Denby Sheather is a natural born healer, a respected and inspired yoga therapist, workshop facilitator, shamanic intuitive, integrative energy healer, birth guardian/spirit doula, ceremonial leader, writer and mother.


Denby is renowned for her insightful and natural affinity with teaching and a pioneering approach to yoga, health and healing. She is passionate about awakening individuals to their innate power and helping them understand their place within the nature-spirit-self matrix. Her main purpose in life is to activate others and usher them through their soul journeys, helping them live in alignment with their most authentic, sustainable, highest selves.

Denby dedicates herself to continual wellness education, community service and soul evolution through her work and own life path. She has mentored many healers, yoga teachers and students of various therapies over the years, helping them to anchor and expand their individual gifts with strength and integrity.


Her passion for conscious collaboration led Denby to initiate the Japanese Yoga Teachers Association in Sydney in 2007 and co-found the ocean conservation charity Living Ocean Yoga in 2013. Both organisations have been instrumental in influencing collective awareness about the sacred connection between mother nature and ones’ inner nature, plus how important it is to ‘breathe deeply and tread lightly’.

As an earth advocate and activist she serves to enlighten the yoga community in particular about the importance of preserving and protecting mother ocean, minimising collective plastic pollution and building business sustainability and eco-accountability.

Her latest initiative is Yoga Spirit Journeys, a bespoke, eco-luxe retreat series that seeks to connect people with country through the practices of yoga, meditation, charity and ceremony.

Denby has diplomas in Japanese (Ki) Yoga and Hatha Yoga, Swedish Massage, Kinergetics, Bowen Therapy and Energetic Healing.

She has trained in Mind-Body Counselling, Theta Healing, Animal Husbandry and Healing, Shamanic Earth-Centered Practices, Soul Retrieval Healing, Crystal Alchemy, Aromatherapy, Ceremonial Work and Meditation.

She offers skype, phone and in-person sessions by appointment only. Working with Denby is sure to change your life in the most profound powerful and positive way.




Yoga Spirit Journeys are premier retreats focusing on respecting the land, honouring the self and creating unforgettable multi-dimensional memories.


Working on this deep energetic level with shamanic tools and intentions is quite often just what you need to create embodied healing.


Mana Yoga is an innovative system of corrective yoga, holistic therapies and energy work that is accessible to everybody. It is also very addictive.


Conducted each new and full moon, these immersive gatherings are potent portals; powerful catalysts that facilitate radical healing and change on all levels of self.


“Denby's Teaching Changes Everything”

I can honestly say I have never been to a yoga class of this calibre anywhere. I have practiced regularly over the years and attended yoga classes of various styles around the world and my very favourite have always been with Denby. Under her very connected and loving guidance I have experienced many wonders on my mat. I feel cleansed, opened and stretched, physically and spiritually and always leave with a deep warmth inside of me, unsure of whether that sensation has been reignited inside me, or been intentionally channelled into me. Denby has a beautiful way of creating and holding a sacred space; I feel totally safe to explore and let go. Having Denby’s teaching, her dedication and her awesome, deep knowledge in my life, changes everything.



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