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New Moon In Leo

Updated: Jul 29, 2019




RETROSHADE begins JULY 31 till AUGUST 15

This week is all about Leo now – and who doesn’t love the King of the Jungle?

Now that the Lion has settled back into Cancer territory, things should start to ease off. Especially since Mercury is out of his most volatile state and chillaxing into ‘Retroshade’ till August 15th. If you’ve been having techno and computer difficulties, random IT issues and general communication mix ups, these will disappear now, suddenly almost and in some cases, as if overnight.

Monday and Friday are the days to watch out for this week, thanks to Uranus (the planet of breakdown to breakthrough) who has decided it would be a good idea to first challenge the Sun (our hopes) and then Venus (our hearts), with consecutive squares. Best to shield up and conjure up another empowering vision of yourself AS the eye of the storm and “just keep on swimming”.

Friday 22nd is also a day of peace, serenity and healing opportunities via random acts of kindness, so act on any inspiring ideas, seek to satiate your personal pleasures and sense of joy and express your original and most sensual self, without shame. The #22 is The Architect of Peace number so this energy is helping us construct solid and sacred foundations, from the ground (or our base chakra) up, in order to manifest more balance, consistency and integrity in our lives (both love and work wise). It’s a great energy to support the rebuilding of trust and genuine connections as well.

Unlike last weeks’ hump day that was like a universal speed bump from hell for most of us, this Wednesday will provide some reprieve when Jupiter trines the new moon, helping to negate some of the fallout that Uranus’ presence has created since Monday.

Down under, the new moon lands on Thursday 1st. Both the Sun and Moon are @ 23 degrees (in Cancer) and just afterwards, Mercury turns direct, also @ 23 degrees. This is especially profound because the #23 is known as The Royal Star of the Lion in numerology and Leo governs the Heart and is ruled by the Sun – which is after all, a massive star. The centre of our known universe. This is most definitely a celestial invitation to shine your own light, be the ‘star’ (and ‘star being’) that you are, to embrace your sovereign-celebrity-self and step onto the world stage with renewed confidence and courage – plus a good dose of Leonine charisma as well! Much like an actor prepares before a show, we are being asked to focus, fire up our passion, believe in our own magnificence and just get busy being awesome! It’s time to enthusiastically deliver the ‘performance’ of our lives – in service to the Light!

No more making excuses for where you find yourself in life right now or how you got there – just full accountability and gratitude for all the experiences that have led you to this point now where you have enough skills and consciousness, to recognise how special and sacred you really are. And to acknowledge that those lessons were necessary for your growth.

The first 11 days of August in particular – whilst Leo remains in Cancer before moving into Leo on the 11th/12th when the Lions Gate portal closes in fact – will offer us a multitude of magical, playful, joyful and abundant vibes. It’s up to each one of us to decide if we’re going to receive them or not. This is also the perfect time to release and forgive, plant your intentional seeds and affirm your intentions and dreams for the next lunar phase. You could also have a growing and innate sense that certain things, situations or memories from your past, need to be let go of, with love, before you can move on with a clear, full, open and strong heart (and purpose) and this is because Cancer calls us to resolve ‘what was’, so we can move confidently and compassionately, into ‘what is meant to be’.

We are who we are because of our past; but we mustn’t let it rule our future.

Leo is all about bravado, charisma, courage and attention seeking, so do be careful to monitor your ego this week as well as it will be relatively easy to fall into a muddle if you let pride solely run the show. Yes, know your worth, value it and share your gifts, but be aware and keep checking in with yourself re what your true motivations are and practice allowance and acceptance with more diligence than ever. Pace yourself, stretch yourself and be open to whatever comes through, because with Aquarius-ruled Uranus square the Sun and Moon and the Moon conjunct Venus as well this week, the scene is totally set for breakthroughs, innovative ideas, excitement, hype and big scale experimentation. You're going to need to nurture your energy reserves. And it's no secret that Aquarius loves a good adventure, so set your sails, focus on the horizon and dream big, because when you move (and trust) from your heart and listen to your intuition, you greatly reduce the drag potential that stagnant head-stuff often creates; literally like the old anchor or ball and chain around your ankle (or neck) that stops you flowing, in multiple ways.

Mystery = magic remember.

The Sun and Moon are also conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer) this week, so anything still lingering and perhaps festering in your mind, body and soul, will be more receptive to transformation and change. Plus, you know it’s time to get over that s*** and give yourself a break! A good practice is to ask yourself whether your feelings are helping or harming your spiritual progress and then immediately tap into your breath and your inner knowing – that's the part of you that isn’t affected by pattern or pain or what anyone else thinks or does. The divine heart within.

Now is not the time to be average beautiful people. Now is the time for you to be EXTRAORDINARY – so get out of your comfort zone and into your SOUL ZONE!

Be mindful of how fear may play out for you this week around any of your new creations or ‘ideas’ and try to release any lack or competitive mentality that inevitably accompanies it. This is par for the course for those of us who are leaders and shakers, so you do need to make peace with it and learn how to manage it well. If you feel you want some help with that, please get in touch with me because I know it can be a challenging and frustrating journey, especially if you don’t have a shoulder or friendly ear for support.

In general, I’m seeing August as a month to INTEGRATE. To let things land and process so when you do find your newly activated voice and purpose, you can move forwards feeling grounded, clear and thankful for all the chaotic experiences that shook you to the core the month before! Gratitude for the lessons is the icing on the cake that you must allow yourself to taste, before you can complete the journey.

And boy do we need some time to make sense of all the chaos that July wielded!

It’s also going to be a poignant month for everyone regards self ownership and accountability. By this I mean, whatever habits, attachments and beliefs we adhere to (and often feel controlled by), are all going to be revisited through this new-looking glass Leo lens. Whatever no longer aligns with the highest cosmic flow and what the universe has pre-determined for each one of us (and that we have agreed to as well, as infinite souls experiencing themselves as humans, just quietly), will become glaringly obvious to us. To the point of distraction and maybe accompanied by a bucket load of frustration and disbelief that we have actually ‘regressed’ to where we have, slowly yet surely over the years.

It’s actually the perfect time to slay the inner beasts of burden and be ruthless with our lower selves if we are to regenerate on all levels as we are destined to. Like King Leo, with one well placed feline paw swipe, you can literally make it be gone.

I mentioned last week that the number connected to this new moon is 8 – the lunation happens at 8 degrees – plus the number 8 is associated with the Strength card in the Tarot pack (on it, a woman is seen petting a lion, symbolising she has mastered her fears and embraced her divine primal nature) - and on its side, it looks like the infinity symbol. Together, this can be interpreted as a very obvious sign from the gods that now is the time to become who we are meant to be, that is, the limitless, immortal and supremely powerful beings (in human suits) that we truly are. Time to embrace the truth of who you really are, at your core, shamelessly and fearlessly – as the King of the Jungle would and does – and embody your true nature without further denial or question.

You get that you are a divine soul that is a part of the One Great Spirit and are more keenly aware than ever that you are here to serve others. Others need what you have to offer and you understand that each and every being on the planet, has their role, their ‘job’ if you like and that now is the time for every one of us, to participate.

In order to do that - to serve as a strong additional link in the chain - you must work to clear your personal stories first.

The past few months have seen the planet absorbing constant streams of highly activated and energised Light, almost to the point of saturation. This has spun some people right out of their centre and some right back into it. This intense energy has a lot to do with why some are losing the plot completely and either randomly taking their own lives, or the lives of others. The situation in Canada at the moment is a ’textbook' example of what can happen when already troubled teenagers accumulate more resentment, pain, fear and depression and lose all hope of there being anything good at the end of the tunnel for them.

We (as in white, western culture) haven’t prepared them well enough because we haven’t learned how to self manage ourselves properly either! Indigenous cultures have this down pat in comparison. Their ancient practices that cultivate reverence for and connection to the earth, animals and the entire universe, has supported them and their youth as they have grown. With that foundation of respect for nature and others and knowing who you are and where you fit in the world scheme of things, goes a long way to helping teens transition from being boys into men and girls into women.

Our culture doesn’t have any rites of passage. We have nothing to mark or celebrate puberty for example, as the powerful transition to the next phase of soul evolution that it actually is. Instead, we focus on ‘sweet sixteen’ birthdays or ‘becoming legal’ at 18 (or 21 in some countries) and kidding ourselves that we are ‘growing up’. Both are social BS by the way, perpetuating belief systems that have long lost traction or any sense of conscious validity. Your actual physical age has very little to do with the sacred rites of passage I’m talking about, rituals that acknowledge the spiritual maturity and integrity of a person after they have proven themselves to be worthy of being called a ‘man’, a 'woman', a ‘mother’ or an 'elder'.

We’re still seeing a lot of resistance from the 3D realm as well, despite the fact that these potent 5D frequencies have been pouring into Gaia and re-gridding her templates, left, right and centre. This is showing up as continued ignorance (by individuals on a daily basis; let's call it "ego-conscious"), refusal to move to the next ("eco-conscious") level in regards to environmental projects and initiatives (as a collective) and of course, in the escalating levels of violence against people, animals and planet.

In regards to the above, things are going to get worse before they get better. Sorry, but it’s just the way it will be for a wee while longer until humanity realises we have all stood on this precipice facing extinction many times before and that our next move needs to be a really smart one.

And this is the first (and only) ‘rule’ (for want of a better word), re healing. In order to heal what no longer serves, fits or feels good, things will get nastier (or sicker) before they get better. It makes logical sense when you think about it. If you’ve been swallowing down toxic foods for decades and then suddenly decide to become a tee-totalling vegan, there is going to be a certain amount of debris that is going to need to excrete from all your systems, before you can experience a new level of health. Modern medicine of course, has conditioned us to believe that everything related to our health, can easily and conveniently be fixed with a pill within a matter of minutes; and wrapped in toxic plastic packaging to boot. We have a whole industry dedicated to inventing the next 'fastest and best' painkiller alone, not to mention the ‘cures’ for cancer and all the fancy treatments and protocols surrounding that.

Real healing – healing that lasts and actually transforms you on all levels – takes time.

It’s like if you go to a yoga class and expect the teacher to fix all your problems in 90 minutes; that’s handing over your power. Or if you rely upon your chiropractor to alleviate your discomforts with a few well placed adjustments and a slew of prescription vitamins every fortnight. Those things may help, but they don’t cure the core of your ailment, the heart of your imbalance. YOU need to do that. YOU need to participate in your own healing and be prepared to receive whatever consequences manifest during your healing process. You need to ALLOW things to move, even if you don’t comprehend WHY they are moving as they are. Only then, will the concept of holistic health become a reality for you.

Above all this week, try and remind yourself as often as possible, that the world needs what you have and that the energy of Leo – even if it at times, may seem like it’s too raw to feel or too intimate or embarrassing to communicate – is helping us all get into our hearts so we can heal properly. Hold strong and surround yourself with people who understand you and speak the same spiritual language that you do, because there will be many others (who are yet to awaken or embrace catharsis themselves) who will (unconsciously mostly) try and bring you down, once you start shining your unique starlight around. Don’t be ashamed of showing others what lights you up and certainly don’t apologise for being ‘big, bold, proud and fabulous!’, if faced with jealousy or critique. Create healthy boundaries so you can keep building your sacred warrior energy and not get phased about the reactivity of others, because they are most likely still processing their own wounding and not able to embody the full power of the Lion frequency just yet; and that’s okay. Everyone deals with unexpected shifts differently and everyone is on their own path at their own pace, as it should be.

Come Lions Gate portal, we will all have the chance to rectify things that aren’t working anymore and alter and upgrade our karmic blueprint again.

Here’s the link for my Lions Gate Portal Medicine Circle:

And remember, if you fall (or jump) off the wagon, are feeling less than, need some dream interpretation, life altering healing or just a friendly voice to help makes sense of it all, book in via my website for either a (free) 30-minute call, or a full 90-minute (paid) session.

I’m teaching Christina’s class on Tueday 30th @ 9:30am for the last time before she returns as usual on August 6th, so if you’re free and haven’t done a class with me, I’d love to see you and share some Mana Yoga with you ahead of my book launch!

Blessings and love,



"Within me, there is an animal, a warrior spirit. It is not male or female but it is made up of the collective battle cries of my ancestors. It will never back down. It will never be defeated." (Nausicaa Twila)


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