Team Humanity or Team Insanity?

It ultimately comes down to this folks. Humanity or Insanity.

We must maintain focus and remember the basic reality about this plandemic dear hearts. It is all a HOAX driven by a horrendous NWO agenda. There is controlled opposition (on both sides) that seeks to continue the confusion and feed the stories and there are multiple psyops at play in the collective consciousness also that only exist to drive the wedges between all humans, deeper and darker.

We must stop "picking sides" and fighting one another, even trying to "wake people up", because that is a waste of our precious energy now and this is exactly what these psychopaths want. I know it's difficult to look at our friends and even family members, when they stubbornly cling to the unconscious narrative, even as it gets more ludicrous and even with so much evidence available now, but we must let them go with love and allow them to be who they are, as we get on with being who we are.

We must train our attention and gifts into positive thoughts, loving actions and conscious SOUL-utions in order to anchor the higher timelines onto this plane.

At some point, I do believe (as many of you do), that this energetic "split" will manifest and become almost two tribes of humanity, co-existing peacefully and with acceptance, on earth, and yet experiencing two very different realities. This is totally possible IF people stop trying to impose their personal beliefs and fears on everyone else and forcing them to take the knee alongside them and just allow others humans to live their lives as they desire. To stop what really is, mass bullying.

In the future, I see those who choose life, love and liberty, most likely moving away from the cities and back to the land, and those who choose to stay in the matrix, obedient and inoculated, remaining in their "smart cities", surveilled to the eyeballs and feeling comfortable in "the new normal".

If you're a regular reader of my blogs, I probably don't need to ask which team you are on, although naturally, we should all be on