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The Road Ahead

They say "all roads lead to Rome" and when you understand what that really means, you will surely find yourself at a potent crossroads, one that ensures you are never the same again; regardless of which path you take.

Last year - and after months of deliberation, soul searching and endless hours of research - I found myself wondering what else could I offer humanity, other than my already established healing practice. That's when my "Denby Does Dharma" podcast was shown to me.

The main intention behind me choosing to show up in this way, was not to spruik my own wares, but rather to unite communities by showcasing and linking together, as many thought leaders, spiritual activists and freedom advocates and those offering their intuitive skills and wisdom in service to the collective, as I could. I felt it was important to get those brave voices who were speaking up and out about the actual TRUTHS about C19, the jabs and the NWO agendas for example, off the ether and onto the airwaves, because that's really the only way to "wake people up" isn't it. By showing others the "evidence" so they can exercise their discernment muscles, and then providing emotional and energetic support as they process what comes up for them, we help co-create a concerned, more conscious and united heart-connected tribe, one that allows and respects diversity as much as it welcomes and leans into, individuality.

The journey of opening one's eyes to painful realities is never going to be a comfortable one, but it is however, absolutely essential if we are to extract ourselves from the web of lies and deceit we have grown accustomed to and if we are to have any chance of forging a new path of freedom for our species.

If you want to stop evolution in its tracks, you need to homogenize humanity.

The origins of this international elitist group has its roots deeply embedded in the Jesuit faith and Zionism, in Sabbattean-Frankism in fact because they are one and the same. I unpacked this in my Disclosure #5 article last week. Research the two main characters in this ancestral sh*tshow to discover for yourself how it all ties in and how the works of self-appointed "Messiah" - yep, you read that right, the original "god complex" dude, must be related to Bill Gates somehow - Sabbatai Zevi (1626 - 1676), his protégé (for want of a better word), Jakob Frank (born Jakob Lejbowicz, 1726 - 1791), and cohort in crime, Adam Weishaupt (1748 - 1830), inspired the founding of "The Illuminati" one dark and despicable night with funds supplied by none other than the (Jewish) Rothschild empire.

Note the 100 year age difference here between the first madman Zevi and his fiendish follower Frank, which is a trademark of this Freemason "secret" society also; although it's not so secret now is it, what with all the blatant tolerance for and promotion of pedophilia and trans-gendering babies on the socials, satanic music festivals (in Tasmania; the "Dark MOFO", look it up, it's SHOCKING) and even selling Adrenochrome ONLINE. These guys love to roll out the next phase of their psychopathic plans at the turn of each century in order to continue controlling mankind and boy, do they love their number games.

Anyone feeling like a frog in a boiling pot of water yet? How's the temperature for you so far?

Check out this link on Gematria to see just how fixated they are about their dates:

While you're at it - and possibly after making yourself a stiff drink or strong cacao - google Somerset Belanoff - and if you have a strong stomach - type in her daughter Katrina and the Hunger Games restaurant she owns in LA called "The Hollydale". Now, I will say here that David Icke calls this lead an elaborate hoax - which I actually find very intriguing, seeing he's supposed to be in the know about anything connected to this convoluted Cabal - but there are those who swear he is controlled opposition. If he is part of the "family" though, I'm pretty certain he isn't going to serve up his own "Queen" on a public platter, is he? It's more than a rabbit hole, it's a verifiable warren once you start exploring all this, but just keep in mind as you do investigate for your own peace of mind, that there are countless testimonies from witnesses and survivors who share identical stories (of unspeakable horrors), plus celebrities boasting online about their twisted culinary preferences and "spirit cooking" events and they all (allegedly) lead back to this woman's checkered bloodline and in particular, to Glamis Castle in Scotland.

Personally, I recommend removing this horrific, sorry, historic site, from your bucket list ASAP, but do your own digging and come to your own conclusions of course.

Some of the worldly people I have interviewed of late have direct and personal experience with such things as child sex trafficking, satanic sacrifices, the occult and next level spiritual warfare, and when you connect with people in this way, it's hard to dismiss or deny their legitimate experiences when they are living proof, right in front of you, of what this witchcraft cult is capable of. I also find it super interesting that all these situations and satanic-related "hypotheses", are not only eluded to, but described in detail in, you guessed it, THE BIBLE.

So are we living in a time of prophetic revelation or just witnessing everyone losing their marbles and spewing forth generations of accumulated "urban myths", at the same time?

One thing I do know and trust, is that nothing is what it appears to be right now and if we are to find any sense of peace and maintain even the smallest shred of sanity for ourselves, we need to first accept that darkness does exist alongside the light, and then secondly, work hard to focus on the opposite of that, meaning, we need to stand in our power and train our attention to all the good in the world. We need to practice spiritual acuity like never before. Bad things will no doubt continue to unfurl and explode around us because that is part of the healing purge, but if we can strike the balance between acceptance of "what is" and "what has been" and cultivate energetic empowerment in response to that, I believe we will birth through this present cathartic tunnel, faster, more cleanly, with heightened clarity and with our senses and souls in tact.

Solutions are always the answer to learning the lesson and moving forwards, but we can only action such - and achieve any sense of longevity - when we become fully aware of what (and who) we are dealing with.

We need to pool our resources and understand all aspects and factors that contributed to the creation of the chaos in the first place and we have to be willing to rip up the bloodied carpets and sweep away all that's coagulated underneath over time, once and for all, because unless we do, this evil will find a way to perpetuate. It will mutate, hide and lurk in the shadows waiting for the next opportune time to re-emerge, because that is what it does best after all and we all need to fight smarter and harder now if we are to vanquish these "humans" that are in actuality, demons, witches, warlocks and vampires wearing oversized fringed aprons and red soled shoes. Freemasons, if you don't know.

If myself or any of my spiritually-minded and clued-up peers had spoken out about the things that I mention above even just a few years ago, we would have been jeered out the door in a heart beat, accused of taking one too many mushies or something, but now, with the rising of consciousness and with so many brave brothers and sisters ripping the wool off their own eyes, there is great potential for a full reclamation.

Remember too, that nothing in this world happens "by accident" or "coincidence", therefore, all that is unfolding, is by divine decree. Everything we are experiencing, both as individuals and as a group, is happening now because in some way and at some point in our human and spiritual histories, we gave our permission for it to manifest. There is good news however because our Creator (Source, God), does have it all in hand, despite what our limited humans brains comprehend, and the light always wins. Already has.

All we gotta do is show up, drop our bias and believe!

Here's a very simplified break down. We are each responsible for the choices we make in this life, both consciously and unconsciously. Our subconscious stories are what actually drive us, more than many realize, and it is these inherited patterns, belief systems and traumatic pain pathways, that need to be physically experienced on this plane, before they can be resolved and dissolved on others; that is, on a soul level. We each have free will also, which means it is our birthright to discern and decide what is best for us, but this does come with some fine print that most humans either forgot to read, or read and choose to ignore this time round.

Free will was gifted to us by God, therefore when we learn how use it correctly through the "trials and errors" that are our life experiences - including embracing and healing our own shadow - we can start serving the light and are then naturally called to do what is "right and true" (meaning higher, divinely inspired, healing, honest, compassionate and non-violent for example; because nothing is really "good" or "bad" as you know, it just is what it is), and we can then see through the illusions in each moment. When we abuse it, or refuse to use it (for whatever reason), we are automatically blinded and seduced by false light - aka the lower frequencies - and become vulnerable to attachment, addiction and the repetitive cycles of "need and greed", which will eventually lead us headfirst into Hades. So unless we make a concerted and daily effort to walk away from the expansive landscape of darkness and instead, take the straight and narrow path of integrity, awareness, response-ability and love, our indecision or silence, signals consent.

This is why it's so important to speak up and say "No" to tyranny in all its insidious forms because if we don't, we are literally (even if unwittingly), signing allegiance to Satan.

If you're keen to learn more about this wild and wonderful world we are living and re-learning to love within, have a listen to these diverse podcasts covering everything from water wellness to satanic warfare, with four truly inspiring men:

Brendan D. Murphy - The Truthiverse (podcast)

Jost Sauer - The Lifestyle Medicine Man

Patrick Durkin - The Wellness Enterprise

George Iceman - The Reveal Report (YouTube)

Sending you all love and blessings for a grounded and graceful week. BE the sacred bridge between worlds, truths and potentialities and always take the higher road. Always.

You've got this.


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