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Faith not Fear

MAY 18 – MAY 24



Image by @jamescoleman

I’ve been having some really interesting conversations this past week.

I’ve chatted with new friends and old friends on Facebook and in person and with quite a few random strangers on the street whilst waiting for take away; and it’s been quite an eye opener.

The people whom I connect with regularly on social media, who know who I am and what I stand for, have continued to offer their loyal support and stability and for this I am deeply grateful. It’s always nice to know your tribe has your back when you're stepping out of the crowd to deliver your call to action. The new friends I have met through conscious groups I have recently joined are also wonderful and awake souls, as are many of those I have spoken with in the dog park, supermarket queue or waiting for coffee (me, dandy chai). Everyone in their own way has provided refreshing insights into where my extended community stands at present.

I believe it’s always better to have a face to face conversation with someone than to debate electronically of course, but social distancing has made that a tad harder than it used to be, so we have to make do. The new way of connecting via computer or phone however, does expose us all to those who hide behind the anonymity such platforms provide, and throw insults and ‘debunking statistics’ via their keyboard at any given opportunity and whilst everyone is entitled to their opinion, these people don’t earn my respect; especially when they don’t know you and fire figurative bullets at will. I really couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks about me but I won’t tolerate verbal abuse or being told my perspective is ‘dangerous’ – and certainly not from someone who professes to be a yogi.

Today (Sunday) I had a very civil chat with an elderly gentleman in Avalon and was happy to hear and discuss his take on all things 2020. Despite our personal beliefs about all that is happening in the world, that’s how we learn; when we allow others to share where someone else is coming from, without judgment or aggression. This is what ‘holding space’ is really about because where is the effort or the invitation to rise above your programmed stories, when you only focus on ‘holding space’ for, or preaching to, the already converted? We've got to get uncomfortable in order to expand.

The rite of passage for us all lies in meeting the resistances within ourselves and then diligently working to move from a space of equanimity and compassion as you allow a differing view to be shared and explored.

This lovely man was quite adamant that Scott Morrison had ‘done the right thing’ grinding the country to a halt for the virus, that Trump was ‘an idiot and should be removed immediately’ and that he was ‘happy to sacrifice his creature comforts’ to help protect the vulnerable in society. Fair enough. We agreed we both lived in a very privileged part of the world and were very grateful for what we had when so many millions are doing it way tougher than ourselves and when I asked him what he thought about mandatory vaccines, he said he was pro vaccine. I asked if that meant ‘pro choice’ and he said ‘to a degree’. I prodded gently and asked if he then thought it was the right thing to force people to be injected in order to make others feel safe. Again, he said ‘to a degree’. He said he didn’t have children but if he did, he wasn’t sure what his decision would be, although ‘there is plenty of evidence to prove that vaccines are safe and necessary, ever since the 1700’s and earlier.’ I wasn’t going to push so I just nodded and smiled. In my experience, when someone starts legitimizing the past and spouting doctored (pardon the pun) data about said medications, to me, that just shows that they haven’t done enough research themselves to discover the whole truth. I know we are each on our own journey however and that is as it should be. I didn’t agree with him entirely but I liked and appreciated his honesty and his maturity in being open to discussing sensitive issues as he waited innocently for his lunch. He didn't count on someone like me striking up a conversation like this I bet.

As long as we don’t impose our beliefs on others and can instigate intelligent debates so we can discover a way to serve everyone’s best interests, not just our egoic own, that’s progress.

Yes, of course we need to be mindful of others and do the right thing to ensure they are kept safe, regardless of whether we believe this virus is as bad as it’s being made out to be or not. It’s not worth the risk. He had recently had heart surgery so understandably (he admitted) he was scared. I listened calmly because I truly am interested in hearing what others are thinking and how they are processing everything right now and we managed to have a polite conversation – from opposing corners – without any aggression at all. My parting comment to him – which made him laugh – was “Well at least it’s all a good argument for positive thinking!”

My point is, we are all on the same page essentially, regardless of what ‘corner’ we are engaging from and that when we connect with our fellow humans with an open heart, inquisitive mind and a willingness to understand their story and their needs and desires – to put ourselves in their shoes so to speak – it serves to dissolve and negate some of the fear and discord that is circulating so proficiently; and that can only be a good thing. When we respectfully ‘agree to disagree’, we learn something new and in turn, that means we learn something new about ourselves.

Online, well wow, that is a whole other kettle of fish! I have been deflecting all manner of unbelievable from people who are so stuck in their ways they don’t even know it. They want to prove me wrong, trip me up as a fraud or something, I don’t really know, and to accuse me of monopolizing other people’s views or celebrity status for my own benefit; oh my god, what the actual? It’s so ridiculous it’s getting amusing now because all of the above couldn’t be further from my truth. All it shows is how much work these individuals still need to do on themselves.

Just because I share my truth and you don’t agree, doesn’t make me wrong and you right.

Just because I am not a scientist, theologian or immunologist, doesn’t mean I don’t understand the basic principles of science, history or how the human body works.

Just because I tag other spiritual teachers and activists in my posts, doesn’t mean I am insinuating I am affiliated with them or that they endorse what I have written.

(I say this with love) to those people who have felt the urge this week to pick on me directly and indirectly (and on others like me) – good on you, I hope it made you feel bigger. Despite your intentions, all you have actually done, is publicly reveal your own insecurities and deep need to be seen as an authority. I am not interested in defending what information comes to me from Source nor am I willing to justify myself when interrogated in this way. Here’s a tip for free: If you don’t like what I write, who I am or what I stand for, don’t visit my page. And if you do hop on because the news-feed tagged you and find yourself compelled to make a comment in the moment that you know is not coming from your highest self – because you are also an aware spiritual teacher – show enough respect for me (and yourself) and send me a private message instead. And if you don’t want to do that, then perhaps don’t say anything at all because once your negative expressions are out there in the ethers, it’s only going to thread back to you.

I know many of you out there can relate to this because I have been receiving your emails and messages telling me you have also been watching how this adolescent behavior has been playing out in the spiritual and yoga circles in particular. There is a great divide and it saddens those of us who are only trying to lighten the path and encourage others to think for themselves and investigate outside the box. But now, it is time to call it out for what it is and so I respectfully request that everyone just take a chill pill, do the inner work they need to do and stop manifesting separation within the collective.

You do you and I’ll do me and that is what will lead to our salvation. It’s what this crisis is all about after all; healing ourselves and reclaiming our power.

Right, now I have got that off my chest, let’s move on!

There are lots of planets this week that are helping us to rise and manifest our highest reality. Jupiter, Saturn and Venus are retrograde and we have the Gemini New Moon rising on Friday 23, creating a potent window of opportunity that offers expanded and innovative ideas and solutions to problems, myriad divine downloads and the potential for each of us to transcend time and space so that we can shine more light into all corners of the globe in a way that we haven’t been able to before. And it's really simple how we do this; we just be our most beautiful, most empowered and conscious selves.

May is showing up as the intense month it was always expected to be and is extending the invitation to dig even deeper into our psyche and explore the finer layers of our personality, habits, beliefs and projections to liberate and align. What is truly important to you? What would you like to change, or what needs to change, within yourself, and the best one, what is your primal relationship to fear?

Fear is on the rampage now and we each identify with it in our own unique way, but at the end of the day, we will each have to face our fears and make peace with death and endings because the reality is, we aren’t going to live forever – in this human suit that is – and if we’re not careful, fear will make us do some really stupid and really dangerous, often regrettable things. When we face our fear and stop identifying our self as our physical body only, we begin to set ourselves free because we realize fear is just an illusion and nobody can ever do anything to you without your soul’s consent. No-body and no-thing, has the power to take away your right to respond in any way you want, to any given situation; that is always up to you. They may abuse your body or influence your mind in various ways, but they can never destroy your true essence when you embody it, nor make you respond as they see fit. We choose to hand over or maintain our power and this is why it’s so important to acknowledge and embrace your Christed self, your true sovereign self, because when you are in that vibration of self mastery and I AM presence, you find the strength to forgive your enemy and dissolve any evil deeds or intentions they may have in store, through the heart flame of Source.

Your choosing love will be what brings fear to its knees; within and without.

The next few months are really important for this work because they lay the foundations for the next decade. Everything is accelerating and magnifying in preparation for the next round of huge energetic influxes. As a light being, a sovereign being, you are here to anchor this blessed energy and help move it forwards, hence, your thoughts, emotional expressions and actions are key right now. What inspires you? What brings you into your highest spiritual self? What blocks you from stepping into your destiny?

So much energy surrounds us right now, its imperative to stay grounded and clear. If you have done your work, this will be relatively easy for you; if not, you will be unsettled and more agitated than those around you. You will be prone to fear, likely to attack others for their views because it makes you uncomfortable and you may find yourself doing all you can to ensure you maintain your safe little comfort zone because the alternative is too overwhelming. When we feel unsafe we are often driven to do things that harm or destroy the lives, happiness and safety of others and that just keeps us stuck on the wheel of Samsara, repeating soul lessons until we learn how to set ourselves free. *Samsara is the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in this material world, is bound.

Whatever you do now, it’s all about each one of us fulfilling our life purpose – or not.

The old patriarchal systems are collapsing and this is a confronting and painful process for sure, but it is necessary so the new spiritual platforms can usher in. The way the world was operating, was not serving the majority, nor was it serving the light, I think we can all agree on that. It was serving a select few only and that is not in alignment with divine cosmic law. So, collectively, we have co-created a massive wake up call for ourselves, to change the dynamic and turn attention back to community, family, feeling, responsibility and reciprocity. Nobody knew exactly how this shift would come – that is, in the form of a virus – but many of us knew something was coming and that it would need to be pretty full on in order to grab the attention of the masses and crack the back of the beast.

Ultimately we have all chosen to be here for this prophetic ‘event’. We all have a role to play in the re-calibrating of humanity at this time. Every person, no matter what their present level of consciousness is, has a part to play in this puzzle; be it to trigger others and help them start working on their wounding or to allow others to choose slumber. I have said many times that the universe offers each one of us the same opportunities to step up and embrace our higher self. Each person’s story is their own, valid and appropriate for their karmic story. Everyone is fulfilling their destiny in some way or another. This is what we are witnessing now in the collective matrix – some activating, some not (or at least, activating by not activating).

It’s going to be an interesting year that’s for sure and those of us who can adapt, re-evaluate and go with the flow without losing themselves, will fair well, so I suggest you find solace in your heart, trust that the Creator has your back and keep asking for guidance as to how you can action your conscious warrior self to the best of your ability. We must stand in our power and stand together in the name of love if we are to bring about the change we wish to see in the world and that means conquering our fear – or rather, loving the lost, wounded and forgotten unconscious parts of ourselves – to the point where they no longer drive us apart, individually and collectively.

Tuesday 19 is the final day of the 10 consecutive days of double code energy, so if you can, make time to honour this completion with a ritual of your own. The new moon in Gemini flows in on Friday 22 and I will be doing an online group healing via Zoom on that evening at 6:30pm, so please check my Denby Sheather page for details.

My next I AM Activation course starts the day after on Saturday 23 (and again Saturday 30), so don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn a very powerful technique that will serve you for the rest of your life basically.

I am treating again at my home studio so if you wish to receive some shamanic healing or a tarot reading – or prefer a remote session – please book via

Remember, you don’t need to be perfect or popular to inspire or support others. People get inspired by you being real and sharing yourself and your experiences without fear of failure and with full authenticity. When you do that, you not only create a ripple effect of unity, awareness and love, you restore faith in the hearts of others and remind them of their own divinity. And that is a true gift.

Blessings and love to all,




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