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The Truth about Judgment and Justice

I wanted to talk about these two cards and concepts today: Judgment and Justice.

I no longer consult the tarot myself, after 25 years of constant reliance upon it, but in the spirit of esoteric education, I will use them here, and as always, you can do what you will with the information.

Most people don't trigger or take offense when you mention the word "Justice", but it's a different kettle of fish when the other "J-word" comes up.

Judging, feeling judged, and perceiving others as judging, are often lumped in with the "blame, shame, guilt trip" trio that we are all no doubt very familiar with. So because miscommunication and misinterpretation seems to be a bit of an issue right now - and rightly so, given all the division and discord going on - I'd like to explain my take on what it means and how the "higher" message of "Judgment" is actually not too dissimilar to "Divine Justice".

As far as the Rider Waite Tarot pack is concerned, the one I am intimately acquainted with, Judgment simply heralds the apocalyptic moment when one's soul is finally judged by the Creator.

On a side note, it's interesting how tarot cards are often laden with religious connotations whilst professing to be a New Age tool, the exact opposite, isn't it?

Anyway. Judgment basically means it's time for renewal or a wiping of the slate, soul-wise, and to show up and take responsibility for your deeds in life. It offers the human the chance to release themselves from the burden of material, energetic and psychological "debt" and to reacquaint themselves with their true essence, which is, LOVE. You could say that Judgment helps free one from their karmic cycle, through the process of surrender, disclosure and accountability.

The Judgment card is ruled by Pluto, "Lord of the Underworld", which sounds appropriately scary and does evoke the vibration of Death (obviously), because in order to shed and rebirth, we first need to "die"; in this case, spiritually. So overall, this card is calling us to be authentic, to own our "mistakes" (which are really just lessons of course) and assert to be honest and authentic in the moment, and when it counts; both with ourselves and naturally, with others.

The Justice card as I said, is not so different to Judgment and here's how.

Justice depicts a solemn looking scribe holding a sword in one hand and the scales of destiny or karma, in the other, alluding rather strongly to the Universal Law of balance and the preservation of what is fair and just; even if that means we need to experience some discomfort, trauma or loss in the process. “Justice is swift” as the saying goes, executed with force (hence the sword) and restoring peace and harmony for ALL. What is right and true, will always prevail, regardless of how beautiful, clever, intriguing, wealthy or popular, one is. The past will "always catch up with you".

Justice shows us that our actions have consequences, and this is how it couples consciously with Judgment, in fact, it wouldn't be a stretch to state that these cards work hand in hand to help keep us on moral track and remind us to always speak The Truth (with a capital "T"); not just our "version" of truth that suits us and serves our ego and agenda at the time.

Both these cards offer us the opportunity to make a choice that serves our highest good and growth.

Thanks to the passage of time and the rise and fall of various civilizations that have taken the liberty as “victors”, to alter not just history, but the meaning of both the spoken and written word, we have witnessed the slow bastardization of language unfolding for eons. “Personal interpretation” and “It’s all about your intention”, have become excuses instead of the yardsticks for integrity they originally were.

If we keep moving the goalposts of morality just to suit ourselves “in the moment” and justifying doing what we feel we must, regardless of the impact it may have on others, what happens to society?

Only you know what your purpose is here in this life, therefore it’s not up to me to tell you what to do or how to live it, I can only share from my experience and offer some solutions that have served my own growth and understanding. You will either pick up what I am putting down, or you won’t, and knowing that, it’s also important to understand this next bit.

When someone points out how the actions, words or practices of another, are in obvious violation of Universal Law and/or Nature’s Principles, that is not them being negative or judgmental, as long as it is coming through love, energetic integrity and a result of deep discernment and observation.

There are many people on the planet right now who have chosen the role of “energetic ejudicator” if you will and who dedicate their lives to constant self-study, engaging in multiple rites of passage and passing on the information gleaned from such tests and trials, to others so they may benefit and potentially avoid further trauma, or in the very least, be able to access some tools to help them navigate their own journey with more support and clarity. When such teachers witness others deliberately disrespecting the process of others, interfering where it is not appropriate and causing harm or speaking untruths that are in no way aligned with any higher spiritual principles or codes, then those people will speak out. They will stand up and call out corruption, they will highlight heresy and they will not tolerate manipulation of the innocent and naïve, because that is their soul duty to do so.

Therefore, the difference between arrogantly “casting judgment” on someone you deem to be doing something “wrong”, something you don’t personally approve of, and calling out human behaviors that lack “energetic misalignment” and are in violation of Spiritual Law, is detached discernment.

This is the grandmother, grandfather, elder energy that comes when one has lived through, and most importantly, integrated and transmuted, myriad experiences, in action.

We all have an inherited “bullsh*t radar”, or put more eloquently, we all have the ability to know fundamental “right” from “wrong”. That child and animal abuse is wrong for example and that trying to manipulate or maim people is not a kind or conscious thing to do. Everyone has chosen their life path however before coming here and they will end up doing what they feel they must regardless of what anyone else says or does because that's their karmic path. So depending on how you look at it, and again, with a sense of equanimity, some are perhaps "beyond assistance", while others "instruments" are just in need of an adjustment or a sacred “service” sometimes, and who’s to say that you stating the obvious to them - again, with love and detachment - isn’t the exact thing they need to hear in that moment to give them that nudge towards embodying a higher version of themselves?

They of course, can hear or ignore, their choice, but at least you have honored yourself.

Utilitarian philosopher John Stuart Mill delivered these infamous words in his 1867 inaugural address that many of us are familiar with: “Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name, and with the means which he helps to supply, because he will not trouble himself to use his mind on the subject." Says it all, really.

Judging isn’t automatically condemnation in the instances you share your perspective or opinion, it’s making an educated, mature and non-biased observation of “what is” in the moment and holding the higher frequency strong so that others may learn from your demonstration of integrity; if they so choose.

I “predicted” a few months ago that we would start to witness several “spiritual teachers” in our global community, revealing their true colors in public, in relation to this bizarre “health epidemic" situation. Since then, some very well-known “big gun gurus” have done exactly that, showing their allegiance to what really is the residual crumbling towers of Allopathic Medicine, Big Brother and Big Pharma, by encouraging people to take an experimental injection. Some are even chastising and alienating people if they don’t take it. One such “wiccan” individual has taken to telling her followers that anyone who doesn’t take the jab, should sign an actual waiver stating that they are not entitled to medical help, should they contract C19. I can’t even begin to process this; it is beyond belief.

Yoga teachers are promoting the wearing of masks during practice and even declaring to their students - whom they insist also mask-up - that they are not in fear, they are in “mastery”. This is actually a violation of Ahimsa AND Pranayama. I mean seriously, what has Yoga come to? If those who have led the way for decades and enjoyed the adulation and trust of their communities, suddenly acquiesce belly-up at the first sign of a decent challenge, forgetting all the ancient wisdom they have learned and promoted and instead choose to fall in obedient line without question because their reputation is (apparently) more important than fighting for spiritual integrity, what hope does natural health have in this country?? What have we been doing on the mat all this time, truly?!

All these people are doing, is trying to “repackage” a dying paradigm, one that is not aligned with Nature’s Principles and is undeniably on the way out, and I believe this is because they are quite simply, too afraid to face the truth and adapt. I spoke about this in my recent podcast with Oracle Girl. Here’s the link for you: It will also be up on my Denby Sheather YouTube channel after July 7th.

Humanity’s obsession with the energy of competition will continue to drive division unless we stop and accept that we have now entered an age where collaboration and community are what we should all be focusing on, but until more people allow themselves to be vulnerable, humble, accountable and present to what is actually going on, this cannot come to full circle fruition.

Pointing fingers purely out of spite, naivete or knee-jerk reactivity doesn’t serve anyone – obviously - but when you realize your “word is your wand” and that you do in fact have a divine responsibility to use them in highest service to the collective and to the Infinite Intelligence which you are made of – with discernment and love as mentioned before – this can only create unity, reciprocity and reconciliation.

This is how we shed our spiritual adolescent selves and start becoming the spiritual adult.

When we step into the next version of ourselves, so too does our language, our perception of words and the cathartic power they wield, and slowly but surely, the old energies attached to them, including the sharpness of Judgment and Justice, also begin to transform and upgrade. Just like the term “selfish” has been hijacked and embedded with negative connotations for so long - and sure, we have all moved from this space at times because our egos and ignorance demanded it - from the higher spectrum, being selfish and shining the light of healing where and when it is needed, is actually the ultimate demonstration of “self-love” and “compassion”.

As long as you “DO NO HARM”.

Perhaps those teachers and influencers, would do well to remember this Universal Truth.


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