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The Key To Happiness

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

It's a big one isn't it? What is the meaning of life? What makes me happy? Do true happiness and true love, even exist?!

Well yes, they do, but it does take a bit of investigation and digging around in our proverbial inner dirt, soil and root systems, to find our specific soul version of love, life and laughter.

It's all connected to our ability to sit with what is.

That's a challenging space for most people to get to because it requires stepping off the

merry-go-round of life, deliberately choosing to slow down and do less, and to start

consciously observing how we are moving through life and why things are happening to us as they are.

Ahhh, and there it is... that one little word that reveals so much about where we are and how we perceive the world.

"Things are happening TO me"

Nothing happens by chance and nothing happens unless we have (on a higher soul level), agreed to it. Yep, big *GULPS* and reality checks here. We are not the victims we (and others) have led ourselves to believe we are.

We are CO-CREATING with the universe every single second, and absolutely everything

that occurs in our lives, is a direct (and also indirect) response to the choices, intentions,

actions we make, take or break.

Our happiness is 100% dependent on our ability to know this, AND how we work with this information.

When you remember that things are happening WITH you and FOR you, your inner and outer landscape changes dramatically.

We all know about the ego and how easy it is to get trapped into a way of perceiving,

believing and behaving, but the ego isn't all bad, all of the time. Whilst a big part of our

karma is to learn how to master and transform our personal ego-centricities from a lower to a higher vibration, our ego is also here to help us discover who we are and what we need in order to fulfill our own personal prophecies. Eventually we will all out-grow our egos anyway and arrive at a place of inner peace, bliss and fullest acceptance of self and whatever is, but until then, we will undoubtedly struggle and stress out in various ways! We will remain imprisoned until we realise that our experience of disempowerment is directly related to how much we wish things weren't as they were.

The minute we accept what is and deal with it, appreciate it, heck, even cultivate

GRATITUDE for it - for whatever & it's is for you, good, bad and ugly - we can then rise instantly above egoic attachment and related growing pains.

You see, when we WISH things were different, they never will be.

So, how can we reverse this habit and give ourselves permission to just feel into each

moment without freaking out or feeling the need to change it? How can we transform angst and lack into joy and gratitude??

I've recently had a situation in my own life that has challenged my boundaries and beliefs to yet another level, and after much struggling and resistance, I have finally accepted that the universe has got things sorted even if I can't see it right now, and that my best response is to just accept what is and trust all will be revealed for my highest good, all in good time.

When I surrendered my ego attachment to success, being seen by others in the way I wanted to be seen, and facing a residual inner fear that I was somehow failing, everything turned around. I realised that what I was perceiving as 'failure' was actually 'delayed success', and that timing was crucial at that particular point on my journey.

For things NOT to happen as my ego was desiring, was actually the BEST thing that could happen to me.

Of course as humans we like to kick and scream and make a big internal (and often external, public fuss) about it all when things don't go our way. We're kinda silly like that, and this recent Capricorn full moon has dredged up that little tantrum-ing self into the light so he/she can be parented and re-programmed. It's all part of the universe's master plan to get us all exactly where we need to be, in our hearts and clear of our wounds, so we can finally live the lives we are destined to live!

The key to living in happiness is aligning your souls' truth with the universal truth that all we really need is to accept, respect and LOVE OURSELVES, wherever we are and whomever we are in each moment.

Play with choosing change instead of resisting it because when you do, you automatically embody gratitude for what you have, who you are and what you are manifesting with your attention and intention. The preciousness of the moment will never be lost on you again and you won’t sweat the small hiccups anymore because you understand that a) there is a master plan after all, b) that you have the power to create whatever you want, whenever you want, and c) that nobody else is responsible for creating your experience of happiness and abundance.

When you step up, show up and give yourself permission to realise that YOU ARE in fact

HAPPINESS itself, magic will happen and life will start surprising you in the most amazing ways!



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