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The End of Story

Image by @gaspanik

The year we have just had, has been like no other any of us could ever have imagined and 2021 promises to follow in the same vein unless we start waking up; and waking up fast.

I no longer perceive life through the same lens that I used to and I am sure I am not alone in that. My journey has unfolded, twisted, contorted, halted and re-opened, many times during the past twelve months and it has only served to simultaneously lighten my burdens and deepen my practices. I hold no attachment to either end of the spectrum for I realize now that the spectrum is just a guide, not a given.

Part of our collective soul's mission on this plane is to remember who we are. To move through a series of experiences that we have actually chosen before we incarnated into our mother's womb, as a way of discovering who, what and why, we actually are. When you view life through this perspective, it can only be beautifully raw, it can only inspire one's spirit, for when we get bogged down in the mayhem and the madness that often is human "reality", we lose sight of the truth that we are in fact limitless, expansive beings, "spirits in human suits", having a myriad of experiences specifically designed to help us remember our own divinity. Each experience offers "enlightenment" and energetic advancement if we choose to receive it as such.

That spectrum encompasses everything from light to shadow, from pain to pleasure and from trauma to triumph and within all that, there is no right or wrong, good or bad; there just IS.

We have many sayings, social inferences and spiritual clichés telling us "it is what is" and that "everything happens for a reason" and the like, but how often do we actually stop to acknowledge and really embody these in the moment? I would dare to say not often enough. We are often so caught up in achieving and "doing" that we rarely manage to find ourselves just "being" instead. Daily moments compact and accumulate into situations of pressure and performance and before we know it, we find ourselves living a life that feels almost foreign to us, even though it has been us, the human, who has been initiating and giving permission for each step of the way, along the way. This is what happens when we don't pay attention to the moment and how we are feeling and responding in each moment. We get so caught up in the stream and moving to the beat of the collective, programmed drum, that we end up forgetting what our own rhythm is.

We have forgotten what the beat of our own heart, feels, sounds and tastes like.

This is what I believe we are all finding and reconnecting to now through all that we have witnessed and experienced this year - our own divined cardiac consciousness - and 2021 will see each one of us re-discover our true selves, through whatever circumstances need to manifest for us to do that.

So what holds us back from being our absolute fullest and highest?


When we heal our stories, we are less likely to perpetuate pain that no longer serves us. When we realize that we are worthy and that our essence is innocent, we start viewing others as the same. When we realize we are all connected as one big family, we release the his-stories that only ever served to bind us all in servitude and when we resolve the narratives and structures that were set up for us long ago but that no longer enhance our life or our purpose, we set ourselves and our entire lineage, free.

We do this by becoming clearer conduits for this level of communal connection and by doing our personal work. By holding ourselves liable for how we show up in the world, in every single moment, not taking things personally and leading by example so that others can witness what is possible. If we can grow and mature beyond our own inherited stories, we are more likely to step up with integrity and loving kindness for another and hold space for them as they move through their own version of the same process we have.

This coming year holds much promise but it is also going to be one of deep challenge, change and continued catharsis as we each move more intimately and deliberately into our hearts and towards our truth. When we are pushed to our edge, we find our mettle and this will either turn us on further or switch us off for good, depending on our individual capacities, but regardless of circumstance, we will discover what we are capable of. When we face death in all its forms and admit we have been living in fear, not love (as we may have thought), we can begin walking ourselves out of the mind-field of what we call "normality".

Nobody should ever aspire to being "normal" by the way for the word itself implies conforming to a pattern or system that has been deemed by forces (aka elitists) as necessary in order to get us to comply and follow certain rules. "Normal" suggests we are all the same, that we each think, behave, respond and even dream, the same. It also props up the "safety in numbers" theory that is ingrained in our cells from when we did have to literally run from enemies if we wanted to survive. We needed to stick together if we wanted to see another day, but over time, this saying has been distorted and used as a way to control the population and herd us into clinging together out of fear. Not aligning with one another like musketeers on a mission, but rather, homogenizing ourselves so that nothing stands out that might bring unwanted danger or attention. Anyone daring to step out of formation and shift the status quo is therefore seen as an immediate threat to the well-being of the others and is therefore someone to be attacked, ridiculed and bullied back into silence before the oppressors notice something's up and punish everyone.

We voluntarily abuse our own brethren like the good little minions we have been trained to be and most of the time, we do so unconsciously.

This is why "normal" has been hammered into our psyches for generations. This is why people are wearing a mask that offers no medical protection, because subconsciously they need to fit in and be seen to be "doing the right thing". This is why people are lining up to be tested with a PCR kit that has not only been proven to be ineffective at detecting infectious diseases, but is "testing" for a pathogen that has never been formally isolated and identified. This is why people are willing to be injected with a substance that will literally destroy the most holy and sacred part of them - their DNA - and bastardize the gift from God that makes them this miracle that is the human.

And they do this because the conditioning to do so and to "do as you're told", is so strong.

It's important to remember that the 1% don't want you to think for yourself, to come up with a contradictory plan, or hatch an ingenious idea that could steer the masses in another direction and hence, towards real, lasting safety and freedom. They don't want you to think at all actually, they just want you to follow the red line of submission.

They want us in an adrenalized state of expectation, anticipating the worst, and they want us to attack one another for daring to be different and making anyone else, consider the same.

2021 will undoubtedly be a year of continued eye-opening after the 2020 span that served to rip off our rose-colored glasses to reveal the actual truth of how humanity has been operating all along.

So what say you? Are you going to continue bending over and presenting your sovereignty on a platter because the unknown or the unthinkable, is too much to deal with? Are you happy to hand over whatever remaining individuality you do have, to a global conglomerate that views you and all other humans quite literally as "resources"? Are you so attached to your gadgets and gilded cages, that you are not willing to look and think outside your conditioned box if there is even the slightest possibility you may be selling your soul to satan by remaining silent and small? Are creature comforts more important to you than the future of the world's children?

I hope not and I sincerely hope that this coming year sees more and more of us answering our soul's call from within, not just on behalf of ourselves, but more importantly, in service to future generations. We are the custodians, the shepherds for those who are yet to inherit the earth, for those who do not yet have a voice or the strength and means to defend what is right and true. Don't worry what others think of you when you stand in your light because the only relationship you need to be concerned about, is the one you share with God. Creator will always allow you to do what you need to do in order for your soul to evolve of course, but you need to be able to sleep at night and look yourself in the mirror in the meantime.

It all eventually comes down to you and if you can live with yourself when push comes to shove, once you realize the extensive repercussions of your own acquiescing.

I don't celebrate the New Year on the dates that we are told to not just because I don't buy into story, but because I am not insensitive to the truth that 2020 has been anything but happy for many. Millions have lost their homes, their businesses, their ability to make a living to support their families and many more have lost loved ones in varying circumstances because of this pantomime. We are living through the greatest hoax in our known history brothers and sisters and what we do from this point forwards, has the potential to change the playing field for our species like never before.

Yes, there is a strain of the coronavirus (aka the flu/cold family), that is affecting and harming (sometimes fatally) a percentage of people, but it is not a pandemic situation. A true pandemic does not require a global financial reset nor the immediate removal of cash. A true pandemic does not manipulate death rates to make it appear more believable. A true threat to the health of humanity, does not require the quarantining of every member of society - only the sick and vulnerable - nor does it empower governments to strip human rights overnight and without community consent, in favor of establishing martial law.

A legitimate pandemic does not justify the censorship of the voices, hearts and dreams of we, the people. Think about it long enough and you will see the energy behind the 3D experience.

The invitation from the universe and our higher selves this year is to embrace our inner Dorothy and find the courage to peel back the veils to discover what is really going on behind the curtain.

To find the strength to bring an end to all our "same sh*t-different stories".



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