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Next Level Management





At last February has arrived and we can start breathing easier after all the activation energies that were flying around in January.

2020 kicked off with a powerful full moon (in Cancer, the Mother sign), that once-in-a-lifetime planetary alignment that happened between Saturn-Mercury-Pluto-Sun-Mercury and two intense eclipses (the solar one on December 26 then the lunar one on January 10), that were all about cracking us open (further) and creating the collective space for deeper understanding, connections and expansion.

The indigenous prophecy of Ngaltawaadi was also completed at Uluru (under the energy of Capricorn, the Father sign and the ruling energy of the great rock), something I wrote about last week and for those of us who were physically out there, it was a privilege to bear witness as the elders did their thing, away from public eyes and as only they know how. Any healing that happened from a collective perspective, was for all the spiritual people that had traveled there as ingenuous representatives of their various clans and communities. They were called there to receive clearing on their own inherited stories and karmic wounds so that this particular vibration within the collective would be dealt with and resolved at the divine Solar Source, whilst She was at Her peak.

So yep. January was not a month to sit on your asana and watch the world go by, nor was it one that was going to allow any continued delusions. We also saw the year ‘formally begin’ with Chinese New Year on January 25, which is when the cosmic energies actually really started to shift; not on January 1 as everyone seems to believe. The momentum continues and our main task is to get with the program as fast as we can so we don’t fall back into old habits or patterns that will only hijack our intuition and keep us stuck in what’s ‘comfortable’; which is exactly where we don’t want (or need) to be.

And of course, another 'Australia Day' went by without anyone really acknowledging the thousands of indigenous people's (and conscious whites coming together with them) to mourn this day instead of celebrating it. There were a few snippets on mainstream media, but nothing big enough to make those with the power to #changethedate, to sit up, take notice and take action to grant them what they are asking for. What they deserve.

This country is seriously going to the dogs under the Morrison Government.

You know the old saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt”? Well that is definitely applicable here and now. It’s time to take quantum leaps into the unknown because if we have been doing our work correctly and consciously (last year for example), we will have built enough inner strength and knowing, to trust this is the only way forwards now. Navigating this ‘new world’ will take all our attention and courage for sure, but it is doable.

So how do we make this all land and decipher all the signs that we are all getting, every single day, to do more, be better and live lighter?

We must dismantle and then reconstruct more aligned systems of support for ourselves so we can hold ourselves (and one another) accountable in every moment. We can’t be responsible for anyone else and what they do (or don’t do), because that’s just impossible – so we have to focus on our own footprints, how our own energetic imprints are influencing the collective and how we as individuals can step up and be in greater service and an activated part of the solution, as humanity evolves. Carry our own bags so to speak and stop lumping our sh*t on others and on Mother Earth. Stop putting ourselves on pedestals and living like we deserve the privilege of celebrity for example because we are better or more attractive or happen to be born on the ‘right’ side of the ghetto fence. That’s all BS and that paradigm just breeds more contempt, deeper discord and perpetuates adherence to the belief that there's an 'us' and a 'them'.

We are all equal and we are therefore all equally responsible for this planet and for the survival of not only our own species, but for all others. We are all caretakers and we all have a job to do.

Lena Stevens from the Shamanic Power Path outlines the theme for February as ‘management’ and setting clear priorities for ourselves and while I agree with her wisdom, I will take what she shares and run a little further with it.

I see the management of our species as needing a huge overhaul right now, even a massive investigation much like ASIC would deliver, to weed out the levels of mismanagement, power abuse and corruption that still linger in the bowels of global society. Managing people is actually quite simple – I know this from observing my father as a Professor of Management and Technology all my life, whose work and innovative projects have literally helped shape this country and many others abroad, for decades. All you need to do is respect people, listen to them and then contain and channel their individual skills in a way that enhances their personal and professional powers and that also serves the greater effort or intention. It’s not about hierarchy or domination ‘from above’ – it’s about shaping a team of inspired creators that share a common desire for change and improvement so that the future looks brighter than it did before. That is what leaving a legacy is all about and we are seeing so much resistance to it right now with our governments’ arrogant denial of climate change (in relation to the fossil fuel industry) and all these unprecedented bush fires that we continue to experience. Australia’s legacy is looking very sad indeed and make no mistake, we are the poster-boy for the rest of the world as far as how climate change is going to play out from this point forwards. Eco-grief is a very real thing, but I will talk more about that in another blog soon.

So regardless of what others may be doing or not doing, what kind of legacy are YOU going to leave for your children and for all other species (and their children) as we all start walking through this new era of uncertainty? What do you need to manage more efficiently – your time, your emotions, your addictions, your fears – in order to be a more conscious team player?

Maybe it’s more self care or more self discipline. Maybe it’s more self awareness or creating stronger and healthier boundaries for yourself that support you so you can support others?

Whatever it is for you this month, make it a priority as well as a daily practice and if there are any undercurrent dialogues about not being good enough, ready enough, deserving enough or powerful enough, reach out for a session with me because I am full of the good juju right now after my recent initiations at Uluru. If you can’t manage your own environment, you won’t be able to show up with any integrity or lasting energy, for the greater environment (read: your family, your work, your community, the world).

February is the second month in 2020 which means it is laden with meaningful wisdom and teachings for us that will help set us up for the rest of the year, now that we have begun to settle into the new decade. It’s also the Year of the Metal Rat which brings with it a swag of resourceful, determined and left-field-off-the-wall inspiration and intelligence; because rats are such innovative creatures, apt at surviving and making the most of a bad situation.

I actually had a dream about rats last night. And a platypus. They (the rats) were sitting on my shoulders – just two, not a whole pack like I was swamped underground with the Ninja Turtles – and I was patting them gently on their heads. I looked into their little red eyes and all I saw (or felt they were saying to me) was, “We love you. You’ve got this. You’re ready.” After that, I was looking for a platypus in a pond somewhere and my friends were behind me saying, “You’ll never find one, they’re all extinct now!”, which I didn’t believe of course and then suddenly spied one hiding right in the reeds next to me! Then I was holding my beautiful new clear quartz crystal skull – which I have to tell you, is just the most incredibly potent entity I have ever worked with and is co-creating the wildest healings with me at the moment with all my clients – and after I kissed it on the forehead, I woke up feeling reborn! Never underestimate the power of dreamscape I say. I can also help you decipher yours if they get to wild and woolly by the way, it's one of my fortes.

The next seven days promise to be interesting ones but we do have the Leo full moon rounding up the week so expect some insightful and unexpected moments during the lead up to that. I also have my medicine circle at Qi Freshwater for this lunar cycle so please come along if you missed the last ones because Leo rituals are always luscious!

Monday 3, being a #9 universal day and a #6 universal month, brings in the magical 3-6-9 Triad of Unconditional Love and divine self expression. Tomorrow promises to be a beautiful day of sharing with those you care about, enhanced imagination and channeled ideas ‘from above’, of smiling and laughing till your face hurts and just allowing yourself to be happy, alive and present. Regardless of whether we are mourning and still healing from loss or feeling sick, tired and over whatever else is happening in our lives in the moment, we can (and should) always make time to appreciate the precious gift that our life is and the time we have spent with loved ones in the past, because every connection (for however long it lasted) is heaven-sent and sacred.

Venus sextiles Saturn today also which allows your intuition and creativity to come to fruition. The harvest is ripe and ready for picking now and if you have sown your seeds diligently in the preceding months, you will reap the results now. This energy also supports our ability to make deeper commitments to either relationships or work situations and projects that have the potential to create greater financial flow for us; and goddess knows, we all would appreciate a little more cashola to help us action our dreams! Saturn is the wise teacher planet and keeper of cosmic time, helping us invest our energy astutely and coupled with Venus, the planet of beauty and abundance, today will definitely be a good one to invest your undivided attention into things that are anchored in and motivated by, unconditional love. It’s a good day for spending time with loved ones, catching up with old friends you haven’t seen for a while and also spreading the love by donating to charities – the wildlife ones especially because they are really really suffering right now. Our Koalas especially.

Did you know that the Koala is able to access higher states of consciousness and bring that information back to this dimension? Despite what any good veterinarian or zoologist would tell you about the leaves being so low in nutrients that drop-bears need all that rest to conserve the little energy they do receive from eating them, eucalyptus leaves actually contain particular chemicals that sedate their nervous system and opens up their auras to put them in a kind of meditative trance, one where they can teleport to other realms. Meanwhile to the unsuspecting and unconscious human, they just look like they have dozed off for a nana nap for way too long. I reckon they are Saddhus (spiritual sages) form previous lives who have chosen to return and hold space for humanity. And now, they've all but been crucified by fire because we humans haven't respected the earth as She requires.

Think about it. From the energetic perspective, this makes perfect sense. I mean, why would Mother Nature be so nasty as to make one type of leaf, the only thing koalas could eat, if there wasn't some other benefit? Why restrict their diet to the point that they are unable to physically engage in life as fully as other species can? I don't think nature works like that. She always has an ulterior motive, a reason for everything. Koalas are hence (in my world), fully awake beings playing a vital role in the collective matrix and I find it extremely distressing that as such, they have been subjected (along with millions of other precious Aussie species) to the desolation of their homes and the desecration of their families.

What does that say energetically about our current situation I wonder? Why this species in particular, has 'chosen' to sacrifice itself to the degree that it has, in order to raise our awareness of the importance of conservation and preserving wildlife as much as we regard and preserve human life??

Moving on, Wednesday is an #11 universal date that will bring in freedom and soul liberating vibes, so trust your inner voice and seek open ended chats with people that allow you to discover more about life and how others view the way things are. Don’t be attached or opinionated because that just shuts you off from growth. Mercury sextiles Uranus today also which is all about being flexible and expanding our perception. Life broadens and hence gets better, if you let it, so expect to have some breakthroughs today and be inspired by things you haven’t considered (or even prepared for) before. Such is the nature of life!

Sunday as a #9 day brings in a double 6 code and with #9 being about unconditional love and #6 about human love and both governing abundance (are we seeing a pattern here yet people!?!), today is a cracker for digesting, integrating and completing some processes that you have been moving through of late. The energy will help you make sense of and find completion around, things you have been working with and perhaps getting frustrated by, because they seem to keep lingering and recurring. Try instead to focus on seeing everything as a necessary part of your journey towards self mastery and that you would most likely not be the amazeballs person that you are now, if you hadn’t been through all that you have; regardless of how freaking painful, expensive or traumatic ‘it’ was! Do this and you will experience as deep sense of completion, connection and acceptance today; at some point during these 24 hours.

Sunday also sees the Full moon in Leo arrive and shine and this one is going to affect us all in differing ways, depending on where Leo takes pride of place in our chart. It happens at 20’ with the Sun in Aquarius at 20’ as well, opening up a quadruple 20/20/20/20 code, which is huge because it’s 2020 this year PLUS #20 (2) is all about partnership, collaboration, working together for a common cause, listening more closely, striving for harmony within our various communities and being compassionate and not attacking or judging one another anymore. Our collective intention is elevating every day – despite some of the setbacks we see on the news, which is also all part of the process – and life now is becoming more about listening to one another and taking action, from and with, LOVE.

As a growing-in-consciousness group, we are striving for more beauty and harmony, more kindness, more equality and more equanimity in the world, and yet while we still have motivation to move forwards, we must ensure every action is filled with the highest ideas and intentions. If we keep listening to Mother Gaia, trusting our personal guides and believing in ourselves, we will all keep moving forwards with power and purpose.

Mars trines Mars and the Sun sextiles Mars today also and this is a very powerful alignment because it makes us conscious of our direction and how much we actually do stand on our own two feet, dancing to the beat of our own drum. This combination will bring attention to level of independence we each embody and also highlight any power struggles within family or intimate relationships that might still need our attention to clear and rebalance. Our enthusiasm and passionate inner selves will be off the charts today so make time to ground yourself in nature and keep checking that whatever comes through for you, is clear and concise. Today is a great day to think outside the box and to keep moving onwards and upwards in service to your own goals and those of the greater good.

Unfortunately, it appears Britain still hasn’t got the memo about this collaborative intention yet – or rather, they did get it, but they chose to tear it up and keep moving away from the pack like the staunch monarchists they are. It’s very sad to witness, not just for those who wanted to stay and evolve with the rest of Europe – that is, the youth and all the progressive, forward thinkers as opposed to the staunch royalists and stuck-in-the-mud ‘Generation G for Grandad’ – but because it shows there are still a little too many for our liking, clinging to the coat-tails of the past in the belief that ‘familiar is safer’ and that change is a bad and scary thing and should be avoided at all costs. At least Ireland not only has a good sense of humour but also some good common sense and has chosen to distance itself from the arrogance of the UK and stay in the EU; no surprise really, they aren’t really known for ‘towing the line’ are they – although they have chopped (or exploded) their noses off to spite their faces quite a few times in history. But what country hasn’t hey? We can’t really talk given our current cultural climate right now can we?! This one will certainly be an interesting space to watch.

And don’t even get me started on ‘Megxit’. I predicted that time bomb when they first started dating!

My private yoga classes commence this week as well as my shamanic healing sessions, so don’t forget to visit my website ( or Facebook page Denby Sheather, to see what’s available and to book yourself in for some new year/new earth activating. Of late, I’ve been called to channel people’s ancestral songs – specific to their tribe and their situations on this plane – and it’s been creating some incredible transformations.

I still have a couple of spaces open for my signature Mana Medicine Mentoring course that will start at the end of February. It’s all online so if you miss the live classes, you can watch the recording later at your convenience. This is a bespoke offering that will fill in all the foundational holes for you regarding shamanic teachings, practices and protocols and will connect you more intimately with the energetics of the planet and your own gifts and stories as well. We’ll cover everything from the 3 shamanic realms and the 13 dimensions, to eco-grief (yes, it's a thing) and how to transmute collective wounding. There are only 13 spaces available (for women only) so if you have any questions, please contact me for a chat. The early bird price of $1,599 ends on February 9 and it then it will be $1,999 – still a massive bargain for what you will receive. The entire value is around $5K in fact.

Sending you all lots of healing lunar love and energy for the week ahead!





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