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What Satan is really up to

It's not what you may think.

For the past few days - since that wild solar eclipse actually - I have been receiving message after message about what is actually going on behind the scenes of this spiritual battle and I have to say, it's pretty shocking.

Whether you believe Satan exists as an actual entity, or perceive "him" more as the shadow aspect of our own (and collective) psyche, either way, it's an interesting conversation. Please bear in mind as you read also, that whilst it might appear that I am focusing on and creating further dualism, know that I do this intentionally in order to reach those still stuck in that paradigm and belief, with the view to inspiring revelation within them as they start seeing the obvious and making their own conclusions. You've got to meet people where they're "at" first, before you can gently massage them towards more evolved concepts and into a space where they are willing to consider new possibilities.

There is certainly plenty of historical evidence as well as scriptural evidence, to suggest that perhaps the Bible isn't the complete and conscious work it is touted to be. There are scholars who have transcribed alternative texts and proven opposing stories to those written in the Old and New Testaments and they are backed up by numerous archaeological and scientific facts.

A system that promotes and worships a singular male as the only possible deity available to "save" mankind, perhaps seems a bit even medieval in this day and age.

Mary Magdalene definitely lived at the same time as Jesus and she was definitely a powerful healer and scribe in her own right, but was she the student, or the teacher? Did she lead the Essenes alongside Jesus or did she hover in his shadows, destined to be dismissed and eventually dissolved - her very existence denied completely in most cases - from the history books?

Personally I have always connected with a Mother God and Father God, it just makes more sense (to me) from both the anatomical and energetic perspectives. You can't have one (or create) without the other and the only creatures that have cast doubt and imposed disgust upon this natural and divine union of male and female, has been us, the humans. The masculine and the feminine are equal, despite playing different procreative roles - one a conduit, the other, a vessel - and I don't believe it serves anyone's higher self to dismiss women as inferior, whilst promoting only men to be worth of the authoritarian role of master, scribe or leader.

But let's get back to Satan and how he has been depicted in the Bible for eons.

Apparently he fell from heaven as Lucifer, the light bearer, although his name (as that), is never mentioned in the Bible. Once he "landed" on earth - one assumes a tad crispy and wing-less, although TV series Tom Ellis' version says otherwise - he had a name change to "Satan" or "The Devil" and promptly became head honcho of Hell, torturing the damned for their sins and quickly earning a dastardly reputation that continues to this day. But how much of this is actually true?

Well, nobody really knows do they, because given the fact that the history books are mostly fictitious recounts delivered in earnest by those who WON, it doesn't leave much room for any opposing and therefore, possibly more truthful, versions of what really happened at the time, does it?

Psychology loves to dive into the whole "Satan" story by explaining it as our "shadow", the un-evolved and un-healed aspects of our psyche that lead us to think, create and commit, sinful acts and atrocities, because we cannot face, let alone manage, the more devilish sides of ourselves with any great or lasting success. An esoteric teacher will tell a very different story, one centering on our tendency, or even necessity, to constantly crumble into temptation in order to satiate the darker aspects of our human nature, because that is the only way through to our lighter, more conscious and socially acceptable side. We must embrace our darkness and love and integrate it back into awareness, so we can feel whole and complete again.

But is this concept of Satan, the same as Satan the entity and where did the Luciferian construct originally come from?

Good questions that I will save for another blog once I have researched the topic more thoroughly. For now, I wish to focus on revealing and highlighting the parallels between the satanic frequencies we are currently witnessing unfold around the world, and the energetic imprints and intentions behind it.

For the past few days I have been called to watch several Hollywood movies, much to my soul's dismay because I know the mechanics and madness of this industry so well and it makes me want to vomit to be honest, but in the name of research, plus not wanting to ignore the signs my guides insisted I look at; I did.

The first was one I saw about a year ago, "Doctor Sleep", the sequel to "The Shining". Then "The DaVinci Code", again, featuring one actor (Tom Hanks) that makes my skin crawl because I know what he truly is and the third being "Dracula", a three-part series on Netflix, which by the way, is a 100% satanic-sponsored channel.

It's not so simple to just watch these movies and not be affected by them either, you really have to try and disassociate yourself to a degree so the violence and horror doesn't penetrate your spirit. I always cloak myself and do a ritual before I watch and then cleanse immediately afterwards to ensure nothing has connected with me. Downloading as I have of late, serves mainly as validation when I watch the movies they tell me too also, so it really is just confirming what I have already intuited.

So, here's the thing with all these movies: they refer not only to blood but more importantly, to bloodlines.

Dracula was always depicted as having three wives with whom he was desperate to breed with. Doctor Sleep was essentially about demons draining the life force from innocent children in order to achieve immortality and The DaVinci Code focuses on the Christed bloodlines and the legend of The Holy Grail, which incidentally isn't an actual chalice you drink from, it's representative of The Divine Feminine - Mary Magdalene to be exact - who was a prophet in her own right and possibly the one we should really be making all the fuss about.

Blood as we know, carries information and energy. Our emotions embed in our blood and can be stored or packed away, suppressed and denied, into tissues, organs, bones, meridian pathways and the various layers of our aura, but there is something else that many are not aware that our blood is all about and unluckily for us, the darkness does.

Our blood carries the God gene because we are children of God and I'm not talking about a man with a beard in the sky that bellows down upon the people when they don't follow the scriptures or forget a passover. I'm talking about Creator Source, the One Magnificent Being that is both masculine and feminine merged into Neutrality. I'm talking Supreme Unity Consciousness.

We are all hybrids of various kinds, carrying different degrees and expressions of divine energy in our plasma and as carriers of this genetic sequence, we are able to regenerate ourselves at will. This is a big part of why the whole "junk DNA" narrative was concocted and sold to us, as a very clever way to dis-empower the human and "switch us off", because if we believed we only had access to a limited amount of our being, we would be easily controlled and manipulated.

The dark powers have been hiding the truth about our capabilities and our energetic inheritance from us, for eons.

In a nutshell, your blood is LIGHT and this is why satanic forces want it.

For example, in Dracula, he talks about "blood is lives", plural, not "blood is life", singular, and when I heard this line, it actually sent chills up my spine, plus set off some seriously ancient memories that have left me in no doubt about the authenticity of what I am about to share. One of the characters suggests that "perhaps stories flow in our veins and you can read them if you know how". WOW. If that isn't a spoiler alert, I don't know what is. Now you can take all this or leave it of course, but I hope that you will at least consider it before you dismiss it.

They've told us for millenia, not just through movies, that Dracula wants children of his own. Dracula is just one of many representations of shape-shifting Satan, albeit the most "popular" and terrifying one, so if Dracula is trying to procreate, that means Satan is trying to reproduce also, and the only reason that Satan would be trying to reproduce, would be to populate the world with his own "kind". To grow his own devoted tribe of "divine children", wouldn't it? Notice how I say "grow" because the only entity that can "create" anything, is God.

I got this really strongly last night people. Satan is trying to create his own bloodline.

So how does this tie in with all the current pandemic BS, PCR testing and vaccinations? They are gathering your DNA and bloodline information, when you submit yourself to the test; and possibly also implanting you with nano-particles at the same time, but that is still yet to be confirmed for sure. You are also volunteering your genetic imprints as well because all our emotions and life experiences (from this and past ones) are stored in our blood, "easily" read, by those who drink it. The vaccinations certainly contain dangerous radioactive ingredients that move around your body to lodge themselves in various organs and cause havoc, that much is blatantly obvious and proven now, and this is why so many are experiencing blood clots and blood imbalances and why women are suddenly suffering from random, heavy bleeding and trauma to their wombs and cycles.

When you innocently and ignorantly "give your permission" and invite Dracula over the threshold and into your house (or to be specific, up your nose and into your blood-brain barrier in this case), you have handed over your power and acquiesced your precious free will.

I suspected from the beginning that they were using tests to find the indigenous bloodlines (to eradicate them) and anyone sharing similar "blue blood" with their own "elite" lineages. With the ones sharing similar DNA to themselves, they could then "weed" out the ones who have become too polluted over time and through generational deterioration, or salvage others and use them as "mother" tinctures, for want of a better way to describe it, and to harvest the rarefied light (or life) force, contained in their cells.

Satan wants to create an entirely new "race" of human hybrids, one's that are devoted to him.

One's that deliberately defy God's light and their own soul's, and he's doing it by hijacking and harnessing the life force of humans whose blood shares the same sacred frequency of the Original Creator.

Both "The Shining" and "Doctor Sleep" talk about "shining" or showing your psychic light, and how that will make you a target to those who are drawn to it and that want to absorb it completely. The sequel also reveals some hauntingly true facts in connection to astral traveling and remote viewing and I believe it's really important to explain the differences here and also how to protect yourself from both.

When you sleep and either consciously decide to go off astral traveling - or if it happens organically and unconsciously as you doze - or similarly when you sit down with the intent to remote view and gather information from somewhere, know that you are not alone and that you are not the only one able to do this.

By practicing remote viewing for instance, with a specific intention, let's just say you will attract unwanted attention from the other side. Because of the quality of light you generate as a sovereign being, that energy will spark up on the radar so to speak and alert "others" to your presence. This psychic practice is favored by occultists as a way of accessing the human psyche in order to infiltrate and manipulate our perception and reality, so they will "see" or sense you, almost immediately. This is why you so often see people who remote view, getting very emotional and distraught at what they suddenly find themselves witnessing and this is because their spiritual energy is heightened on top of their physical nervous energy and if they also have any unresolved darkness or shadow within themselves that unconsciously leans them more towards trauma, than healing and truth, they will be left feeling even more drained and depleted. Sometimes they can feel as if they were actually participating in the scenario they were being shown, which in many cases, is what happens. When you leave your body and transverse multiple realms and the sensitive etheric veils that define them, it can be very difficult to discern which ones are light and which ones are safe to navigate.

When you access the same frequency bands as the dark ones, you are obviously at a greater risk of being "discovered".

Astral traveling is slightly different, although you still need to be very careful to shield your aura before you begin. Again, your light body automatically amplifies when you tap into another "reality" and this is because you need the extra "voltage" support in order to access higher frequencies and the information held within them, and especially if you're going "off-planet" and through myriad and altered planes of existence. While you can obviously access the astral plane to assist others as their soul requests, a lot of the time during your own dreamscape when you're not even aware of doing so, most astral traveling tends to be a more personal journey, an experience where you go off to discover, retrieve or resolve something that has more intimate significance for you.

Either way, I personally think we don't need to know what all the details about what is "going to happen" because the very reason we are here in this human suit, is to learn and grow from our karmic lessons and to discover our innate gifts and strengths through the various unknown trials and tribulations as they come.

If we were to know everything that was coming up, then we'd either become complacent, try to change it if our ego didn't agree, or do things to stuff it up, which would only lead to creating more karma for us to balance! I reckon we see a lot of this in relation to the latter point of creating more drama instead of manifesting dharma, when people access what is commonly called the "Akashic Records", to learn their fate and their fortune. Sorry, but I'm still not convinced this exists or that it's even our business to be poking around in such.

The last part of this beyond-bizzare-puzzle that was shown to me and that I wish to share, is this.

When enough of the bloodlines have been cleansed and fortified, THEN the timelines will shift and the higher ascension pathway will anchor.

Until that time, we will continue to see humanity "shedding" itself of wounded debris and many souls going through next level rites of purification, clearing the ancestral toxins of the past and preparing the human species for a collective "upgrade". Some regions and races will experience this more intensely than others, and no, I do not know exactly which ones. What I can say is that those regions that still harbor a lot of cultural distortion and communal pain and those that have carried unconscious wounding for a very long time, will experience this phase intensely. Many will choose to "exit" (as in pass over, somehow) whilst others will hold strong in their energy and "survive" the refining.

As I said earlier, the blood contains our stories, our emotions, our accumulated psychological imprints and expressions of "dis-ease", not to mention the poisonous legacies from fast food, additives and sugar that we have all ingested over time in different ways, and if these things aren't addressed and healed, the blood, organs, bones and light body, will start to degrade. As a result, we will slowly start to lose access to our divine, cognitive intelligence and falter in our innate ability to discern, respond and create and THAT is how we become "sick".

When we regulate from the inside out and are able to relate to our external environment with grace and ease, and establish a healthy and clear organic human system, then we become "immune".

Basically, the blood is the ascension process. This is all about the BLOODlines AS the key to accessing the TIMElines.

More on this soon.


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