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The Devil's In the Duality

In spiritual circles, duality is not just a hot topic, it is often a bone of contention, but just what is duality, is it ‘bad’ and what does it really mean? Read on for my interpretation of the concept that appears to be keeping humanity stuck on a mouse wheel of trauma and disconnect.

First things first. Let’s get clear on the different ‘types’ of truth out there.

Relative truth. This describes something that is ‘true’ and ‘correct’ for you at the time. For example, when you were young, you thought the world was huge, a playground of unicorns and fairy floss most likely, yet when you grew up, you realized it was different to pretty much every seedling belief your juvenile mind had entertained. Opinions (and consequently, judgements) birth from our relative truths.

Then there’s absolute truth. An absolute truth cannot be argued over, no matter how smart or educated you are. For example, all matter is energy and as humans, we are sustained by that energy in the form of blood, breath, organs, and bones. Cold, hard facts that are indisputable.

Duality is where the concept of truth starts to come undone for many.

There will always be two sides of the coin so to speak, opposites, therefore, your truth is just as valid as my truth. Our individual truths, reflect our past experiences and what we have learnt and really, nobody can argue with another person’s reality. I mean, it sounds ludicrous that someone would dare to say to another person that what they have lived through, didn’t happen, and yet this is exactly what is happening right now in our world. People are telling others that their experiences don’t count, never happened or aren’t worthy of recognition, labeling them ‘deniers’ or ‘terrorists’, as if they are guilty of murder or some equivalent, just for having lived alternative stories to the mainstream ones. It’s utter madness.

Our bodies and brains, nervous system, and consciousness, are what enable us to perceive the infinite nature of the universe, and just as there are two sides to every coin, so too does duality have two – ‘dual’ – sides. Put simply, one cannot exist without the other, as evidenced by light and dark, hot and cold, up and down, and yin and yang in all its myriad expressions, and each of these embodies ‘duality’ within itself as well as being a mirrored opposite.

Light is not separate to darkness, it is just at the other end of the spectrum, with dark being the absence of light, therefore, not separate or opposite to, it’s just a different tone or hue. What we know as hot and cold, are not opposites either, they are just different temperatures that again, reflect different physical or alchemy expressions. Same with up and down, one is not better or worse than the other, they just represent differences of distance and direction.

The cracker construct is of course, 'God versus Satan'.

Everything is only ever, ENERGY, therefore, duality is up to individual perception and interpretation, and 100% dependent upon one’s personal experiences and beliefs. The ‘me’ versus ‘you’ paradigm also props up the dualistic belief system that we are separate, not just from ourselves and one another, but from Mother Nature Herself.

The absolute truth is that we all originated from the one singular, seed source and are therefore, related.

This ‘unity consciousness’ is what authentic spiritual teachers speak about and also encourage all seekers and students to remember and embody.

I believe this contributes to why we are seeing so much division in society – around these experimental injections in particular – because we have lost sight of our collective origin, and fallen victim, quite literally, to the lure of duality that has manifested on the 3D realm as illusions, distortion, and materialism in myriad forms.

Through our fixation with attachment, we are experiencing ourselves as detached, disconnected entities, instead of the unified beings that we are.

Some believe this jab is good for them and can’t wait to get their boosters, while others believe it is lethal and wouldn’t touch it with a forty-foot pole, but personal opinions aside, the absolute, indisputable truth about these products is, that they do contain ingredients that are causing death and severe injury to hundreds of thousands of humans right now; and potentially, millions, in the future.

Another absolute truth is when we feel – and believe – that we are separate, we are more easily controlled and manipulated.

This is because what is referred to as ‘duality mindset’, aligns you with lack mentality and once you drop your attachment to that way of being and thinking, you immediately realize you do have all that you need, because YOU are all that you need. It’s not the law of attraction that is ‘creating abundance in your life’, it’s YOU, giving yourself permission to be all that you already are and from that heart space and knowing, ALL that your soul deserves and desires, is forthcoming. It's just a matter of timing.

And yet, despite the absolute truth taking precedence – because it is aligned with Nature’s Principles and unity consciousness after all – duality still remains, and this is because both sides are necessary for us to experience, embody and evolve ourselves as limitless spiritual beings in these limited human suits. Once we’ve elevated to the 63rd dimension and beyond and transmuted our bodies back into the cosmic-crystalline-creations we started out as, then we will have no more use for duality no doubt, let alone the need or the want, to argue over it.

There is always going to be duality in this world however, while we continue to fixate on being ‘right’.

The absolute truth is that ultimately, none of us is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, BECAUSE BOTH OPTIONS are always valid, necessary, and worthy of equal recognition.

So how do we move beyond the agitation that duality creates for our human collective?

We stop giving our energy away to the old system and start looking through a new lens, one where we accept, allow and love both sides as sacred, inspired, and collaborative versions of the great ONENESS.

We stop pointing fingers at one another for seeing things differently and practice compassion, loving kindness, and patience instead.

We stop judging one another for embodying a vibration of fear (or the opposite, of inexplicable trust), just because it makes us feel uncomfortable or pushes our buttons and challenges our current and/or inherited belief systems.

We stop attaching to future outcomes as if there is only ONE answer, one solution, for there are many and that is entirely dependent on how disciplined and cooperative, our species can be.

Where there is duality-mind, there is always going to be EGO, and as spiritual seekers, we are (supposed) to be conquering our ego selves and rising above the limitations it creates, so we may reconnect with our inherent, sacred selves.

Duality of mind could also be described as ‘indecision’, meaning you are ‘in-decision’ or ‘in the process of deciding’, trying to make up your mind as to what to believe, what not to believe, and trying to reach a point of peace and resonance within, where you are happy with the choices you make and the path you are walking.

In saying that, I do personally love the Yoda quote, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

It’s also important to note that just because our mind or perception of something changes, it doesn’t mean the ‘thing’ changes as well. The nature of the human mind is fickle. It is always looking for ways to validate itself and hence, build and exercise its authority over the heart.

And this is where the lessons of ‘identity’ and ‘I AM’, come in.

As humans, we will usually (almost certainly actually, as history would show us) choose the path of least resistance, that is, the way forwards that makes us feel the most comfortable and the one that disrupts our lives the least. This is because we are programmed to ‘survive’, herded if you will, and because our personality cherry-picks certain events from our past, to repeat, so we can keep feeling safe and okay, especially when external circumstances are threatening our sense of self and all we have ‘achieved’ in the world, in our work or in our relationships for example. Our status, the things that we identify with and unconsciously determine our meaning and our purpose, by. For example, we will choose to protect and defend our reputation, over exposing corruption and defending the innocent because to do so, would involve too much change and upheaval and potentially herald losing all that we have ‘achieved’ to date. So, we stay silent, we swallow down how we really feel and what we really think in favor of remaining ‘safe’, accepted and included in/protected by our peers plus all the societal norms and structures we have grown accustomed to having.

We play small, thinking that it makes us the bigger (or the better) person.

When we are faced with a situation where we cannot draw from the power and insights of past memories, we will automatically revert to, you guessed it, FEAR, and this is exactly what hinders our ability to lean into experience in order to transform and grow. Instead, we resist, we fight tooth and nail, and we create further disharmony – dis-ease – for ourselves and others, all because we cannot (or will not) access that primal part buried deep within us, the part that has all the courage and compassion we need to face any adversity without flinching.

Duality is two paths and no matter what, if you are presented with two options, we humans will always acquiesce to the advice of the past and suspect the future as unsafe, un-known and therefore, untrustworthy.

So, if we are to rise above duality, we must first become PRESENT.

Becoming conscious in the moment, is the only way to free ourselves from repeating situations that don’t serve or nourish us – both individually and collectively. Once you anchor yourself in the moment with awareness and accountability and stop relying on past or future projections or experiences to dominate your mind and influence your decision, you start seeing what is happening right in front of you as a divine opportunity, not a bad omen. If you can do that, that is when you start freeing yourself from duality.

Steady your mind and the best will follow.

This is another thing most humans have difficulty with: discipline. If we are to learn from the past and grow as a species, we must develop the mental fortitude to make and stick to our decisions and see them through, till the next ‘hurdle’ or ‘choice point’ arises for us to negotiate.

Yes, the nature of mind may be ever flowing, and constantly moving and morphing, but that doesn’t mean it is ‘un-tameable’.

When you (start to) become ‘self-realized’ – or ‘sovereign’, as is the common catch phrase nowadays – duality ceases to wield any power over you. You allow life and all it offers, and you are not afraid to dip into both expressions of every situation, to listen to opposing opinions, to consider different interpretations of ‘science’, to sit in discomfort to develop your emotional intelligence and integrity and to mature beyond your own ego-driven expectations.

At the core of all this, is YOU, dear one. YOU are the conduit that can dissolve duality.

When you drop your mind into your heart and connect with all that you (already) are, you automatically return to your true nature, to the original and organic human that you were born as and always designed to be.

How does this all relate to what is happening in the world right now?

When we stop thinking and start feeling, life begins to make sense; from within.

We can reclaim our personal power and remember we are not victims or robots, but sacred souls on a mission to fulfill our life’s purpose. To remember ourselves AS love.

Your true magnificence is not just one breath, thought or heartbeat away. It is, in truth, one choice away and the future awaiting us all, is already here, in the energy of each momentary realization and none of us can ‘get to that space’, ascend or become ‘enlightened’, unless we move through what is presenting itself to us in every now moment.

We think we need to ‘set’ ourselves free, yet the universal irony is, we have always been free. We have always been one choice away from realizing our true and divine selves.

Reconciling duality within yourself, is the precursor to ‘ascension’.



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