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Calling All Superheroes

JULY 15 – JULY 21



SPOILER ALERT: This is wake up time folks. BIG TIME. Superhero level. Astrologically. Environmentally. Socially. Politically. Ethically. Personally and collectively. This is ‘balance-your-yin-with-your-yang-and-get-Jiggy-with-being-uncomfortable-time’, hence, this newsletter is going to seem like a bit of a spiritual sermon. Read on if you are ready and willing to receive.

It’s time to own where you are leaking energy and weigh up whether your accumulated creature comforts are more important than having a planet to breathe and breed upon basically.

The planets this week invite – actually they DEMAND – that we start paying attention to what is happening in our world and start actively participating in saving it. It’s time to roll up our sleeves, literally and figuratively, put aside our differences of opinion and beliefs and sacrifice some of our personal attachments to the crapola we have actually become addicted to (just quietly), in order to ensure that there will be an earth around for our children to inhabit. One that also has the natural world full of animals and trees that we were privileged to grow up in wonderment with and one they can also enjoy, explore and nurture; not a metallic alien-style landscape full of heartache, disease and waste.

I know. It’s a bleak picture and I’m sorry if it’s affronting, but honestly, we need to know how desperate things are otherwise too many will keep living in denial. You can’t have one foot in the bucket labelled "recycling and actively conscious" and the other firmly planted in the "willing but still refusing to give up my well-earned luxuries" one. You gotta commit.

The environmental situation we are witnessing now is one that has been brewing and layering for generations. Decades of raping the earth, mining precious resources, polluting the oceans, hunting other species to extinction, depleting the soil and basically screwing the planet up for all other living beings that share it with us – and for what? Industrial evolution? The advancement of our species? In the name of God or because God wants us to? Solely for vanity and profit? Because it’s ‘our right as humans’?

I’m sorry but in my book, none of those excuses cut it because not one reflects the intelligence we are supposed to be gifted with and that separates our brains (and abilities) from other species. We have no divined right to 'take' anything as we wish. Throughout history there has always been an exchange, a respectful give and take. For example, when an animal was killed, it was honoured with ritual and thanked for giving its life so that the tribe could thrive. All parts of its body were utilised, made into food, tools, clothing and the like and then whatever was left, was returned to the earth. Nothing was mindlessly discarded or treated as if it was inferior. If anything, the spirit of the animal was celebrated as a guardian, a totem, a blessing.

Whatever our skin colour or heritage, we are all custodians of this earth; ALL OF US. It is up to each and every one of us to shape up, shift gears and step up and to stop living like ignorant and arrogant you-know-whats that think they can take whatever they want, for as long as they want and not suffer any consequences.

This week, this is not only my own personal memo to the world, but it’s one from the planetary line up as well: Stop what you’re doing, pay attention and start using your superhero gifts to make a difference before its too late.

With the South Node in Capricorn this week, it’s a blatant reminder for us to look to the elders for support and guidance. They have lived here for a lot longer than we have after all. The knowledge they have inherited is GOLD and is exactly what white man and the western world needs now, to help SAVE THE PLANET. When we put down our (political) and collective egos and turn to the ancestors for help, to those custodians who carry the sacred knowledge of their indigenous forebears, we not only create the space for reconciliation and reciprocity on a planetary level, we also create the opportunity to heal multiple cross-cultural wounds at the same time.

If anyone knows how to live in alignment with the natural world, it’s those tribes who have inhabited it for 60,000 plus years. We seriously need to listen to what they have to say. NOW.

The longer we remain disconnected to our roots and keep pussyfooting around the work that needs to be done, being more concerned with what’s happening in the stars – or with the stars, aka celebrities – or stressing about all the mundane and mindless things we are so attached to like how soft our toilet paper has to be for us (and our butts) to be happy (I mean really, can you think of anything else more mindless), the longer we will remain with our collective heads in the sand and our asses readily presented to receive one heck of a universal spanking.

And that is one whack we don’t want to receive because it does have the potential to blast us all off Gaia and right up to the pearly gates.

Scientists and environmentalists all agree now that we basically have about 10 or so years to save ourselves. Mass extinction is underway already, pollution is skyrocketing, global protests are a regular occurrence and dis-ease is on the uptake. The earth is undeniably DYING SLOWLY AROUND US and what do we do? We keep putting out little plastic mini versions of the products we already buy in the supermarket that pollute the planet in the first place and encourage our children to PLAY WITH THEM! #shameonyoucolesshame

So yes, this week we have Mercury Retrograde and yes, it does exert a lot of influence over us when it’s ‘going backwards’, but sometimes we just create our own unconscious continuity with sink-hole after rabbit-warren, because we are so patterned and/or unaware – and that actually has nothing to with what the universe is doing. It just does its thing and if in doing that, it exacerbates things for us, all that does is give us an excuse to keep playing the blame-shame-would-of-could-of-should of-game. One that we are all heavily invested in whether we admit it or not.

The definition of insanity yes? Doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result.

You might be really present to your idiosyncrasies right now and that’s got a lot to do with the fact that we’re in eclipse season. It’s always going to be tumultuous and along with the big M, there are another FIVE planets in retrograde – five HUGELY POWERFUL PLANETS – making SIX in total, including Chiron, the wounded healer. THIS is why we are feeling like headless chooks and brainless banshees. Eclipses exaggerate everything. They highlight our pain and make life extra intense, extra explosive and extra agitating, so we will take notice. That’s it. It’s not about the universe deliberately following us around and conspiring to make our lives more miserable than we may already perceive them to be. We make it so by carrying around the baggage and outdated beliefs, that we do.

So just how do we deal with all these extra liabilities and how long is this gonna last?

I mentioned last week that the onus is up to each and every one of us to take responsibility for our own behaviour and I wasn’t just talking about when we are engaging with another human being. We all know (hopefully), that the most important relationship we will ever have, is the one we have with OURSELVES. If we don’t love ourselves, we won’t understand what it takes to love and be loved, fully and consciously, by another human being. Full. Stop. And extending from there, we won’t really give a toss about the planet because the love isn’t there inside of us to do so. We won’t be capable of deep empathy or connecting compassionately re the plight of other living beings and environments, because we are hollow inside and devoid of concern about anything other than our immediate selves.

Now, there are certain things that are energetically programmed to go haywire during an MR, things such as computer glitches, communication flare ups and delays with travel and while we often hear that it’s not such a wise thing to be signing contracts, beginning a project or committing to anything ‘new’ either, it’s not all doom and gloom. You see, retrograde is actually quite a misunderstood term (outside of those who study astrology and know all the nuances). It’s more a time of contemplation than chaos, presenting windows of opportunity during the year, to pause, take a breather, look around, pay attention and then reconsider your options, your plans and your direction. Spiritual ‘spin the bottle’ if you like, where you shed another layer or mask each time the bottle points its finger at you. You never know when its your turn to bare all; you just know at some point in the game, it is inevitable.

So, here are some things to help set the record straight and help you get back on a calmer path if you have strayed from it and are are feeling more bramble-bruised than you’d like.

We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse coming up on Tuesday 16th. In Capricorn, the sign that governs order, practicality and career direction, your divine mission basically; what you came here to do, not the ‘job’ you have now that pays the bills and looks good on paper. This is also a similar vibration to (and a prelude for) the rare alignment that is happening between Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and The Sun in January 2020 – a powerful astro-event (coupled with an indigenous prophecy) that hasn’t happened in over 500 years. It’s part of the reason why I have moved my annual Uluru retreat to this time of year instead of my usual spot in April.

I also have my medicine circle Tuesday (16th) eve @ 6:30pm if you’d like to come receive some healing, so here’s the link:

With Venus opposite Saturn, trine Neptune and Saturn sextile Neptune all at the same time this week, anything around confusion and concealment will be enhanced, thanks also to multiple angles connected to Mercury’s present positioning. This will create not only a big impact on your personal career, but also on big business and global corporations as well. Impacts that none of us can deny any longer. Your deepest emotions are going to rise to the surface for exposure, exploration and full expression this week, making it impossible to avoid facing any lingering fears. The upside of this is that this process also heightens our intuition which in turn will give us the strength to meet whatever comes up and take ownership of it, once and for all. We are going to be able to transcend our frazzled feelings and transform them into more empowering ones, so it’s so going to be worth the effort if we try to resolve what still remains unresolved. This is how we set ourselves free to embody our sovereign selves in all respects.

So, this week, time to change jobs, or your role within? Highly likely. Time for a sea change? Very possibly. Time to follow your heart and start a totally new path where you finally feel clear and confident enough to make your life passion your full time vocation? Most definitely.

This is a time of deep inner combat almost, where we wrangle daily with the remaining parts of our psyche that still conceal and defend old wounds and learn how to surrender all that we think we know and all we have learned, by emptying ourselves out completely. All boundaries must crumble and all bets are off. None of that past stuff or he said/she said rubbish matters or holds power anymore because the goal posts are changing constantly. We have to stay in the moment in order to cope and keep negotiating calmly with the remaining aggrieved aspects of ourselves that are fighting for recognition and the right to be expressed, if we are to deliver ourselves out the other end of the tunnel.

It’s all ego at the end of the day. Shut it up by shutting it down.

Birthing is not easy. Those of us who have pushed babies out our yonis will attest to that, although I salute any woman/mother, regardless of whether she laboured ‘naturally’ or needed medical intervention. The gamut of emotions and stresses you experience are the same, so regardless of the how you birthed, the fact is, it’s frikking hard work, letting go to that level! You have no choice but to surrender into the moment and call upon your heart, your gods and your ancestors to hold you as you step into the unknown void, trusting that you’ll come out the other side okay. Because you cannot get to the other side – where you need to be – unless you do so.

There is no way out but through. However long it takes. It’s not about time. It’s about tenacity.

Now I’m not saying that you can’t do this work unless you have physically given birth, I wouldn’t be so insensitive, but what I am saying is that you have to be prepared to pull your grown-up pants up (or down) and open your roots to the earth in a way that you never have before, when presented with a rite of passage. You need to expose all your raw bits, your darks and your delicates, the unclean, unshaven, unrehearsed bits of yourself – regardless of gender and regardless of who is around watching – and move with the contractions. Become one with them.

Fact: If you resist what your body, mind and heart want to do naturally, it will hurt more. You don’t need drugs or distractions, you need to believe in yourself and what you are capable of, what you (that is, each one of us) was born to do, and that is, expand and evolve.

It’s quite simple. Pain stops when we stop seeing it as something to avoid and just embrace it as another expression of energy.

When we keep recycling and feeding the same old traumas and the same betrayal, abandonment or envy narratives (or whatever is your usual MO), the pain just keeps getting remodeled. Almost like play-doh where we make a different shape out of the same material, but pretend it’s completely different, marveling at what we have managed to reinvent and at how clever we are because we added glitter, but really, it’s just the same shite, different story. With sparkles.

Pain can’t go away because we won’t let it.

We are so addicted to who we (think) we are – to our identities and therefore, to our pain – that it makes it impossible, or for sure a lot harder than it need be, to separate from what pollutes us in body, mind and spirit. Just look at monastic traditions like in Tibet for example, the birthplace of the Dalai Lama. Consider the harsh terrain, extremes in weather and unrelenting poverty and yet, despite all those challenges, they have managed to maintain one of the strongest spiritual systems on the planet. Why is that? Possibly because they have learned what western society still so obviously struggles with – that the more attached we become to our bodies and beliefs, to our thoughts and emotional ebbs and flows, and to the external environment basically, the more difficult our awakening processes will be. They practice what they preach, no ifs, buts or ‘maybe after a coffee’.

We are not who we think we are. We are so much more.

I believe this is the crux of this current astrological turmoil we all find ourselves immersed in right now. When we let go of what we know, who we think we are and all the patterned beliefs that we have given so much energy to up to this point in our lives, we start creating the space for self realisation and then, deep healing. We are able to see for the first time, the illusion of Maya and how absolutely everything around (and within) us, is participating in one massive multicultural dance of birth, death and rebirth. Breakdown (or breakdance) to breakthrough.

If we are to dance well and not keep falling flat on our faces (or arses), then we must learn the current (and most sustainable) steps!

And most importantly of all – if you are between the ages of 39 and 59 – you are most definitely one of the chosen light warriors (who has volunteered for the role as well by the way), to help save this world at this pivotal point in HERstory. We don’t all have to be spiritual yogi healer types either – you could be a natropath, an environmental scientist, a midwife, a conscious lawyer waking up the corporate world, you could produce ethical essential oils, be an artist on an anti-plastic mission or you could make recycled clothing and coffee cups; it doesn’t matter. It’s what’s in your heart that counts and what you are able to share in service. We all implanted ourselves on this plane way back when – into our mothers’ wombs – with the deliberate intention of being awake enough at this exact junction in human evolution to insinuate our gifts, because our soul made the choice to be a part of the solution. Now, you may or may not remember this consciously, or you might think that’s stretching the esoteric bar just a little too far even for you; but it’s actually a universal truth not just my informed opinion and here’s why.

You know about Saturn with his impressive dusky rings but have you heard of Saturn Return? This enigmatic planet is intimately connected to what we call menopause; and manopause (or a mid-life crisis) for that matter. “The change of life" has in fact got very little to do with said medical term; it’s more about Saturn and where he sits in your birth chart. Saturn ‘returning’ describes the moment the planet Saturn, reappears to meet your natal Saturn – which takes about 29.5 to 30 years. Yep, he’s a slow mover, but for a reason. He wants to give us plenty of time to make choices, reconsider, reset ourselves and (hopefully) get our shit together and learn our lessons before its too late. Your first Saturn return will therefore ‘hit’ you in your late 20’s and impact you well into your 30’s, depending on whatever other contracts and missions you have signed up for in this lifetime.

And that’s just the first wave. A second Saturn Return hits between 57 – 60 and I don’t need to tell you what that phase of life (for women) has been dubbed by mainstream 'health experts' in all their wisdom.

If you live long enough, you’ll get to experience a third Saturn Return! This is when we see our grandparents passing over, one leaving the other to slowly fade away from a broken heart and loneliness. Or in stark contrast, marriages that have spanned 4 – 5 decades suddenly dissolve because one partner's latent fear of immortality suddenly rising, or their love of travel, desire to hang out with younger people or any dreams still left unfulfilled, totally gets the better of them and their usual rationale, flys out the window.

Saturn Return is in essence, a big mother of a wake up call. A spiritual sobering if you like, where you are faced with the necessity to finally get over yourself and grow the F up. He’s the Lord of Karma after all, standing at the cross-roads, waiting for us to rock up, as we inescapably do.

Saturn Return is all about bringing our attention to the choices we make in the moment before really knowing who we are, what we want in life or before we can mindfully consider all the consequences of our actions. Divorce statistics are a classic example of how SR expresses. Changing careers is another big one. Or a sudden illness (or death of a loved one) that becomes your personal wake-up call to change your life and start looking after yourself better and/or appreciating who and what you have.

Remember: nothing happens by accident. Not even cancer, murder or suicide; and I know that sentence is going to push some hot buttons. We are co-manifesting with our creator all the time, no matter how horrific or inexplicably dire, dark and destitute, the situation may be.

I’ll go into it more in another newsletter and blog, but just know now that Saturn Return is the master at plonking us down on our behinds and placing our deepest fears right in front of our bewildered faces. His core intention is to stir our inner disciplinarian and the part of us that knows what all this human life stuff is about, so we will start paying proper attention to our patterns, our limiting beliefs and the often stupid and unconscious baloney that we give energy to, every day. Saturn will hold you to account and strip you to the bone in his quest to get you to sit up and look around at what you are manifesting in your life. The Lord of Karma will hold you as you breakdown and breakthrough to the other side; and no, it’s not going to be a pleasant journey all of the time. Confusion, loss, depression and a deep sense of hopelessness, can all manifest during your Saturn return, but each has a specific purpose and vibrational invitation for you.

It’s up to us, to hold strong, dig deep and face the often shitty soundtrack of our lives head on in order to set ourselves free from repeated ‘mistakes’.

This leads me to The Third Agreement (by Miguel Ruiz) that I promised to share. And again, the timing couldn’t be better. This one is all about assumptions, or rather, not making them. When we assume what someone is thinking or considering doing, it always leads to suffering because we automatically place expectation on the person or situation and judge or predict the outcome, according to our own personal filters. And that will always end in tears. We waste way too much precious time, trying to work out what someone else is thinking, going to do or what their motivations may be, it’s really quite nutty behaviour.

Ask questions to encourage and ensure clear communication – again, something that challenges us all during Mercury Retrograde and can hard work on a daily basis.

This week you may have experienced some or all of the below in connection to MR and this third agreement. If you tick all boxes, don’t worry, you are not alone. Everyone is feeling the intensities of the times in myriad ways, be it sleeping badly, digestive issues, dissatisfaction at work or unrest in their relationships.

· Misunderstandings around meetings, random cancellations and getting dates wrong

· Speaking with partners or friends and feeling like you’re speaking another language

· Not speaking your truth fully and then having consequences come back and bite you

· Losing files on your computer or computers just completely going kaput

· Electronics in the house breaking down, only to suddenly start working again

· The electro-magnetics of your body going haywire and resulting in things like insomnia, migraines, constipation, palpitations, arthritis and menstrual irregularities

· Anxiety or similar, either getting worse, or suddenly developing out of the blue

· Forgetfulness, foggy mind, tender organs and extreme fatigue.

If you ticked any of the above and you have seen a GP to make sure your bloods are all okay, then please don’t panic or think you’re going bananas, or dying. You also don't need to rush out and buy shares in a celery plantation either. Just consider getting some acupuncture to harmonise your systems, doing some yoga and meditation to relax your mind and body and getting out into nature more to help reduce your stress levels and rebalance your energy field. Don’t forget the increased EMF’s we are all swimming around in every day, are also contributing to our energetic deterioration and that manifests in our physical, mental and emotional layers naturally. It also distorts our spirit and can leave us more vulnerable to psychic attack and immune disorders, so get out your Shungite, anti-5G your homes and phones and get up to speed on all the things you can do to counteract the dis-eases that unfortunately, now come hand in hand with our increased love of technology. There are several 'anti 5G' groups on Facebook that you can join to find out lots of useful information.

5G = the slow and certain demise of humanity as we know it.

So for the next 7 days, try and let go as much story as you can. Focus on being the internal observer of your own mind and when they flood in, connect backwards through each and every train of thought to discover its origin, the perpetrating seed if you like, of all your judgmental, fearful and self sabotaging dialogues. The fact that you can sit there attentively and witness yourself looking at and listening to yourself, proves that you are not cray-cray by the way. That is just confirmation that you are actively engaging your higher, more perceptive self, as a keen observer of ‘what is’. Another word for it is ‘I AM’ presence – basically, the part of you that still remembers all the other lifetimes you’ve had and can offer some useful tips to help you manage this one more consciously. If you aren’t able to recognise that you have this higher aspect (or voice, consciousness) within yourself and instead remain caught up in the all the whacky inner speak without discerning between the voices and knowing which ones are yours and which ones aren’t, then yeah, you might need to start taking the little green pills again.

We all talk to ourselves. It’s part of the human process. I often joke that ‘at least I know someone is listening!’, when I get on a private rant. Just don’t do it out loud in public too much, or else do what I do and pretend you are talking to your dog, who is always a willing and adoring audience and who obviously understands every single word you utter. At the very least, you get to chuckle light-heartedly at yourself or perhaps share a funny moment with a stranger if you’re caught out!

Striking a healthy balance between self expression and self regulation is key this week if we are to survive relatively unscathed and feeling like we’ve made some good progress.

Wednesday sees Venus opposite Saturn, which may make some things difficult. Ditto Sunday. What this means is that there may a few unexpected delays, restrictions and out of the blue frustrations, so maybe spend some alone and use the energy to focus on work that inspires you. Be alone and prepare the ground work for results to come to fruition later on. Pay off debts, get more serious and sit in your stuff and practice detachment. Surround yourself with beautiful things and beautiful people as a way to soften any blows, such as a walk on the beach or the bush, listen to music, hang out with your BFF or tend to the garden as a way to ground yourself. Weeding is always very cathartic!

Do not take risks this week with your finances or relationships basically. Stay calm, be frugal.

On Thursday, Venus trine Neptune brings in some much needed sensitivity, softness and selfless action. Don’t be fooled by appearances however – keep your radar on and your beer goggles off because things (and people) may not be all that they are presenting to be.

Friday will be fun(kee). MR spins out of Leo and face first into Cancer where he will remain for the next three weeks, bringing the potential for heightened emotions and defensiveness to an already chock-full cosmic cauldron. I suggest you take inventory on your spiritual first aid kits today (in prep for Sunday). Make sure you have plenty of sage and/or palo santo smudge, some citrus/earthy essential oils and crystal essences on hand. A good chunk of Shungite or Smoky Quartz wouldn’t go astray either. Wear them, rub them, insert them if that’s your thing; but you’re gonna need some support from the crystal kingdom this coming weekend, make no mistake!

Speaking of Sunday, we wrap up next week with The Sun conjoin Mercury, turning one hell of a harsh spotlight directly onto all those tenderised wounds you thought you had dealt with, but had really only done a great camouflage job on. When planets conjoin, it means passion, vulnerability and fireworks are on the cards. To what degree, well that depends on their individual qualities and of course what the overall tapestry in the stars is doing, but truth be known, things can get real, real quick. This is because both planets are at the exact same degree as each other; commonly between 0 and 10’. During a new moon, the Sun and moon are always in conjunction with each other; during a full moon, they are always opposite FYI.

Now there is a lot of hype nowadays in the social media world about new moon manifesting and potentially losing your lunatic marbles on the full moon but it boils down to what is happening in your personal natal chart, as to how you will experience each phase. Not every moon is disastrous or overly cathartic – we make it so in our heads! This is why some people seem to escape relatively unscathed, unaffected by what others swear are the most intense times of the month for them. If an eclipse hits your natal chart and is related to your houses, your ruling planets and where they are positioned – if they’re on a cusp for example, of if any other sensitive aspects in your chart are being pinched – then yes, you can expect some emotional tsunamis. So many factors can influence our experience of both new and full moons, so please try not to take to heart all the things your read out there or buy into expectations and overly commercialised predictions, because you’re just going to set yourself up for one disastrous month after another; and that’s no party. Nor do you deserve such turbulent activity. Look at which of your houses the eclipse alignment falls in and ascertain whether it is nudging up close and personal to any powerful aspects in your chart and where the less easy-to-spot, more fortuitous aspects may be.

I would suggest also having your chart professionally done so you know exactly where you stand and where your strong and weak points are, before you surrender your sanity or decide to install a panic room.

To support you all through these tumultuous times, I’m putting together a FREE WEBINAR in the next month where I’ll talk more about the topics touched on in this newsletter and a special sharing around ‘Healing the Wounded Healer’. What you’ll learn will be crucial to not only your continued personal expansion but your professional understanding of energetic healing as well. All you’ll need to organise ahead of time is a Zoom account so start compiling your list of questions and stay tuned for more details soon.

Sending strength and good vibes to you all and I hope you are enjoying some fun times with your families over the holidays. If you want some shamanic support, you know where to find me!

Now, I’m off to light some incense and whack on some Pink Floyd…

Blessings and love,




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