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God is not a Self Help Guru

Contrary to popular belief, the Creator doesn't do "self help".

The self help industry whilst having many benefits in the beginning, has slowly over time mutated into a world fixated with the lower I AM's, the denser vibrations attached to the programs of primal need, emotional reactivity and lack and a labyrinth of fear-fed hooks that leash us to the unending Wheel of Karma. We are constantly being told to search for a "better version" of ourselves when the reality is, we already are that being.

The distractions are devil-sent and they are numerous and deep. Let's take a look at what some of them are.

The emergence of the "New Age" really kicked off in the 1960's, although the concept has peppered history since the mid 1800's when the "New Thought" metaphysical-slash-Christian-Scientists-movement started to gain traction. At first it looked and sounded good and sure, as the West became meditation buddies with the East, there were a lot of positive outcomes and "groovy vibes" flying between the continents that "woke" a lot of people up, but as genuine and un-biased truth seekers, we have to ask the question, exactly who was behind it all and what did they stand to gain from pushing self-love to the mainstream masses; and (often) with a Beatles soundtrack?

We all have particular skills, talents if you like, that we have brought into this life to access and take advantage of, but it's important to remember that we are not God as we are often taught we are, especially in the New Age. We are OF God, in fact, we are conduits of God, divine instruments and as such, it is our duty to surrender ourselves to this knowing and to however the Creator wishes to utilize us. None of us is more special or more important than the next soul because we all share this same light source energy. We each have a vital and valid role to play, yet we have been told by the gurus of self help that we are super-special, more talented and more important (and more deserving) than our earth bound brothers and sisters, because there is only one of us.

You can see how the pedestal program was easily ushered in once this belief that some humans had a greater claim to "wisdom" or "sacred intelligence" than others, was established across the board. Is this how the "service to self" paradigm managed to take off and surpass the original, heart-centered "service to others" one? I don't know, but it's an intriguing idea to consider. The irony is that with all these gurus pushing self love and personal accountability, at the same time, they were enjoying unprecedented levels of adulation, excessive wealth and carving reputations to rival Krishna himself.

They were saying "self-help", but did they really mean, "help yourself"?

All too often we see and hear about "healers" and "shamans" pontificating about their latest achievement, how many people they have saved and how unique their signature skill set is, but in truth, did these people create or innovate these gifts in the first place? No, they didn't.

As recipients of Divine Energy, we must acknowledge the original source of such "power" and attribute any successes we may have with our clients (from the healing perspective), to the composer of such. We must credit God with our successes because the Creator is the one who manifested those abilities in the first place. It is our privilege to be included in the work and used as an instrument of the Light. Otherwise we are operating from ego and claiming we are "curing" others, when the reality is, nobody "heals" anybody.

This is not to say don't appreciate who you are or don't acknowledge yourself for the skills and qualities you do have; just remember who gifted them to you initially.

Many believe that yogis and light workers who cannot see through the illusions and deceit in the world right now quite simply, have not been doing the deep work on themselves as they should have. That they have become complacent and for whatever reasons, many have (perhaps unconsciously) prioritized fame and fortune and becoming an "influencer", over following their heart without question and walking the disciplined path of true self mastery.

Is this why we have all this division in our global yoga community? We each have our own opinions about that of course.

One could argue that yoga in the West was polluted before it even got here and that since it's arrival, it's been exposed to manipulative marketing ever since. One thing's for sure, we'll never know exactly what Swami put in Shirley Maclaine's tea to get her to recruit half of Hollywood, will we? And think back to the days when the Supermodel set introduced yoga to the fashionistas of the world also. Each week, countless magazine spreads depicted the ridiculously good looking, lounging around in their active-wear when most likely all that had been stretched that day were a few hair elastics.

Everything about "western yoga" was about targeting, manipulating and monetizing a growing spiritual community that was thirsty for knowing, truth and guidance; and naturally, they all needed the outfits and mat-bags to match. Pity they didn't intuit in time that (many of) these "masters" they idolized and brought into their homes, were actually sexual predators in the making.

If modern yoga has been hijacked by the collective ego, are we are all partially responsible? We are all invested in this system that we love so much that sometimes it does make it very difficult to see the wood for the trees, to know who is authentic and to believe who is serving the shadow - to be fair, in many instances without knowing perhaps, that is what they are doing - and even when they are revealed on the public stage they helped to create. We need to be vigilant with ourselves now more than ever and yet also be prepared to (lovingly) hold our peers to account when they stray so far from the yogic path that it's impossible to ignore.

Let's be honest, we knew our industry was due for an overhaul and we sensed it wasn't going to be pretty, so this is what "next level" looks like. It requires sitting in discomfort and allowing ourselves to be confronted so we can keep shedding the beliefs and programs that we carry that no longer serve our spiritual growth; as individuals and as a maturing collective.

The "woke" community is a classic example of how genuine spiritual inquiry and expression, has been expropriated.

For example, there's no more questioning someone's political, financial or moral motivations if there is even the slightest chance you may offend their sensibilities. Gone are the days where we could have honest, robust conversations in the name of learning and with the intent of expanding our awareness and perception of the world. Now everyone has a tantrum at the mere suggestion of thinking outside the box. We can't even voice our own experiences or views without being labelled anti-this or discriminatory-that and then we're quickly hammered into the ground if we do.

I mean, look at what's happened to Pepe Le Pew, an overly-amorous skunk, a cartoon character that many of us grew up with, now banned because his fictitious personality may offend or upset some people. It's been deemed too confusing for young children and that they are in danger of perceiving his randy antics as acceptable and "cool". Really? Yes, Pepe was an outrageous flirt and made the object of his obsession - a demure black and white feline - uncomfortable with his constant pledges of undying love, but seriously, whatever happened to creative license, not to mention, people's sense of humor? And how about leaving the responsibility of raising their offspring, to the discretion of the parents, as it's been for generations.

Or here's a novel idea: turn the television OFF!

This segregation mentality actually started years ago when Hollyweird one day refused to use the term "actress" anymore. Everyone was suddenly an "actor", because it was sexist, apparently. Well no, it's just a simple distinction between a male theatrical performer and a female one, stop reading so much into it. More recently, Justin Trudeau has been quoted as saying we must replace "mankind" with "people-kind", again, because it is sexual discrimination. I mean, seriously, what kind of crazy-ass movie are we truly living in, when this lunacy it touted and accepted as the New Age "new normal"?

Truth is, we end the separation "out there", when we resolve it within, that is, in our hearts.

Right now, we are all walking the plank, we have all drawn the short straw in some form and we are all responsible for dropping the stories and wounds that we still carry on behalf of our various ancestors, in favor of co-creating something amazing. We need to pull our big girl (or boy) pants up and recognize where that separation still hooks into us and be brave enough to call it out when something we see, read or hear about, pushes our own still-bruised buttons. It's not conscious behavior when we keep blaming others for our reactivity or our inability to face some deep realities about human nature and our specific expression of it, especially if we seek to squash them in the process and in order for us to feel okay, safe or empowered. Inherited or not, if it's no longer enhancing your life or aligned with where the collective consciousness is going, it's got to transform. It's not good enough to continue hiding behind well-oiled dialogues about who did what to whom years and years ago and making others feel guilty for sharing their truth in an attempt to lead with light and it's certainly not cricket if we continue promoting propaganda that has no care or concern for humans whatsoever and that has an obvious vested interest, in watching us fight to our death (essentially).

I wonder what the self help gurus will say to God when they finally reach the pearly gates. Will they bow in reverence and repent, or will they whip out their soap box and tell him he's dreaming?

This week dear ones, I encourage you to be mindful of the maze we are all currently navigating and to make a concerted effort to sit in your stuff no matter what the circumstance or expected consequence, because that in truth, is the exact space where all your power and grace resides.

You already are all that you need, deserve and desire. Just. Be. YOU. No guru help required.



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