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Loving The Jab To Death

We have all had to make some big adjustments of late - understatement I know - not only in regards to how we engage with the world and one another, but more importantly, in relation to how we use our own energy and how much we truly trust and believe in the power of Light.

I speak about "loving it all to death" quite often in my yoga and healing sessions and my intention when I use that phrase, is to encourage people to activate their divine and highest human and spiritual abilities and to focus on transforming anything that is of a lower, dense or "toxic" (harmful, negative, restrictive and so forth), vibration, so they can feel more of their natural, joyful selves again.

Those of us who have seen through the veils and understand who is pulling the global puppet strings, are all feeling confronted and agitated by the propaganda currently pushing blanket v@xxcination for everyone, and rightly so. It is an outrageous violation of our human rights, and yet, I can’t help feeling that there may be a way that we can address this situation, that we haven't yet become aware of.

Is the answer staring us blue in the face, just waiting for us to activate it (and in the process, ourselves), to a more “advanced” expression of consciousness, this “ascension” that we all speak of and aspire to?

So here’s what I am contemplating today and I lovingly invite you to do the same.

We know the frequency of illness and dis-ease is a result of disharmony and disconnection within one or several systems of our body and that when we resolve trauma on the spiritual level, we are then able to dissolve however that wounding has manifested within the mental, emotional and physical layers of our being. That's pretty much shamanism 101; understanding and respecting that the source of all our imbalances, is initiated from the higher, "outer" spheres of our soul's consciousness and when we re-connect to the elements that we are made up of - and to Mother Earth - we can restore ourselves to full health.

The key component in all of this is of course, trust, faith, love and discipline.

Trusting in our innate wisdom and the medicines that we store in our own body and energy field and can access from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms.

Faith that we are supported as part of the One Conscious Source as we navigate the wild ride that is the human experience.

Loving ourselves and whatever the "ailment" is, as a master teacher designed to encourage and expand our spiritual growth.

And developing the discipline to show up, no matter what, through however many rites of passage may be necessary, in order to understand why we manifested the dis-ease in the first place and what we can learn from the relationship.

Along the way, humans have lost their memory of these simple, sacred Truths.

As practitioners and teachers, I believe we each have a duty not only to ourselves, but to one another, to share the knowledge and insights we have gleaned for the benefit of our brothers and sisters, otherwise, what use is wisdom if you cannot pass it on and watch how the next generation or the next group of students, will develop and improve upon what they have received?

So. I propose we stop seeing through the lens of fear; completely.

We have done this healing work with "smaller" things haven't we? We can scan and raise the vibration of our food before we ingest it. We can transmute negative memories in our heart, with our loving intent and we can negate harmful energies sent our way from both humans and unknown entities, so is it really that much of a mind-bender, to assume that we can do the same with the jab?

Now I am not saying we should just give up on attending rallies, protesting, signing petitions or speaking out in the name of freedom, nor that we should just roll up our sleeves and blindly acquiesce because it’s looking like the majority is going to rule. Everyone has the right to do what they feel they need to and to oppose the tyranny as they are called because participating with "boots on the ground" and the like, is needed for sure. What I am suggesting is that we consider applying another aspect of our energy and focus by exercising our healing muscles to, quite literally, their "next level" of ability and power.

How do we do this?

By thanking the v@xxcine as a master teacher and by loving it to death.

If you don't vibrate on the same frequency as someone who, for example is aggressive and rude, then you can shield yourself from receiving that energy as well as ceasing all physical contact with them. When you do this, they will no longer match your frequency because you have elevated yours and no matter how hard they try to reach you or get a reaction, they cannot because you no longer resonate on that old energetic "bandwidth". So let’s perceive the v@xxcine as the same for a moment.

It's experimental, we all know that, and yes, it has the potential to do a lot of damage... BUT... we are also in an experimental phase of our evolution as a species.

We are all remembering who we are and what we are really capable of. We all have our free will to exert now. We each have our specific "gifts" to utilize and above all, we are each a divine expression of God Source and as such, we have unlimited power.

Dr Zach Bush proposed recently, that C19 is actually the “perfect” evolutionary vehicle through which our immune systems and also our DNA, can receive an essential upgrade, one that will boost the human genome into a new expression of itself and therefore, make our species stronger as we continue to evolve. He explains that this is what has happened throughout history, whether we “agree” with it or not. Scientists have labeled it “survival of the fittest” and done their darnedest to confuse and manipulate the public’s perception of these and other natural processes that occur - using fear tactics of course - but most of us now know that the majority of those scientists are employed by institutions whose words and wages only reflect the deep state desires of the corrupt secret societies behind the scenes, and not any real concern for the health of humanity.

Dr Bush’s is an interesting and highly probably perspective, given the important role that viruses, bacteria and fungi play in homeostasis and it certainly helps dissolve some of the fear around the virus that we all undoubtedly feel. It’s not “out to get us”, rather, it’s here to stimulate our growth.

What if we treated all of this, not only as the medical "experiment" that we know it is, but also as a golden spiritual opportunity to fully embody our sacred selves, to a whole new degree of impenetrability?

We hear people talking about “downloading” this and that and receiving “light codes” all the time, so are we actually doing that, or are we just unconsciously kidding ourselves that we are? If we were, wouldn’t we have complete faith that we are completely protected and resilient to any virus or jab, because of the energies that we are able to work with and activate?

To get to this space one obviously needs to have gone through the full cycle of awakening, that is, understanding the corruption in the world and who the main perpetrators are, seeing the worldwide matrix of agendas and psyops, knowing that the pandemic is really a hoax - a Trojan horse - and also being able to comprehend just how dark and demented the plan is for enslaving humanity via jabs, AI and eventually, yes, Transhumanism.

One cannot get to the space of "loving it all to death", unless one has first moved through the kaleidoscope of emotions that come with all of the above. We need to have spent a sufficient amount of time digesting, integrating and then transforming ourselves as a result, plus, have made it out “the other side”, stronger for doing so, otherwise it is paying just lip service and practicing "peace, love and mung beans" spiritual speak. The term “fake woke” comes to mind. If you haven't gone through your dark night of the soul - or several of them - to reach this point of present awareness and acceptance - then your actions and words will have no real consciousness or consequence, because you haven't experienced any real or deep soul progression.

So what if we practiced letting go of our fear around taking the v@xxcine and sending it love, instead of armoring ourselves up against it every time we think of the word or hear it mentioned in some way?

This could release us from the power it has over us, as well as help alleviate the constant state of anxiety and fight/flight that many of us feel around it. If we make peace with it - with the energy of it and all its ingredients - then we might be able to release ourselves from the continued stress and in doing so, we then dissolve the cord, the frequency, that connects us with it. I'm not saying this is fact, I'm just making a suggestion for you to consider.

The more we stay in panic and fear though, the more we will resonate with it and therefore “draw” it into our reality.

This will require us to let go of how and what the outcomes could possibly look like however - if we take it - and to be even more disciplined with our intentions. Even if it does come to the point where we look like we will be forced to take it (because the collective has chosen that group experience for its growth), then at least we are in a space of neutrality with it and hence will have a greater chance of being protected and unaffected because there is nothing dense, toxic or of a low vibration, existing within us that matches the v@xx’s frequency.

If we believe we have the power to scan and cleanse our food and drink before we ingest it - and have been doing this for years with great success - then surely this approach is worth a try, or at least, contemplating?

Is this how we activate our DNA and shift our vibration to a state where it’s “beyond” being affected by all this 3D stuff? Is this how we embody/get to, the fifth dimension we all aspire to, by taking our practice of love, commitment and belief in the Divine, to the absolute “next level”?

Wouldn’t this be the ultimate “upgrade”?

And seriously guys, what if it freaking worked??


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