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D is for Distraction

As the spiritual battle continues to be waged with ever-escalating sacred rage and on the realms that we humans cannot physically see and yet can definitely feel, it is important to remain AS the eye of the storm.

A clear example of how this is manifesting (again) on our 3D realm, is with the latest fashion shows depicting runway models monkeying their half-naked on their backs with their genitals literally in each other's faces and the appearance of some stomach-churning Nike shoes that I can't even begin to describe.

Both are doing the rounds on social media at the moment, and rightly so, they are next level abhorrent, offensive to anyone with a conscience and just highly inappropriate to say the least.

But they are just DISTRACTIONS.

We get all riled up (fair enough) and then fixated with "making a difference" (again, a good intention), but what we don't realize is that in doing so, we are ever so subtly (and unconsciously), amplifying the trauma through the practice of giving energy to it. This can also serve to lull us into a "false sense of security" because when we embark on any kind of mission that is initiated by-from-or-in-alignment-with fear, it will always loop back into that original frequency. Or does it?

Consider this. If something at its core, is intrinsically evil, then that is the only essence it can ever be, yes?

Our peaceful intentions aren't going to be enough to shift that core, no matter how much we try and convince ourselves that they are, so therefore, we can have the "best of intentions" but if something was birthed in "sin" (aka shadow, darkness or some form of arcane energy), then is it true that it will always remain as such? Regardless of how much good and godly juju we try and channel into it, it will always remain as that original state in which it was "created", surely?

Now here's where you can exercise your free will as it suits because we are each doing so now, like never before.

If we are now accessing new and innate 5D "superpowers" through this awakening process and shedding centuries of toxic and torturous programs, then wouldn't it follow that we are then capable of purifying any frequency regardless of its origin or nefarious function? Surely we can negate any effect it may have on us, purely by choosing to elevate our own frequencies and viewing all as divine expressions, whatever they may be and therefore, not needing to be feared or repelled in any way, just witnessed, allowed and integrated as a valid part of the "Great All"? Interesting ideas to entertain at any rate, especially in relation to the C19 jab.

Whatever beliefs you have, we can probably all agree that when we change our relationship with the external first and detach from "out there" to focus instead on what's happening on the inside, that self work is what helps us break the karmic habits we all share of matching and re-matching ourselves to illusion. When we do this, we can stop being negatively and repetitively impacted by circumstance and temporary tides.

When we identify the wound or whatever, when we see it, welcome it, acknowledge it as just another expression of consciousness resonating at a particular level and then forgive it, it loses its power over us. Then (as I always say), we can get busy loving it to death.

Notice your sympathetic nervous frequency when you see things like the ones mentioned in the second paragraph. It goes into hyper-drive. Your heart constricts, your pulse races, bile climbs into your mouth without permission and your skin goes clammy-cold. You can feel the sacred rage bubbling up and while this a natural response to such perversion - for anyone who isn't a psychopath that is - it also negatively impacts and alters our divine frequency at the same time. In fact, it acts like a massive electrical jolt to every cell in our every layer of our being and that's because these things are deliberately designed and intended to shock our soul and sensibilities and immediately throw us off-kilter.

Whenever we see, hear or read about the "in plain sight" things above, it triggers us, pulling up the residual fear/slave programming that still lingers as residual energy within the human and "looshing" (hooking) us back into the demonic field.

Now it's obviously impossible to NOT have a response to things like this because we are empathic beings and we are switched onto (and into) The True Light, so I believe this is more about cultivating and amplifying our present awareness so we don't get completely un-grounded by these seriously messed up frequencies, and not about trying to ignore or pretend they don't exist, because it certainly is trigger-worthy and they certainly are happening.

It is absolutely vital dear hearts, that we don't get lured into the insidious energy of "attract, react, repulse and regurgitate" when we see these sorts of things because all that does is feed the fear.

This is HOW our energy is able to be continuously siphoned and harvested, and as confronting as that may sound to many, this is exactly what is happening.

Satan or whatever you want to call him, his generals and their legions of demons, are working overtime to gather up as many "on-the-fence-yet-to-unplug" souls and they do this via the "art" of distraction, not just the art of war, because the "division tactic" works so well - and always has - in their favor.

We knew we would all start to witness an acceleration between the timelines after everything that occurred on December 21, 2020, but we also knew we would need to hold strong, be even more compassionate with self and of others and anchor ourselves like never before as the duality program ramped up to a vibration that none of us have ever experienced.

The "crazy" is going to get even crazier before it peaks and starts to subside and that is necessary in order to help the Light awaken those of our brothers and sisters who are still caught in an energetic coma and unable to see the truth of the world around them.

We know we cannot make them see, only they can, but this is a difficult space to hold and to occupy within ourselves because we are all affected by and dealing with family and friends who are perhaps not on the same trajectory as us. They are not ready to come out of "existing" and into "living" because they have their own journey with this soul "ascension" gig just like we do and as hard as it is to accept, that actually has nothing to do with us.

I believe this is what we are witnessing now.

The invitation is to keep "doing you" and being the most grounded, conscious, aware, tolerant and focused human that you can be in each moment because this never been about a virus, a vaccine or a victor coming to save us. It has ALWAYS been about each one of us claiming our sovereignty for ourselves and unplugging ourselves from the matrix when we see it for what it is and when we have enough skills and strength to do so, to ensure we won't get roped back in. This is about surrendering to and activating one's soul purpose no matter what (or who) shows up and no matter how subtle, convincing or tempting the darkness makes itself appear.

Keep your eyes, ears, minds and hearts open brothers and sisters and remember to read not only nourish and empower your personal connection to God/Source/Creator, whatever word you wish to use, but also take a deep breath and a long pause when you next encounter the insanity and resolve to read between the lines at all times so you can stay one step ahead of our collective enemy.

WHAT exactly are we being distracted from looking at when they drop another v@xxCinE narrative in front of us or a pair of Nike wrapped in satanic symbolism?

Observe your reaction to such things, where you feel it in your body and what emotions, fears and traumas come up in reaction to, and choose to transmute them with love as quickly and as completely as you can with whatever purification methods work for you.

This week, another phase of the battle was won by the Angelics - many of you may have felt that late Thursday/early Friday morning - hence, we are going to see some serious dismantling as a result and not just within our political system, which is obviously long overdue, but many others. This will unfurl within the economic arena, the food industry and the retail world but it will also continue sweeping through the global spiritual and "truther" community as well.

As I explained in last week's newsletter, we are now in the "Season of Sacrifice", meaning until May 1, it's the phase of the year where the occult comes out to "play", all guns blazing. As light warriors, we need to be aware of such so we can be ready for anything they may conjure up. Remember that in the world of sorcery and black magic, inverting all that we know and trust as true, is what they do. Where we see a beautiful opportunity to create, manifest and dream, they see the chance to hijack portals and desecrate all we hold dear.

It's hard to wrap your head around I know, but we're not talking about sane people, nor are we talking about entities that have any concern for human welfare. In their minds, they are working with the light and with the "highest" intentions, in service to their "god" and that is true, they are doing so, in accordance with their beliefs. They just happen to be operating at the complete opposite spectrum to our one of peace, love and unity. There's is a system that thrives on pain and control and the annihilation of Nature.

These expressions (and so many more), are exactly the types of things I was referring to months ago when I first started speaking out about the corruption and the myriad layers of it, and how they were yet to be revealed to their fullest extent and for the human consciousness to see, digest and transmute. The distortions run deep dear ones and yes, it's not a nice place to be in and it is going to blow (and keep blowing) our minds the more we discover just how programmed and "managed" we have been. This is why a daily spiritual practice of some sort is so important.

Preparing ourselves and arming ourselves with knowledge as well as Creator's Light, is a prerequisite for going into these confronting and challenging spaces and when we do so, this is exactly how we achieve and then action freedom. It's easy to say "don't let the overwhelm and panic get the better of you and just keep soldiering on", but the reality is, it's exhausting, frustrating and more often than not, frightening, to reside in the energetic state required of a spiritual warrior and whilst life and all its responsibilities, keep happening around us. None of has all the answers or has figured it out yet, which is why we need to stay connected, supportive of one another and keep sharing the absolute Truths with others so they may also start to extricate themselves from the tamasic swamp; if it is their calling to do so.

Ultimately, "thy will be done" remember and we are not responsible for saving anyone.

Stay earthed, clear and calm and anchored to your own Source connection because this is the way we remind ourselves in each moment of the choice our soul made to do the true (and real) spiritual work in this lifetime.

Hold all with loving allowance and unwavering faith that everything is (still and always) happening exactly as it needs to.

Love and courage to all.

NOTE to all my yoga students:

Next Sunday (April 4) is the last class for the term. We resume when school goes back. If you'd like to reserve your same spot for Term 2, please message me to book and pre-pay. I will also be teaching casually over the Easter holiday break: Monday and Friday 9:30am - 11am and Sunday 4:30pm - 6pm (cash only), so be quick to book your spot! Blessings X


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