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Denby Sheather


Spiritual Healer, Mentor & Hypnotic Therapist

The age of the Guru is over.
Can i get an amen, please?!

It’s high-time we started realizing just how amazing we are and taking back our power! 

Not to take anything away from the great self-helpers of the 80’s and 90’s who have no doubt played a significant part in forging the spiritual paths of many a Buddhist, the Universal Truth is, we actually don’t need anybody to tell us how to BE. 

There IS no book for the “Ascension process” because YOU are the Ascension process.

Nobody can heal you, human. That is your job and your choice.

YOU have to be ready to do the work. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

It’s on your shoulders to show up and receive what is being shared by your chosen mentor, teacher or spiritual guide - not theirs - and if anyone else tells you that they can do that work for you, or that you have to invest a small fortune and attend their limited series of secret ceremonies to attain “enlightenment”, I suggest you walk away. Self-appointed “shamans” are a dime a dozen nowadays. Save your cash and spare yourself the inevitable energetic crash.

Expectation and fear around showing up and “doing the work” is what keeps most people from facing their shadow and doing the deep personal inquiry that is needed to own, feel, shift and finally make peace with, their residual, unresolved trauma. The truth that it is in fact you whom is responsible for yourself at this level, is too much for many to handle, but this is exactly what we need to do in order to set ourselves free from the past and start welcoming the future – the unknown – with open hearts and open arms.

The only way "out" , is "through".

I have over 25 years of personal development and professional experience “under my belt” and have supported thousands of clients from all around the world. I have done the hard yards – and continue to do so – because the journey of self-mastery is never over, it continuously mutates and morphs, as we do. The moment we stop learning and growing, we die. Maybe not physically, but definitely energetically and consciously. If you are afraid to live because you might die, then you are already dead.

Yoga at Home

You are all-powerful and you have everything you need, INSIDE you already.

But how DO you unlock that limitless potential and then action it in your everyday life?


I believe the answer is as simple as the query: by giving yourself PERMISSION to do so.

For civilizations, the majority of the human populace has been suppressed, oppressed and depressed, by “the powers that be”. I actually prefer to call them “the powers that were” now, because they are losing their power thanks to more people waking up each day and refusing to submit to their outrageous tyranny.


If you really want to be an embodied, empowered soul, you must accept that you came to this dimension – and during these particular “pandemic” circumstances - for a very specific reason, therefore, you have a duty (to yourself above all), to seek, discover and action, that purpose in order to clear any remaining stories that no longer serve your spiritual growth.


When you believe in yourself, anything is possible.


FYI, I don’t do “New Age fluff” nor entertain egos when it comes to my healing work. I am real, raw and unapologetic and am totally committed to my soul duty as a conduit in service to The Creator.

here are some of the ways you can transform:


  • Heal your core issue by reconnecting with your inner child

  • Learn how to lean into your feelings without fear, guilt or feeling judged

  • Find out why you make the choices you do and how to ignite and expand your perceptive powers

  • Feel confident and free as you release old habits and attachments that keep you stuck and feeling dis-empowered

  • Clear past trauma in this life and resolve any soul programming from others

  • Be supported at your own pace so you can comfortably integrate the teachings and make them yours.

Shift your wounding into your strengths and feel:


  • Increased confidence and courage as you learn to see, love and value yourself

  • Fully grounded and integrated body, mind, heart and spirit

  • Develop your understanding of Universal Law, Universal Crime and Nature’s Principles

  • Have a renewed appreciation for life and the patience and power to deal with change

  • Gain clarity around your life’s purpose and the steps needed to start manifesting it

  • Live from the place of self-acceptance, self-responsibility and ultimately, spiritual freedom.


this work really benefits women struggling with:


  • Eating disorders, anxiety and self-care challenges

  • Menstrual imbalances, blood irregularities and menopausal issues

  • Infertility issues, pregnancy and childbirth trauma

  • Disembodiment and/or rejection of your femininity

  • Womb trauma - due to both inherited and current life circumstances

If any of this resonates, here are two options to consider:


It’s all up to you dear heart. It always has been.

As a woman in her guardian phase, I have no qualms confessing that I have lived one crazy and colourful life so far, but it’s the life that has made me who I am today, so I wouldn’t change one chapter. I’m no saint and I certainly haven’t been the “perfect” anything, but I have been authentic, and I have lived with heart. I have chosen many challenging and wonderful experiences for myself, and no doubt frustrated and disappointed many people along the way, especially during those times I was moving from lower and denser vibrations of consciousness, but, just like everyone else on the planet, it’s my life to live and I am proud of how I have navigated and integrated it all.


I know what it’s like to be in debt; to be a single working mother; betrayed by a soul mate; cursed by a witch; to be mentally and emotionally abused; to live with and heal an eating disorder; to terminate and miscarry; to be dumped by your best friend; survive a divorce; to be ostracized and ridiculed by peers; misunderstood by family and treated like a social leper because of (perceived to be “unorthodox”) beliefs and skills.


I have lost dear ones to cancer, drugs and suicide; a family home to bush fire; sacrificed career opportunities for relationships; (temporarily) lost my faith in humanity (and myself) and doubted my own sanity. I even eroded my self-respect and better judgment into (almost) non-existence several times because I believed “playing small” and “being a good girl”, was the safe and sensible way to go. Little did I know, back then.


I get suffering and I understand lack, loss and pain, yet it’s because of these very experiences that I have learned how to transmute my “wounding into medicine”.

Walk on the Beach

I have fallen down – and been kicked down – and each time I have got back up, stronger, wiser and more EMPOWERED for the lesson.


I am HUMAN, just like you.


Being human however, is not a fault or a flaw as so many, think and say: it is a PRIVILEGE.

Too often we utter, “well, (it’s because) I’m only human”, insinuating that as such, we are destined to fail or f**k up, but while we may think we are joking or excusing a silly mistake, this language is actually derogatory.


“Our word is our wand” and we must be mindful of the energies we manifest with each and every one.


We are divine, sacred beings, gifted with intelligence, consciousness and the ability to choose, create and procreate. There is nothing “wrong” or “defective” with us. We are not born “in sin”, we are born from LOVE, and it is this frequency that is woven into the fabric of our sacred blueprint to magnetize everything that is divinely designed for us, TO us.


Abundance is our birthright.


To me, this is what “being spiritual” is all about. It’s not about memorizing mantras, posing in pretzel-like positions for hours or leaving behind all creature comforts great and small, to sit on a mountain top and try and will our soul to “awaken”. Spirituality is different for everyone, but living it is very different to “believing” in it. A genuine connection to Source and the Sacred, will never need social stats or selfies to make it real. Again, the simplicity of life escapes us if we’re not consistently vigilant.


I believe enlightenment is less about becoming more spiritual, and more about embodying our 3D, human selves. About remembering that we are enough, exactly as we are and integrating the crystalline spiritual self into the carbon physical self, to manifest the ultimate “trip”. THIS is the invitation from unity consciousness; not levitating and “Aummm-ing” oneself into oblivion.


I have told my students and clients for years, that “nothing in life happens to us; everything in life happens for us” and when we understand this fundamental principle, suddenly the veils lift, and we can clearly see “what is”, for the first time.


When our perception shifts, we can actually allow ourselves to receive all that we are, which is, all that our soul came to remember, claim and activate.

Every session is different, but essentially I use voice, touch and prayer and whilst it’s always deep and profound, it’s not always emotionally comfortable. It doesn’t hurt physically, but it can sometimes create what is known as a “healing response” in the following 24 – 72 hours or so, which may include anything from fatigue and mild nausea to frustration and emotional sensitivity. Whatever your response, know that it is a necessary part of your purification and that your body will settle and your emotions will balance as you integrate the work over the following few days. I have a specific protocol to support you during this time that you will learn about should you choose to work with me.


Over the years I have learned when people are ready to embody their full and true selves, they find me, somehow. I have no desire to entice you with flashy promises or add-on offers, nor convince you to embark on a journey that you are not ready for. I wish only to meet and mentor you, as you embrace all that have always been.


You must be ready to meet your own magnificence.


If stepping into a lighter, clearer and more aware and connected version of yourself, resonates with your soul and you’d like to learn more about how to be of service to yourself and humanity, I have several different offerings to suit your needs and your budget. You are also very welcome to reach out and book a free half hour chat so we can see if we’re a good fit.


Please note that if you are after Reiki or a “quick and easy fix”, perhaps I am not the therapist for you. Connect here.

Online Offerings

Hands-on healing

One-on-one in person or as an online healing session conducted via phone or Zoom.

$120 AUD or 30 - 45 minutes OR $300 AUD for 60 – 75 minutes

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 4.02.37 pm.png

Tailored self-mastery

Six-week Hypnotic & Spiritual Counseling package


6 x 1-hour sessions over 6 weeks

3 x 30-minute phone Q&A sessions 

1 x 30-minute follow up check-in one week later


$1,200  AUD

Shamanic Healer


“Denby's Teaching Changes Everything”

I can honestly say I have never been to a yoga class of this calibre anywhere. I have practiced regularly over the years and attended yoga classes of various styles around the world and my very favourite have always been with Denby. Under her very connected and loving guidance I have experienced many wonders on my mat. I feel cleansed, opened and stretched, physically and spiritually and always leave with a deep warmth inside of me, unsure of whether that sensation has been reignited inside me, or been intentionally channelled into me. Denby has a beautiful way of creating and holding a sacred space; I feel totally safe to explore and let go. Having Denby’s teaching, her dedication and her awesome, deep knowledge in my life, changes everything.




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