear and then unify consciousness. It's okay for us to disagree or not see eye to eye about things. It's inevitable in fact because we are all unique creations operating with different filters and working on our differing stories at any given point in time. We are bound to perceive differently and therefore contribute differently to one another and I believe this should be something that is celebrated not chastised as it is being. Spiritual bypass will convince us to avoid the darkness and sometimes even deny it exists, whereas shadow work will beckon us towards the nefarious as a way to resolve and empower. Neither is superior to the other, both are equal and both are necessary to engage with and experience if we are to shift all that is fractured, to fused.

There is no reason why your truth and my truth cannot co-exist.

We're here to transcend duality after all and what 'better' way to do that, than to practice compassion and acceptance. If my truth doesn't resonate with you, that is fine and vice versa, but surely as mature adults, we can step back or move away without needing to decimate the other and just let it be? If we are on different bands of frequency, so be it, so step back and keep doing you because ultimately we are all on this journey of awakening on our own and nobody else can do it for us. This is your rite of passage, the sacred invitation to move beyond all previous limitations and expand yourself on all levels of being so you may find your soul strength and integrity again.

When we do this, we will no longer be vulnerable to external forces, or people, who seek to manipulate and manage us.

November was always going to be a continuation of the wild ride that was October and a lot of that has to do with eclipse season as well as the arrival of winter in the northern hemisphere, but it also opens up several gateways of opportunity starting with Friday 27 (#15 universal date) which is the number of spiritual service and unconditional love. Venus opposite Uranus today will bring inspiring new ideas, excitement about the changes that are possible in the world (despite all the angst and anger flying around simultaneously), and a good dose of creative collaboration. Focus on how you wish the world to be and what you have, not on what it looks like is happening and what you don't have.

Saturday 28 will activate our minds and encourage out of the box thinking so that the fresh starts we dream about, can ground down and inspire. For the first time in 4000 years, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are totally connected (in Capricorn) and in this particular positioning, boding well for humanity ahead of December 21. This combination heralds purging of the old, elevating of the patriarchal ideas, systems and practices that have governed our psyche for too long and the ushering in of a whole new reset - although I prefer to use the word 'rebirth' because of all the negative connotations that come with 'reset'. We are more than ready to step into a brand new life experience and a brand new way of living and being on Earth, and this trio pretty much guarantee the manifestation of abundance, clearer perception and raising consciousness.

By the time Sunday swings around, we are ready to deepen our relationships, sit in patience and presence with one another, with less judgment and critique and basically just focus on the good things we can co-create when we come together as one. The Sun quincunxt Uranus invites us to trust our instincts and be open to entertaining new angles and ideas, even if they challenge us more than we anticipated, because this is one of Aquarius' strong suits; expanding horizons and shifting old ways of being in order to elevate the vibration and create an (equal) and beneficial experience for everyone. Everything for the best possible outcome of all. There's also a little bit of "what you resist, persists" energy today, so make sure you are honest with yourself and take ownership of your part in particular situations, conversations and perpetuated stories so you can remain a clear conduit in service to the light.

Now is the time to work with the energies of acceptance and non-attachment.

We are coming up to a time where communications and emotions are highly likely to run (more) rife than they have been of late, thanks to the prenumbral lunar eclipse on November 30 (in Gemini) and the total solar eclipse on December 14 (in Sagittarius) and both quickly followed up by The Great Conjunction (of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius) on the 21st. The Dec 21 eclipse is conjunction Mercury – the planet of controversy and communication; trine Mars – planet of intensity, accidents and emergencies; sesquisquare (135' of separation) Uranus – the planet of breakthrough, change and disturbance; and square Neptune – the planet of confusion, chaos and drugs. Even Forrest Gump could piece together that this combination heralds one mother of a global shake up. It certainly doesn't indicate happy tea parties and peace, love and mung beans for all involved.

We are in for a whole new paradigm people, a completely new 'reality'; whether we like it or not.

Humanity is at a juncture that has no pause button. The momentum cannot be stopped now and there's basically no way to sugar coat this anymore; in the coming weeks and subsequent years, we are guaranteed to see a lot of social, political, economic and environmental unrest. We are at the beginning of a very long and arduous journey and the only way 'out', is through.

Now is where we will see the true mettle of mankind.

Now is where we get to exercise our free will and demonstrate to ourselves, exactly how we want to feel, what we want to manifest in our lives and where we wish to place our precious energy. It's time to cleanse your body and your mind, if you haven't been doing so already. Rid yourself of physical toxins, mental toxins, emotional toxins and spiritual toxins. Purify your body with daily movement and by eating clean food and for goodness sake, stop drinking tap water! This is the number one MUST DO. After that, stop eating 'junk' food, that is, processed, mass produced food. Start growing your own vegetables and fruit if you can and if that isn't possible, support your local shops by only buying fresh produce from them. Get your packaged must-have's and household goods from the supermarket, but consider going back to the 'old school' ways of getting your bread from the baker, your meat from your butcher and your greens from your greengrocer. This not only ensures best quality, but it builds relationships and supports local and this could not be any more important in our history than it is now.

We fight globalization with localization.

To help you shake off 2020 and get your groove going for all that 2021 has in store, consider my NYE (daytime) ceremony, "INTEGRATION". Here's the link for you. Spaces are limited and they are filling up fast.

I will also be teaching some yoga classes over the holiday break and these will be offered on a first in/first served basis. Classes will be held on Monday and Friday @ 9:30am - 11am and Sunday @ 4:30pm - 6pm and will be $30 cash. I also have my annual Christmas Eve (daytime) yin/soundhealing class @ 10am - 12pm ($50 with special guest yidaki sound healer) and my Boxing Day detox on the 26th @ 10am - 12pm ($40). More details will be shared in following newsletters.

I am also available for small private groups (minimum of 4, maximum of 6) if you want to grab a bunch of friends and have your own sacred session at a time that suits you.

Stay strong and clear tribe, we need everyone awake and alert as we move towards the end of 2020. Your work and your gifts are needed so practice releasing 'what was' and embracing 'what is' and 'whatever may be', with love, trust and light in your heart.

Remember: as a sovereign being, you are entitled to your opinion and expressing your truth whenever you feel to. People will either agree or they won't and that is their responsibility. There is a big difference between passing personal judgment from a wounded and reactive heart space, and consciously drawing attention to instances where divine justice and energetic integrity are lacking.

Use your discernment and exercise embodied wisdom at all times for you are your greatest 'guru'.



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