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Disclosure #3

Again, read these disclosures at your own risk and please use your discernment. If the information doesn't resonate with you, that is fine. If it peaks your curiosity in a good way, or triggers you and makes you angry, perhaps interpret that as a sign that there is some more personal work (or investigating) to be done. When we stop learning, we stop growing.

As a species on planet earth, humans have been conditioned and pre-programmed to such an extent, that we don’t even realize that every aspect of our current (and past) reality, has been molded and manufactured to serve what is essentially, a despotic agenda.

This third disclosure explains the “two sides of the same coin” paradigm or as it is also commonly referred to as, “two heads of the same snake”.

You’ve heard these sayings before no doubt and the cold hard facts are: the foundation of ALL programs, projects, wars, political systems, financial systems and competing educational and medical institutions - of any system in fact - is driven and steered by one global force. This force - and it is exactly that, a “force” of energy - is not inspired by love, compassion, equality, justice or truth, in any shape or form. It is the antithesis of creation and anything related to God because it is the actual sword-wielding arm of Satan.

Wherever it appears that there are “two sides”, in truth, BOTH sides are being ruled (and financed) by the ONE governing body. This is how the Cabal Cult works. This is the origin of the word “culture”; “cult”, “u”, “are”, or cult-you-are. Yoda speak for “you are in a CULT”. When you understand how spell craft works, you can begin to unravel and decipher every day phrases with minimal difficulty, you just need to practice using this mind “muscle” until you get really good at spotting the symbolism and reading the satanic tapestry that has been expertly woven into our language system over time and on purpose. Once you see it however, know that you cannot “un-see”.

This organization - and it is just that, an ancient global corporation - always plays both sides to increase their profits AND the odds of them winning. In fact, this tactic guarantees that they win, no matter which side is victorious or appears to the human race as either "winner" or "loser". You only need to research history to discover who financed the world wars and who continues to prop up the supposed “terrorists” that are presented to us, Bin Laden and the 9/11 "false flag" being the classic example. There is a whole network of elite terrorists who are running the show on the back end that we never see or hear about and they are the epitome of evil.

This sinister strategy outlines that “the winner” gets to tell the story (that is, record their version of events in the historical texts) and that is then recounted and regurgitated down through the generations to become indisputable “fact” whilst the average person remains none the wiser.

Take the recent US presidential election. Neither side was “light” or “right”, both had their specific agendas, both played their parts and thanks to “Q”, the public remained at odds with one another, barracking for either “red” or “blue” and ignorantly/innocently believing they were making a difference with their undying support.

What we were witnessing was essentially a global crime syndicate fighting for supremacy: the Satanists verses the Luciferians. Dark versus (False) Light. I’ll leave it to you to decide which is which.

We must try and look objectively at the separation that was generated from that whole political pantomime. It didn’t serve to unite the people nor expose the corruption to its fullest, it really just scratched the surface and now of course, whatever good works were implemented, are being undone by the current administration. All that experience really did was tear communities apart whilst further embedding the inverted belief systems of fear, hate, anger, pain and discontent, in the heart of every American; and pretty much every freedom fighter on the planet as well. Yes, it "woke" a lot of people up in the process which is a great thing, but at the same time, the confusion and discord was rampant as everyone hurried to "take sides" and defend their reasoning, their "proof".

Light workers lost friends daily as they either clung to their beliefs that Trump is the Savior and Biden, the Antichrist’s ball-boy - or vice versa. Heads up, they are both pawns playing a specific role in service to the one sick master. This is what this cult does - it plays the light off against the dark, like “good cop-bad cop”, so we are all kept in a constant state of confusion and conflict and the political arena is one of the elite's strongholds, designed specifically to separate the people. The sense of wounded anticipation and false hope that has manifested during and as a result of those 2020 elections still lingers and yet we are no closer to finding resolve or understanding what actually went on. Sadly, many friendships and alliances are now damaged beyond repair because so many people weren’t willing to expand their comfort zones basically.

I believe this all benefits the “great awakening” however, because things will eventually get so bloody ridiculous - and we’re almost there by the way - that even the most cynical, switched off and “asleep” among us, will start saying WTAF.

Every structure in our global society is orchestrated by the one grand puppet master and he has made sure he has millions of minions doing his dirty work to ensure the people are kept in the “dark” - literally - and at war with each other. All we do is feed their psychotic program when we continue the “us” and “them” dialogue. The same formula also applies to any other structures that have been promoted as being “in opposition” with one another such as sport, science and even insurance companies. At the highest levels, they are all in cohorts, staged and controlled opposition, even elements within the truther community - which should really be called, the "Freedom Movement" - where we see some people being de-platformed for even thinking about sharing an iota of truth, whilst others manage to grow their followings exponentially, even though they are exposing the same evils in spades.

It's confronting I know, but the “two heads-one-snake” paradigm is the basis of our dysfunctional society and that ain’t no mistake dear ones. Nor is it a "divine" plan.


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