Time Will Tell

Image by Denby Sheather: Uluru, May 12, 2021

"Time will tell", they say, but does time really heal all wounds?

It's one of our most common catchphrases, but in reality, does the passage of time truly help lessen the pangs of tragedy till they remain but a twinge, or is this just another cliché bandied about to make people feel better in their moments of darkness and despair?

I am sure that if you asked any of our Original People's, their answer would differ greatly to the response most non-indigenous Australians would give.

Walking around Uluru this week, my head and heart were filled with many questions, as they always are when I come out to country, and this was just one of many contemplative thoughts as I paused, barefoot, at the old climb site and stared at the well-worn track marks climbing up Mother's weathered stony spine. I could feel the ancestors in my bones and hear them breathing sighs of relief, grateful that their beloved rock was no longer subjected to daily pawing and clawing from over-eager tourists desperate to reach the top, take a selfie and tick another adventure off their bucket list. Ironically, when one takes the time to ground into the land and to rest and listen and breathe from one's heart, that is the ultimate adventure, the deepest experience of connection and communion with Mother Nature you can ever have. That is how you experience divine (and natural) reciprocity. When you make time to stop and acknowledge the elements and show respect for the traditional elders, both past, present and future.

By sitting on the ochre earth and just being, you already are on the "summit".

I have been called to the red center six times now, to host my bespoke retreats and for personal journeying, and each time it affects me, profoundly. I believe this is because I honor exactly who (and what) I am privileged to share space with and because I have never seen this magnificent monolith as just another photo opportunity.

Uluru is a living, breathing entity and She deserves to be treated as such.

This last visit was a particularly poignant one. It wasn't about me having a holiday or taking a few days off to relax, although I do need a good break, it was about the completion of many rituals and alignments with Mother that I have been instructed to carry out over the years, and receiving the next level of teachings to share with the collective; when I am told to. This is a big part of my work in this life and it is a great privilege.

A country girl at hea