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The Jab is Jinxed

Quite a few peeps are coming out now talking about the after-effects of the jab and what they are noticing themselves (and being told second hand).

It's imperative that we investigate the sources of our information and make sure we aren't playing into controlled opposition without knowing it. That is difficult and not fool proof of course, but a good way to discern what is correct and what is propaganda, is to pause and digest it yourself for at least 24 hours before sharing it on social media. That way you are more likely to respond rather than react and also, more light may be shed on the topic you are looking at, during that time.

Saying that, when enough spiritual leaders start saying the same kind of thing, it's probably safe to assume it is based in truth. Take the after-effects of the jab for instance.

For a long time I have known that this inoculation is part of a grander scheme to sterilize humanity and now, it appears this is happening. I have also known the rates of cancers and auto immune diseases will escalate and continue to do so, with each additional "booster" jab, because that is part of the elites evil depopulation plan. I know that may still sound to some like a synopsis for the next "Despicable Me" movie but trust me, Eugenics is a thing and it isn't designed to work in our favor. A quick google search into Bill Gates' family tree will fill you in if you haven't caught up to speed on this whole topic yet.

According to one Instagram "influencer" based in the US (who works with women's health as a birthing Doula and energy healer), American women who have NOT had the jab but who are in close contact to those who HAVE, are reporting extreme disturbances and irregularities in their menstrual cycles for instance.

We all know that when a group of women hang out or work together for a certain period of time (pardon the pun), that they all start ovulating and menstruating at same time, but is that the case here, where such obvious artificial ingredients are involved?

Apparently doctors are being inundated with clients suffering symptoms with their cycle that they have never had previously. Post menopausal women are bleeding - a sure sign of cancer - and women trying to conceive, are having an even harder time doing so. There is also the issue of a 360% increase in miscarriages (UK stats), since the rollout of these Frankenstein injections and who knows what the accurate figures are here in Australia either because our government - in its "infinite wisdom" (insert riotous laughter here) - deems it unnecessary to share.

Now, physically it isn't possible to "catch" a virus as we (should) all know by now - and certainly not this BS C19 one - but IS it possible to become infected by someone who has taken this shot and as a result, begun to destroy their own immune defense?

I don't think so, not directly, but I'm not a doctor. I am however, a medical intuitive and shamanic seer with over 20 years of experience and thousands of clients up my sleeve. I know energy and how it works. My gut tells me that these people who have had the jab, will experience more intense infections as time goes on (as well as death) and THAT reality will lead to them being more "contagious" and hence, expose those who choose to remain un-v@xxED, to potentially more lethal pathogens.

My personal knowing around this current concern for women's health is this. The v@XXcine needs a "carrier", a way to transmit to others. When I felt into it, I was shown what the most probable explanation was and it was no surprise either, seeing that we are dealing with frequency and sorcery at present.

The conduit is a "SPELL".

Dark and distorted covens have been working on inverting our reality for eons, we know this, and they have certainly been working overtime in the past 12 months and I don't really care how witchy-woo you are or how innocent you believe your coven brothers and sisters to be either. This IS the reality.

So. If non-jabbed women are being indirectly affected by those who HAVE had the jab, it's because a SPELL, a negative frequency, has been deliberately ATTACHED to the inoculation and THAT is what other people are picking up on. Men included as they are also being targeted with the intent to be rendered infertile.

Naturally, the physical effects will be also amplified (no) thanks to this demonic psycho-spiritual energy. A lethal combination the likes that humanity has never seen.

Another reason why we need to ramp up our abilities and keep expanding our light alongside our knowledge base in order to fully prepare for whatever is coming round the next corner as this spiritual war progresses.

I will be doing a podcast on this very soon to dive deeper into the how's, why's and what can we do's, as well as how this relates to the Negative Moon Matrix and why we need to detox from that inverted satanic program, but in the meantime, please don't freak out or project that this is going to happen to you or your beloved mothers, daughters and sisters, or worse, reject or disassociate with those who have had the jab out of fear of "catching" something. We must keep our hearts open and the flames of faith burning because that is how we transmute all that no longer serves and rise triumphant.

Knowledge is our super power at the moment, especially when we transform it into wisdom and then embody and action it.

YOU have control over your own energy which is why I always bang on about knowing how your own energy system works. THIS is the key to keeping you clear, safe and protected. Not to mention, sane, as hypothesis and speculation run rife around us.

This coming week it will be imperative to stand your ground and maintain your personal boundaries with even more love and more conviction. Allow others to make the choices they need to make, but be super vigilant of how that affects you and perhaps creates an unconscious vulnerability or tendency to acquiesce when you normally wouldn't. The temptation to cave in and over-compromise ourselves grows as the layers of illusion continue to peel away from the bruised and battered collective center like rotten banana skins. It's hard to hold ourselves when the fear mounts and the world appears to dissolve into the next phase of chaos, but this is exactly when we are needed to gather our reserves and keep the sacred burning. Watch how your ego tries to manipulate you, as you know it loves to do, especially as you fatigue, insomnia, disbelief and sadness build inside.

Remember your warrior heart and the truth of who you are and trust that whatever comes your way, it is just another opportunity for you to embody your sovereign self and move forwards, stronger and bolder for the challenge.

The only way out is through dear hearts and don't forget; we have God on our side.


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