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Time Will Tell

Image by Denby Sheather: Uluru, May 12, 2021

"Time will tell", they say, but does time really heal all wounds?

It's one of our most common catchphrases, but in reality, does the passage of time truly help lessen the pangs of tragedy till they remain but a twinge, or is this just another cliché bandied about to make people feel better in their moments of darkness and despair?

I am sure that if you asked any of our Original People's, their answer would differ greatly to the response most non-indigenous Australians would give.

Walking around Uluru this week, my head and heart were filled with many questions, as they always are when I come out to country, and this was just one of many contemplative thoughts as I paused, barefoot, at the old climb site and stared at the well-worn track marks climbing up Mother's weathered stony spine. I could feel the ancestors in my bones and hear them breathing sighs of relief, grateful that their beloved rock was no longer subjected to daily pawing and clawing from over-eager tourists desperate to reach the top, take a selfie and tick another adventure off their bucket list. Ironically, when one takes the time to ground into the land and to rest and listen and breathe from one's heart, that is the ultimate adventure, the deepest experience of connection and communion with Mother Nature you can ever have. That is how you experience divine (and natural) reciprocity. When you make time to stop and acknowledge the elements and show respect for the traditional elders, both past, present and future.

By sitting on the ochre earth and just being, you already are on the "summit".

I have been called to the red center six times now, to host my bespoke retreats and for personal journeying, and each time it affects me, profoundly. I believe this is because I honor exactly who (and what) I am privileged to share space with and because I have never seen this magnificent monolith as just another photo opportunity.

Uluru is a living, breathing entity and She deserves to be treated as such.

This last visit was a particularly poignant one. It wasn't about me having a holiday or taking a few days off to relax, although I do need a good break, it was about the completion of many rituals and alignments with Mother that I have been instructed to carry out over the years, and receiving the next level of teachings to share with the collective; when I am told to. This is a big part of my work in this life and it is a great privilege.

A country girl at heart who is happiest in a tent with a candle to be honest, I remain perplexed by the contrast I witness each trip between luxury resort "living", and the reality of what life is really like at Yulara, for the majority of indigenous locals. It's almost embarrassing to stay in such comfort, whilst I know that only 26 kilometers away at Mutijulu, there are teenagers sniffing petrol and families living in literal squalor. Most out in community, including the Anangu elders, have received their inoculations - sans consent - which just confirms the power the authorities hold and wield, as well as the stranglehold this whole ludicrious "pandemic" situation has on all us humans, even here, in the "middle of nowhere", surrounded by healing herbs and clean, fresh air.

Let's not forget that there were no drugs or alcohol before white man introduced them either. There was (and still is) "Tjukurpa" (pronounced "jook-oor-pa"), the foundation for life and society that describes the Anangu ancestral connection to the land, including bush medicine, their culture and how they relate to others. Tjukurpa is everything, binding each individual to the land. The land is their sacred scripture, their truth, their inheritance. These people hold all the wisdom and healing they will ever need. They do not need white man's medicine nor his experimental gene therapy.

Not only did white man steal their children; he has been stealing their power ever since.

The Original's are a proud and passionate people, they have their own laws that we often do not understand or agree with, but it is their way and they have their own social structure that really is, none of our business to interfere with. It certainly isn't our job to change or "fix" them either; that is white privilege right there, thinking we know better, or that they want (or welcome) our help.

We are yet to apologize or make amends for the way our colonial ancestors treated these beautiful custodians and yet whilst we are not our forebears, we do carry the burden to make things right. But until we do, I believe, we cannot achieve true and united consciousness in Australia.

I am going to call some things out in the next few paragraphs, so if you get triggered by this, then perhaps there is something in my words for you to take note of and work with.

Myself and my learned mentors (both here and overseas), have noticed a concerning attitude growing within the spiritual community for a while now, and whilst this doesn't apply to the majority of practitioners, it does apply to enough to warrant opening up a conversation about it. I have held hundreds of ceremonies over the years and attended many as a participant as well. Needless to say, I am always very mindful of whom I sit with and what their experience and intention is. There are those who say they are "calling in the ancestors" when they hold their shamanic circles, but who are actually failing to observe protocol and create and contain a safe and sacred space and this unfortunately, puts each person in attendance, at risk. I have seen leaders "channeling" spirits and pretending to bring through messages, while the spirits turn their backs and walk away from the gathering, not angry but rather, dismayed at the lack of humility and that the correct respect hasn't been afforded them. You see, despite our ignorant and ego-driven behavior, they are always willing to teach us, we just have to be willing to learn and to also show that we are ready and worthy of receiving the knowledge they have to share. Quite frankly, it's not as simple as casting a few esoteric adjectives around and expecting a deep communion with the natives to occur.

I have had to step in energetically and "tidy up" after some who have been so desperate to conjure something up, that they have actually exposed themselves and their followers to some pretty nefarious entities without realizing. FYI, if you leave a ceremony feeling disconnected, mentally disturbed or physically un-grounded in any way, it is not always just you having a healing catharsis, it is often a big red flag that you have either collected an "unwanted visitor", or that the space holder didn't do their job properly. This happens when experience, maturity and energetic integrity are lacking.

On a side note, we're also now seeing some "healers" filming their client's sessions and sharing them on social media as a demonstration of their own prophetic skills, and to drum up business no doubt. I cannot fully express how inappropriate this is. Not only is it disrespectful of the client (regardless of whether they have naively given their permission or not), but it is a blatant violation of every energetic guideline. Please be wary and do not contact these people when you encounter them.

I will say - and unapologetically as well - that when I see the pain and injustice currently being inflicted upon remote and vulnerable communities now, my sacred rage comes into full force. I know this medical abuse could be avoided if enough Australians had the intelligence and courage (and yes, the kahunas) to stop participating with false government mandates and protocols that do nothing to support "health and safety" in any shape or form. All they do is uphold this fake pandemic illusion and create further erosion of our collective strength.

Yes, I am calling this out. I am ashamed of my peers who call themselves "yoga teacher" or "spiritual healer" and yet continue to acquiesce to this palava. I have seen the repercussions of your ignorance first hand and make no mistake, your continued stubborn and selfish adherence to the myriad lies and agendas pumped out by the mainstream, is a big part of why the traditional elders and their families are being treated in this way now.

When everyone raced out to get their PCR tests for instance - which incidentally were never designed for the purpose they told us they were - I was immediately shown by Spirit what was going on. They were looking for the "blue" bloods and the "true" bloods, meaning, those who share the same ancestry as the elites (blue) and those who have even the smallest amount of indigenous blood flowing through their veins. Why?

So they would know whom to target and which bloodlines to wipe out. Just think about that.

A quick refresher insert here for those who might need it and for anyone new to my blogs and unaware of what is really going on in the world.

  1. The virus has never been isolated and identified, therefore it doesn't exist (in the way we are being told, that is). Enough people know now that it is most likely an engineered bio-weapon and its purpose is to usher in global digital totalitarianism.

  2. You cannot anticipate the behavior of a (dead) virus that you have not scientifically identified, therefore any talk about "spike proteins" and even "shedding" is conjecture if you don't even know what said virus is made up of and what it's characteristics and potentialities are.

  3. (In the words of the inventor), the PCR test picks up the presence of any residual "genetic material" in your body, meaning, if you had a cold or flu or a flu vaccine in the past, your cells will hold that memory and hence, a minuscule particle of that strain. When you magnify this "sample" way beyond the usual scientific levels (as they have done), you will always find "evidence" of something in the human system. This is how they have been able to ramp up the cases and incite dis-proportionate fear. "Cases" do NOT mean "you have C19" or that "you are going to die"; they mean, "a lot of people have tested positive for having a cold or a flu at some point in their life". Please note here: in the past, flu vaccines (that have undergone the required 7+ years development and where made with this function in mind, are not what I am referring to with these current jabs. These C19 jabs are "M-RNA experimental gene therapy". They have never been properly tested - oh sorry, they are now, on US - they are highly questionable and do not behave like "normal" vaccines. If you take these, you are literally volunteering yourself up as a guinea pig, so if you're a committed animal-loving-eco-friendly-vego-vegan-starseed and won't usually touch anything "toxic" or "un-natural", you really shouldn't be taking this poison into your body, should you?

  4. If you have already had C19 - which incidentally is pretty much all of us at some point, we just managed to fight it off because our immunity is strong - then you will have already developed antibodies. At no point in history, have we injected people with a "virus" designed to stimulate their antibodies, after they have already had that specific virus and hence, developed their own immunity to it!

  5. You cannot "catch" C19 twice. If you have had it and recovered from it - as 99.7% have and will - you have naturally created the antibodies to it. Not that they needed to, but recent studies in Denmark have proven this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

This then begs the question: why on earth are we being force vaccinated and told that the only way to achieve herd immunity, is through taking a man-made, chemical cocktail into our bodies that are perfectly designed to fight infection?

Simple and logical questions and yet those who try and initiate conversations around this subject, are immediately branded "conspiracy theorists", "anti-vaxxers" or as a last resort, "Trump supporters". The latter really amuses me now because it just shows how ignorant people can be when deep down they know they have handed over their power and yet insist on clinging desperately to anything that will keep them (and their ego) feeling safe and proven "right".

This is not what spiritual adulthood looks like by the way.

Spiritual adulthood involves taking yourself to the edge of your comfort zone (and then some) and being willing (and emotionally intelligent enough) to admit when you were wrong, ignorant or mis-informed, so you may receive new wisdom and information that will benefit you, your family and your immediate and extended communities.

This is about facing one's fear of death and realizing that when you surrender to the majesty of your own sovereign self, you will do nothing to sacrifice it, ever again.

I truly hope humanity has endured enough pain and spent enough time experiencing separation, torment and karmic drama over the years we have been here and that now is the time for us all to birth a new and wondrous way of living.

Hand in hand and heart to heart, as the Rainbow Tribe that we are.

Only time will tell I guess.


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