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Broken Wings Can't Fly




Image: @ralfskirr

There’s no point mincing words – this year is gonna hurt.

2020 has started with a bang and it will continue to intensify as many layers keep shedding and multiple industries continue to purge their patriarchal ways. At the risk of sounding like a doomsayer, unfortunately things are going to get a lot worse before they get better and especially where COVID-19 is concerned.

The exact circumstances around how this virus came about – that is, if it was secretly concocted in a lab and deliberately released or whatever conspiracies are circulating out there around it – are actually inconsequential. What is important is that people understand why the universe has responded to our collective refusal to forgive, unite and evolve by creating a situation, a pandemic quite literally, that will ensure we stop, reassess and re-calibrate the way we all relate to ourselves and one another, on multi-levels.

You could almost say this virus is the catalyst for humanity embracing its next stage of evolution because what else would possibly be big enough to get our attention and affect enough people; aside from Yellowstone going off and turning the lights out for good?

As spiritual folk we do tend to harp on about "being one", being part of a "Divine Oneness" and having the ability to "co-create magic" with our unified intentions - just think of all the global water meditations that circulated during the bush fire crisis in Australia recently as one example - so it follows suit then, that if we can combine our elevated consciousness to manifest good things in the world, that we can just as equally (and as easily), manifest bad sh*t too. You can't take responsibility for the pink and fluffy stuff without taking responsibility for the dark and dirty stuff at the same time because they go hand in hand. Yin and Yang and Universal Law say so.

A lot of spiritual people remain very uncomfortable with the concept of having to sit with their shadow self without having to actually do anything other than allow and witness, experience and then love that side of themselves ("to death and back again" as I often say), and hence they often (prematurely) decide to "clear, clear, clear it!" instead; an action accompanied by much finger-snapping, whistling and noisy exhalations as well. All fine and dandy if you have transformed the core; not so much if you haven't. This is, more often than not, unconscious avoidance.

Sadly, humanity has been behaving like this for eons. Like a bunch of defiant tweens who think they know better than their parents (Mother God and Father God on the grander scale here), we have become addicted to, and swayed too often by, our shadow. Together we have been taking turns poking into holes and expecting not to get bit; and then when we do, we either claim we "knew that would happen", that we "called it in on purpose" or that it was "a necessary part of our process". Or we try and pass the buck and blame "karma" for everything that happens to us. All BS by the way. Spiritual bypass at its finest.

Truth is, every single one of us is doing shadow work all the time - or at least we should be (on and off) - on OURSELVES. It's why we reincarnated at this time; to self realise. If we all stopped trying to fix everyone else and instead turned our full concern on healing ourselves, I reckon that would go a long way towards eradicating the pain body that has haunted our species for so long.

So I'm renaming the phrase, "Healer, heal thyself" to "Human, heal thyself".

Here's a thought: how about we stop poking holes and further agitating already sensitive situations, creatures and environments (and expecting a different outcome), and focus instead on 'clearing' the origin of all our (private) and familial wounds? Let's not focus so much on finding 'anti-dotes' to all the bad stuff we have created in the world over time and instead stop long enough to heal the patterns that drive us to create those wounds in the first place; because in our hearts we know, we are all responsible for every thing that happens.

If we are all "one" in love and light, then we must also be "one" in pain and shadow.

In the last two years especially, this is exactly what we have done - that is, avoided the warnings and deflected the Truth - because despite the continued rise of the divine feminine and divine masculine, the exposure and clearing of deep ancestral wounds and a growing majority waking up and promoting the new age/new earth paradigm every day, there still aren't enough of us fully taking up the challenge and running with it; to the degree that's needed. We need all hands on deck.

Problem is, nobody wants to put their hand up to claim their own darkness a lot of the time, let alone admit their role in creating collective catastrophe.

Along with a handful of other light workers speaking out now, I believe Coronavirus is just one of the tools Mother Earth has in her kit to address our inability to initiate vital change. Take away our most precious asset (our health and therefore our freedom) and we have to pay attention don't we?

In the short term I expect we are going to see an enforced retraction as most countries close their borders to visitors in an effort to not only reduce further contamination, but also as a deliberate response to the claustrophobic control global financial powers have exerted for far too long. If any good is to come out of this whole CV situation, it will be the breaking down of the toxic grip the GSX (global stock exchange) has on the world and creating the space for people to honour 'home' and 'local community' more. As people choose to separate from the old structures and distance themselves from the control of big-brother-style corporations, we will start seeing a welcome and timely shift within the guts of the global economy. I’m not saying the barter system will return overnight (although that would be awesome and a lot more fair), but there will definitely be a change in how we relate to money and the creation of a new (and just, light-inspired) system to distribute and manage worldwide and domestic wealth. I touched on this last in last weeks newsletter in relation to becoming more mindful about which businesses you align with and what their values and associated investments are, for example, whether they use your money to buy coal portfolios or choose to support more ethical, sustainably-minded projects.

The finance realm won’t be the only arena to be hit hard by this virus either. Expect increased political and religious unrest, especially in the middle east and further discord and conflict between (and within) the Asian superpowers (China, Korea and Japan to be specific) which will inevitably affect tourism for everyone around the world. Oh and yeah, while I’m at it, I reckon the Olympics are definitely off. Sorry, not.

This month brings the New Moon in Aries (March 24) and along with it also, which will deliver some kicks up the proverbial backside for those of us who have fallen off the celestial wagon (already) – only two and a bit months in I know, but it does happen – and with MR about to station direct on March 10 alongside the Super Full Moon, it’s a good time (and high time) to reset your priorities and take some inspired action before any more precious time is wasted.

Saturn will do a brief seg-way from Capricorn into Aquarius until July when it will move back into goat territory until December. So what does this mean for you? It means this is the year you need to man up and make some big decisions regarding your relationship to the three “S’s” – security, safety and society.

And with both Capricorn and Saturn governing the patriarchy, economy, government and big business, it’s not hard to see (by how this year is already playing out), what the overall theme is going to be: BIG. FRIKKING. CHANGE.

On Monday 2, expect some random agitation and emotional outbursts as energies rise and Tuesday with Venus square Saturn (3:3:2020/1), make time to pause outdoors to pool your creative resources, plus clear any internal resistances to success and receiving what you deserve. Try and let go of any 'first world problems' so you can soak up the energy of the #3 and #1 today which are ultimately all about joy, instant manifestation, fresh starts and expressing your special.

Wednesday 4 brings another powerful day that will require you putting extra effort into making sure the vibration of your words, match the vibration of your intentions. Inner and outer dialogue needs to serve the highest, for you and those you communicate with, so take deep breaths, pace yourself through the day and stay focused on laying the foundations for your future, moment by moment, brick by brick. An 11 portal opens up into the vibration of today (4+3+2020=11) to enhance and accelerate manifestation and accomplishment through soulful connections, so pay attention to your thoughts and words, to the power of both (and body language too) and just joyfully observe the world of sound and subtle frequency. There may be some hidden messages waiting for you if you make time tune in to the energy of sound and song and of course, the hypnotic musical that is Mother Nature.

Thursday through to Saturday will get a little more serious with Saturn semi-sextile MR, so make use of these planetary energies that are bringing increased clarity and good judgment to the table, by tapping into your own reserves of patience and emotional intelligence. Once MR goes direct, we will be able to take a deep breath and a sigh of relief, don't worry, but before then, if you can remember to think before you speak and feel instead of fear, this will stand you in good stead ahead of the moon entering Virgo on Sunday; #8 and #15, combining infinite possibilities with spiritual alchemy and uplifting others through joy and leading the way from your heart. This Super full moon brings with it a deeper level of self awareness to all our thoughts and personal (and professional) interactions. Virgo is the virtuous healer of the zodiac after all and loves delving into ‘process’ to stimulate their own intellect and simultaneously inspire the minds of others. Sun conjunct Neptune (Piscean Age) and Venus conjunct Uranus (Aquarian Age) today reiterate again, the bridges morphing and shifting between the Ages as they reset right now. Work to balance creating boundaries and simultaneously breaking them today as you explore your esoteric edges and what makes you (and what you offer the world), unique.

Think (peaceful) revolution for the sake of (active) resolution.

As I have already said, we are just at the start of what may sometimes be referred to as an “apocalyptic-looking” year, so stay calm and grounded and ramp up all your spiritual practices – or get some if you haven’t yet. Focus on being the best version of yourself that you can be because that way, no matter what happens, you can always say you gave it your all and were consciously part of the solution, not the problem. In truth, that’s all any of us can do because we’re not responsible for carrying one another anymore and we can’t keep going the way that we have been and expecting a different outcome.

Definition of insanity remember.

I’ll be around for shamanic sessions this week and next plus you can join my virtual full moon medicine circle (March 8) and/or come enjoy a beautiful Mabon (autumn equinox) garden gathering, complete with bonfire and hearty homemade soup (March 21). Follow these links.

And for those of you who have previously expressed interest in my Tonga retreat, it will now be held during the whale swim season in 2021, so please let me know if you are still keen to join me. I have also decided to host some long weekends and short trips over the next few months within Australia, focusing on areas affected by bush fire to help rebuild local communities and support wildlife recovery, so stay tuned for those details.

Blessings to all,




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