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The Bird Cage

Image by @bee_balogun

Being "cage bound" is an attained phobia, caused by the overwhelming fear of leaving a "safe" or "familiar" place. It's an anxiety disorder essentially and right now, humanity as a collective, is suffering from this, big time.

This condition can apply to any "domesticated" animal - including humans - and is by no means exclusive to race, gender, religious belief or where one lives. What happens when John Doe lives a life of repetition for a certain number of years, doing the same things at the same times, anally allocating "leisure time" around pockets of prioritized "work" instead of feeling and intuiting and creating space for growth and spontaneity, he gradually finds it harder and harder to draw himself out of his "comfort zone" ruts and into the external world. Is this because of an accumulated and (perceived) notion that all that awaits out there, only offers chaos and unpredictability? In all probability the answer is "yes", but Dear John, I hate to break it to you, that is life.

When you keep seeing the universe as the enemy, as something to fear and distrust, you incrementally confine yourself to hermitage and I'm not talking of the grape variety. Sure, you will feel protected by the four walls you call "home" and as it transforms into a refuge of sorts, you will perhaps feel confident enough to periodically engage with others, and life, at will. However, if you don't pay attention to how your subconscious patterns are dictating your thoughts and behaviors every day, you can find yourself slowly disassociating, not only from your local community, but from yourself and your innate nature as a human being who was born to socialize, connect, contribute and participate within the collective.

If we don't deal with our inherited shame, guilt and blame complexes, they will eventually consume us and become the foundations of further societal separation.

For our phobic feathered friends who have known no other existence other than confinement, whenever their cage door is opened - and despite the overwhelming urge to step up and fly out - fear will hold them back every single time. Tweety will consciously choose to remain inside, imprisoned, because the alternative to the cage appears too threatening and scary, preferring to cower to the fear of the unknown and deny his own freedom, despite the pull of instinct and intrigue. It's extremely sad to witness and even more depressing when you realize you are embodying aspects of this program yourself.

Humanity is at this precipice right now.

We have now had a whole twelve months - a complete year - to digest, process and assimilate the truths and opportunities that 2020 threw at us head-on and yet still the majority of the flock have not woken to the fact that they are caged and controlled creatures. They have not edged closer to the understanding that firstly, they are in a cage, (but more importantly and) secondly, that their "owners" - the elitists who manage society as we know it - have actually left the cage door open. They do this as a deliberate experiment and for their own amusement because yes, they love to watch us muddling and scattering about like ants before a rainstorm. They are psychopaths after all, it's the role they chose this time round. They are no doubt giving themselves stitches from laughing so loud, as we manipulate ourselves into oblivion with all the mask wearing, hand sanitizing and self surveillance we are doing. I even saw a video this week of couples dancing back-to-back at a prom, as if this tactic would reduce their chances of catching Covid. I mean really and truly, it was like a scene out of a David Lynch movie.

I wrote about this a few blogs back and again I ask the question: what kind of custodians are we and what sort of legacy are we leaving for the next generation?

There are thousands of highly respected and experienced doctors and nurses around the world who are now speaking out about the negative health impacts - both physical and psychological on our children especially - of wearing masks for example. Tests that show dangerous levels of carbon dioxide being re-inhaled, of skin irritations forming, of bacteria accumulating and creating infections that one immediately breathes back in, of people fainting and fitting and others exacerbating (and developing) anxiety disorders because of this ludicrous "directive". Yes, it's a "directive", NOT LAW. This afternoon as I went to get dinner for my son, I saw a young masked couple with their toddler, also masked, and I felt sick. Please visit this website to learn all about your rights both personally, professionally and as a business owner.

This article is from last year, but you don't need to be a therapist of any kind to realize that the deaths from other illnesses far exceeds any covid or "covid-related" deaths. There are plenty of other news sources where you can find actual journalists sharing real information that you can trust other than the usual mainstream channels, stats about how many people have died from the vaccines so far for instance and evidence that the PCR tests are not only useless, but dangerous.

Also this re the test kits.

This brave Canadian reporter risked her job and possibly her life, by going rogue on air to ask intelligent questions instead of regurgitating the standard BS.

Here in Australia, our own National Health Department even says there is no need to wear a mask unless you have symptoms; it's on the posters they plaster on every business window, so why do I see everyone wearing one outside in the streets, in their cars and even at the beach? As a yogi or a spiritual person of some persuasion, surely it has dawned on you that breathing is not only your birthright, it is the key to your being, to your experience of vitality, hope, joy and fulfillment.

So what is it that keeps you hovering at the doorway to your cage, unable to set yourself free?

We all need to be doing deep personal work so we don't keep recreating the "same sh*t-different story" for ourselves on a karmic level. Addressing our fears and understanding why we blindly acquiesce is what will help us take that leap of faith and find our wings.

These are the questions we need to be asking ourselves and each other, as the next round of mainstream manipulation gears up. Why are we so reticent to face confronting truths, scared of questioning authority (when government has never done anything in the past that benefited us) and standing up for ourselves (and our loved ones) at this most pivotal time in our history?

The time is now brothers and sisters because the modern day holocaust is seriously upon us.

Just because our neighborhoods and homes are a little fancier, just because we now have water and electricity on tap and flashy devices in our homes that tell us when to cook, sleep and exercise, doesn't detract from the reality that history is repeating itself right under our very noses. You may want to check this video out as a sombre reminder of what happens when the masses lose their ability to think and discern.

Foresight has been deliberately targeted for the past several generations, which I believe is why so many are unable to "see" through the illusions, join the dots and accept truths. Our pineal glands have been slowly deteriorating (no) thanks to water, air and food pollution as well as all the radiation and wifi we absorb and engage with. More on that and what you can do to detoxify your system, with links, in following newsletters.

Please watch this personal recount from one brave survivor (and current lobbyist) who draws historical parallels in a way everyone can understand.

Friends, this life is so precious and we each have a karmic duty to honor the gift that it is. We chose to be here after all, whether you believe that or not, it is a universal given. How you live your life is of course up to you, but I would say this to anyone who is still on the fence or having difficulty comprehending the magnitude (and the magic) of the global situation right now: wouldn't you rather take the risk to test your wings if there was even the slightest possibility that you could fly?

Above all of this and regardless of our political and ethical persuasions, we should be asking ourselves, "Where is the healing?"

Ultimately what benefit is there in funneling down rabbit holes, swearing allegiance to imaginary military alliances that promise to save us or upholding statutes and directives that have no integrity and no respect for individual rights? If none of these things is helping to actually dissolve the past, alleviate the pain and provide practical and conscious solutions to what we are facing together, then we really need to be stepping back, pausing, re-grounding ourselves and being accountable. When we do this in nature, it can fast track or activate our inner wisdom and understanding because Mother Earth not only has all the answers, She helps us transform our wounds into our medicine.

When we stop and look around at how crazy, reactive and separate we have become, maybe then we will acknowledge the need to pull back, contain and restore sanity and common sense.

I am in the process of upgrading my website and creating some new offerings of support as well as online yoga classes for next term and my private healing sessions as usual. Now is the perfect time to be clearing your stories and building energetic resilience and power so you can life this life as your fullest and most activated self. This is my area of expertise so please connect with me via if you're ready to be all that you can be.



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