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Disclosure #1

A couple of years ago, the remaining "computers" that were influencing humanity and effectively controlling everything we were experiencing in what we often refer to as "the matrix", were destroyed.

What we are experiencing now, is of our own making, meaning, we each have the power to dissolve where the cord that has hooked us into the matrix attaches into us, and to sever it for good so we are no longer influenced by it.

I repeat. The dark computer that has been manipulating our planet has been dismantled. We are no longer plugged into it. What we are living now, is a result of our collective attachment to what was as well as our refusal to step out of the pattern and evolve.

The problem is, humans are so addicted to their pain and so easily controlled by fear, that they are unconsciously recreating it for themselves, as individuals and as a collective.

The "way out" of this "reality" has always been crystal clear, we just haven't wanted to see it, or action it fully.

We each need to choose to move ourselves THROUGH the birthing tunnel in order to realize this universal truth and that means sitting in some very uncomfortable spaces and doing some deep cathartic work. Every day, every moment, if necessary. It means we need to identify what our specific relationship is to pain and trauma and then transmute that using our light, until we no longer (unconsciously) feed from that base narrative, the "undercurrent" program in our body, mind and heart.

The computers that feed the cords that have enslaved us for so long, have been dismantled and yet we are still suffering. Why?

Because as a species, we refuse to put our stories and swords down and unite in love. We are too proud to surrender, to forgive and to own our shite, so instead, we cling to false light, false hope and fear porn in all its various forms and because we cannot trust that which we already are, we repeat the drama in different forms. Because we cannot bear to leave behind the polluted and programmed parts of this human self for fear of who we will be "without it", we keep OURSELVES stuck in the cycle.

This is in part, why the "self help guru" industry has been able to exploit us so well and for so long, because it fuels (and confuses) our deepest anxieties around true soul identity and our ability to live with loving allowance.

Heads up: when we let go and embody who we truly are, it's always extremely positive.

As co-creators, we are all responsible for what is manifesting right now and therefore, we ALL have the power to change it.

This has nothing to do with the Galactic Federation by the way. This level of work has been done by specific light warriors and elders around the world who have been assisted by God and His sacred army, plus a handful of benevolent spirits, most of whom nobody knows about (yet).

You don't need your crystals, your grids or your tarot cards for this either dear ones. In fact, you don't need any of your usual tools.

This is about you stepping into YOUR SOUL SELF as the DIVINE CONDUIT that you are and declaring yourself FREE. It's always been about you, just not in the way you have been led to believe.

Remember, YOU are the instrument that can change the world.



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