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The Witching Hour

I'm just gonna come out and say it. This week's newsletter will challenge many who read it.

Know that I do not share with the intent to agitate or polarize and that everything I write about comes from personal experience, unconditional love and a deep desire to encourage awareness, connection and personal growth. If it doesn't resonate with you, that is fine, no hard feelings. We are each on our own path and I respect and acknowledge the divine light within each individual.

It should be no surprise, what with Mercury finally stationing direct on Friday and a dark/new moon in Pisces ripe with raw emotion and energetic sensitivity following hot on its tail, that everyone is feeling flatter, more fatigued and slightly freaked out right now. So much has happened over the last seven days and it would be remiss of me to gloss over what is coming so you can feel comfortable because that isn't authentic, nor is it truth. When we know, we can prepare and when we are prepared, we are protected by divine default. Things are going to get nastier my friends before they get better and we will all need to buckle up and hunker down wearing our Armor of God 24/7, praying like we've never prayed before. We came in for this remember, so all will eventually be well and don't forget, we not only have one another, we have legions of light warriors and angels on chariots by our side, both on this plane and the others.

Just remember to check whom it is that you are praying to, because the astral realms are under full attack right now and the amount of energetic fcukery, is exceptional.

It's been raining for two days in Sydney now, reflecting the watery component of this zodiac as well as heralding the change of seasons from summer to autumn. Autumn invites us to start slowing down, going within and making the time to "sit in our stuff" so we can sift and shift it to a higher vibration, and water is a big part of this process. Water is the ultimate conduit, helping to rinse away debris not just through our physical bodies, but through our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well. Incidentally, now is the perfect time to reduce your intake of dairy, bread and sugar and refine your diet with "contracting" foods such as sauerkraut, pickles, kombucha, white vegetables (cauliflower, daikon, leeks, onions, garlic) and lots of antioxidant herbal teas that support the lungs and colon, such as ginger, marshmallow root and Oolong. Of course, chat to your preferred health practitioner first before making any major changes.

Safe to say after all that we have witnessed since 2021 rolled in, that the collective subconscious could do with a good clear out on several levels now, isn't it?!

In case you didn't know, the dark moon - which fell on Friday 11th, when I attempted to post my controversial David Icke video - is the time in the lunar cycle when all the psychopathic sorcerers of the world gather to conjure up their next phase of wicked. Witches have been advised to not practice magic on the dark/new moon for eons and that it's best they rest on this eve and acknowledge the "dark pause" or the "deep exhalation" in honor of "the goddess", but what if it's actually got more to do with enabling the evil-doer ring leaders of the main global covens, uninterrupted time on the "air waves" so they can siphon as much energy as possible for their own heretic rituals? We gotta keep thinking outside the box guys and gals.

The air waves incidentally, are controlled by Satan who is known as "the prince of the Air".

If you research the main false flag/terrorist/NWO-related attacks and events that have occurred over history, you will discover that pretty much all of them have been activated on (or suspiciously close to), the dark moon. They cast in the shadows and set the stage for unleashing chaos in the near future, by targeting "fortuitous" dates that hold particular deviant meaning for them and because they mirror pivotal points on their annual calendar.

I worked alongside a witch for several years after being a "non-exclusive" energy practitioner for about a decade, and it was both enlightening and frightening. I learned a lot about "the Craft" and applied many of the practices I learned to my own evolving body of work, kind of like an energetic experiment, until I realized how many distorted vibrations were woven within the "rites" this person had shared with me. Needless to say, I extricated myself from the friendship - well actually, the universe took care of that for me - and soon after, stopped with all the moon work and enchantments I had been doing. I have never felt so earthed, clear and "un-interfered with" - especially in my womb - ever since. This led me to further investigate the relationship between the human and the Moon and I discovered some truly amazing things. There is much to be learned about the real (galactic) histories associated with "Luna", its connection to Saturn (Satan's home planet) and the tapestry of programmed traumas that are interlaced throughout the practices of seemingly "harmless" witchcraft; and in particular, dark sorcery, necromancy and curses, which are a whole other ball game altogether and things that most people have no idea are still very much alive and being exploited in a multitude of covens and communities.

Many calling themselves modern day witches will vehemently deny and dismiss all of this of course and that again, I can understand because I have walked the path myself. It is their prerogative to either reject or receive all of this, but I can confidently say after all the research that I have done over the years - and after being cursed (yes, literally) and having to teach myself how to unbind them - that there is no such thing as "generic" witchcraft and that it is not "all empowering" either. Nor does it connect you to the "divine and wild feminine" as so many are told and believe. It can connect you to many things, but do you really know what or who those "things" or "beings" are and what their intentions are? As spiritual seekers of truth and light, (I feel) we should be mindful not to attach our beliefs and powers to any popular beliefs or dialogues that we don't fully understand the origins of because that's exactly how "mass mentality" or "pop culture" is generated; and then controlled. It's also how we can get ourselves into a whole world of psychic trouble.

Remember that "His-story" is rarely a correct account of what happened in the past - it's more about "who wins gets to write the book" - and whilst yes, women (and men) have been persecuted, sacrificed and ostracized from societies for their alternative and spiritual practices (for eons), shouldn't we then be asking questions like, who actually orchestrated those events (from behind the obvious veils and what we have been told is "truth") and what was their intent? One puppet master, one string; one mafia, many criminals, remember. Every historical event has a side that we see and a "back-end" that we don't, which is what makes it so difficult to determine what really went down and which side to align ourselves with.

We must question everything in order to stop playing into the trap of "assume, react and perpetuate".

I would suggest that regurgitating potent phrases such as "We are the children of the witches you burned!" and similar, doesn't actually serve to support or elevate the current vibration of where humanity is headed (that is, 5D). Why? Because continuing to perceive life and "the now" through that same old wounded lens and aligning ourselves with the frequency of those memories (and the energy those words reiterate in each present moment) is just one way we continue to participate (unconsciously) in upholding multiple ancient embedded hexes, spells that were specifically designed to keep us stuck in the web of "original sin" and deceit; as well as collective and individual slavery. Slavery is a strong word I know, but how else do you describe the complete opposite of soul sovereignty? Consider for a moment that these memories, these "rituals", don't actually set us free nor vindicate our ancestors. Can you allow yourself to consider the possibility that perhaps they only serve to keep us self-identifying with past trauma and "stories" and therefore, repeatedly subjugated? What if they are creating what is energetically known as "residual" wounding, the accumulation of anything old and stagnant, that we then unknowingly pack away in our bodies and minds, the layers of our auric field and our psyches, and that is how "they" are able to keep manipulating the human, generation after generation after generation? Questions I pose because it's what I do, but that only you can answer.

We don't need to justify ourselves to anyone and we certainly don't benefit from re-hashing pain or wielding the swords of the past around to prove we are worthy now; no matter how real or revolutionary those times may have been. The longer we cling to the "story", the longer it will take us to heal and create positive change.

Quick side note: there's a big difference between what a "ceremony" and a "ritual" is.

Ceremony refers to specific protocols and gatherings that all world Original People's participated in, on specific dates and astrological junctures, to access higher wisdom and guidance from their Ancestors. "Rituals" refer to daily practices, something we do on a regular basis, a discipline, to establish and anchor awareness and personal growth. For instance, it's also interesting to note that a popular "morning ritual" is getting one's favorite coffee and reading the newspaper. When you understand how our language has been hijacked, inverted and used as a way to subliminally control us, you will see this instead as a "mourn-ing" experience that keeps you caught in a pattern or habit; and one that isn't necessarily beneficial to your health (if you are addicted to it that is and need the caffeine in order to function). Not to mention, you're reading the mainstream "news" - there's that "new" word again - which is really just coordinated propaganda designed to discourage critical thinking and keep us all in a perpetual state of anticipation and fear. Towing the proverbial line.

I'll just sneak in here also, that just because one may follow "the Craft", teach or practice yoga or engage in some other form of natural therapy - it does not automatically mean they are "aware" or "conscious" to the network of Cabal corruption; as the above image for this newsletter illustrates. There are plenty of witches who see C19 as a bona-fide pandemic for example, support an experimental v@xxcine and who passionately lend their support to divisive propaganda such as Black Lives Matter and the political parties that birth them.

I know, this awakening stuff can be hard core at times, but if we keep giving our power away to "what was" instead of acknowledging and surrendering to the "magic" that "Is" - ie, the One True Creator - all we continue doing, is perpetuating this deep sense of soul separation and feeding the darkness without realizing that is what we are doing.

Yes, there are other "gods" (with little "g's") and yes, they have played pivotal roles throughout the ages and exercised their "power" when idolized by those following their rites and rituals on certain dates to conjure and manifest, but in reality, these are "entities" (with egos to match), not "Creator beings", and as such, their abilities are finite. They can manipulate and mold, but they cannot "create". Only God (with a big "G"), can create. Sure, these gods and demigods appeal to our primal, sensual nature and our inherent desire to be out and amongst it, worshiping the elements (of which we are made of), and also to experience all the aspects of our lower selves/chakras that need to be felt and expressed if we are to clear attachments and elevate our overall frequency and experience of self, but, the harsh reality is, the occult is a "program" constructed by demonic forces as a way to elude, confuse and corral the human and if we are to "ascend" and claim our sovereign souls, we must start seeing through this particular illusion as this spiritual war ramps up.

We must see the difference between devotion to and love for Mother Earth, and following cult-like rituals that seek to manipulate and divert our organic and divine experience of Source.

As always, find accord with what I divulge or don't, but at least do some deeper digging to find out for yourself and if this is triggering you, maybe also inquire why, because that is always an indication that there is more to uncover, discover and then embody. As I said, I followed that path for many years under the guidance of someone who was regarded as one of the "best in the bizz" and it was a shock to me when I finally saw the insidious connections and how our species has been "divided and conquered" by this and similar agendas.

This is where the "New Age" comes in also. "New" World Order, the "new" normal; does the language ring any alarm bells? It should because it's all connected with begetting the "new" human 2.0.

It's been a week where this mass movement has continued to have the sacred spotlight shone upon it with many spiritual teachers calling out the myriad satanic-inspired practices (from the glaringly obvious to the extremely subtle), whilst others "accidentally" reveal themselves as "fake gurus" for espousing its teachings. This was always going to come to pass by the way - in alignment with the rise of higher consciousness and planetary ascension - because false light cannot exist alongside true light anymore. That relationship, that duality, no longer serves humanity nor assists us in creating and anchoring unity consciousness, and yet we have needed to live within it, roll around in it and smear ourselves with as much metaphysical mud and blood in connection to it, as we can, in order to experience the depths of depravity and disconnect before being able to shift the dynamic and re-integrate all with love and inner-standing.

As pure light begins to amplify and ripple through the greater spiritual and global community, it becomes harder and harder for these distorted structures to hold up and continue influencing and deceiving the innocent (and the ignorant), hence, we are seeing dismantling after dismantling and revelation after revelation, as that which has no true integrity or divine intent, simply falls away. You could explain this as one of several consequences of the December 21 timeline bifurcation. It's confronting and uncomfortable and will push lots of buttons for people no doubt, but again, if we say we are all about Truth and growth and expanding our awareness, we must be willing to look at everything we have become attached to and believed in - and identified ourselves through - via a fresh lens of possibility. Notice how I didn't say "new" lens.

So. Onwards and upwards through the hocus-pocus with some ESSENTIAL VIEWING this week.

I had the privilege of speaking with David Icke on Wednesday. What an inspiring man. Love him or not, he deserves credit for tenacity and for standing out from the crowd - actually, for standing out from pretty much the entire world - at a time when people were way less receptive and "awake" than they are now. Here's the link to our podcast chat. It's been banned already from most platforms so watch asap before more bots find it.

This exquisite animated video showing Death in a completely new light, is sure to open your mind and your heart (plus the floodgates, so grab some tissues).

My dear activist friend Henna Maria gives a heartfelt account of where humanity sits right now in regards to the Ten Steps of Genocide. It's a big reality check.

And lastly, absolutely essential viewing where the exact intention of these v@XCine$, is revealed AND scientifically supported, shared by a leading virologist who has worked with Gates in the past and thankfully for us, has chosen his conscience over corruption.

If you have any questions about anything I have written about here, please reach out for a chat and if you need some energetic support, I am available for healing sessions also. Book via my website or message me on Facebook or email.

Know and trust that YOU alone are the most incredible, "super-natural" conduit for the Divine and that you don't need any "tools" or "tricks or treats" to experience the power of LOVE or the "magic" of All That You Are.



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