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Welcome to "SpiritYouReality: What Seems and What Is".


This book is dedicated to all the brave souls who have stood strong in the face of adversity over the centuries, and who continue to be the voice of reason, peace, and love on behalf of all sentient beings. Whatever your stance or beliefs, thank you for being here during this challenging yet extraordinary time on earth. Bearing witness from within a simulationis hard work and we all have our stories to process, but we must remember that at some point, a game always ends.


It is an eclectic fusion of spiritual truths, galactic histories, confronting possibilities and lots of other esoteric things for the inquisitve reader to digest and consider. It is also an unapologetic record of the last four years and written in the spirit of education, community, and unconditional love.


Thank you for your purchase and I'd love your support in making "SpiritYouReality" the best seller of 2023!


It is also available on Amazon as an eBook and paperback now also.




Denby X

SpiritYouReality: What Seems and What Is

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