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A Time To Cry

When was the last time you had a really good cry? Like, a complete, inner-child-total-emptying-out-I-can't-even-remember-why-I-started-crying-now, kind of bawl?

Crying is actually one of the most healing things we can do for ourselves and yet (I suspect) there could be some residual stigmas around showing one's (true) emotions, lingering in our collective consciousness that connect in to the stoic belief systems promoted by previous generations, times where little boys were told to "suck it up" and "stop being a sissy" and girls were taught to use their tears to get what they wanted.

I'm sure inherited trauma stops a good handful of souls nowadays from crying a river when they really need it.

Our bodies are composed of various fluids, over 60% in total, although the different organs comprise of varying degrees of water, for instance, the brain and heart are 73% and the lungs, 83% H2O. Even our bones are a watery 31%. We are divinely designed to absorb, receive, digest, dilute, swill, sweat and excrete. Sound messy, but that's pretty much what the whole gig of being human is all about, physiologically at least. We take in what we need, process it to our advantage and then let go of what no longer serves, on all levels of our being; that is, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Essentially, we are not meant to hold onto sh*t forever, we were created to learn through a series of experiences so we can refine, mature and evolve as individuals and as a species.

It's not easy for the majority of people to accept that they are spiritual beings in human form, although I do suspect that over recent years, perhaps two decades at the most, that more and more individuals have tweaked to this reality and that they do acknowledge there are "more things in Heaven and Earth Horatio, than are dreamed of in your (their) philosophy". Certainly my generation is more aware that there is some sort of "great conductor" or "being" orchestrating what we see and participate in as this thing called "life" and that nothing happens "by accident or coincidence". For instance, when you watch those documentaries about the behavior of minuscule alien-looking organisms living at the bottom of the ocean in what looks like incredibly dark and challenging circumstances and you learn how they have survived for millions of years through symbiosis and what could only be described as sheer determination to just survive, you cannot deny how incredibly powerful, intelligent and resilient this thing called "life force" actually is.

So why do humans (appear to) squander it so? Why do so many struggle with appreciating just how much of a gift their life actually is?

I don't have an answer for that, however, I am happy to share some ideas gleaned through my own experiences if you are happy to read on and receive.

I've spoken about Universal Truths before and the importance of understanding and accepting these precepts fully, if we are to make any sense of this 3D world we voluntarily birthed ourselves into and this really is what lies at the core of all spiritual practice; the innate trust and belief in a higher power that you are in fact, made from and guided by. But first, let's just get crystal clear on what the difference is between "beliefs" and "believing" before we go any further.

Apart from the obvious that "belief" is a noun and "believe" is a verb, the difference is actually extremely subtle. To believe in something (or someone), means you have confidence in the (or their) truth. The word belief refers to the feeling of being 100% certain that something is true, that is, that you hope something is correct, exists as you are being told it does or that someone or something, is an embodiment or expression of divinity and a "higher", more sacred reality than the one you are currently experiencing as your human self.

"Hope" is often described as a futile emotion because it has typically (in the past) arisen from less than savory circumstances that originated in fear. Hope can also insinuate you are wishing for something to happen outside of yourself (which has undertones of "I need to be saved") when the truth is, you have all the power to change your particular circumstances in any moment when you claim and exercise, your sovereign power. Anything that happens in the external world, is actually a reflection of your inner world manifesting in real time so you can see - and then shed - any old beliefs that keep you from embodying your true self! "Faith" or "knowing" are possibly better word choices because at least they imply a certain degree of acceptance and surrender has taken place (prior to the experience), that enables one to receive "what is" in each moment, without attachment or fear.

For example, we "hope that won't happen again", or "I really hope he/she/I, has learned their lesson now", whereas an example of a faith-infused dialogue would be, "I trust that this won't happen again because I know he/she/I, has learned their lesson." Homophones like this are tricky as I said, but I have faith that you get what I am saying.

So, back to the crying game.

I have been following (in his own words), "an old man in a chair", Dr Vernon Coleman, for about a year now - pretty much since the beginning of 2020 when the pandemic pantomine came to town - and this week, was deeply moved when he broke down at the end of one of his more poignant and passionate shares. It was the first time any of his viewers had seen him divert from his usual poise as the quintessential English Doctor, to show raw emotion and I am sure I am not the only one who was also reduced to tears for the experience. Dr Coleman has been tireless in his sharing of information about how ridiculous the whole C19 situation is, offering up highly intelligent and thought-provoking discourses on a weekly basis in his effort to educate people, share the truth and help humanity understand the actual science behind not only the virus, but now, the vaccine (which is really "gene therapy"). He stands as a rare creature of integrity among many of his peers in the medical world who graduated in the same era as he did, but now, along with many thousands of other doctors around the globe who are equally "awake" and just as vocal in their attempts to counteract the insanity and incorrect medical information, he has found his real calling as a care-giver.

Dr Coleman is a serious breath of fresh air and a true embodiment of the Hippocratic Oath, the pledge that so many of his global peers seem to have either forgotten or have been bribed to pretend doesn't exist.

His exasperation showed in this video and I totally felt his pain because it is the same pain and disappointment felt by those of us who have been speaking out from the beginning about the NWO and it's many tentacled-agendas and with only the best intentions at heart. Our united soul desire to inform people to the best of our abilities because we do truly care about the future of humanity, does start to take its toll and this was Dr Coleman's impromptu moment of overwhelm which he bravely allowed viewers to witness. It was in this moment that I joined him with tears of my own, realizing how much I too have been carrying and how important it is to regularly discharge my own accumulated stress and worry about what has been going on and what is on the horizon.

They say "laughter is the best medicine" and I totally agree it is a powerful release for sure - as are sneezing and orgasm - but "crying one's heart out" - as in, allowing the wounding that has been held within the heart space that needs to heal, to rise up, out and drain away - is equally as cathartic, if not more so. None of us can carry all that angst for an inordinate amount of time anyway, it's just not humanly possible, nor sensible. At some point, the dam has to break and so doesn't it make sense to do as Mother Nature does and try and avoid a one-off catastrophic flood by allowing intermittent releases on a regular basis that help you maintain healthy emotional "pressure"?

Now before you say "well that doesn't always happen in nature, what about all the disasters that wipe out the unprepared and unsuspecting", understand again that everything happens for a reason and that Mother Nature is only responding in those instances, to the extreme energies that have built up within multiple systems, to the point where there is no other recourse but to explode and reset the balance. To regenerate and ensure the continuation of all life. This is the Create-Destroy Cycle that governs all that exists on Earth after all. She also rebirths, releases and re-calibrates Herself every day, we are just not privy to all the ways that She does this and of course, when we drill and bore, blast and decimate Her terrain, Her body, She is going to respond at some point and in a way that will most likely not be comfortable or convenient for humans.

What I am trying to illustrate here, is the importance of cultivating inner awareness and being sensitive enough to gauge how our own internal systems and pressure valves are functioning so we can maintain energetic integrity on those four levels of self I mentioned earlier and therefore, reduce our own potential for spontaneous disaster. We are made up of the same elements as Gaia as you know, so our harmony is Her harmony and vice versa.

I don't know if you are one of those highly attuned beings who has ever heard or felt the Mother weeping or bleeding, but if you have, you will know how heart-wrenching and yet how necessary, it is.

And this leads me to the question: Is it that necessary to practice self regulation? I believe so. It's certainly the more self-loving approach isn't it, to give yourself the time and permission to stop, feel and release - as the human is designed to do, remember - and re-set ourselves from a cleared and lighter space. Only then can we continue onwards and upwards and with renewed vigor and focus, otherwise the opposite isn't too appealing is it? Those who choose to hold onto their trauma, their stress or their anger - either consciously and/or unconsciously - and even those who are proud of the fact that they "don't ever get sick" or "don't feel the need to cry", can't be living in a very healthy headspace, surely?

I don't think there's nearly enough emotional connecting and authentic clearing going on in our yogic and spiritual communities right now. Whether they are particularly esoteric or not, I think too many people are "soldiering on", putting on a brave face and perhaps even pretending to themselves (and others), that they are totally fine and in control, when just under their tough exterior, they are fragile and bubbling and getting ready to do a Krakatoa.

In fact, I believe the spiritual people, "leaders" and way showers among us are perhaps the ones that bury their burdens the deepest because of the intense roles they have called in and stepped into for this lifetime and I know this through my own experience. Those of us who are tough on "germs" (so to speak) are often very tough on ourselves too.

Truthfully, with all the New Cage offerings out there, the only support and armor you really need to see you through these tougher-than-ever-times, is the Armor of God.

It's quite literally light enough to wear 24/7, so it will never weigh you down, even in those moments where you are really feeling the heat and recognize that you need a good sob. There's plenty of room to move because it expands with your intention and your breath, in every direction and aspect of you, just as you would "expect" the energy of God to do. Always at your back and by your side. All you need do, is put it on.

The true heart warrior (frequently) feels all the feels without judgment or guilt - not just personally but on behalf of mankind - and yet still, he/she continues on the journey because there is no other way for them to be. In this way, the Armor of God is the heart warrior's "insurance policy" if you like.

I salute all of my brothers and sisters who are walking this un-trodden path with courage and conviction each day because it is not an easy one. It is however, one you have chosen for whatever your karmic reasons and you know this in your bones. You know it is your mission to fight and forge and stare down fear square in the face without baulking or buckling, but remember also that it is absolutely no sign of weakness to shed tears on the fly or in the midst of that battle. It is actually a sign of your strength.

In between teaching, writing and clients this week, I was delighted for the opportunity to interview two inspiring Aussie warriors - Jamie McIntyre and Max Igan - both of whom exemplify what it means to be connected yet compassionate, fearless and yet still full of feeling. Here are the Zoom links to both, plus Dr Coleman's video if you're in the mood to listen, laugh or cry.

Jamie McIntyre, Australian National Review

Max Igan

Dr Vernon Coleman

Sending love to you all as the Age of Aquarius continues to unfurl in all its beautiful and bastardly ways and in the spirit of embodiment and rising above adversity - which is what this time on Earth is all about in a nutshell - I will seal this week's share with Max's infamous quote, "Can you face infinity without flinching?"

If you feel too, repeat after me: "Yes Max. I can and I am."

And if this brings up a few tears, good. Let them flow. Let it go so you can laugh out loud again and remember the following: That YOU are your PURPOSE. Just by BEING you, you ALREADY ARE ALL THAT YOU NEED. You ALREADY ARE ALL THAT IS, WAS and EVER WILL BE.

Now pass the tissues please.



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