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The Tipping Point

Image by @aaronburden

So far this week, many of you may have felt like you've been hammered into the ground. Headaches, insomnia, random muscular spasms and probably some indigestion thrown in as well, has probably been your story, particularly over the past 2 - 3 days.

I know through enough of my own experiences that every time the pulse of Gaia shifts dramatically, it results in physical aches and pains for me, particularly head and neck ache; and pretty much immediately. Over the past two days, the Schumann Resonance has also been off the charts (again) and hence, I have felt out of sorts to say the least.

On top of this whack energy, today, Thursday August 27, we have also had a repeat of the energies of December 21, 2012 - a reflection of the Ethiopian 'Coptic' Calendar, which essentially mirrors the Mayan 'end of a great cycle' concept. If you remember what the energies were like in 2012, you will recall it marked a massive shift in planetary and human consciousness. We transitioned to a new reality and that journey has continued to the point we are at now as a collective.

So effectively, today has taken us all on an intense trip down memory lane to check in with where we may still need to clear, process and integrate our past, in particular relation to the ancestral wounds we carry in our cells and where we are now choosing to place our (future) energies in order to liberate our tribes; in all directions. Interesting isn't it.

It is of course, all part and parcel of shifting from 3D to 5D and learning how to navigate those multiple pathways using our intuitive abilities and being as gentle as we can with ourselves and others along the way.

This whole 5D thing isn't as simple or as easy as it sounds and I don't think very many of us are there just yet, because if we were, we would be able to love ALL humans equally and without condition.

When you can hold ALL humans UNCONDITIONALLY, that is you living in 5D.

For example, a good marker for this is whether you're at a place where you can forgive and love pedophiles and those who deliberately harm children. If you can't, then you are not in 5D. I know I am certainly not there yet, but I am trying to get there by recognizing that there is light in all beings and that each one is following its soul path, regardless of what my ego and belief systems ascertain. And that whilst there is the slightest glimmer of hope that those beings could turn around and indicate a desire to repent for their horrendous sins, then I must try and hold space for them because nobody but God has the right to judge who lives and who dies and who is forgiven and who isn't.

I believe the moment we know and accept that divine Truth, then that is when we begin embodying the fifth dimensional consciousness. Feel the feels in each moment, work to clear your own reactivity to whatever is coming up in said now moment and then 'love it to death' by allowing and witnessing its fullest expression, without attachment, judgement or fear.

It is just WHAT IS, in that moment. Remain neutral and choose LOVE.

That doesn't mean I turn a blind eye to the evil or that I condone it in any way - or that I am saying you should either - what it means is that I recognize that every soul on this planet is on its own specific karmic mission and that my human brain doesn't have the conscious ability (nor right) to determine what that is for each and every soul. It's actually none of my business because if I AM honestly walking the path of the spiritual seeker, I must trust in the divine plan completely, regardless of whether I understand each step (or each persons' motives) or not.

It's a hard pill to swallow I know and yet, this is the 'next level', the place of 'ascension' or transcendence, that we are all being invited to experience.

We are all 'guilty' of going on about raising our vibration and elevating our consciousness, yet if we continue to use agitating language, attack one another on social media and recycle our own abusive inner dialogues connected to unresolved patterns of fear, guilt, shame and blame, all we are doing is keeping ourselves stuck in 3D. In an addictive, self sabotage cycle.

Remember, we are all here to alchemize FEAR and yes, we have manifested a doozy for ourselves for sure, but as the current collective representatives of humanity, we also have a great advantage and that is our ability to rise above adversity and unite in love. When the chips are really down, we come together. As Australians and as citizens of the world. When the sh*t really hits the fan, enough of us will stand up and carry the others forwards, stirring the power of the human spirit in their dormant hearts and bringing great change into all our realities.

It's called a tipping point and I sense we are teetering on the edge of a big one right now, but as individuals, we have to reach that point within ourselves FIRST, before the group energy can take a higher turn.

In all honesty, if you have embraced your sovereign self, you KNOW you are untouchable. You KNOW nothing can hurt you or damage your body, mind or spirit. Not even a vaccine that threatens to alter your DNA because you KNOW your vibration, your DIVINE LIGHT, is infinitely more powerful than ANYTHING any man can concoct. EVER. We just need to OWN this FULLY and alchemize the fear porn when we see, hear and feel it, so it no longer affects our frequency.

We CANNOT be dragged into the lower levels of consciousness when we occupy higher states of consciousness.

As a global community we have found ourselves carrying a pretty big burden inherited from our ancestors, who were undoubtedly warriors that sacrificed so much to get us to this stage in the evolutionary 'game', but who didn't have all the esoteric tools and combined skills that we have now. Together we now have a golden opportunity to complete the task of transcendence and through the process, set past generations free and create a legacy of light, for generations to come. We are truly blessed to be alive for this and to be assigned a pivotal role to play for the benefit of ALL.

To shift all remaining expressions of man-cruel, fully into man-kind.

This is what I am focusing on dreaming awake now.



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