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Say Yes and Yield

Surrendering is not an act of cowardice. It is the ultimate act of faith.

I've been watching a wide variety of films and docos this week in an attempt to balance education with entertainment, because let's be honest, there is always more that we can learn and discover about the world we thought we were living in and there is certainly call for switching off and maintaining one's sanity with a vacuous story line now and again that provides some much needed belly-laugh relief. My brain has often started hurting with all the next level stuff that I have been discovering in my quest for understanding and truth and I'm sure many of you can relate.

So how DO we 'switch off' without disconnecting fully and therefore, avoiding or minimising the risk of disassociating ourselves altogether from the universal possibilities that are on offer?

I believe there's a very fine line between presence and detachment.

When we choose to become present, to sit, stand, squat or sometimes collapse in the moment when things overwhelm us and we don't feel we can carry on, that is one of the most courageous things the human can ever do.

Why? Because it signals the intent to PARTICIPATE.

Gone are the days of blind acceptance, swallowing down against one's will and sacrificing one's sovereignty "in the name of God" or a "cause" that one adheres to and stoically believes will offer "salvation" through acquiescence.

There is a huge difference between self sacrifice and surrender remember.

Self sacrifice has been programmed into us as a way to confuse, control and de-sensitize humans to their own innate power and capacity. It keeps us locked into wounding and obligation.

Surrender invites us into the space of acceptance and loving allowance and to consciously participate as a co-creator. The energetic weaving that is currently manifesting between the planetary, celestial and collective bodies, is all about dropping to one's knees in reverence for All That Is and merging with the God vibration that expresses itself THROUGH us, in every moment.

Therefore, when we choose to LEAN INTO this truth and work with our divine nature and that of Source (recognizing that we are One with God because we are MADE of that vibration), we instantly activate that which is already ours and that which we already are. We awaken to the undeniable reality that we ARE wisdom, peace, faith, courage, compassion and unconditional love (and so many other things that I cannot possibly list in one post.)

When we start to truly grasp that nothing (and nobody) is better, beyond, behind or beneath us and that everything happens for our soul's highest good, we liberate ourselves from our story.

In the moments we choose to engage without attachment to outcome or out of fear, we become more capable of forgiving "all that we have been", accepting "all that we are now" and embodying "all that we are yet to become and all that we have always been."

Participation is KEY right now, for it is only through showing up, doing our bit and helping to shift and elevate the group dynamic (as we heal our own), that we can ALL begin to receive.

Be as present as you can be. Participate as you feel called to. Detach from expectation and outcome.

And never doubt your amazing self.



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