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The Great Blood Debate: RH Negative

The stories that surround this particular blood type have intrigued people for decades.

Is it alien engineered? Does it make one immune to all illness? Is it a result of "Nephilim" breaking God's covenant to rebelliously mate with humans? Was Jesus RH neg?

All intriguing questions no doubt, but first, let’s explore some physiological facts.

The human is comprised of 49 defined blood group systems that produce immune responses called “antigens”, comprising of D, C, c, E and e. Within the “RH system”, there are 61 antigens and it's the “D” antigen that determines whether blood is “positive” or “negative”. The two alleles (variation of a gene) that determine the RH blood group are the allele D and d. The allele D is the dominant allele and the allele d is the recessive allele. Put simply, the main difference between positive and negative blood is that positive blood consists of the RH factor on the surface of the red blood cells whereas negative blood does not contain the Rh factor on the surface of the red blood cells.

RH positive blood means you do carry the rhesus factor, the gene originating from the rhesus monkey. RH negative means you are missing this gene and hence, the proteins that come with it.

Rhesus factor is actually descended from a molecule called “Amt”. Amt is found in every living thing, even in Archaea, which are a single-celled microbial species similar to bacteria and regarded as the most ancient life form on Earth. Therefore, RH blood existed a long, long time ago, way before humans or monkeys even happened. 

Around 15% of the world’s population is RH negative, which means these people lack the "D" antigen (or rhesus) as just outlined. In medical terms, this is known as “anti-D”. RH “O” is the most common and RH “AB”, the most rare. The A blood group has "A" antigens, the B group has "B"; AB blood has both "A" and "B" and O has neither.

When it comes to RH negative blood, the thing that most people are aware of is the pregnancy link.

If you have an RH - mother with an RH + child (fathered by an RH positive male), it will be necessary to have the “anti-D” injection to ensure your blood doesn’t cross the placenta to harm (or kill) your baby. RH negative blood (in the mother), will naturally create antibodies that will attack the red blood cells of any RH positive fetus, hence the injection “RH immune globulin” - generously donated by those with it in their blood - is given to these women.

It is extremely rare for babies with RH incompatibility to survive without this shot. At "best" they will develop "haemolytic disease" and severe illness, and at worst, they will die.

These injections introduce anti-D antibodies into the woman’s system which target any rhesus positive blood cells and kills them. This way the mother’s immune system doesn’t have the chance to develop the memory of them even being there, so essentially, it wipes the slate clean. With anti-D injections, every new exposure to positive blood cells, will stimulate the body to respond as if its the first, therefore making it unnecessary for women to have the injection again with subsequent pregnancies.

One has to pause and ask the question however: could this obscure occurrence be Mother Nature’s way of stopping some humans procreating with others?

There is no clear historic evidence that pin points the exact time that medical science discovered and recorded this anomaly, but given the wisdom of our ancestors, surely they would have observed this phenomena when it did happen and investigated accordingly? Or perhaps they just saw it as nature’s way of controlling the population and accepted the losses when they did randomly occur. Who knows.

I certainly discovered many interesting and challenging things whilst researching this topic, so here they are for you to make of them what you will.

* All alien abductees are known to be RH negative.

* RH negative blood types often experience sleep paralysis and increased psychic attacks.

* RH negative blood cannot be cloned, which is good news for those of us who know all about cloning technology and how it relates to AI and the race towards Transhumanism. There are suggestions that this blood type isn’t a “mutation” either, otherwise science would have figured out how to “fix” that.

* RH negative blood types are apparently “safer” or less likely to contract C19, with “O” types apparently unable to contract it. No flu for them!!

* Out of the 612 primate species and sub-species, not one of them has RH negative blood.

* Humans with RH negative blood, do not carry the gene that originates from the rhesus monkey. This isn’t to say we all came from monkeys, it’s because scientists first discovered this gene (in the positive expression) in these curious critters.

* All members of the British Royal Family apparently have RH negative blood. Obviously I cannot confirm this personally, nevertheless, it does support the whole “inter-breeding”, “blue-blood” pedigree-protocol that we all know goes on within this highly dysfunctional dynasty.

* RH negative blood descended from the gods of our past, making those with it, part-alien, or, descendants of the Annunaki. They were a hybrid of alien and homo-erectus and created as a slave race to mine gold, back in the day. According to the “UFO Woman”, Melisa Kennedy, this blood type harks back 500,000 years.

* The country with the highest percentage of RH negative people in the world is Basque, Spain and to this day, nobody has been able to explain exactly why 30% of the populous, has it.

Here’s a quick ancient history lesson here so you can get up to speed on the Annunaki.

The name Annunaki comes from the ancient Sky god “Anu”, a Sumerian deity (Mesopotamia). The word means “offspring of Anu” and they are recalled as “angels” on Sumerian tablets and as “giants” in the Bible, in fact, they are mentioned many times throughout the holy book; Genesis 5:18, Deuteronomy 2:10-11 and Joshua 17:5 are just three references. It’s also in chapter 7 in the Book of Enoch; whom scholar’s believe was Noah’s great grandfather. Basically, nobody was trying very hard to hide the fact that giants existed. The New Testament declares them as “fallen angels” and not the “creators of the world” as they are sometimes referred to as. Many historians also believe giants were the offspring of humans and Annunaki and there are references to these colossal creatures in most of the ancient scriptures including Norse, Hindu and Greek texts.

Giants aside, one thing that is true and traceable, is that RH negative blood didn’t “exist” until a few thousand years ago.

It suddenly “appeared” in Europe, some say around 10,000 years ago, but how? Where did it come from and what does that mean for the popular Darwinian Theory that espouses we all evolved from Apes. If we all evolved from the same ancestor, then we’d all have the same blood type wouldn’t we? The RH protein therefore stands as “proof” that those with it, did not evolve from the same lineage as other humans and that they are connected to tribes over 35,000 years ago. Some theorists suggest that the RH negative gene represents a new branch of humanity that interbred with the original “branch" that came out of Africa and therefore these people are direct descendants of the Hyperborean race, believed to be the original human.

This part’s good for the egos of those with RH negative blood. Apparently you guys have greater resistance to a number of diseases including the Toxoplasma parasite, higher IQ’s, an extra rib or spinal vertebrae which they are most likely not aware of, heightened intuition, light-sensitive eyes and red or reddish hair with piercing blue or green eyes. On the down side though, you are also at greater risk of high blood pressure, food allergies and cold extremities, thanks to lowered body temperature.

Are the red-haired oblong-shaped “Paracas” skulls that were found in South America in 1928, connected to not just the Nephilim, but to RH negative blood as well? Testing has revealed these skulls have mitochondrial DNA “with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far”. Who knows, but it’s fascinating for sure.

According to spiritual researchers in-the-know, RH negative blood is also “karma-less”, meaning the karmic records are not recorded in the same way as they are with others with different blood types. This blood type is sourced from the stars, hence the term “star seeds”. The karmic blueprints of other humans, reflects lifetimes on this dimension only.

I have no idea how this ties into the prophetic 144,000 number that many star seeds speak of in connection to the ascension, but there it is to chew on.

RH negative blood is believed to have a resonance that connects it with the higher levels of DNA activation, which suggests it is intimately connected to the source of Oraphim Consciousness - Christ Consciousness - and this is the part where the negative NWO agendas come into the story.

Most of us know by now that humanity has been manipulated, hybridized and abused in various ways and through a multitude of technologies piloted by dark forces for millennia and that this continues, courtesy of all the bio-weaponry we are exposed to on the daily. They are literally trying to destroy what makes us divine; our DNA. The C19 vaccine is the obvious example of this attempt to extricate our soul bodies because it is actually a form of “synthetic gene therapy” and not your “usual” jab, so there you go, that says it all.

Without our soul bodies, our spirit, we cannot access the remaining 10 strands of what we have been told by scientists, is “junk” DNA. It is, in truth, “dormant” DNA that is awaiting activation. Up till now we have been operating on 2 strands - which kind of explains why we have made such a bloody mess of the world so far and been unable to unify in consciousness - but thankfully, all that is changing with “the great awakening”.

RH negative blood types or hybrids, are particularly vulnerable to soul hijack because of their ability to shift human consciousness, being the conduits of Christos that they are.

This is why humanity has been deliberately targeted with blood infections, blood disorders and diseases, sexual distortions and hormonal imbalances, repetitive karmic traumas and The Crucifixion implants; which I will explain in another article soon. I believe it’s also a big part of the whole PCR test sham that’s been going on because they are looking for the blood types and bloodlines that they wish to not only eliminate, but propagate as well. If you volunteered for a test by the way, you’ve been tagged and bagged for future reference, sorry.

Over the ages, black magic has been used to do this; and it still is.

Even though the majority of our species have forgotten their past lives and the details of each lineage, we each still hold those memories in our blood frequency. This is the legacy of the Christ Genetic Histories and the 12 tribes and because of this, we have been targeted, hunted and tortured by many galactic beings, in particular, those known as “Reptilians”. Their primary mission is to manipulate our DNA to further their own genus and the absolute darkest of dark agendas. FYI, Reptilians are shape-shifting humanoids from not just another world, but another dimension and they are also known as “Dracos” or “Lizard people”. These serpent beings have been depicted in sci-fi movies for decades, but their existence is anything but fictional.

Lots to digest, but on the upside - and deflecting the medium-to-large-sized-probability that legions of dark lords and/or aliens are coming after your “magical” blood, if you are RH negative, one thing you don’t have to worry about at least, is contracting the bubonic plague any time soon, and in this day and age of biochemical warfare, that’s got to look good on your dating profile!

One thing’s for certain, we don’t know everything (yet), therefore anything is possible!

Here endeth the great blood debate. For now.



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