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Updated: Oct 21, 2019






“Train yourself to let go of anything you fear to lose.” Yoda

Wise words from the small green one that I was reminded of whilst watching Star Wars last night.

He may be a fictional character – or is he?? – but Yoda is certainly one of my all time favorite masters because he never compromises the truth and is always willing to serve the light, no matter what. Like James Cameron (of Avatar fame), George Lucas was way ahead of his time with this one.

When I start out each week downloading and collecting information for these newsletters, I sometimes feel like I should be doing a podcast or a TV show about what’s going on because life truly gets more and more remarkable (and often OMFG unbelievable), with each passing day. People appear more alien like and what we assume to be alien, turns out to be more real than ever.

And what a week this one has been hey. We’ve witnessed more laughable Tweets and brutish behavior from the (supposed) leader of the (allegedly) free world. We’ve been bombarded with images of Kim Jong Un riding off towards a sacred mountain sunset – sorry, ‘his’ sacred mountain of inspiration – masquerading as the Lone Ranger on a horse possibly stolen from the set of ‘Frozen’ and we’ve seen Sir Richard Branson prancing around in matching space couture as he unveils his rocket ship plans to jet off into the wild blue yonder in search of who knows what. Planet B perhaps.

Please Aliens. Come. NOW.

Sometimes you just have to laugh it off, otherwise you will cry. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all actually living the ultimate reality show right now and yet as a group we continue to be fixated by what’s going on around and outside of us all the time – fascinated with celebrity and royalty and what they have to say from their privileged viewpoints (as if they know something we don’t) – that we are missing the actual point.

Ironic, because the secret to life isn’t actually a ‘secret’ or some magical formula one suddenly discovers that guarantees them a fast track to immortality ahead of everyone else in the queue. Nope. It’s much, much simpler than that and it’s been staring us all right in the face, all of the time.

The ‘secret’ is all about learning how to be present.

The present moment is exactly that – a present, a gift, an opportunity to wake up, appreciate and just BE with what is – and yet humans have spent lifetimes looking into the mirror without seeing this simplicity (and divinity) that it offers so obviously.

We don’t need a holy grail, a special visa or even a conversation with god to explain life to us. We just need to accept what we are, who we and that which we have always been – which is, LOVE. When you recognize all the obstacles you have created for yourself to avoid recognizing and embodying this truth and just accept, you get it.

We humans love to create ‘secrets’ and shroud things in mystery though, projecting ‘the unattainable, the impossible whatever’ for ourselves (and to each other) because that keeps the fear game in play and our wounded hearts stuck in pattern. We are all addicted to our baggage in some way, let’s admit it. It’s ours and ours alone, it gives us a sense of identity (which means we can use it to justify our circumstances when we feel like it or are threatened) and it allows us to remain feeling safe and secure so we don’t have to face any uncomfortableness that we don’t want to face. This is of course, our lower self winning and our higher self, losing – and it’s not in alignment with any of the energies that have been activating the planet for the past decade plus, in particular.

People are waking up and realizing there is another way, another perspective and another reality. Another SELF. So as long as we keep believing we are missing out on something that others are getting, achieving or privy to and keep accepting the paradigms given to us, as absolute and unchangeable, we will continue to be easily manipulated and controlled by the elite.

I described what the feeling of waking up to your truth but being completely confused as to what to do with this power might be like, to a curious client this week. See how it resonates for you:

"Imagine you have been enslaved for years, lifetimes even and then suddenly one day, someone turns the key in your door lock and it squeaks open. You can’t see or hear the person (or entity) that opened it, but you sense it is a good thing and so you get up and walk out. You’re not the only one exiting stage left either. You see others around you also being set free and this gives you hope, courage. But you haven’t used your body for a long time, you haven’t seen light, you haven’t eaten well, you’ve been coerced and controlled and basically forgotten who you are. You have no idea what’s been happening ‘on the outside’ either, so you hide. You seek shelter and you try and process everything without getting totally overwhelmed. Or recaptured."

Waking up and looking around for the first time without your programmed blinkers on is a bit like this. Foreign and yet at the same time, familiar.

Waking up is about learning how to trust your senses again and making conscious choices. It’s about remembering your primal skills, using your best judgment and embracing your intuitive gifts so you can step out of the prison – that is, out of your mundane existence and your stagnant mindset – and get on with your life as you need to. Naturally, after being incarcerated for so long, we lose connection to (and belief in) our own power and we forget how to make intelligent decisions for ourselves – we’ve been ‘taken care of’ (albeit not in a good way) for so long, that the pressure of showing up and doing something on our own volition, confronts and freaks us out, to say the least. We are going to make mistakes, we are going to make bad choices and we are going to be vulnerable to those around us who have adapted a little further and faster than us to life beyond bars; those souls who found freedom before us.

Energetically, we are only just now learning to know what it even feels like to have our willpower returned to us – our solar plexus chakra activated within our gut that allows us to know and express who we truly are, again – and this is a big part of why we are seeing so many people around the world doing stupid, unconscious things and losing their sh*t on a regular basis. Because they have been sheep and asleep for so long, now suddenly, the chance to be free has arrived and they are chomping at the bit like a kid in the proverbial candy store. They haven’t yet downloaded the information they need however, the sacred information that serves the highest collective; not the select inner circle that only has its own interests at heart, the circle that has been their leading example for decades. The only role model they have known has been one of dominate, control and conspire, so you see, it takes time for the masses to get with the program and get aligned with the bigger, lighter picture, because they have literally been slaves for so long.

Just think of some of the modern day things that as a society, we have become seduced, entrapped and manipulated by – mobile phones and associated gadgets like google home (aka big brother); television, media and the world of celebrity; sports (remember the gladiators and ‘give them blood and bread’, where the control of the mass-mind all started?) and basically all things rich and sexy that keep us occupied and distracted from what is really going on behind the scenes. The things we have come to believe we need because they sold them to us, but in fact, we don’t.

All any human needs, is food, shelter and love. That’s it. Everything else is a want.

As I said in my last newsletter, when you know a fair bit about the spiritual realms and have made it your life’s work to investigate and uncover truths, you can often forget that the majority of people actually don’t understand even the simplest soul-related precepts. Nor are they too (or as) concerned with hidden global agenda, care much about who is pulling the strings of hierarchy that affect our everyday lives or lose sleep from worrying about the plight of the polar bears and their rapidly shrinking habitat.

Culturally and consciously, we are moving from slavery to sovereignty and that is always going to be accompanied by some massive growing pains.

Just how painful those growing sensations are going to be, will depend upon how attached we chose to remain, to those things that we think, bring (or buy) us happiness. Cue the Jedi's quote here again.

Here’s a good example of how people continue to turn a blind eye to things they know are happening and yet chose to pretend it isn’t for fear of upsetting the apple cart, losing friends or looking too much like one of those ‘crazy’ activists who stand up for what they believe in. For following through with their integrity from start to finish basically and I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be unpopular than unconscious any day.

I don’t think I have heard or seen more helicopters in one week as I have during this one; and attached to gambling banners.

For a lot of us, the sudden sound of a helicopter is never a welcome one and for those of us living on the northern beaches, we immediately associate it with another suicide alert, whale entrapment or some other horrible tragedy, thanks (sadly) to past experiences. My heart certainly skips a beat, so when I took the time to investigate the repeated aerial visits of late disturbing my peace and quiet, I was relieved that they weren’t connected to any of the above. My sighs of relief quickly turned to disgust however as I discovered that they were actually massive flagging banners for the racing industry, promoting The Everest carnival in particular.

Yep. Advocating gambling. What The.

Personally, I cannot wait for the day that this industry is fully exposed for the torturous and despicable one that it is. From breeder to trainer and yes, all the way to punter because they are the ones who keep showing up to support the system, every single person connected to racing in some form, is responsible for perpetuating animal cruelty. Full stop. I didn’t watch the exposé last Sunday night (luckily because it would have killed me) but I heard it was atrocious. What some people do to animals, astounds me and I’m sure you are equally horrified. Anyone who treats an animal like that should be treated the same way – prodded with an electric pole, sworn at, humiliated, intimidated, terrorized and then slaughtered slowly and painfully after listening to their friends suffer the same fate ahead of them. Can you imagine smelling, hearing and feeling that level of terror, knowing you were next?? It’s like The Hunger Games, seriously. Make no mistake my friends, this is exactly what is happening to the ex race horses (and many other horses from other industries), once they are no longer ‘viable assets’.

If you are someone who has even just a ‘casual flutter’ once in a while – like on the Melbourne Cup because the temptation gets the better of you, or because the office pool stakes are so high and you really need some cash (or don't want to look like a party pooper) – please think about follow through before you do because you are most definitely part of the problem if you do participate or support that industry, in any shape or form.

And to the organizers: don’t tell us to ‘gamble responsibly’ you idiots. That’s possibly the most absurd statement ever uttered in the history of mankind. “If you’re addicted to something and it’s destroying your life, just be sure to do it ‘responsibly’ whilst you’re out in public.” Great message for our already confused and anxious next generation.

A lot of what we are experiencing right now is energetic fallout from the eclipse season of July plus the recent full moon (in Pisces) followed by that wild new moon (in Libra), in September. The past three months have been all about smashing illusions, clearing mass grief and unmasking injustice in order to restore and execute divine law and heal next level shadow.

Right now, our species is at a major tipping – or trigger point to be more precise – and we need to get away from technology, instead of embedding ourselves further into it. At least from old school, ‘playing-god-style’ technology, that is. Sustainable technology is of course the most appropriate and more intelligent choice over just developing more crap to throw out into the atmosphere to supposedly ‘advance’ our race.

For example, it’s mind-boggling when you realize that big pharma already has the ‘cure’ for cancer – has for decades – and yet people choose investment in space travel, over dissolving crippling pain for millions upon millions. I tell you, honestly, I am often flabbergasted and embarrassed to share the same DNA with those who make such greedy choices.

Anyway, let’s talk stars now because I’m starting to do my own head in.

In the heavenly realms there is always hope and always intelligent answers to be found and now that we have stepped into the pre-shadow of Mercury Retrograde (on Thursday 17th), things are going to start slowing down so we can have (and make) more time to inquire, investigate and intuit.