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Disclosure #2

Before I go into this disclosure, please note that this article is not intended to divide the spiritual community, nor is it about pointing fingers at those spiritual teachers or practitioners that profess to work alongside the GFOL. Each to their own. This is about disclosure and revealing the New Age movement for what it really is so people can come out of their energetic coma. Everyone needs to take responsibility for what aligns with them of course and do their own (and extensive) research in order to reach their conclusions that resonate with their soul's journey.

The Galactic Federation of Light is possibly one of the most popular and elaborate psyops of all time and is intimately connected to the New Age movement. To understand why and how this is, you first need to grasp some realities regarding the occult and how it works.

Under “The Initiates of the Flame”, there is The Order of the Phoenix (dark) and the Order of the Golden Dawn (light). Both these Orders unify as “The Order of Melchizedek”, a highly deviant group that believes they ARE God and whose main focus is to worship Satan - as Lucifer, “the light bearer”. They basically invoke the Antichrist onto this earthly plane so he can take over.

This is why they hold these psychopathic rituals on certain dates and at pivotal times, so they can connect to their dark lord and offer their physical bodies up as conduits for various demons that will then be able to come through onto the 3D and therefore, wreak havoc more directly. This is why they practice frenzied blood rituals and offer human and animal sacrifices, because it provides the energetic “charge” needed to open those particular portals.

Yes, not all portals are guarded by unicorns and faeries; the demonic gates are very real and extremely dangerous.

The majority of humans who sit on the councils of these nefarious Orders, both men and women, also sit on what is called The Galactic Federation of Light or the Galactic Alliance.

Now these "people" are obviously very messed up, having sold their souls to Satan a long time ago and who knows what sort of magic powers they have accrued or have access to now. Many may even be half reptilian as a result of continued debauchery and shape shifting, none of us can be certain. Anyway, the point is, they all interface with actual angels and demons about global issues and the like, negotiating with both human and non-human lives and making pacts and deals that us regular folk would have immense difficulty coping with. The army at their disposal is the Galactic Federation Army.

There are both benevolent and malevolent beings on this council and because the majority are now malevolent - a result of many years of hard work to gain the upper hand so they could get as many "bums on seats" so to speak, much like our parliament - they are essentially, holding all the cards. This means, at present, they are able to usher in The New World Order with little to no resistance. Keep in mind that the darkness has been planning this “takeover” for millennia and that it has grown in strength and numbers.

If you have worked with the Galactic Federation of Light in the past or are tapping into them now - or being contacted out of the blue by them and bombarded with "downloads" - know that there is no way for you to know who is contacting you and what their intentions are because everything is corrupted and distorted.

We are in the midst of an intense multi-dimensional spiritual battle remember. Nothing is what it seems.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your gifts are or how powerful you believe yourself to be, they are always in control and manipulating what they want you to see and hear or not see and not hear, therefore, it is not responsible as an energy worker - nor is it safe for your person or your precious spirit - to be engaging with them. They are not to be trusted and “Lord Commander Ashtar” may not be who you think he is.

Communicate with these beings at your own risk dear ones.

Your only allegiance should be to God.


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