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The Power of Prayer

Image by @eutony

We all come from the same Light source.

It's not my place to speak to the legions of other celestial beings that exist, but as spirits in human form this time round, it is common knowledge to most that we are all inter-connected and birthed from the same sacred spark. At some point in our personal and collective evolution, we will come to remember this, but before we can or do, I believe all peoples (and all cultures) need to be willing enough to drop their old stories and extend the hand of peace and reciprocity to one another in recognition of this Universal Truth.

Whether that time is now or later on as the decades of darkness, decadence and despair unfold, remains to be seen, but the simple truth is, all it takes to unite and "heal" us ALL, is for one element, one "side", to decide whether it still serves to remain in the repeated rut of pain and angst, or if it is better and more conscious to release the grief along with all its tributary narratives and carve a new path of being instead.

Interestingly, this is also our individual work.

Now, this is not to say we forget what has gone on before us, disrespect protocol or discard sacred teachings nor that we condone the unlawful actions of our ancestors in any way, but rather, that as empowered souls and teachers to and of one another, that we collectively agree to choose forgiveness and love for the highest good of every sentient soul. This is the only way to achieve unity consciousness at this point in time.

Communication is always a two-way street. If one is speaking and the other is unable or unwilling to listen, there is always going to be misunderstanding, a block. What needs to happen before the tribes can speak freely and receive one another without bias, is the soothing and sealing of the ancient wounds and associated stories that all parties carry.

One could see this as the creation of a new form of "initiation", one where everyone agrees to make a concerted effort to share and connect with more patience, acceptance and deeper compassion than ever before and that all elders, initiates and representatives of all lineages for example, show up with equal willingness and equal vulnerability. To hold themselves and one another with compassion, as well as accountable for their own interpretations and participation, instead of continuously passing the pain and then the shame and blame, to the other. This applies to familial, local and global communities.

Anything that is not cognate to (or hinders the paving of the way beyond) fifth dimensional consciousness, needs to transmute now.

Just because things go round and round in circles by nature, doesn't mean they are always beneficial and this particular cycle humanity is caught in right now - one that has been engineered by the darkest of puppet masters for eons - no longer serves conscious evolution in any shape or form. It is now time to set ourselves free from the wheel of negative karma that "the powers that be" intentionally wove us into, so we may embrace our divine dharma and release the slave mentality forever.

FYI, there are some masters who suggest that the cycle of reincarnation is in fact a Luciferian program, designed with the intention to keep humanity enslaved in a continual cycle of torture and dis-ease and hence ensure a steady supply of bodies, souls and energies to harvest. Personally, I am not discounting any new information that comes to me because I made the choice years ago, to consider everything with an open mind and fresh eyes, even (and especially) if it challenges or threatens my comfortable interpretation of the world. This is after all, what we are here to do isn't it? As spiritual beings in human suits, we are here to learn as much as we can in whatever time we have, so why wouldn't we want to explore and discover and experience as much as possible? This life is but a glimpse.

Naturally with that attitude, you are going to expose yourself to some not so joyous information along the way, but it is what you do with the information you discover, that "maketh the (wo)man" as they say, not so much the information itself. Intention and how one action's it, is everything.

Right now on earth, humans are being invited to step up to yet another level of awareness or "awakening". We've had quite a bit of time to come to terms with the extensive web of nefarious forces that are behind the plandemic and how they are all interconnected and in cahoots with one another around the globe, planning and desiring our demise, so now it is time to peel back another layer of this "reality" and start digesting deeper. It's time to graduate.

Most spiritual people have an idea or a belief around Jesus, but very few understand what is actually involved and required if one is to fully align oneself with God.

The New (C)Age movement is a great and insidious example of just how many have been seduced by false light and false gods, and often without even realizing it; myself sometimes too (in the past). Its tentacles influence many various "factions" within the greater spiritual community and have succeeded in polluting many intelligent and intuitive minds and hearts, because it is so cleverly disguised. Take the self help guru industry for starters.

I have only just started reading certain sections of the Bible under the guidance of mentors whom I respect and whom have walked various treacherous paths only to find their way home through its teachings and I am constantly surprised and inspired at what I find. For instance, it says that "calling forth angels", is not something we should be doing, because is doing so, we risk demonic infiltration. Nobody in the Bible was ever encouraged to do so; they always called upon God and God would then send the appropriate angel to assist.

So it begs the question: who made the decision to tell humans it was suddenly okay to contact angels directly and why are we encouraged to do it all the time now?

When you start learning how Lucifer operates, you get that he will jump at any opportunity to deceive and corrupt us. He relishes the chance to promote anything with even the slightest potential to offend The Almighty, whom he despises beyond all measure, because that's his "job". Lucifer used to be God's "favorite" angel, his right-hand man so to speak, an exemplary student of Light, even named "the light bearer" for his unwavering dedication and virtue. However, when ego came knocking at Lucifer's door and he started thinking he was equal to God, that's when things got prickly and so he was cast out, renamed "Satan" and exiled from God's good graces. There's only room for one Alpha Creator after all and if you're going to run around heaven whispering non-sweet nothings in the ears of your fellow angels and rallying them towards a coup, what else would you expect?

Ever since that fated day, false light and false idols have sought to undermine the Light, even masquerading as a "fake Jesus", identifiable by all the Catholic and Christian imagery we are familiar with. Think illuminated halos and "baphomet" hand gestures. Witchcraft and sorcery have also been used repeatedly as corrupting tools in the race to see who can offend God the most.

Very few followers truly perceive the extent to which evil has permeated pretty much every spiritual structure; and this is exactly what Satan intended.

I think you'd be hard pressed to find any spiritual teacher or student nowadays who hasn't encountered a negative entity or psychic attack in some form, particularly over the past year with the spiritual battle we have all been engaged in. It is not a pleasant experience and these beings are extremely wry and cunning, so adept at disguise and mind manipulation that it is hard to discern which ones are benevolent and which are not. The realm of angels and demons is not as clean cut as we imagine and whilst nobody is 100% certain whether they exist (only) in the fourth, sixth or seventh dimensions - and/or higher - either way, those are not domains that automatically guarantee your spiritual safety nor a free harp lesson once you enter them.

There are many ways that negative entities can (and do) insinuate themselves into the energy fields of inquisitive and well intended humans, appearing as guides and enlightened ones, when in fact, they are often dangerous and on a mission to cause chaos.

I understand there will be some spiritual seekers and teachers reading this who will either dismiss or critique what I am sharing and of course, that is their prerogative to do so. I am merely presenting concepts to be considered and to hopefully inspire critical thinking. I trust that when people are ready to dig deeper into their own journey of purification and detachment, they will. This is my personal process and it has served me well for decades and I am in no way declaring it "gospel" or the only road to salvation. None of this may resonate with you and that is all fine, however I would suggest that if we aren't willing to constantly look at and question our own beliefs and keep filtering and refining them in our effort to understand more about who we are and what the world is truly all about, then really, what are we doing this peace, love and light work for?

Ultimately none of us do "healing" anyway because healing isn't even necessary. All we need do to find peace and purpose, is reclaim, integrate and rebirth the lost, unloved or forgotten aspects of ourselves. We are all merely the conduits for God's work.

This is a big piece of the puzzle we are yet to remember as a collective: that we are all instruments of the Divine.

Meanwhile back on the 3D plane where the majority of our species is gradually succumbing to mania, the "game" is ramping up, not ending. This spiritual war is far from over dear ones. We need to call upon our superlative selves and embody courage, patience, endurance and faith, like never before. We are being pushed to expand our boundaries and shed more of our own stories to embrace uncertainty without missing a beat and this is not an easy task. Many of us are witnessing our loved ones volunteering for medical suicide now and sacrificing their sovereignty in the name of "normalcy". It is a daily task to remind ourselves that each soul has their own path to tread and that in their own blessed way, they are assisting the collective frequency to elevate and evolve. What we see as madness, they view as magic perhaps. "It is what it is" and in truth, it isn't any of our business; it's between them and their relationship with God.

We often don't understand our own karmic tapestry, let alone someone else's, so now as the tide turns and we stand to face and fight the enemy head on, remember that we are not only dealing with an external foe and that it is always the aspects within ourselves that are most needing our attention.

It is the elements of our fallen selves that need forgiveness and release so we can stop following the false pathways of Light once and for all and know ourselves as the prayer.

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Sending you all love and courage for the days ahead.



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