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A New World Yoga

APRIL 27 – MAY 3



I have no doubt that all the sages, seers, masters and mystical alien beings ‘out there’ are looking down at us all and shaking their collective heads (and tails) at the moment.

“Are they really at this point in their evolution again? Haven’t they remembered that the number one divine lore – DO NO HARM – must be adhered to, above all else?”

Sorry Buddha, but some memos are taking a little longer to circulate than others.

Thanks to the efforts of our forebears – not to mention countless galactic councils – we are in a position of great privilege now. We have the space and time to contemplate and investigate and use our god-given intelligence to question the status quo in order to understand what’s really going on at any particular point. It’s called FREE WILL – but many are either still choosing not to use it or they are misusing it in some way or another. Fair enough, many (millions to be accurate), don’t actually have an ‘I AM presence’ and this is why they are unable to empathize, carry out evil deeds where others recoil at the thought and dismiss any conscious argument or system because they have no conscience; but that’s another newsletter altogether.

As yogis and ‘healers’ of various kinds, our role is to hold the space for others so they may too, come to a deeper understanding of life and light within themselves and learn how to digest what the world presents them. As yoga teachers especially, that responsibility increases because we are in a position (again) of privilege, required by allegiance to Source, to hold strong and offer support and solace to those who struggle with grasping spiritual concepts and finding their own truth. We are the ones who scatter the pebbles throughout the forest in the hope they will follow.

And as such conscious beings – yoga teachers or otherwise – I believe it is our duty to ensure that others have an equal opportunity to express their views, to live their lives in alignment with their values and to practice compassion and tolerance whenever another viewpoint challenges our own. We cannot all think and act the same, nor should we as variety is the essence of life after all, but what we can do and what we must practice if we adhere to the eight limbs of yoga, is allow others to voice their opinions without fear of ridicule or rejection.

The very essence of yoga is built on the core principle of Ahimsa – non violence – in all ways and yet what we are witnessing (and on a regular almost daily basis), is a growing division within the yoga community and this split appears to be driven by fear and ego. Anyone who is speaking out about their beliefs, anyone who is putting forth a counter argument to the ‘powers that be’ and anyone who is supporting debates and discussions that oppose the majority-ruled, mainstream propaganda machine, is being branded as ‘dangerous’, ‘ignorant’ or even ‘idiotic’. Almost like a modern day heretic. It’s absurd and quite saddening.

Now I have been an activist all my life basically. I woke up at a very young age and I have benefited from having parents who encouraged inquiry and thinking outside of the box. As an adult I have often received personal (and psychic) attacks for speaking out about issues that many consider ‘unimportant’ – things such as plastic pollution over a decade ago, when nobody else was too concerned with how the oceans were dying or how their addiction to plastic was killing the earth. Now, 10 years on, everyone in the yoga world is on the eco bandwagon, so I’m not worried about what people have to say now when I again (alongside my like minded brothers and sisters as before), voice some hard-hitting, fact-based and well researched truths about the current pandemic and who/what is behind it all. I know those who cannot or will not see it now, will do so very soon and that they will need the support of myself and others like me, when the shocks finally hit home.

As an activator and an awakening conduit – and like other light workers of the same ilk – I see many things on many realms that others can not, so I understand when some people get all panicked and choose to dismiss what they themselves cannot plug into. It’s just what humans do: they fear and put down, that which they don’t understand.

Knowing this, how about we evolve as a group and start doing things differently? Instead of tuning out to what we may see as ‘radical’ ideas because they press our buttons and trigger our sense of safety and control, I suggest we keep the conversations going in the spirit of education and accessing higher knowledge; and in honor of those who have walked the path of intense change and challenge before us. Also out of respect for the learned abilities of our brethren because we all have gifts to share. If our ancestors chose resignation over revolution and sacrificed their dedication to finding the truth to the powers that ruled, then quite frankly, none of us would be here as we are today. We owe it to them to continue the line of woke warriors and to embrace the new as a way of moving forwards in love and awareness.

Civilizations have been broken and rebirthed on the blood, sweat and tears of people who have stood up and questioned and used their intuitive discernment and as yogis, as devotees to Ahimsa, yes, we should be opposed to anything that threatens our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. In the very least, we should do our research until we are blue in the face and satisfied there is no threat. It’s kind of what we signed up for when we agreed to uphold the yogic path, so yes, that means we should be advocates of anti-vaccinations, refute (often doctored) statistics about radiation and the ‘safety’ of 5G and oppose all forms of animal abuse for example. Yes, when you investigate and do your research – and look at the topics from all angles – you will discover just how abusive and violent those things and practices actually are. So why on earth would you choose to support them – directly or indirectly – by doing and saying nothing?

I cannot understand how somebody can turn a blind eye to even the slightest suggestion that human trafficking and child molestation may be taking place by pedophiles on a daily basis and how that someone would not want to get to the bottom of it in order to stop it?! Surely even the most hardened of skeptics among us, couldn’t rest knowing that such atrocities were taking place after reading about it themselves and hearing others regurgitate it regularly? My mind boggles at the level of disconnection.

What happened to critical thinking and where is the space in society for any opposing narrative to be heard?

We have separated ourselves from nature – and as a result, our own inner nature – for so long that we have lost the ability to discern and decide for ourselves. We have become our own worst enemy and in that process, we have separated from the truth of who we really are; which is, divine, sovereign beings that are the same, but different. We are stronger together than we are apart and we are all in this story together. Yogi or yodeler; the same.

This divide and conquer tactic has worked a treat for evil-doers for a long, long time, which is why they are really giving it a work out now as they sense their impending downfall. They are pulling out all the stops in an effort to polarize the world with paranoia, and so far, they have managed to get a head start. All they have ever needed to do is plant a few seeds of doubt, sprinkle them with some imaginary fears and sit back while we do all the work for them. WE are the ones who pull ourselves apart. We judge and persecute one another and perpetuate fights – and WARS – in our efforts to be ‘right’ and to ‘win’, when the reality is, none of us wins unless we stop focusing on our differences and start recognizing and appreciating what we have in common.

No matter your opinion, we’re all on the same team. We are all co-creating our 3D reality in every moment and we will all benefit from getting to the bottom of things; to the real truth.

I believe ego is the main culprit here, masquerading as ignorance, arrogance and all it’s other charming expressions, and if you know your yoga, you will know that one of the main teachings invites those who seek spiritual awakening to use their practices to identify and then free themselves from, the prison of the mind. When you master the mind, you are able to access all the other sacred information contained within yourself. I

It’s universally referred to as ‘beginners mind’ and it’s a vibration we would all do well embodying now.

All the discord and dissension we are seeing now within ‘conscious communities’, is due to an inability to surrender fully and absolutely to the heart. The mind rules agitation, the heart is all about peace. When we truly move from a grounded and spacious heart space, there is only one response; that of tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance, patience and cohesion. There is only the desire to unite and move forwards as one.

This week I would love to see all those upholding belief systems of the mind, find the courage to set those constructs down and open themselves to possibility and trust. To stop leaking their energy to fear and instead choose to engage in conversations that for sure, might be bloody uncomfortable and take them to new limits within their psyche, but that will ultimately serve the greater good.

When we agree to disagree and still hold love and respect for one another, then we edge closer still to being the yogis we all aspire to be.

The stars suggest this is possible in the coming days.

Tuesday 28 heralds two powerful numbers connected to new beginnings, fresh ideas and moving forwards through unity and collaboration. The numbers 18 (9) and 28 are all about letting go in order to reset and with Mercury square Saturn on this day, we are sure to feel a deliberate cosmic nudge towards putting our own swords down and turning our attention to reconciliation and a desire to be a part of creating a new legacy for humanity. Thursday brings in an 11 code of joyfulness, self expression and restored faith that ‘all is as it should be’. There is the potential for great breakthroughs in communications and relationships, thanks to a conjunct between Mercury (lower mind) and Uranus (higher mind) on this day. Expect some ‘ah-ha’ moments and divine insights. We finish the week with a fortuitous 3:3 code on Sunday 3 that brings forth renewed action around matters of the heart and soul. Venus (all about love, family and values) is square Saturn (the planet of time, awareness and action), helping each one of us re-evaluate our stance in the world and whether the values and principles we have been upholding, really are in alignment with the light (and with the person we believe ourselves to be). This will either bring you great joy when you realize you are in fact walking and speaking your truth regardless of social repercussions, or you will face the wrath of your own doing when you discover you have actually allowed the demons of mind, to dictate your journey and master your mind.

I hope as more information continues to filter through the internet and across our social media dashboards, that each one of us will re-activate that part of our mind that can think for itself – the divine mind – and that portal in our heart that answers to no other master than god (as our god self).

Yoga term 2 starts tomorrow with me so if you are keen to join, please message me for details. Pre-payment grants you access to as many classes per week that you wish to attend. Here's the link:

I am also taking pre-orders for my book "Mana Yoga: discovering your yoga nature" this week, so if you'd like a signed copy ahead of release, please email me ( to get my bank details and to give me your address. I only have 50 copies and they are $50 (including postage within Australia). This has been a labor of love for me for many years and I would love your support.

These are extraordinary times but we are extraordinary beings, so let’s join hearts and hands in celebration of all that we have been, all that we are and all that we are yet to become!

See through the illusions. Never give up. BE LOVE.

Blessings, love and courage to you all.




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