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Till Death Do Us Part




With several major planetary shift this week, it’s one to stay alert and not sweat the small stuff. Above all, keep the bigger picture in mind and your ‘little self’ under control because things are about to get real.

That Taurus full moon last week saw more of our collective fair share of releasing and purging – even though with a harmonious aspect to Pluto, technically it was supposed to be less full on than the few previous ones. Hmmmm. Tell that to the torrential rains and below-freezing temperatures blanketing the UK, Wales and Northern Ireland. Or Venice, that is currently sitting more underwater than usual. Most of the east coast of Australia has been scorched near to death by ‘unprecedented’ firestorms while Brutish tornadoes have flown through Texas without conscience and a ‘big freeze’ has turned most of the northeast and mid west into a second Antarctica. It’s all been happening.

According to German and French meteorologists, Clausius and Clapeyron, “With every 1 degree-C increase in temperature, the air can hold about 7% extra water vapor.”

What this means is that when green-house gases levels increase in our global atmosphere (as they are) it most definitely warms up the planet, melting the poles for example, making rainfalls ‘heavier’ and hence, manifesting more floods and storms and rising sea levels. You also get a see-saw effect around the world as weather patterns go completely haywire and swap behaviors.

Back to Australia; climate change isn’t causing the bush fires we are seeing here at present, but it is a major factor in creating the conditions for fire to get way out of control.

Stronger winds in the climactic system coupled with extended periods of drought because of the usual patterns not behaving as they have in the past, plus the regular removal of vegetation for mass farming practices, mining and deforestation, all contribute to creating the warmer conditions that make it easier for fire to burn. You don’t have to be an ecological Einstein to figure that out.

It’s really as simple as this: we know enough now to accept that if you smoke cigarettes, your likelihood of getting cancer is greatly increased. It’s the same with climate change.

These extreme weather events are linked to climate change whether people want to admit it or not and that doesn’t make you a ‘alarmist’ if you side with those that are talking openly about it all, it makes you conscious and intelligent because you are receiving and facing the facts and not continuing to bury your head in the sand along with everyone else who pretends that everything isn’t intimately related on this earth.

I mentioned last week that the Taurus full moon with Scorpio Sun would call us to shine up and lead on as loving examples, but what I (accidentally-on-purpose) didn’t add, was how challenging that would be. Not just for us as individuals but also for us as a collective still trying to get with the program and accept the reality that our world is changing and that we need to be better prepared.

Learning to stand on our own two feet takes guts. Learning to walk upright and then run with the crowd (and eventually, with our tribe once we’ve found them) after we have acquired that skill, takes even more intestinal fortitude. We start attempting to stand up at around 9 months of age, maybe a little later, but once we realize there is more to be investigated if we can just get our nappy-heavy butts off the carpet and round the corner, it’s hard to quell our enthusiasm for discovery and adventure. Human nature kicks in and we’re off like the proverbial rocket, grabbing onto passing legs (even if they belong to Nana or an unsuspecting cat or dog; we’re not discriminatory) and any form of furniture that we come across in our quest to stand up and conquer the world!

This determination to explore is ingrained in our DNA – it’s what has led us down the evolutionary pathway – but unfortunately it also comes with some fine print that we often don’t read till it’s too late.

Lao Tzu says it as “The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one small step” and this is invaluable (and timeless) advice because as creatures of habit, we will often find ourselves torn between either of two options: moving mindlessly into action, full of excitement about what we can achieve, or frozen from fear and unable to participate because the overwhelm gets the better of us.

Changing this pattern of indecision is a biggee for humanity to break because for generations we have been see-sawing between doing, achieving and acquiring stuff – and an inherent inability to take a risk when change and reform is so desperately called for. Fear has governed us for too long and coerced us into either doing (and taking) too much, or not doing nearly enough.

And so we reach this tipping point (after tippie-toeing around the truth for too long), and find ourselves at the edge of the imaginary and literal cliff – poised like a collective group of toddlers jostling for a better view, ready to cast aside their dummies and throw themselves wholeheartedly up and into whatever is ahead in order to find their feet (and be first) – yet simultaneously (and ignorantly) prepping ourselves for our own demise.

Scientists are now warning that the sixth mass extinction event is well and truly underway and they don’t say these words lightly.

A ‘biological annihilation’ of wildlife in recent decades cites that more species are dying each day (globally, up to 50%) at a faster rate than they have for millions of years before us and that this can be linked directly to human overpopulation and over-consumption. We are not just a threat to other species now; we are literally digging our own graves.

Try this mind-numbing statistic on: “Nearly half of the 177 mammal species surveyed lost more than 80% of their distribution between 1900 and 2015”, with Asia topping the list, followed closely by Australia, Africa, Europe then North and South America. And that’s just the mammals.


These scientists conclude: “The resulting biological annihilation obviously will have serious ecological, economic and social consequences. Humanity will eventually pay a very high price for the decimation of the only assemblage of life that we know of in the universe.”

I don’t know about you, but those words well tears in my eyes and the feeling of multiple swords piercing my heart. WHO ARE WE to do this??!! We have been at this party for the least amount of time and yet we have managed to shut it down pronto and pretty much guarantee there won’t be any more joyful gatherings in the future for anyone.

It’s a combination of several other things for sure, but have no doubt that humans play a huge part by exacerbating planetary life cycles. We destroy wildlife habitats, hunt and then over hunt some more to satiate our desire to wear furs or make our penises harder, we breed animals in torturous conditions to whet our greedy appetites and pollute land and waterways that our indigenous ancestors were smart enough to protect and conserve. Climate change is accelerated thanks to our addiction to ‘luxury’ items, fossil-fuels and what appears to be a never-ending obsession with plastic junk made in China. A country that is buying up millions of hectares by the second all around the world, bullying and bribing governments to get their hands on natural resources and executing a 'master plan' for world domination. We all need to watch this space closely.

We have forgotten that we actually RELY upon plants, animals and all the micro-organisms of the earth, to SURVIVE.

We need to face up to the consequences of our actions – we need to take the universal reprimands and stop having tantrums when we don’t get our arrogant way. We need to use hard language to wake one another up because the truth is, we don’t have any more time. Whether you side with those who believe we are on the precipice or those who say the process is actually underway right now, the reality is this: the line has been drawn and humans are on the wrong side of it.

Let’s not repeat the same mistakes our ancestors did please – the ones from this realm and beyond – because there’s a reason there are so many lifeless planets floating around out there in the cosmos and it’s not coincidental that they have all been zapped of chi.

Who do you think did that? Aliens? Errr, no, because when you’re that intelligent, you know better than to decimate resources. Our past selves did, that’s who. The ‘us’ in our various forms, who has descended from all the other civilizations, colonies and galaxies we have forgotten about. I have been shown that we are the only planet that still uses fossil fuels and that it’s almost viewed as criminal by other entities; and certainly counter productive. All our cosmic relatives are waiting for us to remember how to harness light, thought and all elemental energies, but they also know that our attraction to density remains strong and has always been our downfall. Luckily they haven’t given up on us and regularly stop by to gently blow consciousness in the right direction. There are also countless ‘volunteer’ beings walking around among us who are charged with the task of activating large groups at a time as well as those individuals who are ready for it, so if you have been experiencing visitations, astral travel or multidimensional dreams of late, they might be trying to message you! Just relax, pay attention and take notes!

So much more I could share about all that but let’s stick with the now, for now.

This Mercury Retrograde has been an absolute corker, but I guess the final one for the decade and in Scorpio season, was always going to have extra sting wasn’t it? Delays, communication hiccups, constant misunderstandings, volatile verbal exchanges and frustration upon frustration has been the state of play since it all rolled in on Samhain, October 31.

How have you been traveling?

This week the main focus has been bush fire survival and rightly so. I cannot send enough love to those who have lost homes (and loved ones) to these raging fires, the worst so far in our continents’ history. I am absolutely gutted for the loss and displacement of all the wildlife and outraged beyond words that some of these fires were even deliberately lit – one unbelievably started by some mindless (teenage) cigarette tossers.

Maybe total fire bans in the future should include ‘no smoking’ (in public, to be fair) along with no BBQ’s and no fireworks because obviously there are people out there with awareness levels in the negative.

I have also been investigating the possible connection not just between climate change and increasing-in-intensity environmental disasters, but between indigenous locations where the energy has reached a critical point of no return; no more tolerance if you like. I will keep you updated on what I discover but I can tell you now without doubt, that the repeated desecration of sacred sites since colonization in this country, has a lot to do with the explosive situations we are seeing expressing in the natural world and within society.

Our violent ancestral history and our continued violence towards Mother Nature, ourselves and one another, are all interconnected.

It’s well past the time where we need to remember that we are the earth and that She is a living, breathing entity. We are Her children and it is our responsibility to look after our elders, as our traditional custodians have always done. We must acknowledge, appreciate and preserve Her at any cost.

Tomorrow, Monday November 18, Mars enters Scorpio and will stay there till January 3, 2020, marking an open window for us to really get down to business, as in, stop procrastinating and stop pussyfooting around our own power. Time to get your asana out there on the world stage to share what you were born to share! It’ll be a NEW CENTURY in less than 45 DAYS people! This is a massive turning point for us as individual souls and for humanity, so let’s stop distracting ourselves and get on with what we came here to do.

What you came here to do for your own growth but also what you came here to do to help humanity at this crucial point in history because we are at a really important juncture.

When MR stations direct and goes what we call ‘post-shadow’ (at 11’ Scorpio) on November 20, we will all be able to take a few deep and easy breaths, at least till Friday 22. We won’t be completely out of the eye of the storm until December 4, but that’s okay, you will notice things freeing up by the end of next week, so make sure you take time to honour that and rest up as you integrate the fallout from whatever this particular MR sh*tshow has manifested for you! Just make sure you use your ‘nice’ words and choose a smile over a frown; even if you don’t feel like it.

Fingers crossed, I will have received my first shipment of books by then too, so I will let you know when you can purchase signed copies from me! It will also be available online with Amazon and Barnes & Noble as a softcover (black & white) and (color) e-book.

November 20 is also a precursor for the energies that will start coming in for 2020, highlighting how next year is going to unfold for us all and preparing us for the quantum leap in January that we are all going to take whether we know it or not. Observe what issues are coming up (or continuing to circulate within society, media, politics for instance) because the world is still deep under the spell of Scorpio, busy investigating collective unconscious and the motivations and machinations of our species.

Interesting fact: When a planet is at a stand still, it is at its most potent. Use this time to meditate on how you impact others, have deep and meaningful conversations with each other to discover how you (and they) operate at a core level and focus on creating cohesion, beauty and inspiration in your life.

Sunday 24 brings in a most welcome code of love, drawing our attention to matters of the heart, family connections and the responsibility and protectiveness we feel for our loved ones and what we wish to manifest to ensure they are taken care of. The number 24 reduces to 6 and 2, both numbers about intimacy and love, family and abundance. Venus is conjunct Jupiter today which is an awesome combo because Venus is all about love and honoring your values and Jupiter is all about expansion and higher vibes. Expect to feel good today; and all weekend long in fact.

Make “I am in love with, dot dot dot“, your mantra today and watch the universe respond in kind.

Mars is opposite Uranus on Sunday as well which is important ahead of the New Moon (in Sagittarius) where they will also be opposite. Mars symbolizes action and drive and Uranus is about breakthrough and liberation, so this duo is going to fire you up to crack you open. Share your innovative ideas and set your creativity free, but guard against communicating impatiently or in a rash or domineering way. Prepare for surprises and manifest change, embrace the unusual and really see (and believe) how unique you are and that what you offer, cannot be offered by anyone else.

This is different to the old blueprint of ego that we have been governed by up to now. It’s still all about 'ME', but from the higher perspective of ‘I AM’ presence that cultivates 'WE'.

Although MR ends it will continue to sit in Scorpio territory till December 9, yet because it has turned direct, this means we will see the back of any recent dramas and delays and get to experience the forward motion in regards to communications, personal projects and travel plans, that we have been anxiously waiting for. Perfect time in fact, to book yourself that much-needed holiday or special retreat that you've wanted to tick off your bucket-list for ages, like my 'Salted Souls' in Tonga, swimming with the whales!

Mars and The Sun will change signs this week too – fiery Mars to Scorpio on Monday and Sun to fun-loving Sagittarius on Friday – and with Venus joining with (conjunct) Jupiter on Sunday, this means good vibes are coming at last.

We can start to feel ‘normal’ again – whatever that is – but you know what I mean.

Mars moving into Scorpio does come with a warning however: beware of any latent passive-aggressive behavior and temptation to manipulate to get your way because of deep-seated desires getting the better of you. It is the planet of passion, (fire)power and competition after all, similar to Aries. The end of the week also heralds the annual head-butt between Masters Mars and Uranus which is guaranteed to bring further unpredictability, confrontational energy, mood swings and possibly more extreme weather conditions.

Just in case we haven’t had enough hormones, heatwaves and death basically! Grab some spare underwear, put your helmets on and strap in.

It can also bring accident-proneness, more violent behavior and general disturbance (public and private), so make sure you stay super grounded, calm and listen to your gut (not just your head) before you speak and act. This will help you avoid saying stupid things and making silly or over-reactive decisions in the heat of the moment; ones that you will most likely regret later. Be responsible, use your emotional intelligence and exercise discretion and patience if you happen to find yourself in conversations with people who are struggling to maintain their composure because of this wild and whacky world energy.

Male or female, we all have the potential to feel (and behave) like we’re on steroids or HRT this week.

Remember it’s always better to walk away than have the last say; especially on a day like today!

Luckily with the Sun in free-and-easy Sag, this means the part inside us that hasn’t lost all hope (or humor) for a happy ending is going to slowly feel safe enough to come out of hiding after all that Scorpio intensity and start manifesting some Christmas spirit, just in the nick of time. When you feel this kick in, perhaps spread the love by giving to those less fortunate and ramp up the loving feels for yourself at the same time.

Lots of strong words and lots of food for thought in this week’s sharing so I hope you have made it to the end here without hating me or wanting to unsubscribe. You know in your heart that I only share truth, plus your own intuition senses what’s needed as well, so please accept my hugs of gratitude (coming at you on the ethers) for being the earth warriors that you are and let me know if you need any assistance integrating and attuning to all this and to what’s coming down the track for us all.

Good luck and may the force be with you.





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