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Trio of Transformation

JUNE 15 – JUNE 21





There are some mammoth themes playing out in the collective this week (again), alongside mercury retrograde, a solar eclipse and for us down under, the winter solstice! It's a holy trinity of transformation that's for sure.

Even if you don't believe in reincarnation, it's a thing. We have all had many lives but not all of us were high priestesses, pivotal and powerful figures or Egyptian gods draped in jewels and servants of course. Many of our lives we were spent just being 'lowly' humans, every day people working hard and honestly, trying to make sense of the society at the time and doing our best with the 'tools' that we had. The one thing we do all have in common is that we are part of the One Great Spirit and that we are all collaborative souls on the same trajectory of awakening. Treading different paths yes and some more armored up than others, but heading for, and aiming for, the same result most definitely.

This is why it is so important to cultivate compassion at this time when we bear witness to all the atrocities and insane situations expressing every day. Each and every one of us is fulfilling his or her destiny, as needed, in order to take us further along that illuminated pathway. Just because we don't agree with someone's methods, their language or the way they braid their hair, doesn't give us the right to judge, condemn and crucify them. Everyone is dealing with the concept and reality of death in their own way.

We are all on one massive learning curve and the longer we fight and feed discordant energies, the longer our group pain will continue. We must stop falling for the deliberate triggers and start using our hearts not our heads, to discern how we are being played.

So where does this urge to 'save' or 'educate' everyone (something that I know many light workers in particular feel, myself in the past included) actually come from? Well, apart from our own unresolved wounds, it comes from another time where we felt indebted or responsible for making sure everyone got on the boat in time. What this residual energy does, is reactivate the burden codes that have been dormant in our cells since that previous lifetime, making us feel like we have no other choice but to rescue everyone who 'missed' the boat last time and rally them into our proverbial Mothership now.

The reality is however, that we can’t save everyone, nor is it our job. That's god's domain.

Every soul is responsible for itself now that free will has been returned to the people and this is why we are seeing so much unrest and uncertainty; not many know what to do or how to fend for themselves without being told how. All the suppressed toxicity and karmic wounding that humanity has been harboring for centuries is now rising to the surface to be seen, confronted and allowed or encouraged to express and eventually this will integrate and clear, but first it has to be felt in order to be cleansed. No more deflecting, denying or debunking. It all has to come out of the shadows (literally) and into the light (again, literally), for all of us to be truly free of the baggage we have collectively created.

And we all need to participate in this process in our own defined way.

When we feel attachment to the waking up journey of others, it is important that we pause and identify what that is actually about. Are we coming from love or fear? From ego or purpose? Because ultimately, nobody can influence the healing journey of another. It is up to the individual to choose salvation - or not - and if they choose not, then it is us who needs to make peace with that because otherwise we will fall into despair and blame ourselves for 'failing'.

Chances are, if we couldn’t save them in the last lifetime, we won't be able to save them in this one and so we have to let go of the guilt and lovingly allow them to follow their own calling this time round. This then sets us free to focus on finding the joy in the journey of life because no matter where any of us are at, there is still beauty and gratitude to be experienced for the sheer fact that things that were desperately out of whack, are being identified and finally released.

The subtle ego is shedding now and the best way to support this, is to hold love and trust in our hearts that at least these things are being seen by more people every day. Trust and be thankful that the dismantling of all the old systems that no longer serve, has well and truly begun and that what we have been praying for - that is, the dissolution of the patriarchy and the restoration of sovereignty - is taking place, via the channels of chaos and consciousness.

Celebrate the clearing of density. Honor the exposed corruption. Bow to the divine one within all sentient beings when you see they are beginning to question and decipher and digest in their own unique way, even (and especially) when it doesn't look the same as your process. We cannot all awaken in the same way nor can we all come to deep and visceral understanding of the multi-layered illusions our species has been enslaved by for eons, at the same time. We are in a spiritual relay race of sorts I guess and hence we need to take turns so as to maintain balance within the collective field and ensure the next 'wave' of light workers, can carry on with the work.

This week I invite you to stay calm, stay neutral and release any attachment to outcome. We are anchoring frequencies that are being drawn into our 3D reality by many star beings and human channels on earth right now. This is why you are feeling discombobulated and discontented (to say the least). This is what happens when spells start breaking apart and people begin seeing for themselves, what is really going on. Shadow is doing it's darndest to polarise us, but we are winning and it is faltering. You can see this very obviously in the mainstream media as it fights to maintain daily control with stories (that we know are full of BS) that try and turn our eye the other way so we don't twig to what's happening on the other side of the fence and that only contradict one another as they insult our awakening intelligence. It's a bit of a joke now isn't it.

It's all about intention at the end of the day and there's has never been pure.

Choose your own reality and keep strengthening your connection to unity consciousness. Unhook yourself from the ingrained beliefs that only serve to keep us stuck in expectation, fear and hopelessness. If you identify the programs and then choose to unplug yourself from that matrix, you not only give your physical body an immediate break from stress, you (ironically) have a better chance at affecting others (indirectly) because you have stepped into more of your divine soul self.

And that is how we usher our brethren into the new earth paradigm. By example.

To help with all of this I will be facilitating a solstice/eclipse ceremony on Sunday at 6:30pm. Here's the link:

I am also available during the week for private sessions should you feel the need to cleanse and reactivate your soul or your focus on any other level of being. There really is no better time than now to receive healing and have your spiritual gifts activated. Please book here:

My next "Soul Survival 101" 5 week online course will be starting soon, so if you are interested in learning some powerful techniques and rituals to support yourself and your loved ones at this tumultuous yet transformative time, here's some info for you about the current one:

Sending you all so much love and thank you for your beautiful birthday wishes last Sunday. I felt very loved and appreciated.





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