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I Am That I Am

APRIL 20 – 26




At present there are two timelines overlapping – the Ascension one and the Apocalyptic one – and each one of us has to choose where we are going to place our energy.

We each have to choose whether we are going to embody god (as our godself) or continue to follow a ‘master’ who tells us what to do and when to do it. I have never been a follower, or even a guru type of person for that matter. I have always believed we are our wisest counsel and our own best guru. We are our greatest teachers because we are god and however we reach that conclusion during the term of our natural life, is divinely planned and achieved, no matter what angle you come at it. Nothing happens by accident (or coincidence) and as individualized sacred souls, we are all a part of The One Divine Source. We each express that deific energy in ways that honor (and eventually develop and evolve) our personal karmic imprints, until we return to our original bliss state and connection with our Creator. That’s how I operate anyways.

It’s interesting to observe the power that fear is wielding right now because ultimately there is no such thing, there is only separation from our one true and divine nature, and this is exactly what ‘they’ (aka ‘the cult’) are trying to do right now – to divide and conquer us through the illusion of fear. So let’s explore this fear vibration in the hope of understanding more about ourselves and the world we are living in.

Also please don’t be turned off or freaked out by the term ‘the cult’ because insidious, nefarious gangs have existed since way before Adam was a boy. They have entrenched themselves within societies and manipulated free will for eons and will continue to do so until someone – that is, US – stops them.

It’s important we all remember what fear actually stands for – False Evidence Appearing Real – and recognize just how controlled we are by it.

There is no doubt that fear is powerful. We have seen the damage it has done throughout history and how it is capable of gripping and enslaving one’s mind (body and heart), if applied with relentless rigor. Fear can be useful in certain circumstances for sure, for example, if your life is under threat and you need to literally run away to save it, your kidneys will kick in and your fear will deliver you to safety. However, when the sympathetic nervous system fires up as a result of perceived or implanted fear, this energy works the same way as if we are presented with a real-time physical threat. Our adrenal glands immediately flood our bodies with a cocktail potent chemicals and if they are not dispersed properly and our systems gradually returned to ‘normal’, what happens is that a certain level of stress continues to circulate within us; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We then occupy a permanent state of being ‘switched on’ and hence, are ready to jump or dart at any time. If someone in authority says “Jump!”, we don’t ask why, we say “How high?” and we are certainly seeing that now as the blanket of mass compliance descends and threatens to suffocate us all.

Dark forces rely on this human flight-fright-freeze process and our relationship to fear because it means they can tweak what is already going on inside of us, to their advantage. It means that all they need do, is insinuate the slightest doubt or introduce a new and tiny stresser into the social dialogue/paradigm, because they know the majority will grab the bait and run with it. Much like sheep corralled in a cattle yard with only one exit in sight, people will panic and follow the crowd. They will go with what’s ‘familiar’ because it makes them feel safe; hence the "safety in numbers" terminology. Even if there is a guillotine at the end of the fencing and lights along the way flashing ‘turn back now, certain death ahead’, they will still opt for that path because to challenge the unknown, the path less trodden, is unfathomable to them. This feeds fear and allows it to swallow them whole.

This is what is happening now. People are not able to settle themselves after shock or trauma because the shocks and traumatic messages are flying thick, fast and furiously. We don’t have time to absorb and integrate stress like we used to – even just as recently as the past 3 or 4 years – or to develop the self-help skills because we are constantly bombarded with panic and pain and this means our systems are working overtime trying to negate the various ‘pollutants’ before re-nourishing themselves. People's brains have reached maximum capacity to a degree but what they don’t realize is that they are stuck in a cyclone of their own making.

Would you recognize how stuck and limited you are if you had never been encouraged to look beyond the barriers? Would you be able to see the light if you’d never been taught what it looked like in the first place? You only have to think of The Truman Show to appreciate the pull and power of secular suggestion.

We lightworkers have been in ‘training’ for this moment now for the past few decades at least and certainly since 2012 when all those apocalyptic projections came out about the end of the world. Yes, it was the end of the world (as we knew it), but not the exact END of the world, nor was a tidal wave coming to wipe us out – it was a WAVE of CONSCIOUSNESS coming to wake us up! It's now time for us to lead the way and disband the fears that threaten the completed awakening of humanity.

Those who seek to sedate and control the masses, have been planning their own version of ‘ascension’ and the way it is playing out now across the globe – entangled up in satanism, pedophilia and bloodlust as it undeniably is – since at least 2010. They have in fact been plotting the demise of the human race for centuries. Do your research and discover for yourself the origins of the Cabal, it’s ties to the Catholic Church, Freemasonry, the connection between Nazi Germany and the US Military and even how it has (and still) influences Hollywood. It’s an astounding, mind blowing puzzle of pain and persecution and finally now, there are enough of us who are awake enough, to realize this cult does exist and that it must be dissolved.

So after you discover for yourself what is really going on, you are inevitably going to come up with the question, “But what can we do?” How do we stop something that is so ingrained in the roots of society and obviously very powerful, dangerous and far reaching?

By exposing it to the light. By speaking out and making others aware of what is happening. By appealing to their sense of divine right and their desire to live their lives the way they wish, because regardless of your political, environmental or spiritual beliefs, every single human on this planet shares at least one thing in common: the desire to love and be loved.

If we can focus instead on what we have in common and not on our differences, then I truly believe it is this simple shared wish that will help set us all free.

Everyone has their own journey and karmic lessons to learn – we all know and respect that – but simultaneously, we are all walking each other home and helping one another remember who we truly are. We do this consciously and unconsciously. We influence one another through the vibrations of the collective matrix, the one big mind, heart and womb that itself, is a tributary from God, Creator, Source. We are all ONE. Recent years have seen communities around the globe slowly coming back to this realization, that we are all one with every other sentient being, with the earth and all Her creatures and creations. That whatever we do as an individual, affects others in some way, at some point. Well, now is the time to really put this knowing into action and join hearts and hands in the etheric realms (because we cannot sit together physically right now) and co-create, DREAM AWAKE, the world we all want, deserve and desire.

It is time for us all to step up in higher service to one another, to our soul selves and our Creator and do what we came to this earth to do.

I know who I am and what I can do and I know where I will go when I leave this body. I will reunite with the One Supreme Consciousness, That Which I AM, because I am already connected to IT here on this plane. Sadly, many remain afraid of not only death, but of what is around the next corner here on earth whilst they still live and breathe – and this has a lot to do with current circumstances. When a person lives in a permanent state of expectation and worry, afraid of change and the ‘unseen’, that is not a healthy (or conscious) vibration to occupy. They are always going to believe in the ‘bogeyman’ or that someone/something is out to get them and they will therefore always be gullible and vulnerable to manipulation. We are all surrounded by unknowns and the unexpected, but if we choose to change our perspective and open up our mind, we will come to see that this is actually not a bad or scary thing; that it is in truth, a beautiful opportunity (and an empowering one), because every moment is a divine invitation to develop one’s awareness and activate one’s innate individual power.

‘Thanks’ to fear, every moment is a chance to rebirth and reclaim your true self.

If you see, hear and engage with what are called the ‘lower I AM frequencies’ and with fear all the time, guess what, that’s what you will keep creating in your world. More drama, more discord and more disbelief in love. The universe will keep giving you repetitive experiences to relive the energy of fear because you obviously seem so attached to it and determined to prove that is all that exists; or at least, that it is at the core of all experiences and situations and can never be escaped. And yes, sometimes if does feel like we can’t shake fear from our shoulders, but in those moments that we all naturally encounter at some point, it’s important to remember that fear isn’t the driver of the universe. LOVE IS.

Love is the core of every atom ever created, from the very beginning till the very end and shadow only exists as a vehicle to lead us back to the light. If you see love all the time and embody love all the time, that is what the universe will reflect back to you. Every. Single. Time.

We have in our vocabulary things like “the simple things in life are often the best”, “it’s too good to be true”, or “surely it can’t be that simple”; but they are, it isn’t and it is (in that order).

We humans make things so much harder than they need be. We complicate and confuse thoughts, we misconstrue and manipulate information, we engineer relationships (of all kinds) and we mess up all sorts of other things, because of this ingrained residual fear. It’s been programmed into our DNA but what many don’t realize, is that we have 13 strands of DNA and only 2 are ‘active’. The other 11 are not ‘junk DNA’ as scientists and medicos would have you believe; they are in truth, the dormant keys to our highest evolution. When we awaken each code, in succession, we will finally embody our Christed Consciousness. For those who follow the whole ‘5D ascension’ story, this is actually how you will ‘ascend’ – by clearing and then activating your divined codes. Yes, the earth is currently elevating Her dimension to the 5th (and beyond), but that doesn’t automatically grant a free pass for all of our species to follow suit. We must do our work to align with What Is and What Will Be.

This is a rite of passage for all of us, so how are you going to come out ‘the other side’?

Now, clearing DNA is not an easy process nor one that can be achieved solely through trance meditation, cacao ceremony or setting pure herbal intentions, but it can be done and it must be done if we are to vanquish the evil frequencies that currently threaten our existence. I will talk more about this in upcoming newsletters as I have been working with this energy for decades. If you wish to work privately on this, please message me.

I’ll let you in on a little secret here – the light has already won, we are just moving through the 3D motions if you like – but that doesn’t mean we can relax or be complacent now because each one of us has a soul responsibility to ourselves and to every other living being that shares the planet with us, to participate and to stand up and stand strong in love to ensure the new matrix anchors to its fullest capacity. We must become the Light Warriors we know ourselves to be and put all our faith in god (and however god expresses through your unique godself), in this realm right now.

I have spent hours on the computer over the past few months – over years in fact, on and off – investigating ‘leads’ and watching videos from enlightened people sharing truth and trying to expose the corruption that if we are really honest with ourselves, we all know exists, and recently discovered the amazing and awakened Dr. Buttar. I share some links here for you so you can learn more about the science behind 5G and this virus and get a better handle of the whole plandemic situation. Again, I urge you to watch these ASAP as his videos, along with many others who are speaking the truth, are being wiped from the internet faster than you can exhale. And to any naysayers who still think the powers that be have our best interests at heart, think about this: if people like Dr. Buttar, weren’t a threat to ‘public health’ or ‘national security’, they wouldn’t be silenced so deliberately now would they?

I smell a big, Wuhan-sized rat and I love this quote I saw today that encapsulates it all:

“When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals”.

Dr Buttar interview must watch:

Dr. Shiva interview must watch:

5G and Virus link:

There is light on the horizon however so do not give up!

The Taurus new moon on Thursday is going to be a game changer for sure, governed by the second zodiac which is all about structure and stability and taking responsibility for one’s own health (on all levels). The new moon is conjunct Uranus (which incidentally rules the Age of Aquarius) and is all about liberation, freedom, self expression and eradicating paradigms (and patriarchies) that seek to support the elite ‘top-down management’ few. We are seeing this now are we not? More people are waking up and challenging the status quo. This time of ‘self isolation’ (or home retreat as I prefer to call it), has provided we, the people, with ample time and opportunity to contemplate, research, question and share information that will eventually expose the tapestry of hidden corruption and control in full gory detail.

With Pluto going retrograde a few days later on Saturday 25, we are going to witness a huge turn around of energy. Mercury squares Pluto at the same time as Pluto goes retro, which to me heralds a cosmic guarantee that all secrets will be revealed and that the past will resurface to be cleared once and for all. These two planets are all about bringing everything to the surface, to the LIGHT, so that upgrades and resets and impartial conversations can occur, across the board. Good news yes?!! Especially seeing the day after on Sunday 26, Jupiter joins the party to provide some good old lightning bolts of revelation and 'ah-ha' moments to back up Pluto's fortuitous transformation.

Leading up to the new moon breakthrough, Tuesday 21 is also going to be a powerful day – being the number that reflects the 21st Century and the catch-cry “the truth shall set us free”! It’s also a #11 universal date so a sacred portal of new beginnings and opportunities opens as well. The Sun is square Saturn today, creating a traditionally tense aspect which could be interpreted as The Sun (God) challenging Satan (Saturn is often associated with Lucifer); but don’t worry too much about that because it truly is time for the shadowed beast to be broken, beaten and banished for good.

Wednesday 22 sees the Lyran meteor showers (till the 28th or so) bring in vivid dreams and visions to all who are open to receiving such. This is because the veils are thinning (even more), in preparation for the collective liberation coming with this new moon. It’s already started, you may have felt it shift today in fact.

Here’s proof change is afoot and in our favor:

With school starting on the week after, the next month or so is sure to present many new obstacles and opportunities, so I will continue to offer my discounted healing sessions online plus a FREE monthly yoga class (3rd Saturday) and monthly women's circles (on the new moon/Friday April 24) and full moon/Friday May 8). Details will be in next weeks share and you can view details on my Denby Sheather Facebook page.

The yoga term will commence on Monday April 27 and run till Friday July 3. You can attend any of my four weekly classes for $300 (for the 10 weeks). Pre-payment secures your spot and you will then receive the Zoom links. Monday and Friday 9:30am; Wednesday 6pm and Sunday 4pm.

Sending you all love and strength and warm squishy hugs,




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