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AUGUST 19th – 25th





The current lunar energies ask us all to look deeply at how we generate abundance for ourselves and whether that is aligned with our inner truth and who we know ourselves to be, in our highest of hearts. Just be mindful that for 3 - 12 days after a full moon, the ‘shedding’ energies are still in process and they can be quite intense – especially if the moon itself has been an extra potent one – so be gentle with your body, get lots of rest, hydrate, walk and journal; and whenever you get any spare time, just breathe and do nothing.

Now to the juicy stuff…

We are officially out of the post Mercury Retrograde shadow and the Aquarius full moon is slowly starting to wane, so this coming week will be all about us and what we need to help us think bigger, take some risks and find the courage to follow our own dreams. It’s all about the Self, but in the highest and best possible way.

Try and see 'risk' as an 'adventure' instead, one that is methodically leading you pebble by pebble, towards your most divined destiny.

Living, working, achieving and becoming ‘successful’, cannot just be about blindly servicing the desires or visions of other people (or popular concepts) anymore (big business, big brother for example), nor can we continue being ignorant contributors to the social toxins we are surrounded by such as excess consumerism and environmental abuse. As I mentioned in my last newsletter, this is a big part of why there is so much mental health imbalance at present. I'll write about that in more detail soon.

Our senses have been satiated by shadow for too long and those who recognise this, are growing in steady numbers every single day. The sacred army swells!

We now live in the age of information, therefore ignorance is a choice. There are no more excuses for not knowing what is going on in the world nor for turning a blind eye. If we deliberately chose to do nothing to change the status quo and instead opt to leave the clean-up work up to others, this makes us a perpetrator as well. We must find the conviction to stand up for what is right – to honour the fire within our hearts that still burns brightly with dreams of truth, love and universal freedom – and volunteer for front row centre like the Generals of old if we are to lead one another into the awakened future awaiting us all. No more hiding up the back of the bus like we did as teens because indifference and unevolved defiance are no longer cool in any shape or form.

We must become the shield wall of light against the darkness now.

We must become the heroines and heroes of our generation now.

Taking a chance on ourselves, believing we have a purpose, a divine mission and an important part to play in the evolution of humanity is a necessity now if we are to unlock our latent powers and unleash our highest potentials that will ultimately ensure the survival of every expression of life on earth.

Sounds extreme, but every syllable is true because if we don’t step up and value ourselves first, what will manifest (on a mass scale) is complacency, disconnection to the abundance we all receive from mother nature and a collectively increasing dis-ability to see what a privilege it is, to actually be human – and when enough people lose hope like that, zero solutions can be created.

In order to do this however, we must first ask ourselves where we are going and if what we are doing (and how we are living) is in fact taking us in the direction of our dreams, or away from them?

Unfortunately, this week we’ve seen more whack stuff go on around the globe and my personal prediction is that things are going to continue ‘surprising’ us for a while to come. Just when we think we cannot be surprised by anything else anymore, then *boom!* in comes the next layer of WTF. Be prepared for all shades of the kaleidoscope to be revealed in the lead up to the event in January 2020 because The Wheel of Life is spinning at a ridiculously fast pace right now and with that comes heightened awareness, multiple experiences and accelerated learning for each one of us.

Apart from the distressing fact that there have been more violent shootings in the US; escalating unrest in Hong Kong; that very public stabbing incident in Sydney involving a mental health patient; another Nick Kyrios meltdown (whom I suspect is on the spectrum and just needs to recognise it and get some bloody help); and (to me), one of the most horrifying discoveries yet, that of substantial amounts of micro plastics embedded in Arctic ice – we also found out that Prince Harry took Meghan to Ibiza in a private jet for her birthday, just days after giving a speech about climate change and urging people to ‘do their bit’ to help the planet. Oh, he was obviously referring to ‘everyone else’ outside of his own family; not the ‘we’re all in this together’ global family he so readily promotes.

Silly us, we forgot our place. Royal privilege and hypocrisy in full swing and in full view and yet we continue to idolise the patriarchy in this form, as if it still has any relevance or true power. This will be the next cookie to crumble.

Thursday just passed was a cracker. Did you feel it? So much intense energy was circulating the earth and infusing the ethers, it was tangible. You may have experienced it physically as serious discombobulation, perhaps in the form of an anxiety attack, extreme fatigue or physical aches and pains; or more on the energetic level as overwhelming grief, fear and self doubt that you knew wasn’t yours, but that you also knew you had to acknowledge and move through. All this was part of the next wave of ancestral wounding being exposed to the surface of our minds and unfortunately for many empaths around the world, it was our job to process it. A lot of people were overcome with emotions that day, teary and ungrounded and feeling spiritual pain in various ways as they unconsciously (yet intuitively) tapped into their karmic response-ability to channel and clear past trauma from the 3D body. This was all preparation for the next set of light frequencies coming in of course – which they did and quickly on the heels of that vibration by Friday afternoon – but man, it was freaking HUGE. I’d love to hear how you fared if you feel to share your experience privately.

Three nights of the 99%-then-98%full, full moon in Aquarius had a lot to do with it, plus Uranus (the wrecking ball planet basically) went retrograde on the 11th just as Jupiter (the planet of fortuitous expansion) went direct – so it’s little wonder why we felt the shift in such a big way this week.

So, the main things we’ll be working on over the next 7-days will revolve around healing inherited family (indigenous and various lineage) trauma and mother/father wounds; finding the courage to rise above the ego/mind; and transcending our deepest fears. Focus on the greater good, don’t take things personally and try not to make everything about you, because ultimately, there is no YOU, no ME and no ‘I’ – there is only ‘What Is’.

When you take yourself out of the equation (and out of your head) and focus on channeling your energy and intentions into getting the good work done, challenges suddenly become a lot easier to navigate and solutions flow in more rapidly. This is because you align with divine flow, where all moves naturally and with grace and ease.

You’ve heard the phrase ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ no doubt – you’ve probably read the book – and now this moon cycle, you’re going to get to experience what happens when the divine masculine and divine feminine come together to manifest their highest and holiest. Forget about the #metoo ‘movement’ – this is working on a much bigger scale than that.

And just quietly, on this plane of reality, the wounded masculine is still in need of just as much healing and loving support as the wounded feminine is – probably more – since the whole media circus burst forth in 2017 around trauma in the sisterhood and what SHE has suffered at the hands of men over the ages. It takes two to tango however and both masculine and feminine have made a multitude of soul pacts and agreements over time, co-creating stories centred around pride, lust, envy, greed and fear, every step of the way. Shakti and Shiva have been doing this wild dance for a long, loooonng time.

If we really are spiritual people, then we simply must accept this truth, as uncomfortable and confronting as it may be for some (that is, most) to digest – and accept that before we experience everything in life that we do, we have already given our permission for it to be so. Ouch.

Yes, those unconscious men who were guilty, most definitely need to be exposed and held accountable for violating women, but re the other 95% of the male population – the sons walking our streets, the fathers sitting around our dinner tables and the husbands taking our kids to school, the men who were also feeling it as their own pain, blame and shame – they need their mother, father, brother and lover complexes cleared too.

Cancer’s maternal influence - currently in the north node conjunct Sirius - with this full moon has deliberately brought this up for processing and in all honesty, we all have some form of dysfunction going on in our family energetics don’t we?! Our families provide the perfect platform for our souls to grow, whether we believe it (or like it) or not. That’s why we chose them after all.

I believe we (still) need more conscious, awake, empowered men, to raise the bar again and show their brothers, by example, that it’s okay to feel, to cry, to be vulnerable and to surrender and say “no”, themselves! You can’t heal (or prioritise) one half of the dynamic and yet leave the other to fend for itself. I think history has given us plenty of proof that such an approach doesn’t work!

The ride kicks in on Wednesday 21st, activating the 21st century code of “the truth shall set you free” and simultaneously opening up the portals connected to higher purpose, personal and group truth, architecturally-sound productivity and creativity and a good dose of limitless joy! Whenever Venus moves into Virgo territory, she can cause some upset with her natural flair for cheek, romance and spontaneity, things that tend to make Virgo break out in hives, being a sign that needs things to be organised, prepped and emotionally hygienic. Having said that, Virgo is also the healer sign, so this alliance does have the potential for deeper connections to be made and the forgiveness granted to enable hearts to move forwards with grace and ease. Virgo’s are also all about practicality, positive mindset, keeping things tidy and things going to plan, so having the planet of sensuality, luuurve and fluid assets in such close proximity, could cause some drama around your intimate relationships and finances this week. Today is also connected to the Royal Star of the Lion, #23, so stay alert for opportunities where the scene may be set for some awesome and overdue breakthroughs. All you need to do is surrender to your heart and let it lead you, as the above #21 catch phrase invites.

When the Sun enters Virgo alongside Venus on Friday 23rd – and with it being a last quarter moon (about the completion of the journey) and trans-season in both northern and southern hemispheres – now is the perfect time to start checking in with how you’re supporting yourself re diet, exercise and lifestyle choices and creating new patterns of support for yourself. Trans-season is basically a good time to review whether you are aligning with the energetic shifts and where you sit on all levels of your being, as your natural self.

How are you supporting yourself in being the best version of yourself?

Have you lost connection to your power centre, your solar plexus?

Do you regularly feel lethargic or lacking inspiration?

Are you working to please others or to further their careers and their visions?

Where do you still feel responsible for the success or failure, of others?

What needs to clear or be resolved for you to finally feel at peace?

Do you have a quest left unfulfilled, a love unrequited or a dream unattended?

Saturday the 24th activates a powerful abundance code where we will all be inspired to nudge and nurture our ideas and visions into being. Today, be the loving leader that you know you are deep down and practice compassion alongside courage as much as you can within every interaction. Venus is conjunct Mars in Virgo today also which will give us renewed drive, focus and the desire to follow our instincts, bringing our own expression of charm and charisma to the party so we will feel excited about what we are doing and creating. This level of stimulation can sometimes make us feel a bit antsy and vulnerable however because when we get all geared up about something that is close to our heart, we naturally feel protective of it and anxious about whether we can pull it off. This stress can lead us into fear about how to best protect it and ensure it will eventuate, so if you start feeling like this, just channel yourself into the earth, take some deep breaths, trust that you are being guided and that part of every heroes’ journey – we’re all on this one at the moment remember – is always fraught with failure before success is rewarded.

'Work hard, play hard' and 'go hard or go home', basically.

Truth is, failure is delayed success and we cannot arrive at our destination and in our fullest power, if we haven’t faced and risen above all manner of adversity as we have traveled. The hero knows this and yet keeps putting one foot in front of the other, even when he's missing a limb and knows danger, another obstacle or another sword-wielding Orc is right around the corner. The knowledge we gain through the see-saw experiences of yes-then-no-then-yes-again, is invaluable – and it becomes exactly what makes us great! This is also a good day to feel more connected to your partner or to open up to someone new, so make a date or move your usual ‘date night’, to Saturday night, because all old things can be resolved and new things can evolve, on this eve.

Saturday also sees an intense conjunct forming between Mars (male) and Venus (female) - the only time they meet this year in Virgo and in the underworld - which means things will get dark, dirty and gritty and potentially kinky as the energy stirs up all our sexual insecurities for added fun. This is (again) guaranteed to cause some disturbances in finances and romances as age-old archetypes get a reboot, shifting to their clearest states of being. Take a look at how you’re showing up and growing up, as far as intimacy and financial responsibility go. Check in to make sure you aren’t whoring yourself to the almighty dollar or to any sabotaging beliefs that keep you operating within the lowest frequencies of base chakra dirt and desire.

Mars and Venus as masculine and feminine, are commonly represented by two interlocked circles, the bottom one with a cross and the top with an angled arrow. This week try and tap into your divine mother and father energies and ask to be gently guided back to balance, reverence and energetic integrity on all levels of your (ultimately asexual) being-ness. Uranus Retrograde trine Venus in Virgo (on the 26th) will also be urging us to take a good honest look at where we may be suppressing our desires, our true needs, and to step up and out of any ruts we have unwittingly found ourselves in, regards stagnant aspects within relationships and where we may be stuck in sexual power struggles or sacrificing our needs to placate or maintain 'peace' and financial security.

With this Mars/Venus coupling happening at 4 degrees (the number that represents home, the earth, discipline and balance) and under the sensible and sensitive sign of Virgo, it means that relationship dynamics and anything that isn’t aligned with the highest frequencies within you (as a male or a female), will become glaringly obvious to both you and others as well. These planets meet in the Underworld where the only prerequisite is that all things must die before they can be reborn, reiterating the potency of this moment because it signals the inherent death of the social-sexual structures that have dominated our collective behaviour and perspectives about what is masculine, what is feminine and who is entitled to what (or not). Things will appear more black and white to you than usual as our emotional filters get an upgrade and balance between the sexes is restored through this powerful portal.

In order to think outside the box, you first have to know what it's like inside the box. Then you can smash that box right outta the park!

Any lower vibration behaviours (think random hook ups on dating apps), attitudes of sexual superiority/inferiority and chauvinistic, derogatory and abusive conduct (including some threads back into the prostitute and eunuch archetypes), will all be up for recalibration with this energy as we are individually called to transform the (purely) sexual, back into the (sacred and) spiritual.

Once this happens and anchors fully into our new energetics, it will activate all soul mate and divine union contracts – the ones that are ready to be activated that is – whether that means you finally meet your divined marriage partner, experience a sudden Kundalini awakening with a current one or you feel ready to let go and find closure with an old flame. How ever the energy may manifest for you, know and trust that it is deeply healing for you both on a soul level and that you are playing your part in the exquisite synchronicity that is the yin/yang-male/female dance. Get ready for your creative juices to be reignited and invigorated too!

Equality is the name of the game as both men and women remember their true soul essence and relationship dynamic – that of partnership, cohesion, mutual respect, co-creation and transformative tantric power.

In his clearest state, Aquarius is regarded as the humanitarian of the zodiac, able to see the bigger picture and arrange universal puzzle pieces in a way that honours and inspires all involved, however, he does have a tendency to be emotionally remote. It’s an ancient self preservation pattern, but coupled with a Leo Sun this week, he will be asked to soften into his heart some more and let some walls down in order to receive and expand, because this life is after all, centred around finding our tribe and developing deeper trust. The emphasis for both signs this week is most certainly about ramping up personal integrity and building heart-centred collaborations, plus dissolving all remaining ego-inspired wounds so that everyone gets a chance to participate and be acknowledged for their particular gifts and contribution, be it work or love related. Big, bold-hearted breakthroughs are imminent.

Whilst the Lion King (in his highest) is all about majesty, recognition and light leadership, the shadow side of Leo believes (and panics) that there really isn’t enough to go around and that his superior intelligence, talent and/or looks, naturally entitles him to all the accolade above everyone else. This self importance complex if left unchecked, will eventually turn in on them to create competition, comparison and polluted patterns of behaviour that can lead them to become quite shut down and shut off as they spiral further into self pity and jealousy, unable to be happy for the success of others who have worked hard to get what they have. When embodying his sovereign self, His Majesty knows that his success depends on the success of others and that their gains are ultimately his, so he encourages self expression, ingenuity and inspired contributions; as long as they serve the Crown and the greater community.

However, if he has been deceived, ousted or found himself on the receiving end of some dark magic (which in ancient times, with Kings and Queens making all manner of alliances with the dark forces in their quest for power, was all too common), he will be less magnanimous and less likely to trust those within his ranks – his peers, his blood relatives even. He may then in response and from a desire to remain on the throne, start to exert his dominance (as the King of the Jungle), to make sure everyone knows just how good, great, divine, powerful, handsome and fantastic, he is!

An Aquarian King on the other hand – in shadow – if presented with rebellion and corruption within the ranks, would opt to disconnect and wipe the slate clean – meaning, he would rather heads roll (literally) than waste his precious energy on explaining to those whom he is trying to help, why he is doing it for their betterment and how lucky they are that he is! He doesn’t necessarily burn bridges, but he isn’t big on second chances either. In comparison, in his highest frequency, everything he does centres around the greater good, so he would take their failure as his own and quickly set about trying to educate and enlighten them so they could become part of his ‘save the world’ team instead. The ‘all for one and one for all’ scenario.

So you can see, there has been quite a bit of opposition going on with this full moon and if you have been feeling heightened emotions, been wrestling with new (or familiar) subconscious beliefs or facing some raw and uncomfortable ego-driven realities about yourself, don’t panic because that just proves that you are totally on track with what the universe is bringing up for us all to clear.

We are heading into the Age of Aquarius in 2020, so it’s no wonder we are being challenged to the eyeballs. Life at present is inviting us to stop trying to be all things to all people, yet maintain our sense of devotion to the collective cause. It’s telling us it’s okay to give to ourselves sometimes and not feel pressured or burdened by the position of leader, creator or initiator all the time; because that is big work and big space to hold. Sometimes we need to loosen the reigns or give them over to someone else entirely so we can rest and reboot and interestingly, by doing that, we not only provide the opportunity for another person to step up into their karmic purpose and find their power, but simultaneously, we give ourselves a much needed break so we can then receive the next set of instructions from the universe. It’s good to have a plan but we also need to be self aware enough to intuit when even the best laid plans, may be better off surrendered. This also allows us to open to the sea of infinite possibilities and receive gifts from the universe that our small human minds couldn’t have possibly envisaged.

By letting go, we simultaneously empower others and honour ourselves.

If you have a strong soul pattern of giving, leading and teaching, have spent lifetimes rousing others to action or have chosen to be an overt earth activist this time round no matter what, this will (naturally) be easier said than done.

Millenia ago, being devoted to ‘a cause’ meant you were required to sacrifice yourself to it, at any stage, any age and whenever asked (or rather, told) to do so. Nowadays, commitment to a cause asks only for our full-hearted surrender. We are not required to carry the ancestral paradigms of sacrifice, lack, loss and accompanying self degradation and separation, but instead are now called to embody the higher frequency of ‘cause’ energy – one of unconditional love, motive-free devotion and steadfastness in the face of adversity. We are being asked to embody our inner heroine (or hero), in service NOT servitude. And this will of course, bring up much resistance and shadow reflection in those people who are still struggling with embracing their true identity; not the identities their ego has so cleverly mapped out for them (and addicted them to) up till now.

It’s time we got on the same page and started fighting for the same cause that is humanity’s mission for this era and that is, saving the planet for the children that deserve it.

At the end of the day, all we have is our intention, our integrity and our limitless capacity for love. Each of these things alone, can move mountains and together, they create All That Was, Is and Will Be.

I’ll seal this week's news with a shout out about this beautiful offering from my dear friends Lulu and Mischka Prem, whom many of you know and love already. Please click on this link to receive more information about their latest project in service to the divine in everyone –

Blessings and love,



“Divine masculinity needs to be re-discovered and re-ignited within us just as much as the divine feminine needs to be strengthened for the world to find balance.” (Amy Hoso)


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