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Back To The Beginning



I’ve been thinking a lot about conception this week and no, not in the physiological sense but rather, from the psycho-spiritual sense, in relation to beginnings, initiations and the awakening of all things.

The image attached to this weeks “lightletter” is of Crete, the Mediterranean oasis where my soul chose to incarnate this time round and even though I have no definite "human" memories of being there, just glimpses and feelings now and again, I resonate fully with its energies and of course, the expansive histories that have carved such an idyllic and spiritually potent landscape, for eons. Born in Athens just under nine months later and despite being the only auburn newborn bub among a sea of olive skinned natives, Greece has always felt like home to my heart.

I remember returning in my early twenties and immediately feeling at peace, even though at the time, Athens was reportedly one of the most dangerous cities in the world, especially to naïve tourists. But not to me. I saw myself as a local. I would chat with grocers and salesmen, telling them my story when asked where I was from and every single time I was accepted with warm bear hugs and loud welcomes, as is the Grecian way. “You’re Greek!” they’d shout, even though my birth certificate said otherwise. They didn’t care. All that mattered was that I was conceived on Athena’s land and came into this world via Kolonaki hospital, held by the watchful gaze of the great Acropolis. I regard my time in Greece as some of my best days ever and I often dream of returning one day, or running a retreat there. Now, that would be special wouldn’t it?

When I wasn’t dashing around to castings during the day, I would be working on photo shoots (as a stylist/hair and makeup artist), surrounded by other trade-smiths and travelers all filled with the same carefree attitude and wanderlust that I was; albeit on a back-packing budget. At night I would hit the town to party with the model contingent from my hotel, targeting some of the ritziest nightclubs and always getting free entry and alcohol till the wee hours of the morning, thanks to my glamorous roomies. Yes, it got a bit messy, often, and was a far cry to my life now as a tee-totaling, crowd-phobic yogi, but those experiences have gifted me so many precious memories and taught me so much about myself, my ancestral shamanic ‘roots’ and of course, the phenomena that is the human spirit. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

On the mornings I wasn’t booked, I would grab my favorite treat – a rich, crunchy pastry filled with vanilla custard called ‘Galaktoboureko’ (I think), that makes my liver cringe just thinking about it now – and explore the surrounding streets at leisure, buying cans of dog food for as many strays as I could afford, immersing myself in the culture and conversations with the locals at every corner and recalling myriad memories from my lives as an Athenian as my gut led me down alley after alley towards a new adventure. I would often hear voices, roars and cries of the ancients on the wind yet turn to find nothing. They were definitely communicating with me. As a result, I would often get lost as I followed my instincts, but somehow always managed to wind up watching the sun set from the steps of the Acropolis. I’d then have to follow my nose back through the Plaka to my simple abode well after night had fallen, but interestingly, not once did I feel threatened; nor was I ever approached in a threatening way. I knew I was protected because in my heart, this polluted, noisy and relentlessly chaotic city, was home.

So this week as I said, with so much shifting again in the collective reality and many more people (at last) starting to seek truth and see through the cracks that are this whole plandemic-covert19 hoax, I have been taking myself “back to the beginning” in a quest to find ways to reinvent and re-calibrate myself. Not with the intent to ditch or deny the old Denby, but rather to reconnect with her ancient essence, her warrior self that is fearless, footloose and fancy-free, even and especially, in the face of adversity. Unfazed by doubt or impending danger and willing to stand strong as the eye of the storm.

I have been re-birthing myself in preparation for what is coming so that I am centered in the best possible frequency I can, to be of highest service to others.

I’ve watched some incredible videos in between clients this week – the links are included here for you to view if you are interested in learning more about the common law and the true history of Australia for instance – and I’ve written some pretty powerful posts on social media as well that reflect my constant journey of self exploration, my willingness to surrender all I think I know and to keep participating in my soul’s re-calibration at every twist and turn.

The result so far? Less Fakebook ‘friends’ and a newly forged path.

Never being one to follow the pack or do what I’m told without first questioning the why, how, where and what of it all, I have made some big decisions of late, and no, it has nothing to do with the placement of the stars or some trend that I read was ‘supposedly’ coming. This originates from and is anchored in, my heart and hence, it is right and true for me.

I’d like to invite you to join me on the platform MeWe and also on Telegram, two sites that (apparently) are uncensored and relatively tech secure in this day and age. Well, I say that with fingers crossed behind my back as we all know that China pretty much owns everything anyway, but I’m hoping these new spaces will provide a temporary and safe landing pad whilst I transition my business back to ‘old school’. Yep, you remember, back when we used to only have websites, relied on word of mouth referrals and actually called one another on the phone instead of texting. I will keep Instagram for the moment as a backup more than anything, but when/if that starts feeling dense, I will remove that account also. You can always reach me by email as well.

Here are the links for you and I sincerely hope you will join me as we all learn how to adapt and expand from one ‘reality’ to another, together.

Find me on both as ‘Denby Sheather’. Also as ‘denbysheather’ on Instagram.

Incredible information every Australian should read regarding linguistics, our true history and how this country is being run as a registered corporation.

Amazing Polly never fails to deliver intelligent and educational videos, linking facts seamlessly and giving you a great overall view of the current world stage.

Also check out Magenta Pixie, whose work has inspired this particular sharing.

Humanity is at a zero point in time right now dear ones, a space of instant manifestation and pure, limitless potential. We are learning how to navigate the energy of this unknown-to-humanity-to-date field and it is certainly creating some next level catharses within our various communities.

Basically, if you’ve done your personal work, you will be feeling good; if you haven’t, you’ll probably be freaking out on a regular basis or at least be feeling very ungrounded and this is because if we aren’t aligned with who we are, where we’ve been (individually and as a collective) and where we want to go in order to evolve ourselves and our species, we will get lost in this sea of possibility. I know this may sound a bit Star Trekky to some, but remember, movies have been planting these seeds into our subconscious, for generations.

There is so much we don't know and are yet to remember.

In truth, this IS how the universe works. Life matches our frequency at all times. This is extremely-in-your-face-obvious when you visit a sacred site such as Uluru for example. Whatever your vibe at the time, Mother Rock will mirror it back to you – in no uncertain terms, yet always with love – showing you exactly where you are blocked and where you need to do your work.

This is why it’s so important that we know (and master) our own energy systems, that we work (daily) to maintain our energetic integrity, that we understand how to work with refined states of energy (the subtle layers) and refrain from engaging in 3D dramas as we move towards embodying the higher 5D vibration. The more we hang out in the density, for whatever reasons you justify to yourself for doing so, the longer it will take you to transcend what has been the reality of our species for so long; that is, the various forms of slavery that we impose upon ourselves such as self denial, self sabotage, selfishness and self abuse.

This is what (non-egoic) self mastery is all about. Clearing one’s stories, timelines, ancestral pathways and aligning all levels of being with divine consciousness.

I’ll be doing more posts and podcasts soon about the wounded healer frequency and what we can do to shift that because it has a lot to do with how people, not just ‘healers’, are navigating this global experience right now.

As humanity moves from the fear based reality (iron core) towards the love based reality (diamond core) – from a dense dimension, one mankind has inhabited for eons, into a lighter one which is our destiny, our birthright – we find ourselves inside what is called the ‘genesis’ program, inside/on the Stargate between our ‘now’ and our ‘destination’. There are literally millions of light weavers and star seeds holding what are called the ‘genesis codes’ now as well, those of instant manifestation, which is why so many of you have been thinking something right before it happens, either instantaneously or at least way faster than it ever has for you before.

I see this as humanity moving back towards our natural, telepathic selves. Away from the expression of man-cruel that we have inhabited for so long and finally into the most divine expression and embodiment of man-kind.

This shift hasn’t happened for many hundreds of thousands of years by the way because we have been living in a lower polarity paradigm for so long. Now, as the Ages shift – from Pisces to Aquarius – we are witnessing the merging of duality, the dissolving of ‘us’ and ‘them’, of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and even of ‘light’ and ‘dark’. As weird as it may sound, the only way to transmute the darkness is to actually embrace it and then rise above it, out of the mindset and perspective of duality, to embody a higher state of consciousness. The diamond core vortex.

It truly is an incredible time to be alive – to witness and participate in this shift from one Age to another – but of course, it ain’t no picnic. So how do we do that without losing our marbles; and our souls?

By being our authentic, sovereign, fully activated selves.

By acknowledging and owning our ‘mission’ in this life and then embodying it, 150%. When we do this, when we find inner balance, heal our traumas and step into our calling, our mighty I AM presence, without any doubt or fear, we automatically elevate our frequency. It’s all about knowing who you are and not swaying from that conviction. This is you, expressing your unique version of those genesis codes and together with your awakened brothers and sisters, you contribute to holding the universal space for all.

Yes, this is next level space holding if ever there was.

We are presented with two timelines right now and I (and many others more learned teachers) have written about this before. The Ascension and the Apocalyptic, but in truth, if we keep seeing things through this lens, we are again, perpetuating duality.

Activated, balanced, authentic star seeds/way showers/light weavers, don’t think in terms of polarity. Sure, they can see what’s going on in the world, get pissed off and react to the countless atrocities playing out, but they understand that is all happening on a lower density field. So they choose to move ABOVE that, where there is no polarity and where everything is unified.

When you occupy this space, you set yourself free from the limitations of mind, body and spirit and can then truly begin sowing the seeds and visions of the new earth. When you are still immersed in and reactive to duality – yes, to ‘light’ and ‘dark’ – you cannot do this. You cannot serve to the highest of your souls’ ability.

When you rise above, this is where you merge with the complete ONENESS.

There is a 'trick' to all this however and it is this: in order to hold this higher frequency, you must have first acknowledged the illusions, seen through the veils and recognized the tapestries woven between all the different shadow agendas that are playing out right now on the 3D plane. You need to accept that everything we are witnessing on the 3D plane is a direct manifestation of what is happening in the fifth dimension and that everything from covid to child sex trafficking, stems from an ancient and sinister agenda. It doesn't suffice to just "peace, love and light" it away anymore and unless you have done this deeper "pre-requisite" work, you are basically in spiritual bypass mode (unwittingly perhaps), and that doesn't serve anyone or anything.

This is why it is SO challenging! It goes against our nature (as our nature has developed up till now) and hence it’s a big ask to step off the cliff and take a completely new tactic.

There is a spiritual war going on make no mistake, but it’s playing out in the astral realm, not somewhere we can physically see the bloody violence taking place as demons and angels clash swords, and that is why so many are finding it difficult to comprehend, let alone trust. Those who do know what’s going on but instead choose to not see this as a battle to be ‘won’ – but rather, a series of simultaneous multi-dimensional experiences that are doing their bit at a time when the Ages are transforming and re-birthing – they are the ones who are co-creating a higher reality for all.

They do this by going above what is manifesting in the third dimension to the psychic realm where the real battle is being fought, and holding the cosmic grids no matter what.

This is partly why so much negative energy is flying around and escalating, particularly in our own country. The NWO cronies are generating as much panic and chaos as they can because they know they are going down. They know they cannot possibly harvest enough light to see them gain anywhere close to the level of power and control that they need in order to enslave humanity and keep us stuck in the iron core matrix.

Yes, they are manipulating technology, trying to woo us with AI 'advancements' like Sophie the robot for instance – that eerily looks like Miley Cyrus just quietly – and feeding us the same tired old narratives that we are weak, we are divided, we are stupid, we are sheep, we are ignorant and that we deserve to die. They want us, or rather, need us, to believe we have no choice and that if we resist, the pain will persist and in fact, get worse. There are many people who are falling for this because this black magic has worked a treat for so long. Generations have been adequately sedated and segregated but what the darkness didn’t count on, was the power of the human spirit. They also miscalculated just how many light warriors there actually are on the earth plane at present and by launching their full scale ‘attack’ on the world this year, they have inadvertently activated each one of them to their fullest!

Whilst we can’t go back to the old ways of being, the past, it is possible for the elite powers to replace it with a new upgraded version of the same crap and this is why it’s imperative that we each now pull our spiritual weight and hold strong for the storms to come.

If we can keep doing this and keep reflecting the fear back at them, their nefarious matrix will end up working to our advantage. All we need to do is change our knee-jerk, programmed reactivity of assuming failure, to the exact opposite. We have to start seeing dark noise as a positive indication that the light is purging successfully and that unity consciousness is manifesting, slowly but surely.

We have the numbers, we have the power and we have the will.

There have been more disturbing articles and evidence coming out about pedophiles in positions of state power and CEO’s being busted with copious amounts of child pornography (next level disturbing) and whilst the judges involved are letting them off with nothing more than a schoolyard slap on the wrists, we must recognize that this is all intended to ‘bait’ us and keep us hooked in the lower density field that I mentioned earlier. Again, allow yourself to react, feel the anger, the injustice and sacred rage – get it out of your energy system however you need to (I do!) – but keep focused on working to transmute it immediately so you stay on your higher path of forgiveness, love and trust. This is the only way we are going to dissolve the duality.

So how DO we bring ourselves back to that space of ‘conception’, of new beginnings and activated co-creativeness?

Don’t think in terms of polarity anymore.

When you move your attention and energies above the 3D consequences of this astral battle, you realize there is no polarity and that everything is unified. Whilst you are still viewing this whole scenario as ‘dark’ against ‘light’, that will just keep you sliding back into the duality paradigm.

Now for sure this all sounds like extremely hard work and it isn’t easy by any means. Maybe it sounds like spiritual bypass to you, but it's not. It takes dedication, mind-mettle and buckets of unwavering focus, and yep, you are going to fall off the wagon some days. Don’t stress when that happens. Just get up, sage yourself off and get back in the saddle. Know that you are supported by many others like yourself doing this work and that many more are joining the team each day as people step into love, bliss, trust, forgiveness and their inherent telepathic sovereignty.

When you’re ready, try and wrap your head and heart around this.

If we are to rise above duality and restore unity consciousness, then we need to start seeing Satanists, pedophiles and all the politicians and celebrities we have grown to doubt and despise, as potential keys to our salvation (and humanity’s).

When we choose to forgive them and consciously detach from the pain stories they stir within us and when we stop (energetically) reacting so fervently to them and what they represent – which is the absence and desecration of light – then that is exactly what serves to shift us out of the duality matrix and hence, closer to fulfilling our roles as light warriors.

In other words, by them being their worst, they create the opportunity for us to rise to our best.

It’s all in our (higher) perspective and this is exactly what ‘next level’ spiritual practice requires of us because we can’t fight 3D from within the 3D matrix and we certainly can’t manifest paradise whilst living inside a nightmare.

When we find it within ourselves to have gratitude for the shadow and the darkness and make the effort to move away from polarity and duality, we can start seeing our enemy as our ally. Naturally this will take mammoth effort and it won’t be easy, but I can tell you from experience, that this does get easier and believe it or not, you will find inner freedom in doing so. If you can forgive your enemy, see them as a reflection of the wounded, lost or forgotten parts of your own human self (and of the collective’s) and then move beyond that, you will end up triumphant, because you have risen above the lower and base densities and into a higher state of (Christed) consciousness.

They will remain in the lower frequencies as is appropriate for them, but you no longer engage or are affected by that vibration because it is no longer on your radar or in your field.

The truth is, the extreme polarity such as we have experienced for civilizations in order to learn, discover and activate our free will, will not continue. That energy aligns with the past and we have moved beyond that now thanks to the harmonic convergence, the 2012 activations and the support of our Atlantean ancestors who have reincarnated here and now to provide the light knowledge and celestial back up if you like, as these timelines overlap. Only that which is organic, pure, natural and in alignment with Divine Lore, will prevail. Synthetic can't compete and the deep state knows this. They know it’s “all over red rover” for them, they just haven’t admitted it to themselves yet.

Their powers are diluting and their plans are backfiring on them now.

We are seeing MSM reporting (albeit) snippets of the truth now as they attempt to reclaim some semblence of a reputation before being completely dismantled and replaced by citizen journalists and community alternatives. The people are pushing back and although it appears to be one step forwards, three steps back a lot of the time, this is a necessary phase because it creates enough agitation to literally stir and wake people up along the way. It manifests the tipping point that will end up stimulating them enough to finally action their free will.

I get asked a lot: how can we help the 3D people? Those who are not aware or ‘awake’ yet?

Well, the truth is, we aren’t responsible for ‘saving’ anyone, that’s between them and God, but what we can do, is hold space for them because we have the esoteric skills to do so and they don’t (yet). But it’s not our job to wake them up if they aren’t ready or haven’t chosen to wake up in this lifetime and we must surrender any attachment to that because again, that keeps us stuck in the duality of ‘us’ and ‘them’, of ‘awake’ and ‘asleep’. I’ll expand on this in future “lightletters”.

So, after all that (!), I invite you to take yourself back to the point of your own conception and try and connect – to remember – why you chose to come in at that time, at that place (on the planet), with specific gifts, to learn certain lessons and to move your soul further along its evolutionary path. Why are you here? What do you ultimately want to experience? What needs to reconcile within you so that you can embrace all that you are now? What is most important to you, beyond all the typical trappings of success, reputation and material expressions? Because these are all ‘trappings’ – literal ‘traps’ – that are designed to keep you separated within (and without) and distracted from your true purpose.

Don’t ever forget how important, precious and needed you are and also, remember to keep it simple, because it really is.

Discover, be and love yourself and all sentient beings equally and with no judgment.

Embrace your light and shine it as you will.

Raise and maintain your frequency no matter what.

Hold the higher space as you have chosen to do.

And never give up.

Blessings and love for a peaceful and perceptive week and don't forget to set your new moon intentions on Thursday 17 because this day is guaranteed to bring deeper personal understandings as well as further revelations in regards to global health and healing, (thanks to similar astro-alignments to the January stellium). I predict more will be exposed about the vaccination industry that will (finally) help put this scamdemic to rest, serve to unite the people from within, plus renew our faith in the media (as mainstream starts telling the 'truth', for once!)





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