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New Moon, Solar Eclipse, New You

Our minds play games with us, we know this. That’s nothing new. But what we don’t always fully comprehend or appreciate, is to what extent.

There are myriad repercussions that can unravel, when the mind is unchecked and allowed to run amok and this eclipse, fuelled by the Great (and Dark) Mother, is going to flash-card them up, one by one to us, until we finally acknowledge, heal and integrate all wounded facets of our inner child. She is going to tenaciously teach us all how to nurture ourselves, how to navigate our desires as we mature and how to self manage our fluctuating emotions, which thanks to Cancer, are going to be more reactive and tenderised than usual.

Your cave – or your hermit crab shell – are going to look really good this week, but try and resist the temptation to pull the covers up over your head and pretend life isn’t happening. When we consciously engage in the moment, we instantly start dissolving patterns of behaviour and ignorance that have held us captive in (and of) the past. Empowerment grows from the second you see how your own demons and dynamics have hindered your ability to manifest what’s in your heart.

Compassion, courage and retaining a good sense of humour, will be the keys to your success this week.

There are two main days to be aware of and the rest you should be able to navigate relatively easily if you keep your head down, your swords sheathed and your ass-ana up.

Tuesday 2nd, sees the first of two big eclipses this season. This new moon and total solar eclipse happen with both the Sun and Moon at 10 degrees in Cancer. Cancer is all about home, family, ‘home is where the heart is’, our cocoon, where we often hide/bury our family secrets and also relates to how safe, secure and confident we feel. When we leave our ‘safe haven’ and venture out into the world, we tend to feel more equipped to deal with things when they hit the fan, secure in the knowledge that we have a happy hearth waiting to hold us upon our return. Warm soup on the stove kind of stuff. Can you imagine how many people around the globe don’t have that deep sense of shelter in their bones? Millions, so Tuesday is a good day to practice gratitude and to give thanks for every single hurdle or hiccup that crosses your path, because no matter what it is, guaranteed it’s nowhere near as horrific as what the majority of humanity is experiencing.

First world problems remember.

On Tuesday we also have the Sun and Moon sextile Uranus, the planet that is all about breaking boundaries, irritating for the sake of change and smashing paradigms, so you can see that this combo under Cancer’s influence, has the potential to help us let go of all the conditioning of the past (Cancer governs the past) and fearlessly embrace a completely new way of being, living, thinking and feeling (Uranus here as the mighty Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer).

These planets will help us find the courage to break free from whatever past shackles have enslaved our hearts and kept us small. From all the social programming we were taught, took on and were implanted with as children, and from all the baloney that we signed up for as ‘yet to be fully realised souls’ when we entered our mothers’ wombs and forgot who we truly are. All that crap can go jump this week because Chiron (square to the Sun and Moon), will hold us close to his chest and allow us to purge everything that blocks our joy or chokes our divine feminine (or masculine) expression. Visualise him as Alexander Skasgaard or Uhtred of Bebbenburg if that helps; or for the (straight) guys, I dunno, is Angelina still a fave?

Seriously though, it’s the perfect time to begin some therapy – and let’s face it, who doesn’t need some therapy nowadays, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’re all on the spectrum in some way I reckon! Be gentle and less (or completely non) judgemental of yourself and others and get some massage, counseling, esoteric or equine therapy happening; whatever takes your fancy. Just start some sort of support for yourself this week and get in alignment with this powerful healing vibration that is also being co-created with Jupiter (expansion, risk and luck) square Neptune (imagination, illusion and universal truth), and Saturn (cycles, time, social order) is sextile Neptune. Saturn actually teaches us our toughest life lessons (I’ll write more about Saturn Return and how that influences us all soon), but just know that this week, it is working with you to ensure self mastery.

With the Lords of Luck, Truth and Time by your side, soul liberation is literally just one smashed belief system away!

Plus, can you believe it, we are half way through 2019 already! EOFYWT? We gotta get a serious move on before the predicted event in January 2020 folks. If you wish to learn more about that, follow this link to my retreat that explains a lot of it.

"Dreaming Awake" retreat, January 10 - 14, 2020

Sunday 7th sees a double 7 code flow in – 7th of July (7th month) = 7:7 – which encourages some quiet time and melancholic reflection. Make space in your day for a walk, a short meditate or a heart warming chat with a good friend, in person preferably because we already spend way too much time on devices. The number 7 brings cathartic moments like bolts out of the blue, ‘ah-ha’ (or ‘der’ moments as I jokingly call my own), that offer great peace once the veils of illusion have been ripped aside.

Mercury will go retrograde on Sunday – yeah I know, contain your excitement – starting in Leo at 4 degrees before sauntering back into Cancer, so now is a good time to rest, practice patience and start clearing away any debris that’s accumulated since the last MR phase. Prepare yourself properly and by that I mean, remove as many obstacles in your head and your heart as you can, so you will be able to identify repetitive themes more easily and quickly. The number 4 connects to practical solutions, stability, anchoring intentions and (like Cancer), family; so be extra mindful today of the weight of your words and where they are coming from. Temper agitation, aggression or any electrical charges (they tend to come with #7 as well as it is a game changer and change maker). Call upon the energies of discretion and diplomacy (care of Mercury when direct, as the messenger), as much as you can today. Reflect and release with every breath. There may be times when you feel you need one, but no, you don’t need an actual padded cell; you may just need some softened spaces to fall into if you tend to get reefed around by MR usually. Put ‘lot of hugs with loved ones’ on your agenda from Tuesday on.

The new moon is actually dark across three nights – July 2nd (@ 2 degrees) and the 3rd and 4th (@ zero degrees) – making this a particularly potent window to reset and recalibrate. Like most witches, I don’t recommend doing any ‘magic’ or spell casting on the dark moon as it is traditionally intended to be a ‘time out’, an evening where we cocoon and lay low in the void of POTENTial; especially if on your bleed. So if that aligns with you, maybe have a candlelit bath with some resins and oils, give your yoni a good sage smudge, meditate with some dark crystals such as obsidian, black tourmaline or onyx and have an early night. For those of you with yonis, just message me re the smudge if you’re not sure about that one.

So this week, amidst the Cancer new moon, the searing solar eclipse and all the cathartic cosmic craziness that is most likely to manifest along the way, pay attention to your words, and the words of others, and strive to take the higher path. Mother yourself, love your inner child. Respect your needs and don’t apologise for putting them first. Treat your ego like a baby. Listen more and speak less, or not at all if need be. Watch any tendencies to have the last word, to retort out of spite or for any other ego-driven reason. And LOVE everything that no longer serves you, TO DEATH.

Plus remember to forgive everything and everyone along the way.





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