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The Gift That Is Winter

Updated: May 25, 2020

MAY 25 - MAY 31



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For years I dreaded winter. I always felt disjointed, having been born in Greece (when it is Summer in June) but growing up in Sydney, where the opposite season ruled.

It was my least favorite time of the year, but I never knew exactly why; until I started Ki Yoga. This was pivotal in shifting not only my physical health but my entire relationship with myself. When I was made aware of the seasonal energies and how they influenced every layer of my being, my life completely changed. My doubt and insecurity slowly started to dissolve as my body and mind balanced properly for possibly the first time in my life if I’m honest and an inherited pattern of anxiety was replaced with a deep and peaceful sense of having finally ‘landed’. As my spine strengthened, so too did my resolve and belief in my own power. I literally found myself.

You see, winter governs the kidneys, bladder and the water element and is all about structure, identity and fear, so when you pin point and then address, the cause of your imbalances and how they affect you specifically – be they emotional suffering, physical pain or mental anguish – you are able to reset and then replenish yourself from the inside out. Once the core issues are cleared and you unravel the wounding from the body, mind and spirit, you return to your natural state of being, which is joy, peace, lightness and positivity. The lower back/sacrum, adrenals and nervous system suffer the most when the water element is out of whack, which is why so many people share the common complaints of migraines, chronic fatigue and accumulative stress; because they are out of touch with themselves, dehydrated and disconnected from the things that give them strength and courage. They are separated from nature. Not in flow.

Now it’s not difficult for most people to grasp that a big part of why we are in this global funk at present, is because humanity has (consciously and unconsciously) shunned, shut down and sacrificed nature, for its own ‘development’. You only have to look at the industrial revolution to get that. But what many don’t understand is that whilst we have been on a collective trajectory of self discovery and personal evolution, our behavior has also been manipulated by an elite few with despicable motives and nefarious intent. They have channeled our demise if you like and deliberately ushered us away from nature – our true selves and the wisdom contained within our cells – towards desire, material wealth and egocentric pursuits of all kinds. And we have allowed them to do this because it is our nature to trust and believe in the inherent goodness of others.

Unfortunately, this has not been reciprocated and at every opportunity, they have seduced us with technology, possessions and flashy gadgets that tell us how to live our lives and when to do things, where our ancestors only had to look at the sun or watch where the birds suddenly flew, to know what to do and when to do it. The medicine men and women did not manipulate the people because their ‘power’ was not theirs – it came through them – and the people knew and trusted that.

Very different to what we are seeing now where those in positions in power believe they have the right to dictate and dominate at whim – and often, in the name of (some) god! It’s certainly not in the name of the one true Creator, that’s for sure.

We have a device for every function known to man and yet where is the advantage in all of this? It certainly hasn’t stopped us from getting sick or being locked down in our own homes has it? Quite the opposite. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is because of all our attachments and our fixation with ‘achieving’, that we find ourselves in this 1984 predicament.

Now I’m not suggesting that the answer is mass exodus from society or running to the hills to escape the rat race – as appealing and appropriate as that may well be – I am merely suggesting that perhaps a return to our roots and a detox from all the things that we have come to rely upon for our happiness and success, might be worth consideration.

From as young as five years of age I was hugging trees, spying faeries in my garden and talking to animals like it was the most ‘normal’ thing in the world; because it is. The esoteric realm is nothing new to me, it’s always been an integral part of my life and a source of great strength and joy and now at this point in my life and in regards to what is going on in the world, I could not be more grateful for my ‘spooky’ foundations. This innocence and faith is exactly what is keeping me grounded and sane and providing me with the ‘intel’ to share with others so that they may also embrace their sovereign selves.

Which leads me to mention something about that word ‘sovereign’ because it has been misused and misunderstood for so long, it begs attention.

We have been brainwashed by a very small yet powerful inter-generational club of eugenicists and yes, occultists, to believe we are inferior, undeserving and basically stupid. That we must bow to the ‘blue bloods’ and royal families because they are the ones after all, who have been blessed with a direct hotline to the truth. They are the chosen channels of god and hence, are responsible for relaying said divined information when they see fit, when in actuality, we are the children of god and equal to all other beings in the universe.

Claiming our sovereign self requires us remembering this fact and that is exactly what ‘they’ don’t want us to do.

Now this kind of behavior has been going on for eons, it’s nothing ‘new’, but in regards to our most ancient of ancestors, they revered the gods and goddesses and lived in alignment with that sacred energy, because they knew they were a part of it and not separate to it. At some point, mankind hijacked the program and warped it into something more like we see today – where a select few, exercise power and assume secret and superior knowledge above all others.

It’s the biggest scam in history but thankfully, it’s being exposed now – behind the scenes of course because mainstream media won’t dare turn on its master – but trust me, there will be millions who will be rocked to their core once the truth about ‘the firm’, finally comes out.

Many times I have shared my belief that our collective separation (and abuse of) Mother Nature, is a big part of why we as a species, are so out of balance and there are many others who share this view. White western culture most definitely, is feeling the accumulative disconnect from our tribal roots and the deep nourishment that living in alignment with the cycles of nature provides. Our generation is experiencing a tribal rift much like the ones our forbears manifested, but appropriate to our time and circumstances, so the question is, what are we going to do about it?

We are witnessing a huge divide between the global tribes where we need to be uniting.

I focused on repairing this split with my Gemini new moon ceremony last Friday eve (May 22) by creating a sacred circle for representatives of each tribe to communicate and find common ground again. It was extremely powerful. The beautiful women who shared the space and co-created the energy for this, were each a beacon of light for their respective clans and together, we sat around a massive bonfire with councils, elders and mystical beings from several planes of existence. Each had their time to speak, to share their stories, to be honored for their unique gifts (no matter how different or bizarre they appeared to the others) and most importantly, each was invited to forgive and forget the past so that the collective group could join forces in the present and focus on the task of saving the world which they all agreed they rely upon.

It was about forgiveness – granting it and asking for it – and establishing reciprocity. Pooling resources for the common good; and it was amazing.

I was called by Great Spirit to facilitate this gathering because of what we are all witnessing in our communities around the world now; dissention, separation, lack of tolerance, ego-driven behaviors and a general absence of respect for one another. We are truly being ‘good little robots’ and dividing ourselves so we may be more easily conquered and this is a path we have all carved before – many times – and it has always led to some form of demise.

As a greater familia, I believe we have shed enough blood, sweat and tears already. We have manifested enough pain and suffering and an abundance of hate and greed to get the karmic lessons. It’s time now to turn the tide and work together – not just despite our differences, but because of them – for when we unite with a common intent, we are capable of unimaginable greatness.

I would also suggest that there is nothing to be ashamed of either, in regards to how you are feeling during this ‘paindemic’. Everyone is meeting this situation from the level of consciousness that they are at and dealing with their own worlds of pain, wounding and shame, as best they can. ‘You can’t know what you don’t know’ and you can’t ‘make’ anyone else ‘see’ what you see, until one is ready to absorb the next load of information; no matter how much you might believe they need to see and know it! We are all on our own journey and digesting the overwhelm in our own unique way and we are all feeling what we are feeling in ‘perfect’ unison with where we are at on our souls’ journey. Many are experiencing insomnia, loss of appetite and fatigue, many are having nightmares, flashbacks and old memories resurfacing from times in their childhood when they felt safe and happy, as they struggle to adjust to what we are being told is the ‘new normal’ – a phrase I detest by the way because it just insinuates another layer of paranoia and complicity into our already scattered group mind.

All sorts of things are filtering through our subconscious landscapes and this will of course, trigger anyone who already had some form of PTSD or phobia before the virus hit. It’s not up to any of us to judge where someone else is at or how they are processing it all and I think to an extent, we are all guilty of that; myself included sometimes. If we were all really moving from our ‘highest selves’ and walking our yogic talk, we would realize that the time has come for each one of us to take responsibility for our own thoughts, emotions and actions as best we can and then offer support to others who appear to be struggling with doing the same.

This is what true leadership is all about in my book. Leading by example and showing others a different way of being, living and loving. It’s then up to them to follow suit or not.

From the higher spiritual perspective, this is exactly why this personal and group catharsis is all happening. It’s a mass vehicle to bring us all closer to our truth, to connect us to our most aware and awake self plus help us find freedom from repetitive behaviors that keep us stuck in negative karmic cycles. 2020 was always destined to press our buttons in order to shift the status quo next level and as I’ve said before, when you picture 7+ billion people facing their sh*te at once, you can comprehend the chaotic energy something like that will create; not just around our globe, but throughout the entire universe.

None of us can ‘ascend’ or ‘wake up’ unless we first shed the dense aspects of ourselves that stand in the way of us understanding the multidimensional world that we live in.

Knowing this, I believe it’s important to show ourselves as authentically as we can now, to confront, integrate and dissolve the remaining shadow side of ourselves with love and allow each other to openly share how we are going and without slandering or persecuting one another in any way, because when we hide from ourselves and pack away our feelings, that only creates more toxicity to deal with down the track. Toxicity that embeds into the group vibration to ultimately affect everyone and everything.

So this week I put the call out to each and every one of you who is feeling separated from their tribe, left behind, shamed or blamed in any way for speaking out, rejected by family and friends or just overwhelmed by current circumstances in general, to work from your heart and with love for all expressions of life – and yes, that means including those who are plotting and rolling out unspeakable evils in our midst right now. I invite you to tune into your divine heart and remember that you are not alone, that your tribe has your back and that your individual gifts, imprints and intuitive knowing, need to be healed, activated and acknowledged in this lifetime, right now. I invite you to embody your god-self and be the light that gives others permission to do the same. This is the only way to avert the downfall of our species because if we continue with the in-fighting and the ‘my way is right, yours is wrong’ attitude, we weaken our bonds and become no better than our oppressors.

Each one of us is all-powerful when we remember who we are and why we came here.

The stars this week continue to hold the cosmic space for us like never before.

May was a #9 universal month, a time of release and purging of old paradigms. June brings new and intuitive energies into play, staring Monday 25 with a double #7 code of inspiration, awakening frequencies and the refinement of heart and mind. Make time to listen to what your gut tells you and wait for the ah-ha moments to flow in. Mars sextiles Uranus today also which essentially creates the momentum to move forwards with renewed vigor, hope and intellectual prowess. You can see how this is manifesting with so many people becoming aware of ‘common law’ and what our rights actually are, according to the Commonwealth Magna Carta. As more wake up to the fact that governments have been pulling the wool over our eyes for decades, the collective heartbeat grows stronger and louder. The energy of today has the potential to invoke people power, thinking outside the box to create unexpected and advantageous change and a shift in social dynamics. This energy will ripple through the whole week until Friday 29 when we see the opening of the #11 portal – 2 + 9 = 11 – which is always a divinely gifted opportunity to expand our perception and receive the next level of sacred activations that we need to keep growing. The number 29 facilitates this energy, creating the space for each soul on the planet to find the courage to step outside their fear-based limitations and breathe in the world with renewed courage, compassion and love-based trust. Today, the Sun sextile Chiron – the planet of self healing – will support our personal transformation as it directs mega doses of light and love into our hearts so we can see our fullness and embrace our life purpose. You will feel a call to remember what you stand for and what you value above all else, as well as what you are prepared to do to protect your rights and your loved ones. The divine feminine will ROAR in defense of her extended family – the primal scream ignited if you like – and when we move from this impassioned place and embody our spiritual warrior, male or female, anything is possible!

I have so many tools and shamanic ‘tricks’ up my sleeve to share as support for you to do this, so please if you are curious about your innate talents and how you can contribute to the group consciousness in a positive way, please reach out. I am offering private sessions from home again and online – which is just as powerful by the way – so please don’t hesitate.

I also have my next Mana Medicine Mentoring course starting on June 5 for 5 weeks. This is a comprehensive offering that will explain the fundamentals of working with energy and shamanic principles, plus give you some potent practices gleaned from my 20 years of experience, to support and expand your spiritual journey.

So make time to get out there this week and hug some trees, search for the faeries and talk to your pets like they really do understand you – because they do – and allow the space to re-connect with not just the obvious beauty and awesomeness of nature, but with how nature resides and expresses within you!

You are the source of All That Is and no-one or no-thing, can ever take that away from you.

Remember, we are co-creating a bigger picture, a greater vision for ourselves and our children now. A new reality. A new earth. One that advocates community, collaboration and an expansion of consciousness like never before and each one of us is instrumental in making this happen. Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t buy into fear. Shed the lower identities that keep you small and weak and caught up in the phobias and habits that no longer fit who you know yourself to be. Trust your heart not your head. Align with ‘what is’, not ‘what if’.

And while you snuggle in bed or on the couch, instead of zoning out in front of the ‘tell-a-vision’ that follows an agenda that doesn’t serve, perhaps watch these videos to gain some new perspectives that do.

Learn about how Agenda 21 is being implemented now in Australia. Absolute must see, explaining the manipulation of our country.

Exposes the JFK assassination/cover up, Watergate and 9/11. Long but so worth it. Break up into two or three parts if you need to, but please do watch it.

A really interesting one about our rights and how we have been hoodwinked.

You can’t help but like and appreciate Dr Vernon Coleman for his down-to-earth intelligence and way of making complex things, easily understood. The quintessential grandpa teacher.

So your mission this week (if you choose to accept it) is to cocoon at home and rest as much as you want because your kidneys will thank you come spring time. Make hearty stews, drink herbal teas, take magnesium, meditate, pray, tend to your garden, educate yourself with above said videos and hug and giggle as much as you can, finding the love and gratitude in all the small and subtle things. Be creative and approach your work as if it is a ritual not a chore, or not just something that pays the bills. Recharge your depleted systems so you can find your natural state of balance and health again and don’t be afraid of diving deep into your psyche to face some old aspects of yourself that are ready to resolve either. Now is the perfect time to do so.

This is the imperceptible gift of winter – bringing you home to YOU.

Blessings and love to all,



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Thank you Denby. Hung off every word as if it was written purely to me. Can relate to this and resonates with me. XXXX

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