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Team Humanity or Team Insanity?

It ultimately comes down to this folks. Humanity or Insanity.

We must maintain focus and remember the basic reality about this plandemic dear hearts. It is all a HOAX driven by a horrendous NWO agenda. There is controlled opposition (on both sides) that seeks to continue the confusion and feed the stories and there are multiple psyops at play in the collective consciousness also that only exist to drive the wedges between all humans, deeper and darker.

We must stop "picking sides" and fighting one another, even trying to "wake people up", because that is a waste of our precious energy now and this is exactly what these psychopaths want. I know it's difficult to look at our friends and even family members, when they stubbornly cling to the unconscious narrative, even as it gets more ludicrous and even with so much evidence available now, but we must let them go with love and allow them to be who they are, as we get on with being who we are.

We must train our attention and gifts into positive thoughts, loving actions and conscious SOUL-utions in order to anchor the higher timelines onto this plane.

At some point, I do believe (as many of you do), that this energetic "split" will manifest and become almost two tribes of humanity, co-existing peacefully and with acceptance, on earth, and yet experiencing two very different realities. This is totally possible IF people stop trying to impose their personal beliefs and fears on everyone else and forcing them to take the knee alongside them and just allow others humans to live their lives as they desire. To stop what really is, mass bullying.

In the future, I see those who choose life, love and liberty, most likely moving away from the cities and back to the land, and those who choose to stay in the matrix, obedient and inoculated, remaining in their "smart cities", surveilled to the eyeballs and feeling comfortable in "the new normal".

If you're a regular reader of my blogs, I probably don't need to ask which team you are on, although naturally, we should all be on the SAME team shouldn't we. This is duality reaching a climax however as we progress towards unity consciousness, and this sense of division and separation, is a necessary phase of our spiritual growth and evolution, as uncomfortable and confronting as it is.

I have interviewed several activists and doctors now about this vyrus (as well as the jab) and the one conclusion I keep coming back to, is the fact that this supposed pathogen, has NEVER been isolated, purified and identified. THIS is the "science", the Truth. So how can you know how it's going to react, how it's going to move inside the body and even how to treat it, if you haven't identified WHAT it actually is? Everything becomes conjecture and I think this is a really important point to remember.

If the foundation is fake, the outcomes will also be fraudulent.

Now, I am not saying people are not getting sick and dying because that is not true, they have been and they still are, and this is a tragedy, but what if we just dropped the parroted narrative for a moment and rationally considered things from a different perspective?

Every year, millions die (globally) from influenza and related complications and we have never been too concerned about that before have we? Sadly, the answer is "no". Not until the media told us to panic, that is. Our own first world problems have been more important, as long as the "sh*t doesn't hit the fan in our own back yard" and it's only affecting others "over there", where it's "always been war torn, poor or traumatized", then we don't really care or resonate. Human nature can be very ugly sometimes.

Perhaps this explains how cognitive dissonance has grown to infect, sorry, "affect", so many.

This is the sad truth about how our species has "de-volved" over time and no, it is not good enough and it never was. It does prove however, or rather, explain, why so many continue to live in ignorance and acquiescence because when all you focus on is making sure your own selfish needs continue to be met, you're not capable of opening your mind (or heart), to consider what anyone else may need, be saying or inviting you towards. We haven't always been this way however. I still believe we are naturally compassionate and considerate beings, we're just having a hard time getting back to that space and on the same page.

So yes, there is something that is circulating and harming people, but stop for a moment and consider just how much pollution has increased in recent years and how many additives, medications, chemicals, chem-trails and toxic plastics and products, we ingest, put on our skin, purchase and place in our homes, offices and public spaces. Surely this has an accumulative effect on our health? Think about the effect on our hormones from being exposed to all these things, the constant depletion of our kidney "jing" from consuming caffeine, sugar and alcohol on the daily, reliant upon them in the majority of cases, and how much EMF (electro-magnetic) interference we are all literally "swimming" around in, 24/7, in order to live, work and play.

I believe that all these things have contributed to eroding our immune systems over time, making people more susceptible to these new hybrid pathogens. When you add individual pre-existing conditions, inherited illnesses and self-inflicted imbalances into the mix, it's no wonder so many people are being affected.

And don't even get me started on the spell craft and sorcery that's been infused into all this as well.

We KNOW coronavyruses mutate and get worse every year, it's always been the case, but have we been advised and encouraged to change and clean up our diets, have our governments banned those companies who produce dodgy, GMO products and supply the fast foods that abuse nature, animals and humans, and have any of their "social justice" lawyers sought to dissolve the big pharma contracts and disclaimers that protect them and poison us? Or to block five-gee and all the associated networks because they are detrimental to us? NO, they haven't. All they have done is continue to feed us lies and drugs and devices that hook us back into their warped system and therefore, reliant upon it.

My jury is still out in regards to this whole "transmission" or "shedding" thing also and I'll tell you why.

BECAUSE of what I have just mentioned above. Because the original virus, has not been properly identified. My suspicion is that whatever is being shared between those who have had the jab and those who have not, is more about the combined disruptors I just mentioned above AND individual energetic deterioration. We all know (hopefully), that these pharmaceutical concoctions contain poisons and nano-tech that should never be ingested by a human body and that they do NOT behave like traditional vaccines, that sure, in the past, may have served a purpose in helping.

These new mRNA ones are LETHAL, pure and simple, not to mention UNNECESSARY for a virus that still hasn't been validated AND that has a 99% recovery/survival rate.

Either way and whatever you choose to believe, the undeniable truth is that all of this has been orchestrated by a small group of elitists who don't care two hoots about our health and have no qualms in eradicating as many humans as possible, via any channels they can, in order to achieve their end goals.

They love seeing us all spiral into the maelstrom of insanity that our over thinking and hyper-hypothesizing generates when too many possibilities and explanations, are on the table, and that is what I feel is happening now.

As my activist sister, Henna Maria from Finland says, "One of the most important things to realize about this entire fraud, is that any narrative taking you back to the idea of a "virus" killing people, is a trap - whether it is the “virus” escaping from Wuhan or one that has materialized from a bat in the Chinese food market. Equally, both narratives lack scientific foundation, because to date, there still exists no proof of a successful isolation of the virus from a living human being."

She goes on to explain why this so very important for the global community to keep talking about.

"If we merely “accept” the story of a "killer virus", this same narrative can be weaponized and used against us over and over again. This narrative can be used to explain away millions of adverse reactions caused by toxic, injectable Pharmaceutical concoctions, or the increasing non-native EMF radiation everywhere in urban areas and the subsequent symptoms of poisoning. (Exactly what we are witnessing now, isn't it?) Furthermore, isn't this obvious, merely by observation? How else could have so many "asymptomatic people" be carrying this "deadly virus"? If it did exist and was capable of killing any healthy human being it came into contact with, how come it is not causing sickness in these "asymptomatic" individuals as well"?

All excellent and intelligent points; especially if you're a stickler for "following the science".

The comeback to the above is usually saying said people are immune, which then begs the question, "What is the point of injecting every person then?" (Surely if you have the jab, then technically you are safe, therefore I don't need to have it also. Why all this pressure to jab the entire world, if not for another agenda?)

This is a circular argument that makes no medical or metaphysical sense.

Add into the mix the fact that these injections cannot even give "immunity" to anyone and how could they, since the virus has never been isolated. When you realize this, the whole scenario is revealed as truly absurd, and that is the very definition of a "psyop"; otherwise known as a manipulative psychological operation.

Henna is not alone in these sentiments either. She is in very good company with literally thousands of doctors, researchers and clinicians, activists, nurses (and investigative nurses), alternative health practitioners including osteopaths, chiropractors, natropaths, homeopaths, yoga therapists and energy intuitives around the world, that stand by the same logic and reasoning. These people are experts in their fields, with decades of experience and often educated across multiple disciplines.

They have done their homework and most importantly, they don't answer to Big Brother; they answer to God.

We are edging closer and closer to a dark dystopian society my friends. It is now time you took off your blinkers and chose which side of humanity you are on, if not for yourself, but for the sake of your children and grandchildren, for they are the ones who will ultimately inherit the earth.

What kind of planet, what sort of legacy, are you participating in leaving for them?


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