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Food For Thought

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

2019 promises to be a big year of change. For all of us. And on multi levels.

For you, that may mean finally taking up meditation or deciding to take a radical turn with your approach to food and how you feed yourself, opting for a more plant-based diet and more conscious choices when it comes to sourcing nourishment for yourself and your family. For others this might manifest as admitting that little habit, ‘luxury item’ or belief system, isn't actually so little anymore and is instead, governing your life, your moods and making you more agitated and attached than your higher self would like. Whatever it is for you, guaranteed this Capricorn influenced 12 months are going to bring it to the foreground and demand your full attention.

And because the sea-goat is all about bridging the oceanic and earthen realms plus creating security and solid foundations to build upon, that means a lot of these issues are going to be centered around restructuring your lifestyle and making you realize just how important your health is to you.

Because we all know, health is something we ALL take for granted: until it’s not there.

Let’s take a pro-active, preventative approach to our health this year please! Let’s not wait until a certain age where Doctors just randomly hand out the ‘it’s that time of life for you’ spiel, or ‘there’s not much we can do at this age, except support you with pharmaceutical maintenance’.

I have one word for this: CRAP.

The medical industry is just as corrupt as the justice, financial and political realms, and your doctor is no less a slave to convention and coercion, than you and I are. The era of ‘doctor is God’, aka the 1950’s, is well and truly over. It’s up to us to decide how just how much power we keep handing over to these organized, patriarchal systems, and to make intelligent, informed and inspired choices where not only our own health, but the future health of our babies and our planet, are concerned.

So. Step one. Stop attacking your body and contaminating your living quarters with pollutants and chemicals.

This covers everything from sugar to psycho-stimulants plus every household toxin you can think of, in between. Clean your house out of pesticides, heavy metals and irritants. Install water filters, air humidifiers, salt lamps, essential oil diffusers and natural cleaning products instead. Next, empty your cupboards and your fridge of all products containing preservatives, additives and artificial colourings. It’s up to you how hard core you go with this, but if you adhere to the ‘less is more’ rule, you should manage to create a healthy environment in your home quite quickly.

Next is your inner environment.

Remember that everything we put ONTO our skin, is absorbed THROUGH it and INTO our entire system, so be mindful of what skincare, sun protection and health supplement products you choose. Also exercise caution and eco-responsibility when purchasing because this is not just about getting (and keeping) you healthy, it’s about protecting the ocean and the earth from noxious by-products connected to everything we buy, use and discard.

And I shouldn't really have to mention it now in this day and age, and certainly during this expansive and game changing year, but I will: there is NO PLAUSIBLE OR ACCEPTABLE EXCUSE for anyone to be using plastic shopping bags, bubble wrap or buying bottled water anymore. Full. Stop. There are too many alternatives on the market now – reusable cups, bottles and food wrapping products abound. Not using them is just being plain lazy or selfish.

And if you have any lingering doubt about how your actions and choices affect the greater global environment, just tune into Blue Planet 2 on Sunday nights and let the master David Attenborough educate you about the urgency and necessity for personal responsibility and participation if any of us wish to continue living comfortably on this planet.

Wherever you can, recycle furniture, donate or dispose of electrical appliances, safely and consciously. This means NOT DUMPING them at your local Red Cross Shop or on the side of a neighboring street in the hope that someone else will clean up your rubbish. It’s that arrogant attitude that has created a lot of the problem in the first place. Investigate and then implement the best practices available, and be a good role model for your children in the process.

I certainly don’t wish to find myself in the position of having to field questions from my son and his switched on peers as to why we chose to ignore the opportunity to turn things around for them when we had the chance. I don’t think any of us want to be in that hot seat.

Next is food - and this is bound to offend or polarize many – but here goes.

Because we are so addicted to our food habits, it’s now come to the point where we are not only killing off animals to feed our cravings and destroying precious ecosystems to do so; but we are literally killing off ourselves as well.

Recently I took a road trip up the Pacific Highway, and when we stopped at one of the main roadside pit stops for fuel and food, I was absolutely astounded at what I witnessed my fellow humans consuming. Despite the option of the healthy and delicious, ‘Olivers’ outlet, it appeared to remain relatively empty as the majority of people clambered into McDonalds, for greasy burgers and fries; and all served with plastic utensils of course, because that goes hand in hand with the unconscious. I had to walk through the main foyer to use the bathroom, and despite the kaleidoscope of pungent smells from the venue and the sweaty customers, it was the energy of the collective body that most offended my senses. The visual of obviously stagnant people, lining up to consume dead animal products, wrapped in plastic, and full of pained energy from being raised and killed inhumanely, literally made my skin crawl. I felt like I had to hold my breath, and without being judgmental, not one person in those burgeoning queues, looked the picture of health; or happy. They were ALL congested, on several levels; children included.

If we feed ourselves garbage, we are going to feel, think, move and be, like garbage.

And living within a constant state of such negativity creates the perfect breeding ground for violence (to self and others), to ignorant and selfish behavior, to stuck belief systems and ‘us/them’ mentality, and general low vibration behavior and levels of intelligence, because how on earth can you expect a Ferrari to run on sludge? And that is exactly what your body is – a superior vehicle that deserves to be treated with love and respect.

How many people do you see filling their tanks with shitty snacks, sugar and dead meat every day? You may be one of them. No wonder incidences of cancer are escalating at alarming rates each year. Is it related to the quality of food we're consuming, y'think?!

LIVE food is where it is at. LIVE food is what our bodies need to function. LIVE foods are absorbed properly by our bodies and transformed into energy that sustains ALL aspects of our being. NOT dead animal products or bastardized versions of. Your gut is not designed to receive DEATH. It is programmed to absorb LIFE.

So whatever you do this year, please try and make a conscious effort to fill yourself up with foods that honor your body AND honor the earth and the other beings you share it with.

I don't know about you, but I wasn't able to watch a live animal export documentary in the past (or even now) and not be moved to alter my food consumption choices immediately; nor am I okay knowing that most of the meat and animal products consumed in our society are bred and slaughtered inhumanely and that the animals have lived horrendous lives before landing on the plate. If seeing footage of mothers and their babies being separated, tortured, confined and then raised en masse in deplorable conditions just to provide bacon and egg rolls to the masses each day doesn't bother you, I would strongly urge you to reconsider how your souls' evolution is going, because that is definitely NOT in alignment with where we are all being called to, as an ascending species.

Contrary to popular belief, meat is not crucial to our survival; in fact, it's the exact opposite. The building blocks of our cells are actually made up of light receptive vitamins, minerals, salts, proteins, energies and bio-crystalline compounds; not flesh.

In order to channel the powerful light frequencies that are coming through, and that will continue to ramp up, our physical and energetic bodies simply must be pure, clean and void of the density that goes hand in hand with the consumption of animal products. If you do one thing this year, source your food consciously please. Eat meat if you must, but choose organic, choose cruelty-free, and choose in alignment with LOVE.

It’s also interesting to note that because of the way we have (de)volved over generations and generations, that almost 95% of all meat and seafood consumed nowadays, is polluted with heavy metals and lethal toxins that we seriously shouldn’t be ingesting anyway. And these pollutants wouldn’t be in the ocean nor filling the bellies of countless marine species, if it wasn’t for our unconscious and disrespectful human ways in the first place. The guy who does our lawns came today and shared that he’s been off sugar for 3 months and is feeling amazing. I congratulated him, and then added with a smile, ‘next up, no meat’, to which he replied, ‘oh I rarely eat red meat, just mostly chicken and fish now.’ When I told him that those two sources are actually two of the most contaminated - along with pork - he was shocked, and vowed to increase his fruit and veggie intake immediately lol.

So, what will your heart guide you to choose for 2019?

Yes, living in the light with more compassion and awareness involves making some tough decisions. It requires us to step up, commit to a more conscious way of being and living, and above all, it asks us to acknowledge and then discontinue our less conscious habits and addictive patterning so that the collective may benefit. Stepping up also often means we may be ridiculed or rejected by friends or peers for our choices not to follow the status quo, so if that happens to you, it’s important to remember that this life is actually all about service to others, not just self service, and to talking and walking our truth to the next level. The gift of life is just that - a gift - and it is our responsibility to use this privilege in the best way possible while we are here. Goddess knows we have lived in a ‘self serve’ reality for too long and followed the ignorant footsteps of our ancestors for even longer. A ‘take what you want’ mentality has governed our species since inception and now it is time for those of us who are strong and prepared and ready to do the work, to lead the way towards healing and harmony FOR ALL. God DID NOT create the world for man to run amuck as he pleases or abuse whatever and however he saw fit, (Tony Abbott). He (SHE actually), created it so we might experience our soul selves in physical form, as a part of a divine and intricate labyrinth designed to support and nourish abundance for all life forms equally.

If we don't wake up and realize the opportunity we have here to change things around, the alternative is pretty grim, and I think you’ll agree, it won’t be a space or a reality, that any of us will enjoy very much at all.

Please make this year count; for all our sakes. Get in sync with what the planets and cosmic vibrations are calling us to get in sync with. Wake up, get up and shape up. There is no time like the present, and we truly don’t have any more time to waste.

Environmental scientists predict we have no more than 30 years of life on this planet, as we are accustomed to now, if we don’t smarten up and make some serious changes in the way we live on this earth. They usually include a bit of padding with their predictions to avoid mass panic, so I reckon that’s actually more like 20 years, especially when you research what’s happening with the shifting and melting poles plus the handfuls of species that are going extinct EVERY DAY.

Both scientists and yogis agree now; we don’t have time to procrastinate any more.

So what’s doing your bit, going to look like this year? Where can you be the light and make the difference we all so desperately need? And what needs to shift in your heart for you to embrace your full earth custodian power and be all that you deserve and desire to be?

What are you prepared to give up and let go of, if it means a better world for every sentient being?

Food for thought isn't it.

Said with love always,




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