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A Blessing In Disguise





Image by @soulsana

It’s amazing what a difference 24 hours can make.

Almost overnight, the global conversation went from ‘unlikely’ to ‘unavoidable’. All manner of large scale events started either pulling plugs last minute or banning fans from the stands and going ahead without an audience anyway. I’m just praying for Tokyo to wake up in time and add the Olympics to the list for everyone’s sake, because surely sport isn’t worth dying for or losing face over. In stark contrast, one international celebrity pulled out of her planned bush fire benefit, while despite escalating alarm bells, another landed on our shores unperturbed, raising funds and spirits in rural Victoria. As many of her entertainment peers collapsed and cancelled everything, Katy Perry showed up as promised in typical fluorescent style; and pregnant. New found respect for you girlfriend; what a trooper.

Whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere, the ‘burbs or the Bronx, there has been no escaping the panic and fear mongering and the fingers of blame and conspiracy pointing in one direction one day and in another, the next. We're surrounded by information of all kinds yet all this has done is help breed and fuel more anxiety – something we can all say we have seen enough of already in recent times – and make people even more wary and suspicious of one another. It's triggering the scarcity vibration that lingers in all our gut systems as well as the ‘dirty gene’ in our DNA. I’ll share more on the latter soon because I am being shown all kinds of energenetic information about it, but for the moment, let’s look beneath the surface circumstances and intelligently and calmly consider our next co-creative moves, because now is most definitely the time for us all to come together in a state of united balance.

Spring and Autumn are the two most challenging transitions on the seasonal wheel, asking us to cleanse, purge, shed and reset what we know – and have grown attached to – in order to establish higher health. They both bring up our insecurities, press our buttons, stretch our boundaries and make us uncomfortable, but with good reason and with good outcomes. Spring and Autumn invite us to rise to the task of becoming better versions of ourselves.

Recent weeks have seen many humans embodying their worst versions of self that’s for sure and why? Because of the horror stories being orchestrated by several factions within an over-zealous media matrix, in service of their own agendas.

We also had the first Friday 13th for the decade, which was ripe with cosmic insight, 13 being the number of the divine feminine, sacred healing powers and resolving and awakening energies. This day opened up an 11 portal as well – a double doorway – to herald empowerment through transformation and the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

As a species, we pretty much have the birth and death part in hand, but the rebirth aspect, well, we still need some more lessons in this one, and that is exactly what we are being ‘taught’ now. Friday 13th invited us to get to the core of the matter to discover what’s hiding behind the layered veils within each of our hearts. So what happened for you on that day? Anything particularly woo-woo, exposing or explosive? I’d love to hear from you if you feel to share.

We are also in a #4 year (2020) and 13 makes 4. The messages are complex and they are everywhere people. 4 is the number of stability, foundations, family, structure and rebuilding. Last Friday was unavoidably a day of death and reset, of letting the past ‘die’ and of training ourselves to think outside the box. This whole weekend in fact, carries that frequency. What can we clear to allow the necessary renovations to take place?

We have known for a very long time that our global ‘health’ systems rely upon keeping people sick and in their pain bodies, not necessarily about empowering them. It’s not about preventative medicine so much as programming people to believe that without their meds they will most certainly die - and while yes, sadly many may transition if they have chronic illnesses and/or that is their destiny - it pays to remember that our ancestors survived for eons with only natural medicines, following the laws of nature and the wisdom of some pretty powerful witch doctors. Just saying.

Please read ‘that is their destiny’ as it is (compassionately) intended – that none of us know when we are going to die or how – we only know we are going to die at some point; via dis-ease, accident or human-related altercation. None of us are immune to karma and we shouldn't pretend to know what someone else's (or even our own) is. Or think we can fix it. That's a private agreement between each soul and their maker.

One thing is certain; humanity still harbors a deep and great fear of death. Of endings and of letting go of the familiar because what we know (and hence can control), makes us feel safe. But is that supporting our growth? Is it worth stagnating and deteriorating, to avoid facing the truth? We invent products to inject and slather ourselves with, in order to stave off the ageing process for example and we worship false gods that promise fame and immortality, believing they are better than us and that we can achieve the same kudos if we get lucky or work hard enough, but honestly, where is the higher intelligence in that? What sort of legacy are we actually leaving behind if all we are focusing on is acquiring more material sh*t to prove we have 'made it'? You can't take it with you when you pass over, you know that don't you?

Facing your mortality can actually be one of the most empowering experiences of all. Perhaps it would benefit us all to accept this and focus on living well so we can then die well. Now is a great time to come to terms with your mortality and make peace with the concept of an afterlife so you can free yourself fully from the binds of fear, lack and loss.

Perspective is everything and better we use it to widen horizons, than as the weapon it has been.

There is an ancient foretelling I would like to share with you here, called the 'Seven Fires Prophecy'. According to oral tradition, there were eight prophets who appeared over seven different timelines, to share information about the future of mankind. The Mi'kmaq tribe heard the first prophet where the following prophets were recorded by the Anishinaabeg peoples. Both these tribes resided in what is now known as Canada and North America. Each of these prophecies, for each of the seven periods, was called a "fire". In essence, the teachings of the Seven Fires Prophecy states that when the world has been polluted (tick) and the waters have turned bitter by collective disrespect and disharmony (tick), human beings will have two options to choose from; materialism or spirituality. If they chose spirituality, they will survive, but if they chose materialism, it will be the end of it for everyone.

We have been camping on the edge of this forest for a while now. It's time to engage.

Undoubtedly if people do try and break free from the grip of big pharma, they are told such an action will effectively be equivalent to signing their own death warrants, because if you ‘go natural, you will perish’. This is the hidden-in-plain-sight message from mainstream medicine and how’s that for manipulation, not to mention, deliberately destroying any lingering memories and instincts left over from our primal upbringing and in effect, stage-managing free will from the sidelines.

(Insert voice-over of the patriarchy/shadow here). “What were you thinking?! You weren’t, so shut up and take this blue pill like a good boy, get this jab in your butt cheek like a good girl and tow the line quietly so everyone can go home in peace. If you don’t, we’ll find a way to make you. How, you say? By releasing our latest and greatest genetically-created virus into your Air-wicked households and water supply and sterilising your streets with our ‘antidote’ while you sleep. Oh, and we’ll ramp up the chemtrails as well so you can’t escape the ‘cleansing’. So here, swallow and get back in line.”

I read this week that (apparently) one (secret of course) Chinese laboratory, has been working on combining SARS and HIV! WHAT THE ACTUAL FCUK? The mind boggles. Reality is, we really don’t know what or whom to believe because so much has been buried and then randomly regurgitated at various intervals throughout history, that the actual truth is now definitely stranger and more unbelievable than fiction.

Conspiracies aside, fact is, we survived long before toilet paper was invented and Mother Earth survived long before we came on the scene. What (or who) do you think has healed the world, generation after generation, when humanity has taken itself (yet again) to the brink of the proverbial cliff? Pachamama, that’s who. Gaia. Planet Earth.

Mother Nature is reliable like that. She will keep inventing new ways to bring us back into line and to remind us that whilst we may be god-like, that we are in fact, not god, and hence, have no business behaving as if we are. So whether our deepest suspicions are proven right and we all discover this crisis has been man-ipulated, or it’s a universal act of correction, is really of no consequence.

As a Gemini I love playing with words, especially anagrams, and I discovered a cracker this week via my friend Simon and courtesy of Martin (Pineal) Kenny. Along with some next level spiritual truths about the future of our world, he revealed this particular gem:

Coronavirus also spells Carnivorous.

Yes, big spoiler alert coming for all the meat lovers out there. Eating the flesh of other (dead) animals is not aligned with the incoming 5D frequencies, sorry. We may have descended from meat lovers (if that’s the story you choose to believe), but at this point in our collective evolution, we should really only be eating things that are grown, not born.

When you consider what you ingest when eating dead flesh – especially of an animal that you haven’t hunted, killed and respected with ritual yourself as our ancestors did – it should be a no-brainer. Things such as hormones, chemicals, blood, pus, milk and other secretions and not least of all, fear, find their way into our cells to become part of our us when we eat any of the (mass produced) ‘big five’ – lamb, pork, chicken, beef and god forbid, veal (calves).

Scientific fact: meat damages the structure (and hence function) of human DNA.

So, we have been over-producing meat for decades to serve both the fast food and health food industries telling us we want it and need it, flattening hectares of old growth forests at the rate of 50 MCG’s per minute to make way for agriculture and cattle farms and putting up with the effects of rising methane gases because we haven’t wanted to face the truth. Or been told all of it in the first place.

Now we are and now we know; so what are we going to do about it?

The escalating health incidents we are seeing around the world (as cancers and ‘mystery illnesses’ becoming the norm), has everything to do with our immune systems being compromised by a combination of poor dietary choices and the insidious spread of the poison that is 5G. All the toxins we are breathing in, drinking in, swallowing down and absorbing through our energetic fields, create myriad biological stressors on all levels of our being, which in turn, shuts down our body’s ability to defend itself. This is what makes us vulnerable to germs (and fear), not a lack of vitamins or our refusal to receive the flu shot.

We also become more malleable and controllable because when you take away their favorite toy, the child is obviously going to tantrum yes? Threaten to take away the sugary and salty foods people are (unconsciously) addicted to (and seriously, they are addicted), and all hell breaks loose. They start punching things or pulling guns on each other for the slightest of ‘reasons’. They violate and disturb the neighborhood peace for no other excuse than they are ‘bored’ and their hyper-restless energy, caused by daily doses of fast food, prevents them from making rational, grounded decisions. They literally embody the stress and fear of the murdered animals they eat, which drives their own nervous systems to the edge of rationale (and rarely back) and on top of all this, they tend to over-react to minimal stimuli whenever their comfort zone is threatened, ignorantly taking others with them in a flurry of frantic-ness.

Sugar and stress are the two big killers in our modern day society and I would dare to add ‘stupidity’ to the list also.

So where do we go from here, knowing now that our personal and group habits absolutely must change if our children are to stand a chance at outliving us as they should?

We make radical decisions that favour the collective and we buckle up and hunker down in regards to making some personal sacrifices. We ditch our ‘first world problems’ speak (and privilege) and we do what needs to be done so that the odds increase for everyone. If that means we need to go ‘offline’ (read: self-quarantining) in order to reset our systems, so be it. We speak up and shout out when we witness injustice, imbalance and inappropriate behavior – no matter where it shows up or whatever the consequences may be – and we make damn sure we stand strong and have each others’ backs in doing so. We keep our own backyards (and bathrooms) clean, stop taking everything personally and just keep shining the light of truth square up the hinny of shadow.

If we stand strong and take no prisoners, eventually the spiritual army will grow.

We’ve worked long and hard to create this global sense of togetherness and ‘being one’ my friends. Let’s not drop the ball when the going suddenly gets a bit tougher or life asks a bit more of us.

So many things have happened this week it’s hard to recount them all, but essentially life as we know it, has changed. Every second public event has been cancelled – although I see this as a positive because it means at least less single use plastic crap will be circulating in crowds – and finally, supermarkets are restricting the number of purchases people can make. Not since the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 has there been a global experience serious enough to bring the entire world to it’s knees.

Coronavirus could even be the rite of passage to higher consciousness that we need. Let me explain.