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What do the covid pandemic, climate change, and cyborgs have in common?

They’re all part of one big eugenicist-driven agenda to reduce, control, and genetically modify, humanity.

If your immediate response to this opening sentence is to scream “conspiracy alert!” in your head, I would invite you to take a deep breath and consider removing your blinkers, if only for the next five minutes, and for no other reason than because your future, and that of your children, depends on it. Also, pop on your thinking cap.

The global yoga-slash-spiritual community has been through the wringer these past four years over this supposed pandemic. Enough bridges have been burned and way too many friendships and relationships have been ruined because of fear propaganda, cognitive dissonance, and difference of opinions. It’s time for us all to practice some next level Ahimsa (non-violence) and find the courage to look even more deliberately into the shadows, otherwise we risk causing irreparable damage to what was once a deeply in tune, cohesive, and intuitive collective.

Enough time has passed now for people to realize that taking an experimental product labelled as a “vaccine”, was not a particularly good thing to do. For those needing data and statistics, the jury is well and truly out on this one. You’d be hard pressed to find a person who hasn’t either heard of someone who has lost a loved one through “adverse reactions”, or suffered fatal loss in their own family, circle of friends, or community. It’s time we stopped taking vacuous selfies like everything is “back to normal” (whatever that was), and woke up to smell the Nag Champa, don’t you think?

As the title of this article suggests, there is a explicit connection between the pandemic, the injections that we were told would “fix” it, and the permanent manipulation of our human genome, so let’s unpack this in layman’s terms.

Firstly, you need to understand Terrain Theory because every angle of the madness we have experienced in the past four years, hinges on the opposite, Germ Theory, a hypothesis humanity has swallowed hook, line, and sinker since its inception in the 1850’s.

The main difference between Terrain Theory (or Terrain Therapy as I prefer to call it), and Germ Theory, is separation.

We have been so masterfully separated from our true nature, from Mother Nature, and conditioned to rely on devices, substitutes, synthetics, and machines, that with each generation we have slowly distanced ourselves from the wisdom and personal power we were born with. Yes, dear reader, you were born to be free, you were born wise, and you were born with everything you need encapsulated within your very cells. You do not need anyone to “heal” you and you certainly don’t need anyone to be the boss of you.

Terrain Therapy teaches communion with your seed-soul self, your natural essence and knowing, all the things that we yogis and spiritual folk talk about and strive to achieve through our daily base practices. It’s all about love, freedom, and energetic empowerment.

On the other hand, Germ Theory teaches that the world is out to get you, and if you want to survive, you need to sterilize and defend yourself against these things called “germs”. It promotes fear of Nature, rejection of one’s intuitive self, and worst of all, division between humans.

Let’s take our emotions out of it for a moment and be purely analytical. Which approach sounds more supportive, more yogic and loving? The Terrain principle, one that invites, or rather reminds you of your innate power and connection to Source, or the Germ-based mindset that insists you live in constant flight-fright-freeze mode?

As you begin to process the above, the next part of the learning journey is discovering how the covid “pandemic” is connected to climate change, and it’s by the same reasoning, essentially.

Put aside the traceable fact that since the 50’s (and earlier), climate alarmists like Al Gore and cohorts, have been screaming, “We’re all going to die!” because the ice caps are apparently melting at breakneck speed, and we’re all going to be submerged before we know it. Yet miraculously, celebrities still romp around in their beachfront compounds, and the polar bears still have their frozen homes in tact, so is someone lying to us, or is ignorance contagious?

The climate has been changing since, forever, it’s what this planet does. It changes constantly to allow for all life forms to continue to survive and thrive. She is a living, breathing organism, not a commodity to be conquered. Carbon dioxide is the building block of life, meaning, without it, we die. Knowing then, that all plant life requires carbon dioxide to produce oxygen for us to breathe, you must ask yourself the question: why the hard-core, non-stop assault against this life-giving gas for so long? Independent scientists claim there is actually a carbon shortage in 2023.

The answer to this question is not a short or simple one, but I assume you’ve still got your thinking caps on, so let’s dive in.

Mainstream media doesn’t hide the fact that 1% of our global population consists of some seriously wealthy people, obscenely wealthy in fact, and that these people and the Spectre-inspired conglomerates they own, influence every aspect of our lives. No conspiracy here, just facts, and you can google these for yourself. Nobody disputes there are the “have’s” and the “have not’s” in the world, and that this has been the case for centuries.

We also know that he who can afford to put multiple hotels on the blue parts of the Monopoly board, is the one who controls the entire game. Nobody likes turning that infamous corner to face Park Lane and Mayfair head on, and it’s the same in real life. When it comes to money, he who has the most, wins, at least this is how the game has been played up till now, but that’s only because humanity hadn’t learned to play the game properly. But we have now. No more recycling through the reincarnation loop to repeat this lesson, we’ve done that more than enough times.

So, if 1% hold the purse strings so to speak, what is the remaining 99% doing, and why has this been allowed to go on for so long?

I would suggest because we have been complicit in our own demise. We have been sleeping and growing more secure (and thus, sedated) each day, thanks to our addictions to all the entertainment devices and distractions supplied by that 1%, to the point where we’ve lost sight of ourselves and what we have the potential to achieve as that weighty purse. We’ve become so attached to “stuff” that we can’t imagine life without it, whereas in comparison, our ancestors were a lot more innovative and courageous. Hard yakka was a way of life for them, not an option or something they did periodically. We break a nail, or someone looks at us sideways in a way we don’t like, and our day is ruined; or we paint them a bigot.

Our forebears certainly lived (more) in alignment with the earth than the current version of human does, and whilst they were still subjected to mogul manipulation and fear porn most days, most of them could smell a rat a mile away. Which is why they shipped all the strong, real men off to war to be slaughtered, and put the women to subservient work in their absence. They didn’t want us producing offspring with gumption who would rise in the future and try to overthrow the comfortable status quo. They also knew children would be more easily indoctrinated by their scholastic system without proper parental guidance, and that they would carry that familial trauma forwards in their cells and into the next generation. I’m sorry to say friends, but the situation we find ourselves in today, has all been by deliberate, despotic design.

Natural “climate change” is nothing to fear either; but man-made climate change is.

Geo-engineering, cloud seeding, and weather manipulation have been patented since the 40’s, another fact you can check at your leisure. This hasn’t been hidden from the public, we’ve just been distracted away from what’s really going on, because we are that 99% and as such, we carry a lot of clout. Clout and manpower that the 1% don’t want us to figure out and then embrace, en masse.

Another no-brainer regards the environment, is when you pollute it, you turn it into a toxin, and when the source that nourishes all life is interfered with, that means humans suffer too. This is another lesson we haven’t mastered yet: the realization that when we hurt others, we hurt ourselves at the same time, and vice versa.

No animal defecates in its food supply; but we do. We deliberately damage Mother Nature without regard for the intricate symbiotic system She has already established to sustain life on this planet, or for the myriad creatures we share it with. Instead, we use our “superior intellect” to take, rape, mine, and macerate as much as we can, for money and power, and leave yeti-sized footprints in our wake. We then complain about micro-plastics in the ocean and how we can’t get decent fish to eat anymore, and like gullible minions we believe the puppet masters when they radio in from their private jets hovering over Davos, that we are to blame, thus humans must stop all agriculture immediately and start eating bugs to save the planet.

We also believe the media when they insist the increase of “superstorms” is a result of our ignorance and greed, when the truth is, they have orchestrated our dependence on all things fake and artificial so this situation would eventuate. There is nothing natural about laser beaming wildfires into existence or pulsing the earth with frequencies capable of shifting the tectonic plates.

If they were to split Uluru in half with EMF’s tomorrow and sell it as a “natural disaster”, most people would actually believe them.

Again, I ask you, how does their climate change argument make any logical sense? Are their words congruent with their own actions? In a word, NO, and once you understand who’s writing the script and who’s benefiting from the movie replaying repeatedly, you’ll start joining the dots like I did.

Are you happy to own nothing, eat 3D-printed meat, and live in a smart city prison, just because some authority figures told you, “It’s our way or the highway”?

The pandemic paved the way for climate change to land cleanly on the runway. That’s all the “certificate of vaccination ID-2019” (“covid-19”), was.

A Trojan horse to usher in 24/7 digital surveillance, micro-managed communities, facial recognition technology, and medical tyranny, and the instrument that allowed them to see exactly what they could get away with, and how many people they could get to comply. They needed something scary enough to ensure the honest, decent citizens of the world would willingly give up their birthright to question, choose, and discern, just so they could implement the next phase of their warped WEF 2030 agenda. Without a multi-pronged attack, they would never have got enough humans to take the bait.

Just like the covid virus story, climate change plays on your fear. You’re scared of an invisible pathogen, so you acquiesce your rights to stay “safe”. You’re scared the world is going to die, blow up, burn up, or spit us off, so you forfeit your rights to stay “free”.

But the evidence does not support their arguments, and if more people took the time to lift the corners of the carpet and peer underneath, they would discover just dirty the scenery is behind the public veneer. They’d also see how hoodwinked they’ve been. To be honest, given our atrocious behavior as a species, I wouldn’t blame Great Mother if She did wake up one day and decide to vomit us all off.

We must start seeing things as they are and learn to sit in the uncomfortableness of truth if we are to create any sense of cohesion and reciprocity, and start repairing the damage that we have all been complicit in creating within our spiritual communities around the world. When we continue to argue over who is right or wrong, we only feed more energy to the real enemy that seeks to destroy every one of us. If you have been led astray yourself or were someone who led others down the dangerous path of medical acquiescence, now is the time to make amends, apologize, embody humility, and stand strong with your human tribe to face the irrefutable enemy.

The final phase of this master plan of course, is to engineer a new race, a “Cyborg” species, and this is the most insidious part of all three, and if you love being human, I’m sure you will agree.

Transhumanism is not a new concept. It also isn’t restricted to secret laboratories or whispering behind closed corporate doors, it is out in the open and all over the internet for everyone to see, and whilst the idea might sound enticing, most people have no idea what it really entails.

Transhumanism plays again on fear, the fear we all have in some way, of death.

The fear of dying in an ancient imprint in the collective psyche, one that has driven humans to commit universal crimes in the name of “God”, and to sell their soul, literally, to evil entities in the hope of achieving immortality. The irony is however, that we are already infinite consciousness, eternal light beings (living in meat-suits), so we don’t need to make any deals with the devil or compromise our spirit in such a way. If you’ve been meditating for any length of time, you will know this.

In a nutshell, Transhumanism involves the merging of mankind with machines. Their weird science has been trying to work out a way to bond organic tissue with metallic and synthetic materials for a very long time, and as bizarre as that may sound, that’s only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Their real agenda is a lot more sinister than building a few freaky looking robots to replace and impersonate humans, or make our jobs easier (yeah, right), and that oddly resemble walking, talking blow up dolls. They want to get rid of the need for a human body altogether, so they can just “upgrade” to a new and improved version, Human 2.0 then 3.0 and so forth, as David Icke states, thus bypassing death, and becoming “like God”.

The experimental phases that robotics has had to grow through over the decades on the world stage is testament to this psychopathic process. Nowadays, they can not just infect your body with nano-tech (using mRNA injections), they can transfer your consciousness into a separate “vehicle” or “host”, thus enabling you to “live forever”. And as always, they explicitly tell us what they are doing, we just choose to ignore and/or disbelieve it. Dolly the Sheep (back in 1996) was the start of all this cloning madness, and it’s been going on for a lot longer than when she was launched, believe me. They’re about 30–40 years ahead of where they tell us they are.

Jared Kushner has recently been quoted as saying, “Thanks to the advances in science, I am part of the first generation that will live forever and the last generation that is going to die.” Says it all, really.

It’s a sensitive topic, but the transgender explosion we are witnessing now is not by accident either, nor is it happening because too many kids ate hormone-laden chicken during puberty or never played with Barbie. If you want to remove gender and create a sex-less species, one that obeys on command, cannot procreate (unless allowed to), and will uphold every rule and regulation released on the interwebs, you must remove the individual from themselves and then convince them they are something else entirely.

This is why they have been targeting very young children, because they know how impressionable they are. Kids are highly trainable, their innocence making them extremely vulnerable to suggestion, manipulation, and outright evil coercion.

There is nothing natural or acceptable about a four-year-old learning how to have anal sex, or wanting to remove their genitals because they were “born in the wrong body”. The yogis and spiritual seekers who support this insanity need to hop out of their ice baths for a moment and take a long, hard look in the mirror.

When you confuse gender, you remove gender, and at that point, when humans voluntarily sacrifice the very thing that makes them a multi-dimensional work of art, their souls are ripe for the picking. What we have been witnessing for the past couple of years after the initial pandemic tidal wave receded and we experienced a lull between psyops (psychological operations), is the desecration of the sacred individual as they butcher their own bodies whilst professing to have “found their true selves”, when the harsh reality is that all they achieved was self-mutilation and a swathe of mental and emotional scars they will no doubt have to deal with down the track once the impact of their choice, finally lands. It’s absolutely devastating, for them and for others to witness, and again, who profits from this narrative? The pharmaceutical leviathans attached to that oligarchical octopus, of course.

None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for covid setting the scene. So, what can we do to stop the destruction of our species and all that makes us divine, wise, and sovereign?

We do not comply. We refuse to wear masks. We walk past the hand sanitizing station at the supermarket. We ignore the signs to stand six feet apart. We stop using QR codes and scanning our lives away. We take full, deep breaths, and we appreciate the lungs we were born with. We sneeze accidentally in public like we always have, without feeling guilty or the need to remove ourselves from present company. We keep hugging and laughing and being human. We don’t “tap and go”, we pay with cash. And we certainly don’t take any more experimental, gene-altering injections that do nothing to keep us safe, and have everything to do with kick-starting the chemical changes in our body, mind, and spirit, necessary to morph us into a hybrid that becomes part of their matrix; and for who knows how long.

What we are witnessing are the fledgling stages of occult alchemy designed to integrate man with machine to establish the next race, the Cyborg.

The injuries, the deaths, the removal of rights and the destruction of sacred environments, including the casualties from the spiritual warfare that’s occurring in the unseen realms, it’s all collateral damage that the power-hungry elites gather at the end of each day so they can tweak their system and keep siphoning us off to their advantage. Not only do they not care one iota about your welfare, they anticipate your demise.

So, before you (metaphorically) shoot me as a concerned and conscious messenger, and hopefully before you sign yourself up for some more medications that will undoubtedly facilitate your continued transformation, please pause, and ask yourself if this is really what you signed up for in this lifetime.

And whether you want the same for your children.

In Lak’esh.


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